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Review #1, by toomanycurls Scars from Tomorrow

27th July 2016:
I'm here for the hot seat!


you made me want to ship Drarry.

I've never really done it before but this. I feel compelled. You had me from the start and I have boarded HMS Drarry, long may she sail. Oh gosh the conflict in Draco is so realistic as is them having a connection unseen by Ron and Hermione. I mean, Harry is pretty good at keeping secrets (sometimes) and I could see affection for Draco being something he'd hold close.

AND THEIR SEXY INTERACTION IS VERY SEXY. You made it warmer here for me (not fair because it's very warm here rn).

It got less sexy when Draco started to protest but I'm glad they sort of had a conversation and Draco's boundaries were respected. This makes Draco's task of killing Dumbledore 10x worse (but I don't know if Harry would really just accept that Draco couldn't tell him).

Do you have a story where you show them getting together? I need to read that. I might need to go on a Drarry fest now.

I lvoe this and am amazed at all the emotion, angst, and sexiness you got into this.


Author's Response: Hi Rose! And yes! I want everyone to ship Drarry! Welcome aboard!

Yes, Draco is very conflicted between the role he must play and his feelings for Harry. And yeah, if Draco and Harry were to actually be in a relationship in Hogwarts I think they would have kept it very secret. Even from their friends. I can't even imagine really how Harry would tell Ron and Hermione about his feelings for Draco, even though I have read other Drarrys where this does happen.

Hahaha! I'm sorry for making it warmer where you are since it is so warm already. But yes, the sexiness could not last, Draco had things to say, and his boundaries of course had to be respected. This scene, and the relationship in general, does make Draco's task so much harder, that's for sure. He knows Harry is going to hate him after it all goes down. I don't know that Harry would accept this either, Harry trusts Dumbledore though and Draco doesn't. Draco was raised by Lucius who is most certainly not a fan of Dumbledore, and because of this, Draco thinks Dumbledore is very old and unable to help anyone. And I think he knows no matter what, Dumbledore will die the next day. Plus he's terrified of Voldemort and afraid for his own life and his parents' lives. But Harry's always been a stickler for doing what is right and he won't understand Draco's reasoning in the end.

I have been slowly working on a story showing how they get together but I've been stuck on it for a while. I totally support a Drarry fest though!

Thanks so much for the awesome review!

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Review #2, by Marshal Scars from Tomorrow

26th July 2016:
Here for the Slytherin Hotseat love. To start, you picked an amazing song to be inspired by. I love FOB and in reading the story the song is so fitting!

The story is really good. I love the dynamic you played with here. I am always a sucker for forbidden love and this was like an ultimate version of it. Not only were you pulling the characters apart by forced circumstances but personal choices as well. So heart breaking. You also put in a very very nice steamy bit that was rather enjoyable to read.

I think you balanced everything very well in this story and you made the characters believable. While the story is a bit AU it is still cannon esque in the way the characters act and behave as a whole. In the end you feel bad for what Harry will feel and your heart breaks for Draco as he makes the impossible choice between romantic love and love of his family and his own life. Too bad Draco didn't listen to Harry who this time is right about Dumbledore.

Still, it was a fantastic story and so true to character. Really I could ramble and rave here about this story cause it was just that good and I truly enjoyed this read, and I am glad I stopped by.

Author's Response: Hi Marshal! Thanks! I love FOB too and could not help but write a story to those lyrics. I also love the forbidden love aspect, and love the idea that these boys could have had more feelings for each other than they'd ever have let on in the books. And yes, there were a lot of factors pulling them apart already, giving Draco plenty of reason behind his decision to end things with Harry. And of course, a little steamy bit is always fun to add in. ;)

I'm so glad you think the story is well balanced and the characters believable. Of course it is AU, but I wanted to write it in a way that could seem totally possible, a moment you could easily slot into the canon timeline and have it seem very much like it belongs there. And yes, I feel terrible for Harry because his heart's about to be broken and he doesn't understand, but I feel just as bad if not worse for Draco, who knows he can never come back from this crime he intends to commit.

Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it! And thanks so much for stopping by!


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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm Scars from Tomorrow

21st May 2016:
Hey Nix! Here for our swap!

