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Review #1, by Giu9_RedandGold Chapter Seventeen

20th June 2017:
Wow!!! I read this chapter twice and a third time will probably happen tonight before bed! I loved it!

I loved reading the herbology class. Surprisingly, Edward doesn't seem the guy I thought he would turn out to be. He seems to genuinely care about Lily and I'm not sure to which extent is he involved in his father's affairs. I kind of felt sorry for him, but not too much! :D

Now, that kiss...While I was reading Lily and Edward's argument I kept thinking about Lily and Xander, and the possible ways their feelings for each other were going to come out, having absolutely no idea of what was going to happen next. There was no way either of them was going to take the first step. I remember thinking that I had absolutely no clue on how or when something were going to change between them. So imagine my reaction to what happened was totally unpredictale!
We have seen several conversation turning into fights between them (in the broom closet, at the wedding, when she asked him to tutor the little girl) so I just thought it was going to end up the same way: anger and frustration. I have absolutely no idea what pushed Xander ti kiss her, but I'm so happy he did (btw, I hope to read from his own pov what went through his mind in that moment). And then obviously all that "you were upset" and "you felt sorry for me!" and we're back at the beginning...but not exactly because I think now he knows. And I can't wait to read their next encounter!!! And to know what Hugo is going to say, although I feel like I know exactly what he's going to say!!!

P.s. Long chapters are great! Much better than short chapters, so keep writing them!

Author's Response: Your review literally made my day! You are always so kind and amazing to me! Thank you!

I've had this idea of Edward since the beginning, and we'd only ever really seen him through Xander's eyes really, so it kind of limited the perception on him, but yes, there's more to him than we had seen, and there'll be more to him as the story progresses too.

Lol I think that even though they're back at the beginning in some ways, in others, it completely changed everything because they're forced to recognize that even though they grew up as close as siblings, that's not how they feel about each other.

Lol oh Hugo's reaction! I'm looking forward to writing that one! I'm curious to know what you think he's going to say! But, you're right, I think we know him somewhat well enough to know how he feels about this whole thing!

I'm glad you liked the long chapter! I hate chapters that drag, so I'm glad that it didn't feel that way!

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Review #2, by Hufflepuff_girl Chapter Seventeen

20th June 2017:
" This turned out to be a much, much longer chapter than I anticipated. I thought about breaking it in two, but I thought it worked best uninterrupted! ". You. You... you...what?!?! This is the kind of warning I'd like at the beginning so, when I read a particular line in the middle of the chapter, my eyes won't pop out of my head and my hearth won't break my rib cage.
Seriously speaking I had to read twice to make sure I got it right. They kissed.they kissed. Oh my God they kissed. And now HE knows she likes him and SHE thinks he's a prat. Which he is. I need to and out..fuuuw. ok. What now? No petty childish pointless drama please. You are MUCH smarter than that. I guess Lily will come around the moment she finds out what the creepy professor is doing .BTW what is the creepy professor doing?
Hannah&Hugo is a work in project or just a to-be-forgotten subplot?
Please keep updating. Soon :)

Author's Response: Hehehe Awe, I'm so sorry! I should have given you the warning in the beginning -- but where's the fun in that?

But petty childish pointless drama is so much fun! I kid! I kid! Hopefully, everything will work out fine, and you'll see some real human emotion and not just drama for the sake of drama :)

And what is the creepy professor doing? That is such a good question, but I don't want to give it away! You'll find out though - eventually!

I haven't forgotten about Hannah or Hugo! I promise :)

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Review #3, by SoXo Chapter Seventeen

20th June 2017:
I really love your story. You have a great way of developing your characters and the plot itself. One can already feel the tension of what is about to happen with the secret? Tutoring of xander's teacher and the ultirior motive there...the additional tension between X and L is Another factor which keeps me reading...

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: SoXo, thank you so much for this kind review! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the characters and the plot! There is so much more coming, so it's building up, but hopefully everything will make sense at the end :)

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Review #4, by BBHP Chapter Seventeen

20th June 2017:
Yes! I am so happy with how that happened! That was perfect, and set things up for later on. I'm particularly curious to know what Hannah was going to tell Lily. Everything in this was perfect.

Author's Response: Awe, I'm happy that you liked it! And yes! Hannah has something important to say! hehe We'll find out soon!

