2015-03-23 15:56:53
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

Ooh! This is a really great start to a reincarnation story. The scenes leading up to Colin's death are just stunning. You did an excellent job of capturing the chaos that built up during the battle of Hogwarts. The absolute terror Colin felt really permeated the story, there were parts I wanted to cry myself. Despite the fear though, is the determination to keep fighting, to make the world a bit safer for his family, and that's such an admirable quality to have. It definitely fits with what we know of Colin in canon, I think you absolutely nailed his characterization.

Your description of everything is gorgeous and did an excellent job of setting the scene. It created a pretty vivid image, and it did an excellent job of creating the mood of the story.

I'm really excited to see the rest of this, I do hope you update soon!
2015-03-23 15:56:53
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

I think of Colin’s death as the most upsetting death in the whole series, and I am always glad to see people take time to examine it.

I like seeing the anger that you’ve given Colin. It’s not something that we really see in the series, but it is a very powerful attribute for him. People generally see him as an innocent child, and adding anger onto that is very heart-wrenching.

I also like that you’ve chosen to make Dennis the stronger and calmer brother. This is a very interesting take on a pair of characters we see so little of.

You’ve really shown a lot of the bravery that exists in Colin here. He’s such a Gryffindor, and you’ve really shown that, despite his fears, he has what it takes to do what he believes he must. I like how you specify that he casts one offensive spell for every two defensive spells. It shows that he really knows what he is doing, as well as speaks to the kind of fighter he is.

It’s a great detail that you’ve included what a clear nice night it is. It really adds to the contrast inherit in the battle of children fighting a war in their school.

Wow, things turn around so quickly from not wanting to be a coward to being in a very bad position. I love this line: “The shadow at his feet becomes a man, cloak black like the night sky and a silver mask that glints when the moonlight hits it and is tainted in red.”

I actually didn’t understand the “tabula rasa”/reincarnation thing until I read your author’s note. What I like a lot about this story is that it makes a lot of sense, both read as Dumbledore and as Colin. Maybe if I had been more awake I would have caught on!

2015-03-23 15:56:53
Hi again! I calmed down from my sob fest after your last story and then throw myself straight into poor Colin Creevy's death. I think your writing might break me.

The description in this chapter about the battle is so perfect. You manage to create such a great atmosphere, I can perfectly picture in my head the chaos and devestation going on around Colin, but also I feel all of the same fear and worry and upset that he has. This line here in particular struck me: people he knows and people be doesn't blaring together until he can't make out who's friend or foe.

Your summary is really intruiging, and this is an excellent first chapter. I'm going to favourite this and eagely anticipate the next chapter :D
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015
2015-03-23 15:56:53
This needs to go on my reading list. Right now. Okay, that's now done, so I can move onto the actual review.

Omg. This was wonderful. I was intrigued when I saw the summary - you always have such great summaries - and I was not disappointed.

I loved the way you described the pandemonium of the battle. It was clearly absolute chaos, and while it seems like he comported himself well given the situation, reading about it from his perspective really did hammer in for me how ill-equipped a lot of the kids were for this battle. I mean, it was clearly difficult for everyone (to understate things pretty drastically), but we experienced it in the books from Harry's point of view, and Harry has been through a fair number of things that other Hogwarts students haven't been. Colin hadn't, and oh, he was just so young.

One of my favorite things, too, was the fact that he kept thinking about his family. I think part of why Colin wanted to fight was that (at least in my eyes) Colin was always a little reckless and tended to overestimate himself a little, but I also feel like Muggleborns were in a particularly bad situation - their families were directly in danger if Voldemort triumphed, as they had been for the two years previous to the battle when Voldemort was out in the open. I understand wanting to protect your brother and your father.

It was a good chapter on its own, but I can't wait to see the reincarnation aspect of the story. Amazing job!

House Cup 2015 - Ravenclaw!
2015-03-23 15:56:53
House Cup 2015

Hi Sam! I was going through your page looking for something to read when I saw this. The summary caught my eye. I was curious, and at the same time, I wanted to see how you managed a Colin+Albus sort of thing. Plus, I saw the words tabula rasa and there was no way I was going to ignore this.

I will admit that I was slightly confused when I first , but then when I went over it again, things became clearer. Also, I didn't see that it was a WIP, and I was wondering what to make of it, and then I went back to the story shell and felt like an A grade idiot. :p So, there's more to come, which is good.

Your first chapter was very intriguing. Yes, we already know he dies in the war. But you gave us so much about that. The details made it seemed more real. Plus, this actually goes into his emotions as well, and that was an excellent touch. The descriptions of fear and anger were spot on. And when he mentioned Dennis, I just felt so bad for him! You also managed to capture the chaos and activity of the war by just your writing.

This piece was slightly confusing, but it flowed well at the same time. I think it was mainly confusing because I thought it ended there and was feeling unclear. But on my second read, after knowing that it was a WIP, it was much better for me. Also, there were a couple of tiny grammatical errors. I've forgotten them by now :p They didn't obstruct the flow or anything, but a quick read through can help you fix that.

