Wow wow wow!
I've spent a very lazy Saturday binge reading at least 3 of your stories. I'm totally in awe. Your plot lines and story writing skills are superb! I'm utterly and irrevocably obsessed!
Alex is a wonder!
Please update soon
Forever waiting

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry, it took me a while to respond. I don't often come here since they closed down the forums. That said, they just announced they are also closing down this archive.

So if you're still interested in Alex's tale, you can look for me at H P F T, that is hp fan fic talk dot com. They have a lovely archive.

Thanks for the review!
Hey! Great chapter, as always. You have a very interesting storyline, can't wait to see where you take it! :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry, it took me a while to respond. I don't often come here since they closed down the forums. That said, they just announced they are also closing down this archive.

So if you're still interested in Alex's tale, you can look for me at H P F T, that is hp fan fic talk dot com. They have a lovely archive.

Thanks for the review!
Dude...what a way to end a chapter...
love the story, can't wait for your next update! ;)

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry, it took me a while to respond. I don't often come here since they closed down the forums. That said, they just announced they are also closing down this archive.

So if you're still interested in Alex's tale, you can look for me at H P F T, that is hp fan fic talk dot com. They have a lovely archive.

Thanks for the review!
(CTF: Gryffindor)

I can still enjoy this chapter, even though I haven't started from the beginning.

I've said this many times before, but your way with words is downright marvelous and inspire-worthy. I love how you describe how Alex and co had to go fly through a storm. You did excellent in capturing the details to Hogwarts to a character who's new to the school.

I'm even awed by how you compared the difference between American Magical and British Magical cultures. I wonder what happened for Voldemort to attack her and the school. I feel bad that there were casualties and that Alex lost her mother. It's good though that her mother manage to keep Alex safe as much as possible.

You did very well in describing how Alex feels adapting to a new environment. The song sung by the hat is awesome, and Alex is a lion! Yay~ (Excuse my bias :P)

I wonder how well Alex well she'll get to being around different students and teachers. Having to live a total different way as a student herself.

I wonder what's Snape deal is with Alex too.

Another thing I love about this is how you flawlessly maintained the voices of the characters, especially Dumbledore and McGonagall, who are two of the hardest characters for me to write.

I found it amusing how Alex wanted Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. It's great that she was able to prove to McGonagall that Alex is capable of being in her class.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful chapter! I enjoyed reading this!
2016-12-31 20:55:59
I always love the aftermath of the wild party. Sometimes the only thing worse than not remembering that crazy night, is actually recalling everything about it. As usual, I am stuck between sever impatience (I want more now) and practical knowledge. (quality takes time) (dammit.)

Author's Response: Hey there, Chrono!

This chapter has always been one of my favorites. The unintended craziness at the Masquerade is fun, but the aftermath - remembering what all went down - that's the real kicker. How do you face everyone? How do you even face yourself? :P

As far as the next chapter goes, I'm aiming for the end of the month. I've finished writing it, but with no beta working with me, I need a week to step back, re-read it and ensure it flows well with the following chapter. Patience! (I know - sucks - sorry).
Hello Alex,
Awesome chapter, and thanks for the shout out. Sorry for the delay, work and school have been keeping me busy! Sorry if this review isn’t up to par, I’m currently typing it out rapidly before my next shift. I finally got time and I’m not waiting any longer to review this chapter. This was one of my favorites chapters because it is the beginning glimpse we get of how her personality actually works with other people in a situation that isn’t a classroom or a hallway. I love the dynamic relationships that are shown throughout the ball between Talon and her friends (and enemies). Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the Weasley twins and their mischievous plans? I loved the way you handled the ageing potion with Talon and how they fixed the problem with the robes (differently from the past story, am I right?). I also enjoyed the scenes with Jeannie and her outfit, it really was an ingenious idea to have her dress like that, not only to throw people off of her scent, but Talon’s as well.
One thing I remember specifically about this chapter is how intense Snape’s and Talon’s attraction is to each other, and this is really just the beginning. It’s utterly enchanting to read the chapters when they are together, even early on, because something about their gaze being so unfiltered between the two is just captivating. I don’t know why I am so drawn into their relationship, but the slow burn you’ve created is really working for me.
Let’s do a quick shout out to McGonagall’s solo. Comedy gold right there.
The relationship between Alex and Remus is charming, I feel like he is someone who looks after her and doesn’t expect anything in return. I can respect a man like that. The way you write your characters it makes it hard for me not to want to learn more about them, and I think one of the best things you did in regards to this story as to create your little spinoff stories. Remus is a character I loved from the books and you capture his personality so well I just wanted more, and your side stories allowed that. It was nice to read him in a situation other than that of docile teacher. The most exciting thing in the books with Remus was when he was talking about Greyback and all the things associated with the war on that front. Such a calm man who battled such a beast inside.
Overall, I liked the minor changes you made to the chapter. Am I correct in thinking that Alex’s dress that she wore to the last masquerade was green? It was a nice roundup to the chapter having Alex remember all that happened last night, and I can’t wait to see how you changed the next chapter regarding the test and their interactions with each other (even if you didn’t change it I am stoked to read it.)
P.S. I did a Google search like you recommended and went to the first site that popped up, and sent an email to the account associated with that story. If you did not receive it, let me know and I will go searching again. I would love to establish contact with you and talk about your story and things associated with it. Like I said, sorry for the weird writing, I don’t really have the time to do a proofread, I only conducted a spell check, so I hope I don’t sound terrible in my verbiage. As always, a pleasure and I’ll see you next time!


Author's Response: It's always a pleasure to hear from you, Shurfine.

The chapter here has had a few changes from the original, but overall it is still one of my favorites.

If you'd like to read more of this updated Child of the Hunt, you'll have to go to another fanfiction site since this archive is closing down. You'll find me at the forums there, too. Just go to hp fan fic talk dot com - remove the space and put the . for the 'dot' and there you go!
I read this story originally on Livejournal and I was absolutely crushed when I saw it was removed. Imagine my surprise when I did a random search (I do them every once in a while after your story was taken down) and it appeared. I was never happier finding a story in my life. You have such a gift of sharing a story with your readers in a way that has kept me entertained for years now (How many years has it been? Six? Seven?) Well anyone, I love this story and I love your writing. See you next time!