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Review #5, by Rosie_Posie Chapter Seventeen

20th June 2017:
So many feelings I feel like I have to read this like 4 more times before I can fully comprehend it! Also long chapters are always good and I couldn't imagine having this as two!

Ok so firstly: I'm glad that Hannah and Hugo are concerned about Xander's "private tutoring" definitely fishy and Lily needs to get in on that and stop the potential evilness.

Secondly: Edward and Lily finally having a talk about how asymmetrical their feelings for each other was brilliant. Also the insight into Lily's frailty regarding lost friendship.

Thirdly: THE KISS!! Finally, maybe not the after kiss we dreamed of but what is a fan fic without tortured tension? We love it and hate it! Hard to comprehend how stupid they both are about each other's feelings. Especially Xander who can "read Lily so well" but can't see the jealously and pain she feels with him "hating her". The fact that he is kind of blind makes it more endearing though, maybe? This totally made up for the lack of Xander and Lils last chapter! I hope next chapter we get some insight into how Xander feels post kiss.

Please update again so not sure I can bear waiting too long!
RP x

Author's Response: Aw I'm glad you approved of the length! I was worried!

Hannah and Hugo are definitely the kind of friends you need. I don't want to give away too much on that though, hehe, but yes, I agree that she does/should.

I'm glad you caught on on Lily's frailty regarding lost friendship! I think it's an important part of who she is, and I'm really happy you got to see that!

They both are incredibly stupid (and possibly selfish too). It'll definitely be interesting to see Xander's side of things somewhat!

Rosie, you're reviews are always motivation to keep writing, so I promise to get right on it :) Thank you for all the support, my love!

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Review #6, by Erinnmarie97 Chapter Seventeen

19th June 2017:
Jesus holy mother of mary. They kissed! Maybe not the happily ever after kiss but I'm hoping for that soon. Darling, loved every bit of this chapter and can't wait for more.

Author's Response: They did!!! And I loved your reaction to it! :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, my love. I am so glad you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #7, by victoria_anne Chapter Fourteen

13th June 2017:
Hiya Quilly!

Dreaming about Xander, are we, Lily? Interesting. (Me too, kid, me too.)

I'm a lot more fun to get under HE IS SASS AND CHEEK. I love it!

I am only sorry I didnít run into you harder SPEAKING OF SASS AND CHEEK. Merlin, I love these two so much.

Ooh I'm wondering now if Lily got herself in a little too deep with Edward. The whole thing sounds quite ominous now, and I hope when/if she lets him down, it doesn't have any repercussions. I worry about my little Lily.

OH MY GOSH DENNIS!!! What an amazing scene, I was completely enraptured. Fourteen chapters in and I'm still surprised by this story and loving it more and more. How sweet that Maya got to meet her idol (who just wandered into her room, of all things) and that Lily can see a little bit of herself in Maya. In fact, Lily convincing Maya to go to Hogwarts is very much like Dumbledore taking Harry to see Slughorn and I absolutely love it. I'm wondering if that's why Neville brought her along in the first place. Hm, very interesting that Xander will become her tutor. I'm actually a bit nervous to find out where all that goes.

This chapter was so wonderful, Quilly! I can't wait to see what you have planned for us poor readers! ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Erm, Lily does have a habit of getting herself in too deep, doesn't she? But there will more development on Edward in chapters to come, so I'm curious to see what you think of him then.

Neville definitely seems to know what he's doing, doesn't he? I always picture him as the sort of teacher who plays up his student strengths and inspires them to be better people.

Thank you so much for your review, B!

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Review #8, by Shinicha Chapter Sixteen

6th June 2017:
I'm so happy that you find the time to update this story so regularly! I know how stressful it can be to have a story in the back of your mind while having 1000 other things to do. I selfishly hope you can keep this up so I can read more of your writing, harhar :D

I liked this chapter a lot because we got to see Xander's soft and caring side so much. It really gives you a feeling of how his surroundings and all the nice people rescued him (and inevitably make you think that Tom Riddle could have been the same).

Also, of course, I'm super happy that I got to meet Maya again :) And that she made Xander think about the reasons for his mother dying. I wonder when or how the dots will be connected. Clearly the Potters worked hard to keep Xander out of the news. But will the clarifiers find him anyway? Wouldn't it have been smart to maybe give him a fake name as a small child? And - what do they expect of him (if they really try to find him that is). Will they have anything to offer to him? Ahhh.. the suspense. I can't wait to see all the contradictions under the surface that you weave so well into this every-day school interactions to break open. Though I'm really scared of that as well!

