Hi, I'm Liz here for the May BvB Review Battle!

I chose this story because you have so many and I feel this one is neglected. I'm so glad that I DID choose it, because I found it to be so thought provoking! I almost felt like it should be in first person because with your style of writing, I felt like I was inside Draco's head the whole time. That's a pretty scary place to be! Especially during such a time of turmoil!

I love how he identified so much with the Ophelia and the Skinhead paintings. Draco has always struck me as a very contradictory character (much like the wood his wand is made of) who wants so desperately to cling to everything he has ever been told as the undeniable truth only to stumble and second guess himself when told something different or faced with a frightening reality. I really feel like you captured a version of him not often seen in Canon and I greatly appreciated the read! I was drawn in very quickly and loved watching Draco literally grow as a person right in front of me.

The ending was my favorite. So much potential, I'm almost sad it's a cliff hanger, but it's perfect. Hermione, one of the three people he hates most, and her simply for how she was born, showing up as he's struggling to figure out Muggles and his preconceptions of them. It's pretty darn beautiful!

Now, I'm not the best content reviewer, because a well written piece will always get raving reviews from me, but I do try to keep an eye out for grammar/spelling/missing words, as are things wont to happen when we write. I've read through drafts hundreds of times only to have someone else find something my mind kept skipping over. So, I'm not sure if these were intentional or not, but I wanted to point them out just in case not.

"...and even then he did was to visit his mother;"
"...a pot noodle..."
"...I don't know what skinheads either..."

These three passages seem to be missing words, making their wording a bit awkward.

One last thing is in your initial naming of the skinhead painting, you have added the word 'getting' to the title before talking about the title actually on the painting itself, which has neither 'a' nor 'getting' in it. The 'a' was explained, but I was unsure if 'getting' was supposed to be there as well?

I am adding you to my favorite's list because I want to read more of your amazing things when I have more time. Have a great day!
A well thought out, well written piece. Loved it!

Author's Response: Hi there, thanks for taking the time to stop by and review.

I did crib this a bit from my own experiences. I remember being really moved when I, as a young adult, went through the Art Gallery's section of Australian art. The paintings were magnificent, but even more, they were by Australians and were of Australian subjects. It really spoke to me on a personal level. I thought the same might happen to someone like Draco, who is almost setting out to be unimpressed.

Thanks again, I'm glad you liked it.


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