Author's Response: Hey there, shurfine!

I can't believe you remembered Alex's story from way back in the days of LJ! I'm floored - seriously floored - that you did random searches for it, especially after all the time that has passed. You do realize you're probably the only reader that knows what this story originally looked like, right? It's a darn shame that the HPFF forums no longer exist because I'd *love* to get your feedback on the changes that have been made to CotH, and in particular the pacing of the story.

I also have to point out that I've recently made a few alterations in the previous chapters of CotH. Some things are simple corrections in spelling or grammar. Other changes were made to help smooth over connections to other stories in the CotH universe. Because HPFF never enabled the series function available for the archive, you might not know that there's more to Alex's tale than just Child of the Hunt: The Journey Begins.

Including Alex's story, there are five tales that make up the CotH universe. In each of the other four stories are bits and pieces that intertwine with Alex's. Some are significant, like Sarah a Muggle Werewolf (Chasing Fireflies) or a hidden prophecy lost in time (Intemptesta Nox), while others have a more tenuous connection. Put all together, though, they flesh out past events that impact Alex's story as well as a few things going on near the same time that she's at Hogwarts. In chronological order, they are: Intemptesta Nox, Illicit Obsessions, Chasing Fireflies, Child of the Hunt: The Journey Begins, and There's Always a Price. There will be other stories added to the series as Alex's tale continues.

If you haven't read these other stories, I'd suggest you give them a go. Each features different characters and have a distinctive feel to them, unlike Alex's story. If anything, these related tales might make the wait between new chapters a little more tolerable. This December has been an odd month in that I released several chapters in a relatively short time frame. That's not the norm, though. My tentative plan for 2017 is to release a new chapter each month.

Should you ever want to chat up CotH, I can be found ... elsewhere. Due to the ToS restrictions here, I can't name the forum where I hang out daily, but you can always do a Google search on 'Alexis Black Child of the Hunt'. That should point you in the right direction. Again, I'd honestly love to get your feedback. It's hard to write in a vacuum and it's readers like you that make the difference. So if it isn't too unseemingly to ask, please look me up over there.

Thanks for the lovely review! You seriously made my day! Hope the holidays have been kind to you.

2016-12-16 09:30:02
For me this had been one of those stories that I would check regularly but never expect an update. Too many good stories die before their time. Thank you for keeping this story alive. I love this story and can't wait to see where it goes.

Author's Response: Hey there ChronoBlade,

I'm glad you haven't given up on this story. There was a bit of a parched period this year, but I'm determined not to let this tale die again (it did once before, ages ago). A new chapter should be posted in the next few days.

Should you ever want to chat up CotH, I can be found ... elsewhere. Due to the ToS restrictions here, I can't name the forum where I hang out daily, but you can always do a Google search on 'Alexis Black Child of the Hunt'. That should point you in the right direction.

Thanks for the lovely review!

Hi there!

This is a really cool concept! I love how you've incorporated an American school into this story as well (even though it's been destroyed). Although Ilvermorny has been established in my timeline, it seems totally legitimate that there's another school that was destroyed!

Also, Alex seems like a great protagonist. I feel awful for her! Did she just say that she witnessed what happened to her mother? Also, I would like to point out that this is super intriguing. Who is her mother? Why do the Death Eaters want Alex? What do they want from her? Agh, so many questions!

I thought the thing with the trace was brilliant! Of course they would have placed something like that on her, but the fact that she figured it out and realized that a) letting it stay on her was a bad idea but that b) leaving it in the washroom would be suspicious. I didn't quite think of that and as soon as it was mentioned, of course that's the right idea!

Putting on the dog was probably the best idea, but ohmigoodness! And again, Alex thinks more than I do! I hadn't thought about what would happen when the Death Eaters found the woman. Also, Alex calls Muggles by the word Mundanes. I'm wondering if that's from another series or just a word that you've picked up, but I like the difference between the words considering she's from a different country.

This was a great prologue! It really set the scene for the story and I'm super intrigued! Great job!
Lo :)
*Gasps* My goodness, what an intense chapter! I really like that we've been able to go back and see what got everything started in the Introductory chapter, and I feel like some of my questions have been answered, but I've also got SO many more questions that make me just want to keep reading and finish all of this tonight! :P

I'm definitely anxious to know exactly how Alex's mom fits in with all of the Blacks, and what exactly it is that she did that put herself and Alex in so much danger!

I love the infusion of Cherokee heritage and words here, it's absolutely brilliant! As is the fact that Alex can turn into a wolf because of a bracelet from her stepfather, who it's obvious she loved very, very much.

I certainly have some mixed feelings about Alex's Mom - I mean, obviously she abandoned Alex so I don't like her for that, but then she comes back in the picture and sacrifices her own life to save Alex.. and I mean even Alex finds it hard to be mad at her after that. :(

This is wonderfully written - I can't wait to read more. For now I need to get some rest, but I'll try to get back and keep reading as soon as I can! You've definitely got me hooked!

Well done, and again, thank you So much for donating to HPFF! ♥
I finally got around to reading this second chapter, and I'm SO glad I did! THIS. IS. INCREDIBLE! You've created your own separate wizarding world here, complete with school, village, scenery, legends, creatures, languages... GAH! This is just like reading "Philosopher's Stone" all over again!

Your description is absolutely amazing, I could easily picture the island and the school, as well as the Yunwi. And I love the subtle differences between the AMA and Hogwarts, like students being able to use computers, etc. And seeing the article about Harry being delusional really helped me to place this in time as far as what's going on in Harry's story right now as well.

She's a BLACK, so I am SO intrigued to find out who her Mom is!! Eekk!
Hi there, dear! I'm here with some reviews for your turn on the Hot Seat! Before I get started with my review, I just wanted to thank you SO much for contributing to HPFF! It's because of people like you that we're still around! ♥

And now, on to your review!