On a different note, I hope to see some more Lily-Xander interaction soon. I love how their relationshihp slowly develops through their interactions (and I wonder if it will continue like this or if there will be something sudden and 'big' between the two).

I noticed a small mistake here:
"...Teen Witch thought she could better" missing the "do"!

Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Hehe I really do try to update as often as I can, but this summer is going to be crazy so I'll do my best to keep it up.

I love all your questions because they're all definitely good ones! I don't want to give anything away but there's definitely an answer to all of them.

Thank you for the correction! I've gone ahead and fixed it. :) And thank you again for all your kind words! Your reviews always make me so happy!

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Review #9, by victoria_anne Chapter Thirteen

4th June 2017:
Hello, Quilly!

Once again I'm amazing by your descriptions. Teach me your chapter-opening ways!!!

I love the description of difference in appearance between Edward and Lily. Trust Xander to notice!

Aw, Hugo, my adorable little cinnamon bun. My sweet summer child. I love how happy he is to talk to Hannah. Haha aaand this is why Xander can't keep a girlfriend!

"Both good at playing games." I love that because it's so true. Lily and Xander are both so deep behind the masks they wear that I think they've forgotten how to take them off.

"And how that laugh had been so unintended and fun that he had almost smacked himself a third time just to hear it again." OMG MY HEART THIS IS KILLING ME.

Okay where did Lily get the dragon magazine because I want one.

"At least it's nowhere near as creepy as Harry's parselmouth ability." HAHA! I'm sorry to practically be quoting the whole story back to you but there's just so many great things in this chapter!

Ooh and we're finally back to Xander's powerful abilities. I can't wait to see where this goes and what he's capable of (but scared at the same time!)

Professor Reagan is such a Slytherin.

"An era in which a young and charming student with exceptional talent, much like yourself, nearly destroyed the world we live in..." Amazing.

Gah what a great way to end this already incredible chapter! ♥

Author's Response: B! I am so glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! You are seriously the best!

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Review #10, by Hufflepuff_girl Chapter Sixteen

2nd June 2017:
Oww...this was SO sweet!!
Thank you again for updating this new brilliant chapter. I' ve been waiting all week for this.
In the meantime, I looked into other reader reviews.not in a creepy way, I swear.
It turns out I don't know how to leave a proper feedback and I'm so so sorry about that. Let me try though.
Scorpius' letter was both romantic and bittersweet. It was a very clever way of showing what's going on with life outside Hogwarts and flashback into what sounds like an amazing friendship. Now I wonder WHEN there's gonna be a spinoff about how Malfoy boy won Rosie's hearth. Just a suggestion...
Things are getting messier in the real world and I totally felt it through the letter.
Moving on Xaly: I think my hearth just failed. Such an intense feeling cannot be hidden for long. You masterfully portraited Xander insecurity and how the brain of even the best of us turns into goo when in love. I love this side of him. You're right..they ARE teenagers after all.
You managed to reach a very difficult balance between fanfiction teenage drama and credible emotional confusion. And just for that you deserve all the credit you get! Well done!
I believe that you are a very
talented writer. I enjoy reading your work and that's all that matters.
Keep posting

Author's Response: Your feedback was always great! You don't have anything to apologize for! I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter :)
A spin-off is an interesting idea! There are so many characters I wish I could devote more time to & that would be a great way to do it! For now, I'm focusing on Lily & Xander only... But I'll definitely keep it in mind :)
Thank you so much for all your kind words! I'm really, really happy you find the emotional confusion credible! And as their characters develop and we find out more, I hope you continue to think so!
You're amazing & your kind words always mean the world to me! Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by Rosie_Posie Chapter Sixteen

2nd June 2017:
Yay an update! Honestly I don't think I will ever get over Xander's protectiveness when she was sick and he manipulated Edward to ensure she would be safe it was just classic Xander but very cute. Also how does he not even realise he loves her? All his actions show it but even in his mind he is in massive denial.

Maya & Xander was really cute, when she is describing Lily and xander agreess Lily is the most beautiful girl.. so cute! Maya is a really nice plot development to show another side of the characters. Also is her #1 couple going to turn out to be Xily? 😂

My only complaint is we didn't get any Xily banter but that's ok not every chapter has to have it but I'm just a fiend for it so miss it when it ain't there!

