2016-02-20 22:28:15
and it begins.keep going
2016-02-20 22:28:15
Nice little intro. Hopefully more to come.
Hello! I saw that you didn't have any review yet and I thought I'd stop by and leave you one! First of all, welcome to HPFF! The community is super and I'm sure you'll love it here!

Even though this was an uncommonly short chapter, you managed to cram a lot of emotions into it. One thing that I really liked was Ginny's initial reaction to Harry. She definitely seems like the kind of person that would respond like that and be angry about him pretending to be dead. The dialogue was pretty good and one thing you did well was that you described the setting a little bit and it made it easier to picture.

Overall, good first chapter and story and welcome to HPFF!



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