This is an INCREDIBLE first chapter. Right away, you've provided so much information, while also leaving just enough questions and curiosity there to make me want to go flying over to the next chapter - it's very addicting! I'm very curious as to who the Mom is and why she'd be a British Death Eater in America, and I'm also curious as to why other Death Eaters are chasing her. Guess I'll have to keep reading to find out! :P

You did a great description of the scene in the airport - I could picture it as clearly as though I were watching it in a movie, and that takes talent! Also, you did a wonderful job with the emotions here! It's only natural that, even though she's escaped for now, Alex would still feel stressed and tense and afraid to go to the authorities for help, so that was very realistic and believable, and it also made her very easy to relate to, right here from the beginning. I'm very interested to see where things go from here!

Great job, dear! I'm off to the next chapter now!
2016-02-17 11:37:11
I'm glad to see you back in action. I think you're a good writer and this is one story that I was very disappointed to see left by the side of the road. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Hi there, ChronoBlade,

Color me shocked that someone remembers Child of the Hunt (CotH) from the past. Seriously, you can't believe how my mouth hit the floor when I found this review this morning.

As thrilled as I am, though, I have to warn you that this is for most part a complete re-write of Alex's tale. Some aspects have been altered significantly while others have merely been tweaked. The most drastic change is that tale will be broken down into two main story arcs, one in each of the years Alex is at Hogwarts, with a minor one connecting them. Overall, though, it should remain familiar.

In case you didn't know, there are also two other stories related to CotH here in the archives: Intemptesta Nox and Chasing Fireflies. Parts of each weave into and around CotH. You may want to read them while waiting for the next chapter here.

If you have any questions regarding any of the stories, I'm over at the forums under the name Alexis Black. Just drop me a PM.

Thanks for remembering Child of the Hunt with fondness. Hope to see you around.

~Alexis / Snape's Talon
2015-10-27 10:21:03
Here I am again! I've noticed that you've seen my gifts and I'm glad you liked them!

So, I love how you've included Tonks in this chapter. I never really see much of Tonks in fanfic, not unless it's when she's with Remus so to have her there as a Professor at Hogwarts and obviously, as Alex's cousin in great! I loved how in sync with each other they were – they're obviously very similar in some ways, like the name thing, and I think it really makes this chapter because it's nice to see someone that Alex can relate with that's not intimidating to her. Tonks seems on her level and it's just sweet that we see a different, somewhat goofy side to Alex, even if it's only for a couple of minutes.

I love how you have Sirius show her the family tree – I feel like this is a bonding moment between the pair, not unlike when he did it with Harry (obviously that hasn't happened yet but still, the parallels are sweet). I feel like there and then, Sirius is taking her under his wing, taking her in as a member of the family despite his wariness of her when they first met. And I think for Sirius, it must be nice to have another member of family who isn't evil or a Death Eater.

Alex insisting she pay for her supplies – it just shows her independence, despite being around new family. She's so used to being on her own, doing everything for herself that it makes sense that she wouldn't want anyone else to do it for her, especially buying school supplies.

The scene between Alex and Remus – I loved this so much. I thought it was interesting that they could connect and that Alex sees Remus as a possible Alpha. But her explanation does make sense – she is only a cub and Remus is a lot older and more powerful than she is. Is this connection going to be used in future chapters? Because I feel that this is really important, really, really important.

The banter between Sirius and Alex at the end, I loved the light heartedness between them both and I think it really shows their similarities and how easily they've shifted into a comfortable understanding.

I'm excited for Alex to get to Hogwarts so off I go onto the next chapter!

Until then,

You Secret Cupid


Author's Response: Hello again. I have to tell you that your Secret Cupid reviews have been the best! Such awesome gifts!

Yes, Alex gets to meet a new family member. Sirius can be, well, serious - that's to be expected after all he's been through. Tonks, on the other hand, is a little closer in age to Alex and has a somewhat similar temperament at times. The interaction between the two does allow Alex to show her silly side. There's more to Alex than has been shown thus far.

Back to Sirius. He does have a bit of a protective side, doesn't he? Here's Alex, not having a clue about her mother's side of the family, and he takes a moment to show her the family tree and to give her some warnings. And right now, that's important to her because she's headed off to a school she's only read about. Alex doesn't know anyone there except Tonks. How nerve-wracking is that?

Ah, Alex and Remus. Yes, that connection will be important later. He is alpha to her inexperienced cub. And can I let you in on a little secret? That beautiful, pale wolf amid a field of fireflies that Alex saw in that moment of connection with Remus? That's a link to another tale, Chasing Fireflies. The MC in that tale, an OC named Sarah, will eventually make an appearance in CotH.

Anyways, Alex and Sirius do get along well. If she had met him when Sirius was a student, undoubtably they'd have gotten into trouble. As it stand, he's one of the few people she can trust right now.

I'm curious to see what you think of the next two chapters. While the mystery of why her mother hid Alex won't be answered, things will get interesting. And of course, there will be little clues dotted throughout if you know where to look. :p


2015-10-25 18:50:39
Back again!

Those tarot cards...I have a real feeling that these mean something now, they've cropped up twice, there is definitely a meaning behind them and I can't wait to find out.

I liked how Alex likened her relationship to the scrawled out paragraph in the letter – I think this was powerful and strong and it really does reflect on their practically non-existent, broken relationship.

So she has two birth certificates? I feel as though this is because her mother was trying to protect her when she moved over the US, to protect them both from any Death Eaters that could have been following her. Her mother was smart and deep down, you can see the protectiveness and the lengths she went through to do so. Alex has been protected her whole life, whether she knew it or not and I hope she finally sees that despite her mother's faults, she did love her. I wonder who her father is? I am really intrigued as to who this could name springs to mind but I want to read more before I answer my suspicions.

