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Review #1, by TreacleTart Love Me As Much As Dragons

18th May 2017:
Hi Kenny!

I'm here to review your chapter for my Take It Seriously Challenge. Sorry for the delay. I'm going to break this review down into sections so you can see how I'm judging your entry.

Rarity - I've read a few Charlie/Tonks stories before, but they're still a pretty rare pair. I'm excited to see where you go with them. :)

Editing - I know writing in English is hard work for you and I thought you did a pretty good job. I like how you included dialogue in Japanese with English translations. It gives the story an authentic feel and helps me learn some new phrases. I do think having the story beta'd would help clean up a few little errors, but all in all, good work!

Flow - This story flows well. I like how you've covered the aftermath of the tsunami and Charlie and Tonks' struggle to keep everyone safe.

Emotional Impact - I know that the tsunami is a sensitive topic for you and I think you convey that well, particularly through the thoughts and actions of the children. It was heart warming to see the family reunited in this chapter.

Plot - I really enjoy the plot of this story. I love that you bring the Harry Potter world to your country and always find that you have such a unique way of blending the two together. Great job!

Overall, while this isn't the rarest pair, I do think you've done a good job. I look forward to reading more chapters!


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Review #2, by Ron 4 Hermione Seawater

16th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

This is an intriguing start to the story. I donít think Iíve read a story where thereís a muggle tsunami, or just general natural disaster and especially not one where Tonks goes to try and save them.

I love how you write Tonks in this, I can imagine her wanting to save people, even just one person. Her affinity in the water seems almost natural to her, I wonder if she had any experience of swimming in the black lake ;) maybe even with a certain someone :P I like that she kept the picture as well, itís touching and I hope she finds the family later on. I bet it was a shock to see a patronus there, especially from Charlie Weasley!

Oh, that makes more sense as to why Tonksí was there, if wizards inhabited that area too. Although I canít help but wonder how she didnít know he was there, if they knew each other at school did they just not talk afterwards or did something happen between them? I like the idea of Charlie looking after the kid, I wonder if thatís the person in the photograph? I guess Iíll have to come back and find out :P

This was an intriguing start, Iíll be back to see what happens after CTF!

- Shaza :)

Author's Response: Hi, Shaza! I didn't know your user name was Ron 4 Hermine. Nice naming!

The idea, a muggle tusnami, I started to write about it from my experience in my country, the disaster is still so intense that I couldn't avoid it.

The imagination that Tonks might be good at swimming is fun to imagine, right?

As J.K.Rowling haven't written about Charlie so much, it was fun to spread my imagination wings around him. I think we can write about him more, putting his fondness for animals and his skill at dragons. Even I wrote the episode around his younger days in the other fic.

The wonder why she didn't know he was there, I wanted to let the story mysterious. ;)
I like mystery untold yet, which is also my problem, so many WIP mysteries on my plate. :P

Thank you for doing this for CTF on the forums!

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Review #3, by Dojh167 Seawater

16th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

This story is for Charlie Weasley fans, huh? Thatís me!

The story shell said Charlie/OC, but now that this story is opening with Nymphadora, I wonder if itís actually Charlie/Nymphadora.

I really like that Nymphadora felt so connected to this town swept away by a tsunami, because I believe in myth Andromeda was left at the ocean to die. I donít know if you made that link on purpose, but it was very evocative to me.

I find it interesting that Nymphadora takes it upon herself to save these people. As far as I can tell there are no others here, and it does not seem typical for wizards to o out of their ways to save people. It really speaks to how kind and compassionate a heart she has, and she doesnít want anyone to suffer, no matter how different from her they are. I wonder if she is motivated by having a muggle born father.

Her gentleness and compassion for others less strong for her seems to parallel Charlieís love of animals, and I can see them working together well in that way.

Thatís interesting that Nymphadora can sense animagi. I wonder if thatís something others can do or if itís unique to her. If it was common, Iíd think someone other than Crookshanks would have sensed Peter Pettigrew over the years.

