2015-11-11 13:23:48
How are hermione's parents dead when in chapter 4 they were invited to the party she got engaged at.

Author's Response: hmm, good catch, will have to go back and re-write that bit
Typical Hermione, always taking the lead with her assertiveness. Poor Ron had only two choices; to obey or to obey XD

And Kreacher seems to have mellowed a bit.

Author's Response: hehe, I tried to get her personality into this chapter, hope I did her justice xxx Thanks for your review :)
As for Kreacher, I figured he had gotten used to 'mudbloods' by now, by helping Harry and his friends in thier last year adventure. He still mumbles under his breath, but he's changed now :)
2015-07-29 15:52:01
Interesting opening. However, it was hard to read due to the format

9/10 just for the format ;)

Author's Response: What would you change about the format???
2015-09-04 04:25:51
It is amazingly creepy to propose to your dead best friends woman. Particularly so soon after he died. Honestly both Harry and Hermione are completely worthless and nasty.

Author's Response: Hey that's your opinion and its cool, not everyone will be OK with the chain of events, but this is the way I wanted it to go. Being a Harry/Hermione shipper it was inevitable. Thanks for the review
2015-08-11 14:55:06
Hay Again
Wow did not see that coming naughty you lol.
Top chapter and you kind of leave in on a cliffhanger again naughty grrr but will forgive you this once lol.
I was begining to think how harry and mione where going to get together now i know but i can prob see gin will not be happy with it and muck up the works which sounds about right for her.
Well can not wait for the next chapter to come to see what happens and who was it in the woods ? so dont leave me hanging he he.
I hope you have a good week to come and hope to talk to you soon by for now yours as always.
Bruce x

Author's Response: What can i say i like cliffhangers lol, they illicit such interesting reactions he-he. As for Ginny and mucking it up, you will be pleasantly surprised in the next chapter, wasn't really looking to write her as a b**ch in this story. As for the person in the woods, i'm not sure on yet, I've not written his significance yet :) Thank you for reading again, you're support means a lot xxx
OMG! I was not expecting that at all! The Weasley's can't seem to catch a break! Great chapter! What a shock! Keep up the good work :) xx

Author's Response: What can i say i LOVE drama hehe, the next chapter is in for validation now, and as promised in one of my responses to a review on my last chapter it is longer than the first three. Thank you for reading x
2015-08-06 02:35:08
Hay There
Another very good chapter really getting into this story it is soo goood.
Did think tho that harry was a bit of a woss ie people just come into your house even tho they are you best friends i would go nuts and then some and i think harry should do more woe is me sorry but it is in kind of him all over and espsh with ron and mione together poor lad.
Can not wait for the next chapter longer pleaseee if poss ? soz being greedy now am i not ? lol.
Well by for now a defo keep up your great writing you are doing soo good love it love it love it.
Well by for now you take care yours as always.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thank you for reading. I know what your saying about them turning up in his house, but this is Harry, and he loves his best friends, he has missed them so I wouldn't think he minded, it just shows how much they care about him. The next chapter is about the same length, but I will try and make the one after it a bit longer. :D
I am so pleased you think this is a good story, I kinda just go where my mind takes me when I'm writing, ya know I picture a scene or a number of scenes in my head, and try and get them down in black and white. Being an actress myself I'm all up on drama lol. I try and imagine myself as the character I'm writing, and write how they would react to certain situations. Not had many complaints so far, the next chapter should be up soon, and I would get some tissues ready hehe ...
Awww this was a really nice chapter. I love it when the three of them are together, helping each other out. Such a warm chapter, I like it! I just wish that they were a bit longer, selfish reasons of course. Only a couple of mistakes but no story is perfect so just go over it multiple times or ask someone else to go through it! 10/10!xx

Author's Response: Thank you, yea they are a bit short, but I think that just makes you want more lol, so you keep coming back. As for mistakes, I do my own spell checking and sometimes I miss bits, but I do try. I'm happy you liked it, the next chapter is in for validation, and it's a sad one x
Hey, good start! It sets the story up well. Can't wait for Harry/Hermione, if that is where you're going with this. Keep up the good work :) xx

Author's Response: Thank you... I appreciate your kind words, just waiting for the next chapter to get validated ( it's called intervention not the burrow, lol, got mixed up) and stay tuned things have a habit of changing for the worst before they get better in my stories, my third chapter is a bit sad but I think you'll like it :) xx thanks for reading xx
2015-07-29 15:52:01
Hi There
A very good start i like it a lot and look forward to see where you take this and lots more chapters to come. I'm not very surprised with gin never really thought he should be with her but defo mione or luna or even cho maybe ? as i think gin is too full of herself but hay that's me lol.
Look forward to more from you very soon by for now.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thank you for reading, and I'm pleased you like it so far, I'm kinda making this up as I go on, so far I have three chapters written, chapter two The Burrow is in for validation. Yea, I agree with you about Ginny (obviously), I mean I like her, but she hasn't really been there for him like Hermione has. I am a Harmony shipper so most of my stories will be that cannon, don't worry that this starts out Ron/Hermione, things have a habit of changing with me. I love writing drama too he he. Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon x


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