It makes sense that she would have been excepted into Hogwarts and this to me cements the fact that she is wholly British, despite growing up in America. So i'm guessing Adhara applied for the AMA on Alex's behalf rather than her attend Hogwarts, where she could have been in danger and probably would have been, if it ever came out who her mother was.

“Mysteries upon mysteries. In the center lay a darkness that had consumed her mother and threatened to do the same to her.” this has to be my favourite line in this whole chapter.

The necklace...celtic knots are symbolic of love aren't they? I'm betting that Alex's father possibly gave that to her mother and that's why she's never taken it off.

I feel Alex's mixed emotions upon her mother's death – it's understandable that she would have conflicted feelings. She may have been her mother but she's disappointed Alex so many times, she's confused.

I knew it was Remus as soon as I read over her bracelet tingling – I thought this was such a great scene and I really want to know the connection they shared. It's really made me think and that's what I love so much about your writing – there is so many things to think about that your mind is constantly churning things over, trying to connect the dots you're leaving us.

Your portrayal of Alex's emotions in the scene back at Grimmauld Place was incredible. She's going through so much; her mother has just died, she's left her home, she's with strangers in a strange house in a strange country and she's found out she has family. You can feel that she's overwhelmed and this scene really stuck out for me. We can see her strength yet at the same time, she does have fragile moments (I don't want to say weak because I believe she is far from weak) and I think here, we see her age and that she is only young,, which I think is something we forget because she's so strong willed and independent.

Another amazing chapter and I can feel myself being pulled deeper and deeper with each chapter. On to the next one...

Your Secret Cupid,


Author's Response: Hi Vicki,

Oh yes, those tarot cards. You know, not one other person has pointed those out except for you. :p I'm torn between telling you what this all means or letting it be. How about this? I'll simply say I'm the type that likes to pepper clues in a story. Sometimes what they lead to is relatively nearby story-wise. Sometimes it's far down the road. And other times, it weaves its way from one tale to another.

Yes, Adhara went to some lengths to protect her daughter: the birth certificates, hiding Alex's letter from Hogwarts and then arriving without warning. But at the same time, Alex's mother was a drug addict who abandoned her. Little wonder Alex doesn't know quite how to feel about her mom.

As for the necklace, there is a reason Adhara kept it all those years, but it's not the reason you thought of. Good guess, though. And since we're speaking of guesses, who exactly do you think Alex's father is? I really haven't laid down much in the way of hints yet. You are right that her father is British, however, it's not Remus Lupin. As interesting as their connection is, it's not based on shared blood but rather wolf kinship. He's a werewolf and she can transform into a wolf through the magic in the bracelet. That's not to say that Remus won't be important to Alex, it's just not in the capacity of her birth father.

Your reviews are just so much fun, Vicki. You often pick up on things that others miss. I wonder just how much you’ll be able to guess and when.

*dances around*


2015-10-25 10:41:11
Here I am again, with yet another review as one of your gifts.

I was shocked to see the appearance of her mother. That was something I was not expecting but Alex's reaction was perfectly and everything I expected. Of course she wasn't happy to see her and with the explanation as to why, I don't blame her. It's clear Alex has been better off without her and her appearance only means trouble. But then her dilemma at the end, when she's torn between not wanting her mother there but not wanting to hate her because she's her mother, it's heartbreaking and poignant.

I love the inclusion of the tarot cards, I don't know why but to me, it was really vivid and special and yeah, I loved it. I felt like it added another dimension to the story and to her mother.

At the mention of house elves, you can see that her mother is British and that's where the connection to Alex heading to England makes sense. She's at least half British, possibly fully British if her mother's words are anything to go by and it now makes sense that that's where she is heading, even if the reasons are unclear as of yet.

Warlocks dust – for some reason, this stood out to me. I just love this little detail and it just shows how much time and effort you have put into all of this. We can see your imagination and your time has gone into this and it's such a wonderful thing to see and to read.

Alex thinking that her mother owes money again and checking her arm for track marks just emphasises how fractured her relationship with her mother is. And then her slapping Alex – this hit hard and it made me stop for a second, to take it in that she had slapped her for saying Voldemort's name but then as I read on, I realised she did it out of pure fear and it seems to me, it's the only way she can express it, especially since she and Alex don't have much of a relationship.

I think that, even after everything, her mother was determined to try and save her from trouble. They might not have been close but I think in that moment, her motherly instincts took over and it made me feel a little fuzzy and warm because even though she hadn't been there for Alex, she obviously loved her and wanted to protect her.

So her real name is Adhara Black? Is this the same Adhara Black that's mentioned in Intemptesta Nox? If it is, I love the link between the two stories. If it is the same Adhara, it's no surprise that she knows Bella personally, which is obvious during the exchange. She's really in deep isn't she? It doesn't surprise me that she turned to drugs then because it's clear she's involved in something she can't shake and now it's caught up with her.

Ah, so her ability to turn into a wolf is entwined with her bracelet and the native american culture she is so fond of? I love this and feel like this is a nod to her step father.

This was another fascinating chapter and I love that now we're getting to the main plot. The action was incredibly written and I am definitely heading off to chapter 4.

Until then,

Your Secret Cupid.


Author's Response: Heya! Glad to see you came back after that information-heavy chapter.

Yes, we start off with Alex's mother and right away it's obvious these two don't get along. The house of cards that Alex has been blissfully living in is about to start falling down around her.

Glad you caught the mention of the tarot cards; most people don't mention it. Alexi's mother took Divinations back at Hogwarts so it's no wonder she's used to House Elves and not Yunwi. Yes, Alex is at least half British. I'm not saying who her father is, but it will eventually be revealed. It's telling, though, that Adhara is alone, and Alex is looking for signs of drug usage.

And yes, Adhara is the same person as the one in Intemptesta Nox!

*dances around gleefully*

The fourth and youngest of the Black sisters, Adhara is very much in over her head and it's driven her to use both Mundane and wizarding drugs. Her fear of Voldemort is nearly palpable. Note how long Adhara claims to have been drug-free. That Dark Mark on her arm has been slowly becoming more visible. Imagine her terror when at the end of last school year (GoF timeframe), when it fully flared into life. Adhara has made more than her fair share of mistakes in the past, but even so she still has that mothering instinct. And although her appearance is quite short in this story, her actions have a profound effect on Alex's life.