A seal is also an interesting choice of an animagus for Charlie. And my favorite sea animal!

Oh, so harlie was there to save people as well! Or was he only there to visit his dragon tamer friends?

Youíre incorporating some interesting myth into the story and I like it and how easily Charlie accepts it as fact without question.

This is a very interesting start!


Author's Response: Hi, Sam! Thanks again! Even for CTF, your review gives me much inspiration. Is that so, Andromeda was left at the ocean to die in myth? I didn't know that. Interesting!

Nymphadora and Charile in the ocean popped in my mind after we experienced Tusnami disaster in my country, the memory is still so intense, the feeling, the horrible feeling the part of my country would be lost for a moment, it was so dreadful.

I didn't intend to emphasize the disaster, just wanted to dream a fantasy, I thought imagination would help a bit for me at least. I suffered from a kind of PTSD after the big earthquake.

I'm happy to know you like Nymphadora who tried saving people and Charlie's love of animals and his animagi.
I'm planning to write more about his magic related his fondness for animals. And yes, I'll write more about dragons! Thinking of dragons, I'm so excited!

Thank you again for your deep insight!

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Review #4, by Dirigible_Plums May

25th May 2016:

It's Plums here with a review for your entry in the AU Challenge! (Thanks for entering, by the way, and being so patient for a review/the results. The second one is coming soon... Hopefully.)

Sorry if it is a little short - usually your chapters are at least 3K so I have lots to say, but these two are only about 500 words each so there's less to comment on. That doesn't mean that your writing is lacking anything, however! It's up to the same great standard.

One thing I love about your stories is the culture involved. It's so interesting to see how you weave in Japanese culture into the world of Harry Potter - it's bound to have effects on the characters and their interactions which you show wonderfully. Of course, what has happened here is not a happy tale, especially for May. I feel so sorry for her. She's so young and to be devastated by such a terrible disaster is awful in itself already. I think the beginning of this second chapter is the most heartbreaking part, when she searches for her dad.

It was interesting to see how the first chapter simply had Tonks recognise Charlie and the next had her naked. It wasn't a jarring jump or anything, but it does have me curious about their relationship. Is this a normal occurrence for them? Are they are a casual thing at this point? It was pretty funny how Charlie turned his eyes to the floor awkwardly when her blanket slipped off her, as if he hadn't slept with her the night before.

Just out of curiosity, when is this set? I didn't get a real feel for what year it is so the point of divergence from canon is a little unclear.

My main 'critique', I suppose, is that I didn't really get a feel for the relationship between Tonks and Charlie. Of course, since this is only the second chapter, it is understandable, but I would've liked to have a heavier emphasis on their relationship, only because that was the AU aspect to the entry. Other than that, it's wonderful.

Thank you for entering the challenge!

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hi, Plums! Thank you for setting this story challenge and review including your constructive advice. Yes, you hit the right point, writing relationship, romance between Charlie and Tonks is my weak point. I'm learning and struggling with it.
The time is set after they graduated Hogwarts school about ten years ago. I hope I will be back to this AU story ASAP after I finish Harry-centric story.

As J.K.Rowling hasn't written much about Charlie, I want to write about him and his adventure including his dragons. The idea popped after I finished Charlie-centric one-shot. I'm looking forward to having time for this. I can't think of the other ship than Charlie and Tonks.

Thank you again for making me feel like writing.


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Review #5, by TreacleTart May

28th April 2016:
Hey Kenny!

I'm here to drop by and leave you a couple of reviews since you were so kind to leave me a few reviews!

It's so sad to hear that May lost her mother at birth and that he dad and brother were lost in the tsunami. I guess the only hope is that her brother and dad aren't necessarily dead. It could just be that they are lost, washed away in the waters. I hope that Charlie will find them.

It's interesting that Tonks can understand that much Japanese. Honestly, after being in Japan for a few weeks, I managed to pick up several sentences and words, but nothing nearly as complicated as she's able to say. I'd be very curious to know how she learned it all. Did she study abroad in Japan? Has she lived there for awhile? Has she been there many times on vacation?

