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Reading Reviews for Flight
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Review #1, by Margie Regulus

24th September 2016:
Oh man this pulls at my heartstrings but in such a good way. I mean reading about Regulus' state is hard especially when you consider that although things probably changed for him in his adulthood, he suffered through most of his short life? He was just trying to cope the best way he could. And then there's Kreacher trying to help!! T_T

But I just have this huge, enormous soft spot for siblings with a rocky relationship bonding, especially if they come from an unhappy or even abusive household. Just thinking about Sirius letting his little brother on his bike and making him grin makes me well up. Because how similar might they have been if they had grown up in different circumstances?

Margie x

Author's Response: Margie! I think this may have been my favourite thing to write so far. I'm very glad you've found it and liked it :)

I get a little bit emotional when I think too much about Sirius, but I do love the idea of his relationship with Regulus. Maybe one a day a novel-length marauders era will have to happen for me...

Thank you for the lovely review! Emma xx

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Regulus

23rd May 2016:
Stories all about Sirius' bike? Don't mind if I do!

Oh Regulus :( Don't make me cry :(

That song is such a perfect Sirius song, and now everytime that I hear it I'm going to think of Sirius, and Regulus.

It's strange to see just how different they are from each other, how vastly different their beliefs are and you've done a brilliant job at showing that.

Awww I couldn't help but smile at the end of this! I love that they can bond over the bike, and I hope that they took many flights together. :D

They both need their brother around.

A wonderful opening chapter! I am loving it!

Author's Response: You're so impressive with all your reviewing! Thank you so much for this one.

I looked up songs that came out in the right year for this fic and when I saw Bohemian Rhapsody I figured it was a good fit for Sirius. It's definitely become his song for me.

Thanks for such a kind review. E xx

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Review #3, by Dirigible_Plums Regulus

8th April 2016:

I'm here (at long last) with your requested review. Feel free to chuck bad eggs at me for taking so long!

Wow. There is so much to say about this chapter. When I was reading, I had this sinking feel in my chest that everything was about to go completely wrong so I'm glad you ended it on a happier note. The damaged relationship between Sirius and Regulus is one that has particularly struck me hard, simply because of all the potential that was lost with them. I think you've managed to get that across exceptionally well - you have the brotherly concern on Sirius' part when he sees Regulus (more on that later) and that yearning on his younger brother's part for good relations between the two. But then they're stopped by the way they seem to naturally antagonise each other whether or not they intend to in the first place.

Moving onto Regulus: wow. I've read a few fics about him and I can say that you've managed to keep true to his character while bringing something new, though not necessarily pleasant, to the table. The beginning of this chapter really was heartbreaking to read - his insistence that what he's doing is good, the thought of pleasing Walburga in this way - everything about the first couple of paragraphs was written so powerfully. There's no way the reader can't feel compassion for him, even when he's rude to Sirius.

I particularly like this line: 'But something about the sheer muggleness of the machine made him feel exhilarated.' It serves as a nice reminder that despite the fact he joins the Death Eaters, there's always a part of Regulus that doesn't think that way.

I think this was a wonderful chapter. Your characterisation was brilliant and the pacing in this chapter was done well. The transition from his cold demeanour to the way the brothers seem to be getting along isn't jarring and seems quite natural.

I hope this was an alright review (especially considering I took my sweet time fulfilling the request - sorry about that, again!) and helped. :)

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hello! This review is absolutely lovely - don't apologise for the lateness, I massively appreciate you taking the time to give feedback :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed Sirius and Regulus' relationship. This is my first time writing marauders here and I hadn't realised I had strong ideas for what they should be like but once I got started I couldn't stop - I'm glad you found them convincing.

Thank you so much for all your lovely kind words.

Emma xx

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Review #4, by Jayna Regulus

5th April 2016:
Hello Em! Just dropping by for the first of your challenge reviews!

First of all, I think that you handled the sensitive topics really well. It wasn’t dwelled too much on, but definitely gave a unique approach to Regulus’s character and the kind of environment both of them must’ve grown up in.

I also really liked your portrayal of Sirius’s rebelliousness. The isolated, brooding vibe really suits him, and I think that for the time period and character, the addition of a cigarette was brilliant (not that I advocate smoking).