I think the part that got me most when re-writing this chapter was when Adhara kisses Alex on the forehead before pushing her away and telling her to run. That was not in the original story but was something Alex told me, specifically "mom kissed my head like you do your daughter". Now my daughter was only in 1st/2nd grade when I started CotH; she just turned 17 so is close to Alex in age. It hit me hard because I can't count the times I've kissed her on the forehead like when she’s sick. Just ugh! After that sank in, I couldn’t *not* include that moment.

Moving on, yes, Alex's transformation into a wolf is tied to the bracelet. It was a gift from her stepfather and very much is tied to Native American magic. You'll continue to see glimpses of things like that throughout the story.

Once more, thanks for the uplifting, lovely review! You’re a doll, really!

2015-10-20 14:00:47
Hello, I'm back again with another gift in the form of another review because I couldn't help myself and just had to keep on reading.

I must say, this chapter was absolutely brilliant and amazing and genius. The amount of detail in this chapter is astounding and you can really see the effort you have put into this. The flow of this chapter, as well as the joining of the world you have created with the wizarding world we know and love is just incredible.

“It was twilight, her favorite time of day. Neither fully day nor truly night, it held a mystical potential that made her blood sing.” This has to be my favourite line – it's just pure magic and molten gold and it's everything!

I really love Alex's character – she's quite content being on her own and she has this strong independence but you don't throw it in the readers face – it blends into the story and it's just another part of her character, rather than it being the focal part of the story, if that makes sense? I just like how we learn about it in a subtle way rather than you telling us straight out that she's on her own.

I love all the information and detail you've given us about the AMA, like it's little quirks (acknowledging Beorn otherwise you might have bad luck) and I love the idea of the portkey taking the students into the school grounds, as well as the portkey punch they drink. All of this detail really help to transport us there and I can imagine it all vividly – your descriptions are really something!

I adore the Native American folklore and cultural references you've made. It really sets the story apart from anything else I have ever read on here and it's pure magic. Everything about it is authentic and so original and it really sets the world you have created apart from the world we know. I loved reading about the Yunwi and that her step father was part Native American – it just gives your story a whole other dimension. I could honestly rave about this all day but I do have more gifts to give you!

Also, do we get to know more about Alex turning into a wolf? I'm intrigued about this. And I also love that the school accommodate students who are werewolves.

And the tabloid being a wizarding newspaper – it's just another quirk I adore as well as those headlines, which made me laugh.

This chapter was incredible and I am honestly hooked on this story. Your eye for details and descriptions are just wonderful and I've never read anything, detail wise, that comes close to your writing.

Happily heading to the next chapter with little cupids dancing around my head.

Until next time,

Your Secret Cupid.


Author's Response: Hello again! It took me a bit to respond, I know, but I've been busy working on chapter 11. The devil is in the details, as they say, and I'm always going back and checking details between chapters.

Speaking of details, trying to balance the sheer amount in this chapter without going overboard was quite a task. I wanted to build the American wizarding world and AMA as completely as they are in my mind, but at the same time I didn't want to bore readers. Same thing with Alex. So while there's no real dialogue, you get to peek into her mind while seeing what her world is like.

Glad you liked the portkey idea. It always seemed to me that while the Hogwarts Express was a cool concept (all the students arriving together, the whole idea about the wizarding world is just around the corner at Kings Crossing). But what about those students who lived in northern England or Scotland? They'd have to travel down to London just to hop aboard the train only to head back up north? It didn't make much sense logistically speaking. Since AMA is on an island, a portkey seemed the perfect idea. Grab some punch and off you go.

Bits like Nabbie, Merrymount, and the great elm all come from bits of New England folklore. I'm forever grateful to my beta, who has lived in that region, for pointing me in the direction of those legends. They help make Child of the Hunt that much richer for the detail.

As for the Yunwi and the Native American elements, well, I love Native American folklore. In HP we see a lot of European magic and legends which is not exactly surprising - I mean, it's set in the UK and all. But what about magic in other regions? What about the aborigines in Australia or the legends in Japan or the culture of Africa? Wouldn't magic be as different as the food from those regions? And what of the spells, not everything can have Latin roots.

I also felt that AMA should be as different from Hogwarts as the American schooling system from the British system. This include attitudes towards werewolves. Instead of hiding them away or banning them outright, why not openingly embrace them and seek to accommodate their once-a-month problem? And yes, you will learn about how Alex can turn into a wolf, but that's a bit later.

The wizarding newspaper part was something I couldn't resist. You get this sense that the magical world is just around the corner or beyond the brick wall when you read HP. Or even just through that dusty wardrobe in the empty room on the second floor. I wanted to continue that, but in a unique way, something only in the US. The idea of selling a tabloid to Mundanes that was actually a wizarding paper seemed natural, particularly when you don't quite know what to make of some of the headline that often appear in tabloids. Who know, perhaps that chupacabra splashed on the front page was really the result of spell gone awry, or maybe one of testers for the latest Weasley product.

Thanks again for stopping by and leaving such a fantastic review gift. It really made my day!


Hey, your Secret Cupid here, ready to shower you with many gifts for Valentine's Day. But I best be careful in case Professor Lockhart gets jealous that I'm giving you gifts instead of him.

This story caught my eye, as did the rest of your page but I was drawn to this and I must say, I'm glad I was. This story, in my eyes is very original in its writing and it's very well written but this doesn't surprise me because all your writing is amazing.

I like how we're immediately involved in the action – this is my favourite way of starting stories myself and I really thinks it gives the story an edge because obviously, we want to know more about what's happened previously.

I adore the airport setting – I've having flashbacks to Die Hard 2 when Bruce Willis is in the airport and that's how this felt. I could see all the action play out; I was imagining her every step of the way, as though I was watching this happen with my own eyes. Your descriptions are wonderful and really give this story another dimension.