Well if this is my introduction to Drarry, I'm sold. I've never had anything against the ship, I just never really came across any. I'm glad I commented on your tweet though, it gave me a chance to read this. :)

So when I saw it was for the Sink Your Ship Challenge (which is funny, because I did mine of ScorBus), I knew this was going to end badly. I thought the moment in time that you chose to write about was perfect. If there was ever a way to sink this ship, it would be the night before Draco attempts to kill Dumbledore. Everything would change after that, Draco was right.

I liked in the beginning how Harry passed the note onto Draco. To everyone else, it would look like a typical exchange between the two of them. No one would ever expect anything else. And it was also totally typical of Pansy to rush right to Draco checking if he was alright. The cow.

Poor Draco. You can feel throughout how much he really does love Harry, but there was no hope for them. He was totally right, they were on two opposite sides of this war. It really wouldn't work. Not when Harry is the Chosen One and Draco is the son of a (once) prominent Death Eater, not to mention, a Death Eater himself.

I liked how you made it feel that he didn't really want to be a part of the Death Eaters. That he was only doing it out of protection of his family, rather than any loyalty he had towards Voldemort. I think that ended up being true in canon as well.

Holy steamy make out session! That Harry is a little hound dog, isn't he? ;)

Ugh that breakup was sad. Harry was just not accepting it at all. And of course his initial response would be, "go to Dumbledore." It's too bad Draco hasn't accepted Dumbledore's help. Maybe things would have ended up differently for him.

Yeah, I'm sure Harry is not going to feel the same way the following evening. There's no way he'll want to talk about their relationship, or try to get back with him. I want to see a follow up to this! I need to know how Harry reacts to what happens!

My heart broke for Draco at the end of this. He was so broken and scared. I really wanted to crawl the screen and hug him, and let him know that it's ok to ask for help. *sniffle*

Nix, this was really great! Thanks so much for suggesting I read this! Now go write more! I want to see more of your Drarry. :)

Tons of love,
Meg ♥

Author's Response: Haha! I do love this story. There aren't a lot on the archives though, I've checked. So I'm not surprised that you haven't come across any. But I wish there were more. I'm so glad you liked it though! I think they're an interesting couple. And I think this is something that could have totally happened behind the scenes of the HBP. Or at least I try to make it seem that way by working it in there as best I can. I have a whole headcanon for how they get together, which is what I'm working on now. I also have plans to write a sequel to this one where we see Harry's reaction but I haven't even started that yet.

Yes, with this I really just wanted to jump into it with the note and then straight to the meeting. I mentally laughed though at your reaction to Pansy! "The cow." I don't know why it cracks me up.

Yes, Draco having to break his own heart is very sad. Only Merlin knows how Harry is going to react when he finds out the truth the next night. Poor guy. But they are the couple I want to happen that would just never work. Especially not at this moment in time.

But I really don't feel Draco had any loyalty to the Dark Lord. I think he was only following orders out of fear. He may have felt special in the beginning to be chosen, but I think once he realized the situation he'd been forced into, he probably really changed his tune.

Hahaha, yes. Apparently that Harry is. Draco's maybe not much better. There will be more steaminess to come. Eventually.

It is a very sad break-up. And Harry does not accept it. But he will, just you wait. It won't be pretty. Like I said, there will eventually be a sequel.

Haha, thank you! Again, I'm super glad you liked it since this is your first Drarry. I will continue working on this tonight, but I really don't know when I'll be posting anything.

Thanks again for agreeing to swap!

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Review #4, by Thedore Nott Scars from Tomorrow

13th February 2016:
You know, I'm not entirely happy that Harry is going off with someone else... especially with Draco. I'm not saying that because I love Harry myself... which I totally don't ... not even at all, no matter what Blaise says.

Don't think I didn't see that wink, Harry! He was clearly passing that on to me. Draco didn't give me that message, but no matter.

I'm going to have to keep an eye on those two, maybe sneak in and put a stop to their relationship. It's not healthy, especially with someone who runs to their dad for everything.

:O That is it! I'm going to prank Draco SO HARD for kissing my Harry! No, you don't deserve the beauty that is that man!

