2015-05-30 22:29:17
Such an unique idea. Thisss is not sssomething I would have expected. AU was ssstated but I did not expect you to be as AU as you were. You did a wonderful job you crafted a detailed and deeply rich story beyond just the one that is being told here. That is sssomething to be commended. You have your own world which is quite lovely and intriguing. You make me want to read the story that leadsss to this event. Is thisss part of a larger universe? I wish to read more!

I particularly love how you played with the charactersss coming to be romantically involved. In a lot of waysss I like the love story you crafted here than the one that we sssee in the original text. Not to sssay I dislike the sssource text but it is a compliment to your work as I liked is ssso.

I hope to sssee more of you on the archivesss here as I travel around for more ssstories.

Author's Response: Thanksss, Basil, your review made me sssmile xx
2015-05-30 22:29:17
LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Absolutely Awesome. I know its complete but it would be great if you continued it. I loved how the couples interact with each other. Great writer.


Author's Response: THis was a fun one to write, so I'm glad you like it too. Apologies for the time its taken me to reply xx
2015-05-30 22:29:17
Delightful story! So funny, at first thought the HG was for Hermione Granger, then saw the RH and realized my error. Loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks i was really pleased how it turned out, was originally only going to be Harry and Ginny.


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