*clap clap clap* This was insanely amusing and adorable. I was smiling the whole time and I really wish there were more chapters. Your writing is great, easy to read and flows along nicely. Can say this is now one of my favorite stories that will surely be re read a few times! I hope you write some more stories some day as I checked for more and was saddened when there was only this one. Thanks for the delight. xx
"The air abruptly became close as Harry was suddenly fixed with three glares that could've felled the basilisk."
The whole chase scene was hilarious, I love how Olver totally didn't care that they nearly took his head off with the bludger.
Ouuu I can't wait to see what Hermione's plan was! Poor twins need their nap time hehe.I love how Lee shot up to make a comment from his bed, he just knows.
So I have no idea how this story has no reviews! It's delightful so far. I was laughing the whole time and everyone is in character so far. I love how you had the twins speaking together and just everything they said was great. Interested to see how this all will play out for poor Oliver.


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