The bathroom scene, Alex placing the tracker on the dog was strong. We know she isn't a bad person, that she's running from people who would happily kill her and from this scene, we see that she is a survivor and that she's strong and clever. She is quite the character and I'm already a big fan. The mention of her being emancipated – this really enforces her instincts as a survivor because it's obvious she's had to look after herself for a long time.

The details in this story are it's strong point – I read your authors note, were you said this was a previous WIP and I can see this because the amount of detail you've included is astounding and I can see that you've spent a lot of time on this story. I think this was a wonderful start to an intriguing and mysterious story and I will skipping to the next chapter so I can review that too.

I hope you have enjoyed number 1 of your Valentine's day gifts as much as I have enjoyed reading this amazing story.

Off I go to chapter 2...

Your Secret Cupid,


Author's Response: Hey there, Vicki!

OMG! You have no idea how surprised I was to see that my Secret Cupid picked Child of the Hunt to read and review! This is the story that brought me back to the HP fandom after a six year hiatus. I abandoned it after two years of writing and only re-discovered it last year hiding in an old hard drive. I knew once I started reading it, that I needed to re-write it. At the same time, I'm rather hesitant about asking for reviews on it because it's my fid-baby (so to speak).

Anyways, yes, Alex's story starts off with a bang. Although she told me it from the proper beginning, I thought dropping the reader right into the thick of things at the airport would be a great way to start. And thank you! Action films are a guilty pleasure of mine, and Die Hard ranks right up there (particularly the first one with Hans Gruber). I try to write so that I can see the action happening and I'm thrilled that you could, too.

You're right that Alex isn't necessarily a bad person at heart - the tracer charm trick is a product of being chased and not having anyone else to turn to. It also gives us a little insight into her character that will continue to play out as her story unfolds.

I'm happy and almost nervous to see what you think of the rest of Alex's tale.

Hello I'm back!

So much happened here! I absolutely relate to Alex here, I switched schools in high school to one that was completely different than the one before and it was overwhelming. I can definitely see how she is frustrated, given everything that has happened to her in the last week, the culture shock and the overall unfriendliness of most people.

Oh I love Fred and George! Are they going to be regulars?

Interesting and great take on the Golden Trio. I thought Ron was spot on, and it makes sense for Harry to act like he didn't know what Alex was talking about when she mentioned a black dog. I'm not used to seeing Hermione in this point of view but I think you've gotten her down great as well. She's so bossy! Haha but it wouldn't be Hermione if she wasn't hounding people about following the rules. But who is this wolf they saw?

Ohh Snape is such a jerk. I think you did a phenomenal job with him, he's a hard character to write as well. I feel bad for Alex. She can't talk to anyone about her situation so it doesn't help her at all and she has the worst professor for her favorite class.

Although I'm sad because there is no next chapter! Is it in the queue? Is it almost ready?? I can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: Heya, welcome back!

While I never change schools back in the day, my kids did and I drew on some of what they experienced. I'm glad to see that it translated well. The culture shock for Alex is a big thing and not something that will readily gotten over.

Yes, Fred and George will be making regular appearances, as will the Golden Trio. It's inevitable with Alex opting to be a Gryffindor. At the same time, this is Alex's tale. Sometimes her adventures dovetails with Harry's; many times they don't. At no point will Alex become the fourth member, turning them into the Golden Squad. In fact, Alex really doesn't think much of Hermione. Something about the rule-obsessed bossy younger girl rubs Alex the wrong way, and it probably has a lot to do with Alex's independent streak. But you'll see more of that later.

As for the wolf that was seen ... I think I'll let that remain a mystery for now. But rest assured it will be answered eventually.

And thank you! Severus Snape is by far my most favorite character in the HP series. I sweated through this part, first watching clips of Alan Rickman's performance (*sigh*) and then highlighting sections from the books before attempting to write Severus. He is perhaps the hardest character to write for me, closely followed by Dumbledore. So I'm thrilled that you think I did him justice.

The next chapter is, well, it's actually on my desktop, waiting on me to make the corrections my beta painstakingly pointed out. So are the two chapters that follow it. Truth be told, I've been procrastinating because my beta is merciless with that red quill of hers. No one else knows Alex's tale as well as my beta and she's not afraid to push me to write better; I count on her to do exactly that. So um, yeah, I probably should get back to facing the red quill and get the next chapter into the queue.


Hahaha, I love the flying scene! How Alex corrects herself that they play Quidditch in Europe and not Quodpot, it reminded me how rugby is huge in Europe and not as much here. I'm a rugby player myself so I get the constant, "Girls play rugby? Isn't that like football?" questions all the time so this made me laugh quite loudly.

You've described the Sorting Ceremony very well. The Sorting Hat I think would be a difficult process because it's such an uncomfortable feeling and I could feel how uncomfortable Alex was during her mental assault haha. I had a feeling that she would be stuck between Gryffindor and Slytherin and that she'd pick Gryffindor because she wanted to stay away from Draco. The canon characters have flown in together nicely, and I'm excited to see how they interact!

I love Alex's nervousness and how she's naming all the professors. Sourpuss is a great name for McGonagall and Vulture for Snape. Dumbledore is a difficult character to write and I think you very well did him justice. The quiet authority figure that can silence anyone with his presence. I think it's interesting that Alex isn't great at Transfiguration, which makes me more curious as to what happens next. I wonder who the other AMA students are too and how she'll adjust at Hogwarts. And the comparisons to American/English schooling is great too!

Overall great chapter! The description and attention to detail was great as always and it flowed together smoothly. I can't wait to read the rest!

Oh and I love the Avatar: The Last Airbender reference! That's one of my favorite shows of all time (even though I may or may have not seen all of the last season...). Haha I love this story so much!

Author's Response: When I initially wrote the Quodpot vs Quidditch part, I was actually thinking along the lines of American football vs soccer, which is far more popular elsewhere in the world. But yes, rugby would be the same.

