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Review #1, by Scar_Hunter0131 Chapter 1

14th September 2017:
I like this. I really like this. It's really something that could be extended to a great story.

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Review #2, by Draronmoine Chapter 1

6th March 2017:
I did not expect that ending.

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Review #3, by Marshal Chapter 1

18th June 2016:
For the LGBTQA+ Review Event

Harry and Draco having a civil conversation. It makes so much sense. I like it a fair bit. It's nice to see them getting along and being honest with each other. I can totally see Draco having a crush on Harry much in the same way that people write that Draco has a crush on Hermione. Not that you stated that he has a crush but I can see where Draco was coming from emotionally toward Harry, particularly after the war. I also liked how Harry encouraged Draco to be happy and stand up to his father.

While I like the story, I do feel that the kiss was sudden and rushed a bit but that is just my opinion. Still despite that the story is good and a nice exploration of Draco's feeling and setting the two men up for a relationship.

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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin Chapter 1

10th March 2016:
Here with your requested review!

This isn't something I would usually read, I must confess, but I did enjoy what you did with this couple! :)

I liked Draco's POV. I liked the fact that he is so honest with his feelings. How you highlighted the differences between who he pretended to be for the family name's sake and who he really is. I also really liked that he admitted to be jealous of Harry (or should I say, to admire him?)

I must confess, the break up with Ginny didn't convince me 100%. After waiting for him for all that time, she just leaves because she can't stand the stress of celebrity? Not like her. But maybe I'm biased because I'm a strong Hinny shipper...

I did enjoy the muggle boy reference. That must be the greatest dishonour for a "respectable" pureblood child! I can't believe Draco just confesses it to his arch-enemy so adamantly. But I suppose it was one of those moments you just need to spit it out, otherwise you might explode.

One CC I need to give is to pay attention to tenses. You switch a lot between past and present, which is a side effect of first-person perspective, I believe. But you should stick with one or the other and not mix the two. ;)

Anyway, this was a cute story. I had fun reading it. Thanks for sharing. :)


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Review #5, by victoria_anne Chapter 1

8th March 2016:

Goodness gracious me I am so glad I read this!

Poor Draco! *squeezes him and gives him a cookie* the poor boy, it's so sad how he feels he can't be who he is under his father. All that pressure!Yeah, you tell him Harry! Very wise words from Mr Potter there!

I love how all they seem to know is how to insult each other, but I'm glad to see that might be changing!

AW MY HEART! The way Harry held onto his hand and that little kiss?! So simple but so sweet!

You write Draco and Harry really well, and write them even better together. You've given us just a hint of the relationship they could have together and now I want more!! I would be very interested in reading any future Drarry fics of yours!


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Review #6, by DragonPoxPixie Chapter 1

17th February 2016:

Let me start with saying you shouldn't have been afraid of posting this story, it's lovely! You set the mood/scene very well at the beginning of the story and it was very easy to envision it while reading. The conversation between Harry and Draco didn't feel far fetched but rather realistic given the circumstances under which they talk. And that kiss! So sweet :)

Author's Response: thank you so much for this review, it made me so happy!

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Review #7, by Rumpelstiltskin Chapter 1

17th February 2016:
How does a welcome to HPFF review sound?

I think that your characterization of Draco Malfoy is very believable. His animosity towards his actions in the war (and that towards Harry) is made evident in the first few paragraphs.

The way Harry responds to Draco's revelation of his sexual orientation was fantastic, because who could have ever suspected that Draco Malfoy preferred men?

It's terrible that Draco felt that he couldn't be who he truly was -- a man who liked other men -- because of what he father thought. I'm glad that Harry was there to change his mind.


You've done a great job with your first fanfiction! Welcome to HPFF!


Author's Response: Hi rumpel!

thank you so much for this review it made me so happy to have such a nice welcome to HPFF!

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