I suppose I should be happy about how this ends, although I didn't exactly want Draco's feelings hurt... and I suppose that they did look good together. If Harry is going to go with anyone else, I could let it be Draco... at a push... Harry is still mine though.

I'm so glad that you told this story, you're a really amazing story teller. Now I've got to go and find Harry so that I can make him forget all about Draco. :D

Don't wait up! :P

Author's Response: Aww, poor Theo, I'm so sorry you had to see this. I mean, you can tell me you're not in love with Harry as many times as you like, but I think we all know by now that you are... It's okay, you don't have to deny it.

Yes, I'm sure that wink was meant for you and not Draco. How could it be for Draco? They hate each other, don't they? But then again, even you've suspected that Draco is secretly in love with Harry with how much he loves to complain about the boy.

Hahah, I would love to see what pranks you could come up for Draco! That would certainly be an interesting sight! And yes, see, they don't even stay together in the end so you have nothing to fear, I'm sure it won't be hard for you make Harry forget all about poor Draco.

Aww, thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story even if it is Draco kissing your Harry in it. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Review #5, by PixiePaige Scars from Tomorrow

20th December 2015:
I love Drarry so much, this just made me sad. Only because it was so well written! I wish Draco would have listened to Harry and gone to Dumbledore for help. Good use of the FOB lyrics too...

Author's Response: Hi! I am so glad you loved the story! I love Drarry as well and really enjoyed writing this. I wish Draco had gone to Dumbledore for help, too, but I was trying to keep the storyline as close to canon as I could, except for the Drarry bit of course. And I love those lyrics, I'm glad I could represent them so well. Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #6, by ScorpiusRose17 Scars from Tomorrow

13th October 2015:
Hi! I am here again with another review for you! :)

This was really interesting. I like how it played into canon with what Draco had to do the following night along with what Harry had to do. It is one of those almost... what if's that could have been.

I liked how you didn't take any time to really show their relationship. Which is nice and mysterious and rather intriguing. I don't normally read Harry/Draco so this was a pleasant change of pace. You also did a superb job of making their relationship believable in just a One-shot!

I have really enjoyed your variety of stories and I look forward to reading and reviewing more of them in the near future!

Until then, keep up the awesome work!


Author's Response: Hello!!! I have really been loving these reviews! Thanks so much for stopping by so many stories!

This really is one of those "what if" situations and that's kind of how their entire relationship plays out in my head.

I'm glad that you like the mystery of not knowing much about their relationship. There's been some debate among the reviews about whether or not there should have been more information on how they got together. And I'm so glad you think it's still believable even though I leave that bit out. I do want to write how they get together and scenes throughout their relationship but I haven't gotten there yet. I'm thinking of having a whole series of one-shots though based around them. And i'm so happy you took the time to read this even though Drarry may not be your thing.

I'm so happy you enjoyed all the stories you read, I really enjoyed reading and responding to all of your reviews! I do hope to see more of you in the future!

Thanks again!


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Review #7, by notreallyblonde44 Scars from Tomorrow

18th September 2015:
Hiya Nix! Review, review, reviews for you :)

Epic banner.

Iím only about a third way through, and I really think you nailed Dracoís tone so far. I can hear him saying all these things and his dialogue with Pansy is very spot on. Spoiledish sounding, and very haughty. Dracoís one those characters that really, really gets rung through the ringer in fanfic, so itís refreshing to see you capture him well!

Yikes, well-chosen setting, the backdrop of the Astronomy Tower (given the following nightís events) sets up a sharp contrast and demonstrates fully why they cannot be together, which I believe is the point of the challenge, so well done!

I know itís AU and all, but I have to say Iím not sure if this Harry felt true to his characterization to me. Didnít he practically love-hate Dumbledore at this junction, like confused about all the half-stories and weight of the stress of being the ďsaviorĒÖand heís such an awkward lover/romancer, I just donít seem him as an ardent lover. But who knows, heís also snogging his sworn enemy all around the castle, so this Harry is capable of a lot of different things than the book haha.