Yes, Alex got offered the choice between the two Houses. There are reasons for that - just look at some of Alex's previous actions. Flicking the tracer charm on the eye-seeing dog, wanting to be an Auror, not correcting the misconceptions others have regarding her shape-shifting, looking out for fellow students by asking the Yunwi to guide them out of AMA, trying to defend her mother against the Death Eaters. Alex has traits of both Houses, which is not surprising. She's neither the first nor the last Hogwarts student to have choice.

Alex arrives at Hogwarts without a lot of the prejudices other students had when they first entered, and with a totally different viewpoint. So she sees the professors with different eyes. And thank you - writing Dumbledore wasn't easy. I have to hear his voice in my head (and by this I mean Richard Harris' voice). If I can't hear him saying a line, then there's a problem with what I've written. There's only one other character I struggle as hard with as you'll see that next chapter.

As for Alex's problems with Transfigurations, well, not everyone can be good in every subject. There is a reason why she's not good with that one class, but it's not really discussed until much later in the story. Just suffice to say, she's going to have a difficult time. Classes at Hogwarts are not the same as they were in AMA.

The hot tea vs coffee is a bit of a running gag. I grew up in a family of coffee drinkers, but I only really started enjoying java when I hit my mid-20s. Before that it was hot tea, and I was the only one in the house who liked it. When I wrote about Alex mourning the lack of coffee, I knew I had to include Uncle Iroh's line. Glad you enjoyed it, too!

Thanks for stopping by. See you on the flip side!


Hello again! Sorry for the delay, I had to work longer hours this week :(

Your opening paragraph was very well written. I love the line where Alex is blinking owlishly, I can definitely picture it!

I adore Tonks! I don't read her much in fiction but I love her character. I hope she stays around! It's funny how they're all related, and although Alex just met them she's fitting in quite nicely. I'm curious how she'll fit in at Hogwarts.

I really liked the scene where Sirius is showing Alex the Black family tree. Sirius lived a rich, full life until he was in Azkaban and then escaped, so it makes sense that he's excited to meet someone new. He's been alone a long time, let alone with family. I could feel his excitement to have someone around, asking Alex to show her wolf form. Which brings me to ask, did she learn to be an Animagi like most do? Or does it have to do with her Cherokee jewelry? Does it only work when she's wearing it? I love hearing about the Native American magic--I can't wait to see more of it!

The scene where Remus steps in is interesting. Are they sharing memories? I've always seen Remus as the more introverted, quiet of the four Marauders, but I like that he's an alpha. He has been a werewolf for most of his life, after all. Is he going to turn up more often as well then?

Alex and Sirius' relationship is cute! I can't wait to read more! Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Hey, let's see if I can answer without my internet eating it this time. :p

I can assure you that you'll be seeing more of Tonks. She's going to be the DADA professor. But what about Umbridge, you ask? Eventually Umbridge does make her entrance, just not yet.

As for Sirius, yes, he is excited by the prospect of his new little cousin. Being sentence to stay within the confines of his parents' house has got to feel a little like prison again.

Ah, and Alex being able to shift forms ... by now you've figured out it has more to do with her bracelet than her ability to perform a complex Transfiguration spell. Quite frankly, she can't. The bracelet is also why Alex sees those glimpses of the werewolf lurking behind Remus' eyes. She is witnessing flashes of memories, but also encountering the presence of the werewolf. It is alpha to her, older and stronger. While Remus might be more of the quiet one for most of the month, he is a werewolf and it's always lurking right there beneath his skin.

Some of the memories Alex sees is from one of the other stories in my Child of the Hunt 'verse - Chasing Fireflies. That tale introduces Sarah Forsythe, an American Muggle werewolf who works for the USBMS. And before you can ask it, yes, Sarah does eventually make an appearance in Alex's tale.

Anyways, Alex is off to Hogwarts next, and if she's anything like the rest of the Black family, she's bound to get into trouble. :p


Aaahh the suspense is growing! I couldn't resist and kept reading haha, your story has gotten me so hooked! What's with the tarot cards? Why does Alex have two birth certificates? Why didn't she know she had family! So many questions!!

Towards the end where she starts to become emotionally was written very well. I completely understand how that feels, where all of a sudden your feelings hit you out of nowhere but you don't want to cry and look weak. She's young too so of course she feels overwhelmed but she's used to being on her own so all of a sudden having people trying to help her can feel like it's too much. This is getting better and better, I can't wait to read the rest of your Child of the Hunt stories as well!

Author's Response: You noticed the tarot cards! *dances around* Yes, you found a clue to something, but it's far off in the future. Don't tempt me to divulge!

Yeah, by the end poor Alex can't keep her emotions in check. She goes from looking forward to the upcoming school year at AMA, to seeing her school destroy and her mom killed and being on the run to England. Then she's faced with the fact she has family, that there are people who are willing to care about her. The overload is too much. Luckily Remus and Sirius can sense this.

Alex won't have long to catch her breath, though. The school year at AMA might have been scheduled to start the following week, but Hogwarts already begun their term. Before she can start classes, Alex will have to face the Sorting Hat and as you can probably guess, that won't be easy.


Wow what an action packed chapter! I was surprised that Alex's mother came along and that scene was so sad. I can feel how hurt she is that her mother abandoned her, but at the same time she doesn't want to completely hate her either, evidenced by the end when she's thinking "This was the woman who had abandoned her, this was the woman who had birthed her." Ugh I was so sad for her! And I was going to ask this earlier but I wanted to keep reading before I she related to the Blacks? And was that Bellatrix at the end? I was seriously on the edge of my seat throughout the whole chapter, it was intense!

Everything flowed so well and I actually don't think I have a favorite part because there was so much action going on. Again, I love all the Cherokee references and how well your world fits into the Wizarding World that we are all familiar with. It also makes a lot of sense that Alex isn't afraid of saying Voldemort's name, because just like she said it's not their problem. I think most people would have felt the same because it wasn't directly affecting them. But now that she sees that her mother was a Death Eater and somehow betrayed them...there's so much to know! I can't wait to read the next one!