I hope you update soon. This is bound to be interesting :)
2015-03-23 15:56:53
House cup 2015
Slytherin House

I am finally here reading this story! And I don't know why I took so long because I absolutely adore your work!

The idea of a Albus-Colin/Gellert pairing is very interesting. I can safely say that I have never seen that one around. And I can't wait to see how you incorporate the trope you were given. I'm very excited!

Ooo I like where you've begun this, in the middle of the war, and describing the fear and anger that Colin has at being there. Although I am terrified about what's going to happen to him.

Aw the thoughts that Colin had about him and Dennis being younger were such a happy thought, only to be tarnished by the death of Dumbledore! Sadness all around!

You have used descriptions so beautifully in this, and it's given me a real feel of the atmosphere. I'm terrified and sad myself!

Oh no! That ending! I don't want him to die!! I want him to live and be with his family! Although I am very interigued over how you're going to get Albus and Colin to reincarnate. will they share a body? Are they going back in time?! I GOTS TA KNOW!

This is never a bad idea! Ever! I will never be able to convince you! As we know, I encourage all of your ideas! :D

Another brilliant story! I can't wait to read more!
2015-03-23 15:56:53
House Cup 2015 Review: Slytherin

Nathan! I admit, I was sucked in by the Latin. And the summary. And Colin Creevey? Anyway.

I really hope you continue with this story because I am so intrigued by it already and it promises to be amazing. This was such a good opening chapter - you evoke the Battle of Hogwarts and the sense of wartime so well here and it's only the promise that you're going to bring Colin back that stops this chapter from being completely heartwrenching. The relationship between Colin and Dennis is really well done here - Bouts of nostalgia had hit Colin, thoughts of bunk beds and whispering during storms, sweet memories of taking care of his brother - this was a really good insight, as well as the fact that Dennis is normally the stronger one, and the theme you thread throughout this chapter of Colin fighting for Dennis. Your final line about Colin hoping his brother and father will forgive him for leaving them is so poignant and heartbreaking, and I'm already hoping this story will end with a reunion.

Your evocation of battle is brilliantly done in this chapter as well. It takes effort not to fall back onto the ground; maybe if he plays dead they'll leave him be. But that's a coward talking and he isn't a coward. this line kills me because he's a child, a scared hurting child in the middle of a war and he's so determined to be brave. Poor Colin. Please keep writing this because I refuse to accept him being dead okay
2015-03-23 15:56:53
Greetings from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack! I have taken a momentary break from hiding from the Lovegoods, in order to drop by with a review for you.

And wow - I am SO excited to read on in this fic, because I've never seen anything like it before, and I've seen all sorts of rare and mystical things like Blibbering Humdingers, Martians, and thousand-year-old trees. The idea of Colin Creevey being reincarnated into a young Albus Dumbledore? Yes please.

Okay, but this chapter = tears. I am still kind of in denial about Colin's death, and the way you wrote it all as he is fighting in this war too young, afraid, and thinking about protecting his brother - it was so raw and intense, and so sad as he realises he's essentially walking to his death at the end.

I really can't wait to see where you take it from here, though. You've set it up with what we know from canon, and everything's about to change, as fast as the changing of the Snorkack's fur colours in autumn. I will keep an eye on this story and definitely be back to read on! But for now, I will retreat back into the woods to have tea with Bigfoot.
2015-03-23 15:56:53
Close your eyes and prayer that I will not devour you in one bite for I am The Hot Cross Bun Monster *insert evil cackle*

I must say that if Colin thinks that the Death Eaters and Voldemort are bad, he would never want to encounter me because with my flying raisins and death like glare, I would terrify everyone and thing and he would not even be lucky enough to be sent back in time. Hmm, I suppose your descriptions of the chaos of the war were above the usual standard, though if I had created that mess it would be much more description worthy than what poor old Voldy can do.

Hmm, I suppose deep, deep, deep, deep down under my many layers of evilness I did feel some sort of sympathy towards Colin as he was battling away against all the odds and he did seem kind enough to have some compassion towards his brother Dennis which was true to his character. However, if he was more like me, the lone warrior, the solitary soldier, he would need no one and have no distractions and never end up being sent back in time.

However, despite Colin’s failings when it comes to isolating yourself from others this story has caught my interest and if this is updated I would like a notification or you will face the wrath of my raisin pellets.
2015-03-23 15:56:53

Just the fluffy Hogwarts Jaguar popping in to leave some claw-ver comments on your story! (If I don't, then I'm lion.)

Reincarnation is an odd trope, but pawsitively purrfect for Colin and Albus! It's paw-some to explore a minor character's perspective of events of the Battle of Hogwarts, in which many young jaguars gave their lives... But with reincarnation, he will live to twitch his whiskers another day. Is Colin a cat? We have nine lives, you know. :)

From this very short chapter, I can tell you have enormous tail-ent, and I hope to see more from you purry (very) soon!

Ah, there I go again, tripping over my adorable fluffy paws. Catch ya later, mousie!

♥Hogwarts Jaguar


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