Haha just a regular day shopping with Voldemort!

I've got a few questions, though. So does Voldemort look all creepy snakey in your story or is he still handsome Tom? I remember in the prologue you said it was black with flecks of silver, is his face normal too? Also I was a bit confused about what a glamour is... is it like a piece of jewelry that works like Polyjuice?

I sure hope it won't take you TOO long to update! Can't wait to read about Lyra at Hogwarts. Oh AND you said Draco is her best friend, right?! Excited to read about that too!

Author's Response: Voldy looks normal, if a bit old. But I like to think of him as quite youthful in his interactions with his family. The updates should be far more frequent now I have more time on my hands! So I hope I keep you hooked!
My attention has been seized!

Love this so far! There's a few grammatical errors here and there but nothing too drastic. I'm beginning to love this Lyra character and I cannot WAIT to read more. I'm definitely a fan of the dark theme.

By the looks of it you are a great writer! It's like I see the scene rather than read about it! Glad I came across this... I'll probably end up checking out your other fanfic. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Awweh you have brightened my day with all of these reviews :3 I will be working on the second chap of Lyra's story today! I am a massive fan of the dark side, so my docs are all in support of that! I'm so glad that you like it so far especially given it's in its infancy! I hope you keep enjoying it all the way to the end!


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