I'm becoming more and more of a fan of yours the more I read! Haha this is great! :)

Author's Response: Hey there!

Yes after a quiet previous chapter, we see the reason why Alex was on a plane fleeing from her life at the beginning of the tale. There is a bit of a love/hate relationship between mother and daughter, yet despite that Alex still tries to save Adhara. It's an insight that runs counter to Alex transferring the tracer charm to a blind Muggle woman eye-seeing dog. As for whether Alex is related to the Blacks and if that was Bellatrix, well, you nailed it. Not that Alex knows anything about the Blacks, at least not yet.

Alex is like a lot of folks when it comes to things happening far away. If it's not in their back yard, it's someone else's problem. Part of this is due to her age and inexperience. She is about to get a bit of a culture shock when lands at ground zero, though.

Aww, and thanks - I'm definitely becoming more of a fan of your writing as well! Best review swap ever!

Hello! I'm back for chapter two :)

Wow I cannot tell you how much I love how detailed this is! It just feels so authentic, with the Wizarding World combining so well with the one you've created. You have a knack for slowing down scenes and making them flow like if it is in real time, if that makes sense. While reading this chapter I felt that it had taken place in the amount of time it took me to read it. One of my favorite lines was:
"It was twilight, her favorite time of day. Neither fully day nor truly night, it held a mystical potential that made her blood sing. A handful of fireflies danced above the school grounds like earthbound stars mimicking those just starting to sparkle in the heavens above." With three sentences you managed to speak many words and it came out beautifully.

Alex seems like one of those cool kids that is perfectly fine by herself. She doesn't need anyone because she can take care of herself. All of the detail you added, such as her background information was written in seamlessly. I am very intrigued by Alex and like that she's independent. I also think it's funny how she calls Muggles Mundanes, I did see your response to a previous review on how it would be a very American thing to do and I agree. It is American to want to do things our own way, which you incorporated with how technology is allowed in certain areas of the school, which makes sense. I also like that this didn't immediately take place at Hogwarts, I am really liking all the information on AMA.

Also - I LOVE all the Native American folklore/cultural references you've included, it adds another layer of depth to the story. Again, you've made it feel so authentic by including the Yunwi's instead of House Elves which shows how "differently American" it is at AMA. It's all sewn in beautifully, and I not once felt confused. And the chupacabra reference made me laugh so hard! I was little when chupacabra sightings were popular but it reminded me of my childhood. And it absolutely makes sense that the annoying tabloid newspapers are actually wizard newspapers, that was a great bit as well. And I'm curious, why/how is it that Alex can turn into a wolf?

Great chapter! Sorry for the long ranting review haha I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Heya!

I think I warned you earlier that I have a penchant for details. Perhaps I should have warned that that I also have a love of leaving clues in those details. Sometimes those clues lead to events just around the corner, and at other times they are hints to something far off in the future of the story. For instance, Alex's actions with the tracer charmer last chapter? The reason becomes a little more clear when she arrives at Hogwarts. Her love of twilight, though, is one of those latter types. Don't look for that for a long time. The fireflies themselves are a subtle nod to one of the other stories in this series, Chasing Fireflies.

Contrasting AMA to Hogwarts is fun and at the same time important for later on when Alex crosses the pond. American culture is so different than British, although as a country we were established by them. Even so, we are quite distinct. It follows then that AMA would be very different, including the Yunwi. Speaking of which, they were a recent addition to the story when I started re-writing it. So you can't imagine how thrilled I am that you felt they were well incorporated. The fact that Alex has links to Native American culture via her stepfather was always there. And that's one of those things you'll hear more about as the story goes on.

As for the tabloids being wizarding newspapers, that was something I just thought would be quite ironic. All those Mundane/Muggle people unknowingly buying a magical papers. It makes it so that the world of magic just one step away from us, and I find that quite appealing.

I think that for now I'll decline in answering how Alex can transform into a wolf. But that's only because you'll find out in the next chapter. :p

Thanks for the lovely review! Hope to see what you think of the next chapter.

Hello! I'm here for our multi-chapter review swap

First of all, I have a strong feeling that this is planned out very well because of the attention to detail (how Alex is emancipated, etc) and I find that very refreshing in stories. There is an abundance of mystery but not too much, enough to definitely keep me reading.

You have a wonderful way with words. Your sentences are tactful and to the point, while at the same time flowing with flawless description which I feel is rare.

I think the scene where Alex throws the tracer charm onto the blind woman's dog is very telling. She's young, she's been through a lot and she's doing what she needs to to survive, which I think is a normal reaction. Since there's no mention of her father, I feel that she is wanting to take care of herself more than anything.

Overall great first chapter! You are an excellent writer.

Author's Response: Hello!

I have to admit I was surprised you'd take on Alex's story for the review swap, and that if I'm being honest, that I'm a bit apprehensive, too. This is the one story that I can honestly say I've very close to. I started writing it back in 2006/2007, got about 200K words and 42 chapters into it, and then abandoned the tale when I went on a prolonged hiatus. It's also the story that brought me back to the HP fandom when I rediscovered it on an old hard drive.

So when you said that you have a strong feeling that it was planned out, you were right on the money. I put a lot of thought into this AU world, both when I was initially writing it and most recently as I've been re-writing it. In fact about a month ago I wrote a 4-page note to my beta on just the background story. To say it has consumed me would not necessary be incorrect.

But I digress.

Yes, the tracer charm scene is very telling and was not randomly added. In moments of duress, we reveal aspects of ourselves that we might not realize, or might not otherwise care to show others. The same is true of Alex. She was forced by circumstances to think quick on her feet. Perhaps had she not been on the run, she would have chosen a different tact. The lack of any mention of Alex's father was also deliberate. She very much has had to rely on herself and this becomes more evident as the tale continues.

The next chapter shows the events that led up to Alex being on the run. I can't wait to see what you think. Thanks for the opportunity to do a swap!



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