I really liked how you included the words in Japanese and the translations right after so that it was still easy to read the story even if you don't speak Japanese. Plus, I was excited to learn a few new words.

I hope you'll be updating this story soon!


Author's Response: Hi, Kaitlin! Thank you for stopping by this story. Your suggestion about Tengue and Ninja had me write another episode in the far east land. I understand you wondered how Tonks could learn foreign languages. Considering her Auror's job, it's possible she could learn some. :)

Thank your for caring about May and her family. I'm planning to write about them more. I wish I could spare time for this. I'll do my best. Good luck on your WIP stories. :D


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Review #6, by TreacleTart Seawater

13th April 2016:
Hey Kenny!

I'm here for our review swap!

Wow. This is so tragic. I can't imagine trying to swim through the rough ocean searching for tsunami victims. Tonks is so brave in this and selfless too. With the water's strong currents and crashing waves it would be easy for her to get pulled under, but even still she searches hoping to find just one person. That's a beautiful characterization of her.

And I like how Charlie appeared as an Animagus although I was quite surprised that he was a seal. I always thought he'd be something fiery like a Phoenix, but I actually really like that you made him a water animal. It's a nice contradiction of his normal personality.

I'm very curious about who this young girl on the island is. It sounds like her family is friends with Charlie and he's managed to rescue her. I really hope that the rest of them are alive. It's so sad to think of all the destruction and loss of life.

One thing I really want to comment on is the length of the chapters. Normally, you write very lengthy chapters with tons of action. This is really the first time I've seen you do something this short, but I really like it. Your descriptions are incredibly powerful in this and you really make the reader feel Tonks' fear and hopelessness as she frantically searches for survivors. Her part in particular was very moving.

I'm off to read the next chapter now! Great work!


Author's Response: Hi, Kaitlin! Thank you for stopping by. Compared with your numbers of story challenges, mine is not many, but I think we could go on writing journey given by our fellows on the forums. It's sad this community will end in months, but we can continue our journey from now on. This story is one of them. Before I entered the forums, I had no idea to write about Charlie/Tonks ship. Given the chance to write about them, I could enjoy writing the ship. And your encouragement on Tengue and Ninja kept me writing and the idea that a girl with Charlie popped in my mind after Tengue and Ninja. So this story was born under the situation, so I'd like to say thank you, Kaitlin. :)

I hope I will be able to have more time to think about this story. I'll be back soon.


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Review #7, by Pixileanin May

12th April 2016:
I'm very impressed with this. The way you described Charlie waking suddenly, and then realizing that May was safe next to him instead of somewhere dangerous, as she might have been in his dreams - without coming out and saying "Charlie was dreaming of little May being in danger"... that was really cool.

The Japanese insertion gave this whole chapter an authentic feel. May felt like she grew up in that part of the world, and it was fascinating that Tonks also understood some Japanese as well. It makes me wonder again what she's doing there. Hmm...

Charlie is very protective of this girl. I'm sure he will do everything he can to try to find her family, the people he must be working with among the dragons. It makes a lot of sense that he would be working with an international team, since dragons can be elusive and live in remote areas of the world.

Tonks' affection for Charlie shows through in a subtle, yet definite way. I like that you're not dwelling on it, but that you show it clearly so that we can feel it with her. She has regrets and she has yearning as well. It makes me want to read the next chapter, but there's no chapter to read next.

More, please!


Author's Response: Hello, again! Thank you for review swap!

When I have plenty of time, I can imagine the scenery and their feeling. The situation popped in my mind naturally. Recently I can't have enough time to imagine the fiction world. I guess you are in the similar situation. We need to talk about the way to spare time for writing while we are very busy.

As I read another fantasy, I thought I could create the HP AU world. I'll write about Dragon, magical world in the far east, so you may see more nature descriptions in the next chapter. I need to find time to imagine the world.

