2015-11-26 14:07:02
Quite liked this! Found the pirate storyline a bit odd to start with, but love the ending!

Author's Response: Dreams can be weird like that, but it all ties together at the end!
2015-11-26 14:07:02
Aha! A dream... Well, that was still good! Leave it to the twins to invent a charm like that. Fun story! Very original!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!
2015-11-14 07:35:52
Interesting take on our heros! Pirates are always a good choice!

Author's Response: Pirates are my fav! Thank you for reading!
2015-11-26 14:07:02
Ok, I'll admit this was absolutely ridiculous. But in the best way possible. I was so confused about what strange sort of AU this was set in, and then it turned out to be a daydream. Very clever plot twist, and I enjoyed seeing Fred and Hermione together at the end.

Lea XX

Author's Response: LOL! Thank you!


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