2016-10-27 21:53:31
Pookha here for BvB review battle.

Well, I wasn't expecting and Iron Chef battle. It's good to see that I'm not the only one who watched Iron chef and remembered it. Mark Dacascos is watching you and my fave Alton Brown is silently judging your ability.

On to the story. I really liked the commentary from the Fat Friar as it added the from the floor commentary necessary. The ending with the reveal from Professor Sprout was hilarious and made me grin.

A very strange, unexpected, but very well-written and fun story. Nice to see something other than just Dramione on HPFF, and something original at that.

Author's Response: Hey hey Pookha!

You know, I was hardcore thinking of A.B. when I was writing this, like "How would he describe and play host here?" It was a lot of pressure and hoped I managed to pull off a decent job. And funny enough, an A.B. fan inspired me to write this one-shot from a comic he drew as him being the secret boss on "Iron Chef" xD

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. It was fun writing it. There *are* a lot of Dramione stories on here, aren't there?

Thanks for stopping by for the BvB :D

- ichigo (V)


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