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Reading Reviews for The Grey Area
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Review #1, by magnifique11 Two

28th March 2017:
I'm really enjoying the set up of your story so far! Dorcas is one of those characters who is really cool/interesting because you can do so much with her and I love the idea of her not quite being on anyone's side but trying to do what she feels is right anyway. I'm excited to see how you continue to incorporate the pureblood intrigue and all the characters into the plot and to see how Dorcas manages - she's doing well so far but I'm worried about what will happen if she slips up D:.

Overall a really interesting read so far and I'm looking forward to more whenever you get around to updating! :)


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Review #2, by SiriusAura92 Two

18th January 2017:
Hey there,

I think you've got a really nice concept here; good characters (already!) and an interesting plot brewing.
One thing I would suggest though is colouring your scenes in a bit. We're on your second chapter a still have no real idea of what our main characters look like or what kind of settings their in.
Your dialogue and actions make up for this somewhat but I swear your story will flourish with the added details.

Hope this helps and keep it up,

Author's Response: I literally just had the most obnoxious flame I've ever had in my entire life (heaven forbid I write Fudge/Amelia Bones for a challenge) and can I just say thank you so much for writing crit like this. I think you honestly restored my faith in writing today. I'm glad you like my characters and my plot! You're absolutely right about coloring my scenes. Usually the setting is something I add right before I post, but it looks like I've completely skipped it in both of these chapters and two chapters in one of my other stories. I'll blame grad school for taking its toll! :D

Thank you for the helpful words!

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