Hope you update again soon,
RP x

Author's Response: Rosie!

I enjoyed writing Maya & Xander this chapter, so I'm really happy you enjoyed that bit! There wasn't any Xily interaction in this chapter, but we'll see them together again soon :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read & reviewing!

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Review #12, by Erinnmarie97 Chapter Sixteen

2nd June 2017:
I really love this story. I love Xander. The take is just so different from others I've read. It's interesting and keeps my attention which I like

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much :) I'm so happy you like the story & Xander! I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #13, by guilty_pleasures Chapter Fifteen

31st May 2017:
Love this story. Can't wait to read what happens next xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read & review :)

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Review #14, by Giu9_RedandGold Chapter Fifteen

31st May 2017:
Sorry, I completely forgot to leave a review when I first read this chapter.

I loved the conversation between Lily and Xander because it was probably the first time that I found Xander infuriating and so annoying! It was great that I actually saw him from Lily's perspective for once. His charm didn't work on me this time :D (it usually does)
Also I'm happy he accepted to help tutoring Maya. I don't think he only did it because Lily asked, I believe he is a genuinely caring person and he feels sorry for the girl and really wants to help.

As always, Hugo is the best! I wish he could make Xander talk about his feelings.

I hope to read more soon!!! xo

Author's Response: It's great that you could see him from Lily's perspective even when it was technically his point of view! I'm sort of glad his charm didn't work on you -- He can be definitely be infuriating, and I feel for Lily too! He cares, but the way he goes about it isn't always the kindest or even the right way.

Haha Hugo is the best. I love him. But I think he knows when and how to push Xander's button...

I'm cleaning up and editing the next few chapters, but chapter sixteen might be up sooner than you think! thank you for all your kind words!

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Review #15, by Isys Chapter Fifteen

29th May 2017:
I'm so so so sorry that I haven't posted a review since today but I had been really busy with my studies. I read the chapter the same day you published it but i couldn't find a moment to write, so I'm sorry because reading the chapter in the middle of my last high school exams was so useful and relieving! I was really stressed out and reading some Xily (I suck at shipping names) was like a cure to me!

So, after all this, there I go. I loved the chapter, really, It was really interesting and you gave us some Lily and Xander tension at the Quidditch pitch which that we had been waiting so long for (at least speaking for myself). I was really catched up in the moment and when it finished all I could think about was re-reading it! And, how could possibly Hugo be more awesome? He's so smart and realizes everything before his best friend and his beloved cousin can even notice. I really hope we could see more about him and his crush, I want him to be happy! I love him. I missed Maya but I'm sure she's going to show up really soon.

And the Slughorn class was hilarious, Lily and Xander are really sassy and the poor teacher wouldn't even realize, I really laughed. But the most funny part was when they were talking about the "pet" of Slytherin, I totally imagined Lily's face matching her hair!

But, what was really lovely of this chapter is how Xander really takes care of her, he's so cute in his own strange way. At first being jealous about Edward and being really worried that he was doing something wrong to her, but then, skipping the war conversation because she looked so hopeless that it broke his heart. I just wanted to hug him! And I hate when he thinks bad things about himself, but I see the connection with all his past and I think you're doing a really good job introducing it. I can't wait to know more about his past!

Really loved the chapter, as always, and I hope we can read something more soon! (I hope so because I'm still doing exams, and as I said, your novel helps me to calm down and for a brief lack of time, dreaming about the story you create for us, thank you!)

Author's Response: Isys, your reviews give me life, and you never have to apologize! I know it's a hectic time right now! I am so happy you found this story as a short escape from all the stress!

I'm glad you enjoyed the Lily/Xander interaction! And Hugo is incredibly smart and perspective, huh? They're lucky to have him. Maya will be back, I promise :)

Poor Slughorn hehe they can be a little sassy with him, but at least they try their best to be polite (especially Xander although mostly because he's such a suck up hehe)

Xander has a lot of conflicting feelings, so he does take care of her and worries about her, but he's not completely innocent all the time. As much as he takes care of her, he also enjoys riling her up, and he's made some poor decisions... But you'll see a little more about his past soon, and maybe we'll be able to better understand him then.

I'm already working on the next chapter, but it's going through lots of editing! Your review really encouraged me to get back to writing haha and I honestly sat down and wrote for like an hour straight after reading it, so thank you so much for the encouragement!