It was also really sweet to see Sirius step up and be the big brother, and I’m excited to see how his motive for showing Reg the motorbike in this chapter contrast his motives in the next ones.

So yeah, great job overall, and I think that a few more technical things that made this story extra good were the perfect descriptions, the varied sentence structure, and the smooth, logical flow of the chapter.


Author's Response: Jayna! Thank you so much for such a kind review.

I'm glad you thought the sensitive topics were handled well. I tried to handle them with care but am always worried about causing readers pain.

And thank you for liking Sirius! This is my first time writing him and I love it :)

Emma xx

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Review #5, by victoria_anne James

28th March 2016:
How could I not come back for the last chapter of this amazing collection?!

Hi Em!

So first, I love how you can tell how drunk James is without you saying straight out, "He's drunk and stuff". Like this, this is my favourite: "He should stay here to look after the grass. It needed him."

Oh God, the Mackinnons :( first I was laughing and now I'm crying, why must you torture me so?! God you write Sirius amazingly. I love love love the conversation they have about Marlene, even for all it's sadness. Your dialogue is on fleek.

I love how you reveal things through the story too, like Sirius' depression after Reg died and that the McKinnon's died in a house fire. It's all very well done.

Argh this whole story is going straight into my favourites. I'm in love with the way you write (don't mind me if I creep on your author page later), especially how natural you make it all sound in such a short space a time - we get a sense of what's been going and everyone's reactions to it and just GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

It's amazing. You're amazing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.

Love Bianca

Author's Response: Bianca! Thank you - I'm so happy that you enjoyed this. I felt a bit less sure about this chapter than the others, maybe because there's a bit more pressure to get James in character. I'm really glad you liked him.

And I wanted to mention what had happened to Regulus and Marlene, because obviously we've seen extracts of their own stories, but didn't want to give them too much time here because it's James's chapter. Thank you for liking it!

Honestly thank you so much for such a wonderfully kind review. It's really made my day :)

Let me know if you ever want to swap for another story!

Emma xx

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Review #6, by Fonzzx Marlene

19th March 2016:
Ok so I read this when you sent it to me and meant to leave a review and then forgot so I've just read it again and my gosh, it just encapsulates the wonderful mess that is Blackinnon so perfectly!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. Definitely want to write more Blackinnon soon :) x

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Review #7, by Gabriella Hunter Regulus

15th March 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and it's been a while! Like, a long time. What's up with that?

I saw your post on the forums for a review swap and totally used it as an excuse to see what you were up to and I'm happy to be back! I honestly don't read much Regulus centered stories on the archives but I really liked this! It's got a little something extra and goes beyond the usual brother conflict that so many authors write about.

I honestly think that it's okay to delve into darker territory, especially when it comes to eating disorders or low self-esteem. They're not easy to write but they should be spoken of sometimes and I think that you made Regulus very realistic. His aversion to food and the need to please his parents is something that a lot of people go through.

What I thought you did smoothly was not lingering on his disorder, you gave strong hints and your descriptions were wonderful. I can see it clearly and you didn't have to go into anymore detail than you had already, which makes this entire chapter flow very smoothly.

I thought that Regulus's relationship with Sirius was interesting. There's that bit of envy and confusion but alot of love, it's perfectly clear to me that he wants to make sure that Sirius is happy. In some way, even if it comes off as harsh, he wants to ensure that Sirius isn't hurt by putting himself so apart from their family. That actually takes a lot of courage on Regulus's part and I think that their interactions were very well-written.

I also like that you had Sirius here being affectionate towards his brother. That's something we don't really see in these sort of stories, they're usually very estranged and forced. I liked that you gave Sirius the big brother role here, it didn't feel uncharacteristic for him to ask if he had eaten or if he wanted to do something naughty.

There's history behind these two and it was very refreshing to read. Now, I hope that they don't get caught leaving the house on that flying motorcycle but you left this chapter on a relatively light note.

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Gabbie! Thank you so much for such a lovely review! I'm afraid I only just got to yours - sorry for the lateness!

