Yay! You're writing again!!

A wonderful first chapter to display the huge contrast between Snape and Lily's childhoods. I've always found first person a challenge to write as most people are inclined to write in third. That and the sentence tenses. *headache* However, a friend of mine made a point saying things written in first person is more interesting because it's a great guessing game in not knowing what the other characters are thinking.

Aside from very minor spelling mistakes, this chapter was paced very well. Looking forward to reading the next one :D

Author's Response: Aww, thanks very much for the review. I am glad that it came accross that their upbringings are different. Haha, I am still not sure about the first person pov. I chose it when I was doubting whether to continue my story or not, and then I read the beautiful 'sisters' by ursulagodess in first pov and it inspired me, but like you say, it's more difficult because it does not instantly have the tone of the books.
Too bad from the spelling mistakes. I hate that I make them, so now i'm curious (I really don't know what they are! Oh well)
Uploading this here was actually kind of a mistake - I thought, I already uploaded it on ffnet where I don't have to bother mods with my 100 edits a chapter, but I felt bad for deleting something approved. However, after the new low of someone actually UNfavoriting it after a new chapter update, I might upload it here again. However, I still feel like I'm doing the people who followed/reviewed previous (actually deleted one) a disservice. Oh well.
Thanks a lot for your review! It made me happy.


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