As you know, it's easier for me to paint the scene, but I'd like to learn how to write the complicated mind movement of each character.
So your insight is very helpful.

I'll be back to your story, after my last story challenge at HPFF is done (the deadline is coming in two days.). :)


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Review #8, by Pixileanin Seawater

12th April 2016:
Hi Kenny! Let's trade!

So this is an intriguing story idea. It's very sad to read about the tsunami that destroyed so much. It was doubly sad to see that Tonks was trying to save people, and she couldn't find anyone to save. The photo book was all that she could find. I wondered what she was doing all the way out in the east, just about the time that she was wondering what the familiar man was doing in the same place.

It makes sense that Charlie would be found in a far away location. I was so relieved that Charlie at least found someone to save. Then when it was revealed that he knew the little girl, my heart broke, knowing that it was a personal tragedy for him if he could not find her family.

Your descriptions were so moving here. Really, they were. I love the style you chose with this, the economy of words, only saying just enough to paint the scene. You really have a gift with the nature-descriptions.

I pondered the legend of the disaster that came every hundred years, and worried with Charlie that he might have been able to keep more people safe if his hindsight had come a little sooner. But then, if it had been a Seawater Demon, what could he have done? He might have lost his own life, if he had stayed, so it seems like a mixed blessing.

Oh, I feel for that poor little girl, and I'm so thankful that Charlie was there for her.


Author's Response: Hi, Pixi! Thank you for stopping by. I know you are extremely busy with your own story challenge.

Writing about Tsunami, I wondred if it was a right thing to do at first, but I decided to write something. I'm not sure where this story goes to, however, my adventurous journey has just begun.I have a vision, Charlie and Tonks on the beach and I feel like writing about their romance. My writing is always a kind of experiment, but I'll be back to continue writing this ASAP, I was going to update in two weeks. RL prevented me from keep writing, but I'll do like you challenge your own story. Thank you again for leaving review!


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Review #9, by Felpata Lupin May

3rd April 2016:
Hi Kenny!
Here for our swap!

Wow, I'm really liking this so far!
I loved the description of Tonks swimming through the tsumani. So very vivid and strong.
And May seems so adorable, poor little thing! Really hope her Tousan and Niisan are ok... (by the way, I don't know a word of Japanese, but I love when people put a bit of their own languages in stories!!!)

Wondering where you're heading with this. And if there is more in that tsunami than simply the fury of nature...

Also wondering what has happened between Charlie and Dora in the past (because something definitely happened) and what will happen now that they've found each other again...

This was really great! I loved your description and the atmosphere of the story and I'm so curious to find out more! Wonderful job so far!

Much love,

Author's Response: Hi, Chiara! Thank you for offering review swap.

I hesitated to write about Tsunami. But I thought of writing about it after years, may be a better thing to get over with the feeling after we lost the beautiful scenery and people.

And I thought it will be exceiting to write about Charlie/Tonks ship in AU world. Thinking over what I can do, I concluded that I can mix the hardship at Tsunami and Harry Potter Fandom. Nature in Far East with lots of adventure plus romance, let's see how it will work.

Let's do review swap again! :)


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Review #10, by alicia and anne Seawater

31st March 2016:
I am so excited about this, I do love a good bit of Charlie fics :D

Oh no, it starts with such a sad and tragic beginning, although I'm glad that Tonks is trying to do what she can to help find survivors.

I want to cry, this is so heartbreaking :(

Oh! He's an Animagus? :O

I hope that May's family are out there somewhere and that they're save. I'm so glad that Charlie is there to help though.

I can't wait to see them two seeing each other, and it's such a good idea to have demons and catfishes as the reason why this natural disaster happened, because muggles won't know they caused it.

I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you, Tammi for review swap!
Your feedback is very helpful. I should've added more descriptions, but you know, the deadline was coming, so I decided to let it go. The next chpater is short, too. I hope I can write longer one from chapter 3.

As you pointed it out, the beginning is very sad, but I try to create a story that gives people bravery. And I'll write Charile/Tonks ship more.

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