2016-04-04 18:31:20
The idea of this is really sweet and romantic, but because most readers who haven’t been introduced to Alexis don’t know her, it also doesn’t really seem like an one-shot, like something that stands alone, you know? I like that Draco is nervous. It’s a softer side of him that I personally think he certainly has, but that we just didn’t see a lot in the books or in fanfiction. I like Audrey’s reaction. And the friends…Oh God that reminds me of the judge panel that some of my friends are for each other. I like that your Narcissa knows extracurricular hexes. It’s funny that Audrey teaches Draco how to use the telephone. I always love it when wizards need to use Muggle things, lol. I really like Draco’s description of his feelings after meeting Lexi’s friends: “My head feels like I’ve taken one too many bludgers, my throat is as dry as a History of Magic class lecture, and my body feels as heavy as the waves crashing onto the walls of Azkaban.” Poor Draco. The troubles he needs to overcome to just propose! Which Arctic monkeys songs and manga inspired this?

Author's Response: Hm, it does seem like a stand-alone now that you mention it. As for the other OC's reactions, I mirrored it after how some of my friends would react if my S.O. ever decided to pop the question lol. And I'm about 75% sure three of my guy friends would do that exact thing to him xD;

I was listening to Arctic Monkey's "AM" album and the lyrics to "I Want It All" struck a chord for me (no pun intended). I was also reading some extra pages a fan of "Hirunaka no Ryuusei" drew for the manga artist as a 5-6 years later from the original story. I thought it was amazing.


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