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Review #16, by victoria_anne Chapter Twelve

21st May 2017:
I get to start off this review with more congratulations - on story of the month this time! WOOHOO!

The wedding sounds lovely but ooohhh, what's going on with Harry and Ron that we don't know about? Something coming up in work, perhaps? I like how you've subtly reminded us about what happened in the first chapter, and bringing it back to our attention. I know I had forgotten that something bigger might be going on involving Xander's real family!

Aw, look at Lily being a protective little sister! And oh my goodness, calling an iPod a music box! XD

Hagrid is her godfather! Oh gosh that is the sweetest thing EVER!

Aw, the necklace ♥ Gorgeous. (Xander, my birthday is in November. Kthanks)

Ugh just what is going on in Xander's pretty little head?

Another great chapter, Quilly! It was great seeing more of James and Albus, too! ♥

Author's Response: B!

Your reviews always make my day, and you are so sweet to go chapter by chapter! Honestly, it means the world to me. You're the best.

Thank you again for all your kind words! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this chapter!

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Review #17, by Rosie_Posie Chapter Fifteen

20th May 2017:
Lily and Xander's banter and flirtation honestly gives me life! Every time they interact I just smile and giggle cause they're too cute. Their inability to admit how they feel alongside their temptations to infuriate each other are just perfect.

I also love the mystery aspect and I can't wait to learn more about Xander's past!

RP x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I'm so glad you are enjoying Lily and Xander's relationship! hehe

And we'll learn more about Xander's past... Maybe not soon, but we'll get there! I promise! lol

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Review #18, by Hufflepuff_girl Chapter Fifteen

19th May 2017:
Thank you so much! Just what I needed to start the day with a smile!
It's like your superpower: spreading good mood :)
Loved every bits of this chapter, as usual. Amazingly, it didn't feel like a filler at all!
Look forward to more of Xaly!
H_ girl

Author's Response: You are seriously the sweetest Huffie! :)
I'm so happy you enjoyed it and that it didn't feel like a filler! More Xaly coming up in the next few chapters!

Thank you for all your kind words, H-girl!

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Review #19, by Erinnmarie97 Chapter Fifteen

19th May 2017:
I love this story. Its very unusual from the ones that I normally read and I love that. I can't wait for your next chapter

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so happy you liked it! :) I am organizing and cleaning up the next set of chapters -- there's so much coming up! But I promise I'm working on it :)

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Review #20, by Shinicha Chapter Fifteen

18th May 2017:
oho! the plot thickens. So it seems that attacks on muggleborns are not limited to the US after all. Reagan does seem quite suspicious though, is he really a trustworthy person to help the ministry? I wonder if he new Riddle as well, and if he did, isn't a reaction like Slughorn's the more appropriate one?
In the meantime the banter between Xander and Lily is becoming more and more obvious - really just why don't they themselves see through each other even though they seemed to have this special connection described in the early chapters? Love really does make blind and they come off a bit more like the teenagers they are. I wonder if we will see some of the tutoring sessions with Maya, I would really love to.

I loved the conversation with Slughorn! It was hilarious how the different characteristics of Lily, Hugo, Xander and Slughorn came out so well in it. Lily's and Xander's own ways of playing nice and Hugo's dry humour as well. It also touched deeper issues really well, the whole scene was great as it mixed humour with background information (the sorting), plot development (the war) and all the subtle implications in their interactions.

Loved the chapter and waiting for more :)

Author's Response: Oh I love all your questions! You're definitely in the right track! Hehe But I don't want to ruin everything so I'll just say that Reagan does come off as sort of shady, and maybe there is more to him than meets the eye... And we'll start seeing more of that soon.

Xander and Lily are both pretty set in their ways hehe but you're right, they're teenagers so we'll give them some leeway.

Maya will come up again. I promise :)

Aw the Slughorn scene was fun to write! And I'm so glad you got so much out of it. The was definitely the intent so hearing you say so made my entire day!

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Review #21, by BBHP Chapter Fifteen

18th May 2017:
It's always a delightful surprise to see an update on this story, especially right when I'm sitting down for lunch.

One of my favorite things about this story might be Hugo's personality. He's perfect. I love how he knows Xander and Lily have hidden feelings for each other, but doesn't push it too much. His responses to just about any question are hilarious, too. His response to Slughorn made me laugh out loud. I could just picture his face when he said that.

