I love the fun, kinda gawky, tone you have going on.
It's cute and sweet yet serious. What a joy to read.

I can't wait to find out more on Nateni (?) Louis, the deal with James, and Aleksander (of course). You have quite the cast ensemble. Not to mention her father and mother!!

Really enjoying it so far,

Author's Response: Hi Regan,

Your review made me smile! I'm really happy you're liking the story so far. :) I'm also glad you like Aleksander and her parents! They're her primary support group and I think it's important to have them in the story, especially with the events that happened over the summer and to support her goals/dreams. I've already drafted the next chapter so after a few edits, I will publish it.

Have a wonderful week! :)

I've been dropping by stories of people I don't think I've seen on the HPFF forums as part of a Slytherin house reviewing competition. I don't think I've seen you around on the forums and if are a member there be sure to stop by my profile and say hi.

Anyway this is an interesting start to the story. I think the magical option for unwanted pregnancies versus the muggle way is interesting. I wasn't expecting you to do something like that and it is neat. I also really like Aleksander as a character he is charming and unique.

Over all, I can tell that you have put a lot of thought into this story and you have created a lot of detail and a world while still in the HP verse that is uniquely your own. Anyway best of luck to you in your writing!

- Marshal
Team Ouroboros
"The end is only the beginning."

Author's Response: Hi Marshal,

Thanks for taking the time to read the beginning of my story! I'm currently not a member of the forums but I've thinking about visiting it so I'll be sure to drop you a message when I do. :) I've heard of multiple competitions and I'd like to see what some of them are and possibly enter one.

You're really kind. Thank you, again. I wanted my main character to have a different background and I'm glad everyone's been receptive to her story, including the pregnancy and how she decided to handle everything.

Have a lovely week! :)
omg i hope that as Louis at the end. i am pretty sure it was.

Author's Response: We'll have to wait and see. ;)
2016-02-23 02:14:10
wait. if she's in seventh year, does that mean she, rose, james, albus are al lthe same age and all in seventh year?

Author's Response: Ahh yes, sorry for any confusion. Nali, James, Rose, Freddy, and Louis are all seventh years and Albus is in sixth year with Anisha. I hope that helps clear a few things up! :) We'll be meeting more of the Wotters as we continue the story, such as Dominique who already graduated.
2016-01-29 03:56:40
i like it so far. please continue

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for taking the time to review this story, the next chapter will be up by next week. :)
Wow I really like this! Nails really funny and I find reading from her point of view really entertaining and intresting. I love the way you wrote these characters espically Rose your writing style is really refreshing to read! I can't wait for the next chapter so please update soon and this was absoulutley brilliant!!! Looking forward to where this story will go!

P.S I'm not sure if this is a mistake or an autocorrect thing but I thought I'd just let you know that Seamus's surname is Finnigan, sorry thought I'd just make sure that you knew!

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! Your review put a smile on my face. :) I'm glad you like the way I've portrayed the characters, especially my OCs. I was a little worried about how people would react to them, but luckily everything's been positive so far!

Also, thanks for catching that! I really appreciate it. I remember having to fix it once on Microsoft Word for a future scene that I already wrote out, but I must have missed this one. I'll fix it.

I'm currently editing the next chapter and it will be posted up within the week!
Excellent start with a different background setting

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :)
Wow, I really enjoyed this chapter. There were so many different emotions in here, and I think you did a really great job of portraying them all.

I feel like we really get to know the characters here without being overloaded with too much information. Their personalities are really well thought out and defined.

I just adore the relationship between Nali and Aleksander, it's gorgeous really, I hope they stay close.

I'm so interested to see what happens with Louis, and just to see what happens in Nali's future in general. This is so different to anything I've read, and it's really well written.

Really great work, I'll be waiting for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi Hazel! Thank you so much for the favorite and lovely review. It made me smile. :) The idea for this story just kind of hit me the other night so I decided to go with it. I'm glad you're interested in it so far! Nali and Aleksander have a very pure relationship because they respect the other. He's kind of angsty and has some of his own issues that we'll deal with later on, but they'll get through them together. I'll be adding a chapter image of him up soon so hopefully you can see what I picture him to look like.

Louis is such a beautiful little fool haha I don't know why, but that's just how I've always pictured him. I'm working on the next chapter so it should be posted this week! Thanks again for your kind words. Have a great weekend! :)


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