Anywho, the tension was great and I sense some semblance of redemption for the choices Dracoís making here, and enjoy reading his side of the 6th book events in this fic :) Your dialogue was very natural, I didnít see any typos, and thought you did a great job with the challenge and one-shot overall!

xx Ellie

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you think I've captured Draco so well. I do love writing him and he's one of my favorite characters to write. Yes, the Astronomy Tower seemed like the perfect place for them to meet, ironically. I don't know that Harry hated Dumbledore at this point... but I also haven't read HBP in ages and it's something I've been meaning to do since I plan on writing more Drarry. In the movie, he seems so much more go-with-the-flow than in previous movies, but maybe that's just the director/producer's interpretation. He is kind of awkward with Ginny though in the romance department so I can understand that it might seem a bit of stretch for him to be so open with Draco.

Anyway, thank you so much for the lovely review! I really enjoyed it!

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Review #8, by Lostmyheart Scars from Tomorrow

17th September 2015:
Nix! Oh my god, this story was so sweet and intense at the same time.

I feel like crying.

It's been YEARS since I've read a Drarry (that's what it's called, right?) and I absolutely loved this story of yours. To read it in Draco's perspective was really great, since he was the one holding information from Harry. My heart nearly broke when Harry realized what he meant with stopping what they were doing, that Draco didn't mean to stop hiding but to totally stop it. Poor Harry!

I love how Harry is so persistent, so stubborn - like he is in the books. I've always thought Draco was a bit TOO obsessed with Harry, so it sort of fits with a hunger for one another :P

I loved this story, I enjoyed reading it so much and suddenly I was at the end (it wasn't very long to begin with but you know what I mean - hehe)

Enjoy your week on the Slytherin Hot Seat!
- Avi

Author's Response: HI AVI! Aww, don't cry! I'm glad you enjoyed the Drarry, though! Yes, that's the correct name. I love writing Draco so it was so easy tapping into him again, and I really enjoyed writing this story, even though it's so sad. I wanted to keep Harry and Draco as canon as I could while still making it seem like this relationship could actually happen. I think Draco and Harry both are very obsessed with each other which is why I totally agree with you that the pull is there!

And don't fret! I do want to write more of them, prequels and sequels to this one-shot, so hopefully you will see them again! It just may take a while...

Thank you so much for this lovely review, I wasn't even expecting it! But I very much enjoyed reading it!


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Review #9, by Frankie05 Scars from Tomorrow

24th August 2015:
Hey Nix,

I debated even reading this because of the challenge. It isn't even my ship and I hate to see it sink, but you did it so well!! Some days I like Draco/Harry relationships and you make me want to ship them so much more!

I like how you keep it in canon. They are crude to each other in the hallways, and it's before anything. Harry knows that he is a Death Eater and he still wants to be with him (be still my aching heart). You did a magnificent job with the breakup scene. Draco is so into Harry he gives into his desires but then tries to protect Harry from the pain he is going to be feeling the next day. IT really made me sad watching this unfold. I just want to scream at Draco " DUMBLEDORE WILL HELP YOU" and he and Harry could be happy, but alas - ship sinking.

I really like how you wrote this happening from Draco's perspective. WE feel his anguish and confusion. So well done with that. We see that there is more to him and he is protective over his mother and a bit cowardly in saving his own life. I like that you show that he feels unworthy of Harry's love (even though Harry in his goodness would love him anyway). This was done so well. I mean I'm crying( not real tears but heart tears), but it is so good :)

Thanks for letting me read and review. :)

Author's Response: Hi! You totally should ship them more! Writing them has made me want to ship them more, too!

Yes, I like keeping my Drarry canon as well. There's so much more drama and risk there, and I honestly don't see Ron or Hermione being okay with their relationship. At least not at this moment in time. It is before anything. I'm supposed to write "anything" as a sequel and I think that's going to break my heart more than anything *sigh*.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you thought the breakup scene was written well. Draco has so much potential and so much depth to his personality, and I really wanted to showcase that in this story. He cares about Harry so much and knows what Harry has to go on to do, and Draco doesn't believe Harry or even Dumbledore can save him. But I mean, Draco's never exactly been fond of Dumbledore and he's terrified of Voldemort, so yes, sinkage is happening. I'm so glad you can feel his emotions though in the writing. And Harry is so good and kind in this and it's so heartbreaking considering the reader already knows what's going to happen. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story!