I'm glad that you liked Sirius and Regulus. I think they would have at least some kind of positive relationship with them. Despite their differences, they've grown up in what can't be a very easy environment, and I like to think they'll have gained some closeness from that.

Plus I think Sirius is a very protective character, even if he is reckless.

Thanks for the swap! Emma xx

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Review #8, by TearsIMustConceal Marlene

14th March 2016:
Hi again, here with your second review!

Oh wow, this was even more hard-hitting than the first chapter. I feel like this was so much more personal that the first chapter and I absolutely loved this.

First of all, I love how Emmeline Vance makes a cameo – this makes me happy, I've always felt like she needs a voice of her own! And then the mention of the Prewett brothers, i'm practically squealing!

Emmy and Fab are getting married. While I loved this, it all feels so bittersweet because we know the outcome.

Poor Marlene – I didn't realise why she was hiding her true feelings at first and faking a smile. I thought maybe she was a little jealous because she knew she would never have that with Sirius? Or because of the time it was happening – as she says, there is a war brewing but then you go an drop that bombshell at the end! That I wasn't expecting!

Sirius turning up in typical Sirius style, throwing stones at windows – I felt like this was so 80s,with Sirius in his leather jacket and motorbike and I just loved it! And I also loved how Marlene forgot she was angry with him as soon as she laid eyes on him – he just has that effect :P And I agree with Marlene – him letting Marlene on the bike did seem very personal but it really worked!

Sirius saying he would try – that made me tear up a little bit. He's so sincere and quiet and you know he means it – I could imagine him being the best father. And then the two of them just sitting there, all cute and loving and I absolutely adored all of this so, so much.

As for you concerns, everything was perfect; it was really interesting, the pacing was spot on and characters were so convincing and amazing and I just loved it!

Thank you for requesting! And I can't wait for the 3rd chapter!


Author's Response: And again, thank you so much for all your lovely kind comments.

I so badly want to find a novel length fic about the Prewetts and all the small Order members. Every so often they pop into my head and I enjoy them so much. I'm glad you do too.

And Sirius here is definitely very 80s - I couldn't resist!

I think Sirius definitely isn't read to be a father here, but we know from his relationship with Harry that if he really tried he'd be able to make it work.

I'm going to try to get chapter three up in the next few days. It's about James :)

Lots of love x

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Review #9, by TearsIMustConceal Regulus

14th March 2016:
Hi there, here with one of your requested reviews, because I couldn't just review one chapter and not the other!

Oh wow, this was amazing. It's the first time I've ever seen this; Regulus with an eating disorder and you manage to write it incredibly well. But thinking about it, it doesn't seem too far a stretch to imagine it. Regulus has no control over his life; his mother sees to that so with the loss of control over that part of his life, it's quite easy to imagine him clinging to another way to gain control and in this case, an eating disorder is the way he does this. You do such an amazing job at conveying this and you do it in such a sensitive way – you're really brave tackling such an issue.

Seeing those lyrics makes me realise how much Bohemian Rhapsody would definitely appeal to Sirius and I can see him really relating to it in such a strong way.

I love the way you've portrayed the Reg/Sirius relationship – it's exactly how I imagine it to be in my head. Reg telling him off, trying to be the good son, seeing Sirius as the rebel but then wanting to be around his big brother, excited that he's wanting to show him something – there's something so childlike and innocent there and it really works and it's super sweet.

As for you concerns;

Is it interesting? - Of course! You've created something fascinating here and you tackling such an issue here makes it extremely interesting and it does make you want to read more.

Pacing: You've got the pacing spot on – it flows perfectly and so seamlessly.

Are the characters convincing? - Yes they are! Here, you've given Regulus a mental illness, which when you read you might think how? But when you read it, you've managed to integrate it perfectly with his character and his relationships and whatnot and I can imagine this so easily. And you have the easy-goingness of Sirius down and his concerns as his big brother and wanting to show Regulus something that would make him smile. So yes, they really are convincing!

Can't wait to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Vicki this review made me all overwhelmed and smiley - thank you so much for all your lovely thoughtful comments.

I don't think it would be possible for Regulus to grow up the way he did and not be severely affected by it, and I felt like his lack of control over his life would lead to him trying to regain control in some way. I'm really glad you found it convincing.

