2016-12-13 01:54:21
This is cute please continue it

Author's Response: I'm currently juggling a few stories at the moment, but I plan on continuing this at some point :)
2016-12-13 01:54:21
You're so poetic with your writing it's like art. I love your story so far. I am looking forward to the next three segments!

Author's Response: That's very nice of you to say! Unfortunately it may be another week or two until I can update again since I've been posting updates on my Novel-length fanfiction, Hogwarts Reborn.

It's not in the same poetic style as this one but if you like Dramiones you should check it out! Thanks so much for your nice words!
2016-11-12 00:13:21
Great chapter looking forward to seeing more

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It's great to know that people like it so far! I've finished the next chapter and I'm waiting for a chapter I submitted for another story to get validated before I can update this one.

I'm not getting many reads and I can see why... the cover is quite bland. I'm hoping someone can make me a banner for this story before the next segment gets validated.

Anyway, thanks for reviewing! Glad to know you liked it :)


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