Thanks so much for reading it! And thanks for the offering of reviews, that was so kind of you!


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Review #10, by rosiful Scars from Tomorrow

14th August 2015:
I know this is a very popular (practically famous) pairing, but I honestly don't think I've ever read one before *hides in shame*

I'm not really a fan of this pairing, but that's just because I'm a bit narrow-minded and live off of cannon ficts, nothing against this story at all. In fact, I really enjoyed reading this! So much angst and drama and forbidden romance, if they're all as good as this, I can see why it's a popular ship! I was quite sad when you sunk it actually!

I really like how you wrote Draco and portrayed his thoughts and feelings. He is so afraid for his family and himself and he can see the sad truth that he and Harry can never work out and be together. He wants to protect him, but Harry doesn't understand that they can't go on. It's quite sad seeing him remain so optimistic when he doesn't know the real truth of Draco's mission and it would surely change a few things if he did! I can only imagine all the angst there would be the next day after the Astronomy Tower scene!

That ending though was really great and so powerful.
You did a really, really amazing job with the whole story as well, but the end two sentences really stand out!

This was brilliantly written, and so sad/heartbreaking!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by to check this out! And I'm so glad you enjoyed this story even if you normally don't like Drarry. I'm glad you were sad when I sunk them, lol. That sounds wrong, but that was my goal when writing this of course, since I had to sink them for this challenge.

I'm so glad you loved Draco's character. I really enjoyed writing him, he's such a conflicted character already on his own, and I think his love for Harry really builds on that. And Harry's just Harry, being his optimistic, trusting self. I feel like there is going to be so much angst in that scene... I mean, if you thought Harry attacking Snape was bad, I can't even imagine what I'm going to do when I write this scene with Harry.

I'm so glad you loved the last few lines. I really wanted to emphasize the lyrics I based this story off of in them, and really seal Draco's fate (per se) to the reader. And I'm glad that stands out.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this! It was definitely a nice surprise!


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Review #11, by TreacleTart Scars from Tomorrow

11th August 2015:
Hey Nix!

I'm here for our review swap!

This is only the second time ever that I've read a Draco/Harry pairing, so I'm excited to see how you pull it off.

It's interesting hearing this in Draco's voice. His need and want for Harry is so confusing because we know that in cannon they hate each other so strongly. I found myself wishing that I had a bit of context for how they got into this relationship. What happened that bridged that much animosity? Who initiated it? Please, write a prequel.

Now as far as sinking a ship goes, I think you've definitely sunk it successfully. After what Draco is about to do, I don't think there's anyway for him to forgive Draco enough for a relationship. In fact, I think that Harry will grow to hate the thought that they ever had a relationship at all.

This does make me feel some sympathy for Draco. Not only is he giving up his safety and well-being, but now he's giving up the man that he loves as well. The Death Eaters have quite literally destroyed him.

The only constructive criticism I have is what I've already touched on. I would like to see this expanded on. It's hard to get really invested in this pairing without knowing how they got together in the first place. I think a bit more detail in the beginning section, maybe Draco recalling some memory of them when they first got together would help.

All in all, a good chapter. It certainly meets the challenge requirements.

Good job!


Author's Response: Hi! I do intend to write a prequel--and some sequels--to explain everything, because I can understand how this might be confusing, but it is AU. I just got stuck on this while writing and ending up cutting straight to the ending basically...

Yes, I do think I've sucessfully sunk them... or have I? I don't know yet. That sequel is going to be very hard to write. I'm glad you can feel sympathy for Draco though. He's always been a sympathetic character in my mind, and I really enjoy writing him. And you've got that pretty spot on, the Death Eaters have taken any chance at happiness away from Draco, but at the same time, he's accepted it, knowing he must still continue to play his part.

Thanks so much for the review swap!


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Review #12, by Gabriella Hunter Scars from Tomorrow

30th July 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review! I didn't forget about you or anything! I shall be more prompt with my swaps in the future though!

