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Review #1, by adluvshp Breakfast at Shell Cottage

17th April 2017:
Ooh, this was a sweet little fic! I love the authenticity of this - any daughter would be nervous telling her parents that she was engaged. I also loved the backstory you provided about Bill not being too happy regarding the ages when they started dating or when Victoire stayed at Teddy's flat. Victoire not being comfortable with her mother's over-enthusiasm and being a little worried about the entire ordeal also made sense. The insight we get into Teddy and Victoire's relationship was also very sweet, and hot. The two make a fun couple! The little details such as that of the floo network and the cooking also added colour to the narrative. Your dialogues were also well-written and flowed smoothly - I totally could feel the characters speaking in my head. Do you think Fleur's accent faded over the years hence the lack of it? Also, I would have totally enjoyed a flashback of how teddy proposed to victoire, or her telling her mum about it - even if it wasn't a thrilling converssation for her xD Nonetheless, the characterisations were great and I enjoyed reading this, it brought a smile to my face!

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Review #2, by rosehedwig243 Breakfast at Shell Cottage

16th April 2017:
Hey Branwen!

Here for CTF!

First of all, I noticed a spelling mistake: “Victoire was stealing herself to go talk to her parents.” It should be ‘steeling herself’. And in the next paragraph, you use multiple of the contraction “She’d”, which I’d suggest replacing here and there with something else or simply expand it.

Just letting you, I review as I read so don’t mind how weird this review probably sounds.

I love how you’ve described Teddy’s nervous habits, the wringing of the hands, the chew of the lip, and the age-old worry line, it shows not only that he isn’t perfect and he falls into bad habits when he’s nervous/stressed/worried, but also that you as a writer can write characters with flaws and imperfections.

I also enjoy how you’ve voiced Teddy’s worries over Bill and Fleur accepting him as their son-in-law, and how Victoire knows that letting any part of her facade drop to mirror Teddy’s would only worsen his concerns.

Aww its so cute they said said goodbye to each other in the morning!

Lol the bright orange apron! That includes such a homey vibe in this already cute and humour fic.

BILL! Haha I wonder how that would have gone if Teddy had gone with Victoire to Shell Cottage.

Thanks for a great read Branwen.

Signing off,


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Review #3, by GlimmerGold05 Breakfast at Shell Cottage

19th February 2017:
This is really cute! I love Bill's humor a lot in your piece. Fantastic work of art!

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