And thank you for liking Sirius and Regulus's relationship!

Thank you so so much for this review. It's exactly what I needed today :)

Emma x

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Review #10, by Felpata Lupin Regulus

14th March 2016:
Here for our review swap!

First of all, I loved how you wrote Regulus and Sirius' relationship! Just brilliant!
You can tell that they are different and don't get along all the time, but you can also tell that they love and care for each other. You pictured this ambivalence really well. Exactly what I would imagine their relationship to be.

I need to say, the eating disorders' bit made me really sad... Reg shouldn't be doing this to himself... but saying this to you is pretty useless, right? Wish Sirius argued some more on that point. But I guess it would be pretty useless too...

I also loved the lyrics! They do sound like something Sirius might've identified with.

I loved Regulus' fascination for the motorbike and his excitement when Sirius proposed to ride together! I love that they can still allow themselves some complicity!

This was a great chapter! I really loved it a lot! Thank you so much for swapping!!! :D
Much love,

Author's Response: Chiara! Thank you for such a lovely lovely review :)

I really enjoyed Sirius and Regulus's relationship. We see Sirius in the books as an adult, when he's adjusted to the idea of being someone who looks after other people. I think here he's still getting used to the idea that that's a possibility.

Thanks for the swap! Emma x

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Review #11, by victoria_anne Marlene

14th March 2016:
Oh my God Emma.

Oh my God.

This is the most beautiful thing (I'm reviewing for the first chapter too, by the way). It's so amazingly written - how talented you are - but the connection of Sirius' motorbike is so good.

But Regulus and his weight, and Marlene and her pregnancy? You've just written the characters so well, though my heart breaks for them. Love the little cameo of Emmy and the Prewett brothers, by the way!

I'm sorry this isn't that good of a review, but there is nothing I didn't love about this (can't wait for the third person either - Is it Harry?!), you write beautifully and you've blown me away. I have no other words.

- Bianca x

Author's Response: Bianca! This review is so so lovely, thank you so much :)

I don't really know where this story came from but I think it's actually been my favourite thing to write. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Emma xx

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Review #12, by AdinaPuff Regulus

13th March 2016:
Hi Emma! It's been forever :p

So I was scrolling through the recently updated page and almost went past this. It's definitely something id normally read, but I was looking for next gen. However, when I saw you wrote this, I had to stop and read it!!

This was so good. It's so sad to see how Regulus treats himself. He's stuck in this unhealthy state of mind because of the pressure of living up to the expectations Walburga has laid out for him. I feel terrible, especially when he was proud that his ribs stuck out you wrote his thoughts really well I think, you really captured the desperation in him. (Also, I love the mention of apologizing to Kreacher. Very regulus of him)

Sirius will be Sirius, i don't know why Regulus bothers to yell at him haha. He was so nice to his brother. It's obvious he loves him. I like reading their relationship like this. They're so different but they still love each other. And I love them :) Sirius letting him ride the motorbike was exactly what he needed.

I loved this. The ending made my heart warm :) it was really well written. Well done, as always!!

- Leigh xx

Author's Response: Leigh! This is exciting. I'll have to come and read some more of your lovely stories v soon :)

Thank you so much for such a kind review. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading. I'm not really sure where this story came from but I loved writing it.

Lots of love, E xx

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Review #13, by Chocolate Frog Card Regulus

13th March 2016:
Good evening, lovely Emma,

Of Sirius' motorbike have I heard.

But of poor Regulus' dilemma,

I hadn't heard a word.

Of course, I understand it,

The pressure he was under.

When Sirius had his lightning wit,

And Regulus followed like thunder.

But oh, my girl, how you write them,

I see Regulus is a Black.

From his parents did this conformity stem,

But with Sirius it did crack.

With his cigarette and radio,

And the infamous motorbike.

Sirius helped heal his brother’s sorrow,

But will he know what freedom feels like?

I will have to read on for certain,

And how I eagerly await that.

But for now you’ve closed the curtain,

And I remain, yours, the Sorting Hat.

Author's Response: This review is actually so amazing. I don't understand how you've managed to write such a good poem and also give genuine feedback but it's fab. Thank you so much! xx

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