So, I don't read much Drarry and to be honest, I think that the pairing doesn't really come off as genuine. I suppose I'm just kind of stuck on how much of a jerk Draco is in the HP books to not give it much thought. BUT, I like the direction that you went with this, you didn't focus so much on the whole aspect of their relationship being this sinful thing.

Instead, you showed that the love was always there from the beginning but neither of them were able to express it. I felt like that was a very sad aspect to this story, I thought you wrote their emotions so well. Draco especially came across as tortured, romantic and hopeful but at the same time, you know that things aren't going to work out the way that he wants them to. He wants the world to be different and yet he won't do the right thing, he has his honor and fear working against him here. I like the characterization that you used for Harry too, I like this anxiously in love version of him, that impish little smile.

With that in mind, I can completely see the two of them as a couple. Harry is far more understanding and trusting while Draco is hesitant and uncertain of his own potential. I would love to have read more about this but I was too busy gasping at the fact that they actually broke up!

I know that Draco only wants to protect Harry before things go wrong--especially with what happens later on in the Astronomy Tower (The irony of them meeting in this place was just so poignant) just shows how much he does love him.

Ah, but the ending. Painfully beautiful and filled with so much depth! I really loved what you did here, don't be shy about requesting for your stories again with our next swap!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for this review, it really made me smile! I was nervous about posting this when I first finished it, but I'm really proud of it now after getting such amazing feedback.

I know Drarry isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's been something I've been meaning to write for at least a year now and I finally succeeded with this. Although a prequel and some sequels may be to come...

I didn't want this relationship to seem in anyway sinful. I really wanted to keep them in character as much as possible even though the story itself is very AU.

As much as I love your oh so evil and sinister Draco, I love writing this Draco who's hopeful yet tortured and doesn't see his world getting any better, while wanting the world for everybody else to be better. It's very tragic. And you describe them almost exactly really. Harry is that overly trusting person, he wants to see good in people, and Draco is so unsure of himself and afraid of failure.

I love that even though you're not the biggest fan of the pairing, that you could see them as a couple and gasped at the fact that they broke up. Well... on Draco's end they broke up. Harry's gonna take another night to get the hint sadly. Yes, the Astronomy Tower was planned on purpose to be ironic in a way. And at this point, Draco doesn't know that Harry's going to be there when things go down in the Astronomy Tower the next night either. Tammi actually wants me to write this particular scene from Harry's POV as a sequel, which if I succeed at doing so, might be even more heartbreaking than this one-shot. Oh dear...

I'm glad you liked the ending! I really wanted it to stand out and sum up Draco's character. Along with really emphasizing the lyrics that went with the story. Draco's already burdened with the events that haven't happened yet and Harry won't be able to save him, and he doesn't want him to either because he knows Harry has to forget about him and save the Wizarding World.

It's very sad. I hated breaking them. I do want to write more of this. The prequel will be how they ended up together. That's been really tricky though. And then a sequel of the next evening, and maybe a second sequel further down the line, post-war. We'll see.

Thank you again for this lovely review! I don't even know what of mine you have and haven't read anymore! Hopefully I'll have something new up before we do another swap!


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Review #13, by AdinaPuff Scars from Tomorrow

27th July 2015:
Can I just start by saying that the last line was so powerful.

It wrapped up the entire one shot in five short words. In fact, it wrapped up the entire character of Draco Malfoy in five short words. I absolutely loved it. I could just sit here and reread that sentence over and ove again. It has so much power and feels. I can't even get over it.

This entire one shot has every feels in the book. I'm a sucker for an angst, sad, dark story. And this had so much. I love how happy Harry is, and how it makes Draco feel. And yet Draco knows they can't keep being together. That fate has already intervened. They weren't meant to be together in any form whatsoever. It just wasn't meant to be. And you captured that so well.

I don't usually read AU but I'm sure glad I did. What inspired you to write something like this? Most Drarrys are set in Post Hogwarts just because it's easier (or to me it is anyway) to write.

I loved this so much! You did a fantastic job capturing the emotions in Draco. I just loved this so much.

- Leigh xxx

Author's Response: Wow, I didn't even realize how powerful that last line was until you said it. But I did want it to stand out and, as you said, basically describe Draco. He knows his fate, and he knows he can't change it. But he knows Harry will continue fighting to save the Wizarding World no matter what.