Another thing I love is how although Xander loves messing with Lily and making her angry, he still genuinely cares about her and her safety and feelings. When he's thinking about how Edward might hurt her, I could almost feel Xander's blood boiling. And again when Lily seemed worried about the potential war, Xander steered the conversation away from it because he hated to see Lily frightened. It's really sweet.

This story is just excellent so far. Really good work. I particularly love how descriptive you are without being overly flowery or fluffy. The scenes and characters are so easy to imagine, and I feel like I'm actually there. It's so good. I'm hoping for another chapter soon so I can love this more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

I'm so happy you like Hugo. He's probably one of my favorite characters to write.

And you're right, Xander definitely cares, but he shows it in his own way, and Lily doesn't always catch that hehe

Most of my editing times goes to trying to balance description with dialogue, and I try to avoid getting too wordy so I really, really appreciate you saying that.

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Review #22, by Shinicha Chapter Fourteen

18th May 2017:
So, I followed you all the way to HPFF ^^
I will still be re-reading on HPFT if I get the time though! Your chapters are so wonderfully done, I think I really want to appreciate them when re-reading.
The tension-filled moments between Lily and Xander make me all jittery, they are so well written! I thought that the Hugo POV chapter fitted seamlessly into the story and didn't disturb the pattern of Lily/Xander chapters, although it is sort of a "break". Hugo is one of my favourite characters - he is so cool while being so uncool or purposefully clueless!
This chapter here was heartbreaking. Not only to see Dennis in this state, but also how Lily handled the situation carefully guided by Neville. His comment about Ginny being proud of her was just the perfect thing to say.
I AM extremely worried about Xander and this unlikeable potions teacher (why is it always the potions teachers??). I hope his tutoring lessons with Maya will be the proper counter-weight. Though, logically, his story will need a grand climax, and I am scared how it will turn out. :( :( Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Shinicha, I can't tell you how much I really appreciate all your wonderful feedback.

I really hesitated adding that Hugo chapter. I wrote that chapter at least three times (from both Lily's and Xander's Pov) before deciding that it had been Hugo's. lol I'm really glad that you enjoyed him (and that the chapter flowed naturally)

Eventually the professor's intentions and Xander's backstory will be revealed!

Haha and I think there's something about those dungeons and cauldrons that make them the perfect mystery characters ;)

The next chapter is in the queue! so it should be out really, really soon (fingers crossed maybe today or tomorrow)

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Review #23, by Kaitlyn Chapter Fourteen

13th May 2017:
This is the best fan fiction I have ever read. So well written. My favorite thing is that it's so real. I love how you didn't make your characters perfect like other Fanfiction writers tend to do. The way you write them makes them like real people, easy to sympathize with. The Lily and Xander budding romance is so real too. I hate how romance usually happens far too fast in fan fiction and I feel like you are doing it just right. Congratulations on an amazing job. Keep up the good work and hoping for more chapters soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this amazing feedback! I really wanted characters that were believable and that would have room for growth. I think flaws make us more interesting so I didn't want to take those away. And the pacing of the romance is something I struggle with - I don't want to force it! - so I'm glad you think it's going alright so far.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review & all your lovely words. The next chapter is the queue, so that should be up soon. :)

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Review #24, by Quidditch_Captain93 Chapter Fourteen

11th May 2017:
This story is complete and utter brilliance! The tension between Lily and Xander is addictive! The writing is amazing! Waiting excitedly for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You are so sweet! The next chapter is in the queue and should be out in the next few days!:)

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Review #25, by victoria_anne Chapter Eleven

10th May 2017:
I'm glad you liked the aesthetic, Quilly! I got a bit nervous in case you thought I'd perceived Xander all wrong haha.

Oh my goodness, God bless Hugo. What a darling little cinnamon bun. I live for moments between him and Lily.

LILY LUNA-TIC POTTER! Omg that is brilliant! Ha ha!

Ooh they're finally asking about where Xander came from. I wonder if/when we'll find out!

Okay so whyyy must you write about Xander in grey sweatpants with water dripping down his chest, hmm??? You're killing me here! ♥

I love that Hugo knows exactly how to play his friend to get information, haha.

Seriously, I love Hugo. That is all.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked Hugo! He's one of my favorite characters to write, so I'm really happy you enjoyed him :) Thank you for reviewing, B! You're spoiling me with all your kindness!

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