I'm glad this story has a lot of feels. Would you believe me if I told you that I was mentally numb while writing it? I honestly didn't know if it captured the sadness and defeat I was trying to portray. But apparently it did and everything worked out well.

I'm not sure exactly what inspired me to write this. I've been meaning to write a Drarry for quite some time now, I originally had a much longer version planned, but then got stuck and decided to just cut straight to the break up part. Which surprisingly worked out rather well. Even though I do intend to write a prequel and maybe a couple of sequels. I like the idea of this pairing. I think it's always been a possibility. Harry spent his sixth year practically stalking Draco, and Draco has spent most of his time at Hogwarts wanting to one-up Harry after he refused to be his friend. I think part of the reason it was so hard for me to write this is because it is set during Hogwarts time, so you have to meddle with the canon quite a bit which is very daunting. Fall Out Boy definitely helped inspire this one-shot as well, I love them and their music and after hearing this song, and those particular lines, enough times something clicked in my brain and thought "Hey this kind of sums of Draco/Harry" and I've been wanting to write it ever since.


Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm glad you decided to read this because I've been wanting more feedback on it, so thank you again for this review. I'm so glad you loved the story.


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Review #14, by cherry_pop94 Scars from Tomorrow

10th July 2015:
Hi there! I saw you posted about this on the forums and as I've never read a Drarry fic before, I thought I'd come check it out.

Now, I have to admit, I've never understood the ship before. I never really saw where it was coming from, but reading this, there was just so much angst and sadness, that I couldn't help but feel broken for both of them.

I think it really helps that you've written Draco to be such a sympathetic character. He feels that he must follow the Dark Lord's orders to protect his mother, and he's probably right. He's afraid and scared and he knows that it'll never work out, though idealistic Harry sees it differently.

I'm really glad this was my first foray into Drarry! Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response: Hi! I feel so honored that you've never read a Drarry before and decided to enter the fandom with my one-shot! That's amazing!

I understand that to some, it doesn't seem realistic. But sometimes the possibilities really are endless. I'm glad that even though this pairing seems unlikely, that you were still able to connect and relate to the characters. I think in this particular book Draco does gain some sympathy because everything he thought he'd believed in turned out to be pretty terrible and I think in the long-run he holds a lot of regret for being such a prat in his younger years.

I'm glad you enjoyed the characterization of Harry and Draco though and can maybe even understand a little bit how this pairing could come to be.

And I'm so glad my story didn't put you off Drarry forever during your first time reading it. Thank you so much for stopping by to give it a try!


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Review #15, by alicia and anne Scars from Tomorrow

5th July 2015:
A Drarry that's going to break my heart. I don't know if I'll ever be prepared for this. *cries already*

And now I'm going to cry even more because of when you've set it. *sobs hysterically*

Those lyrics fit them so well! Just saying.

Oh no! Draco's going to break up with him and I'm going to cry. :(

That kiss was epic by the way! *fans self* I shall be going back to read that over and over.

Nix! Why are you breaking them? Why are you doing this to me?

You've captured them both so well, and I loved how they are with each other, especially that kiss. And Draco is right, and Harry is fighting for him because that's what Harry does, and the next night he's going to witness everything and I NEED YOU TO WRITE IT FOR ME! EVEN IF IT BREAKS MY HEART INTO TINIER PIECES I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HARRY DOES!

This was utterly brilliant! And heartbreaking, and sad, and I can't believe that you've sunk them!


Author's Response: Tammi! *hugs*

I'm sorry for breaking them! It wasn't easy!

But I'm glad the setting helps with the emotions and that you love the lyrics. I've thought they fitted Drarry for over a year now probably and have been waiting to write this ever since.

Yes, Draco is going to break up with him. And Harry's not gong to understand. And that kiss scene probably could have been better, I'm so rusty at writing them.

I'm glad you think I've captured them well. It's not easy writing canon characters who dislike each other into a couple without making them OOC.

And I know what happens on the next night! And apparently now I have to write it. A prequel and a sequel are on their way. Eventually.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I know it was hard to read but thank you for loving it!


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