Happy birthday!!!
Ahahah! This was so funny and cute!!!
I loved all the premise for the story, with Roxanne stuck at the airport and complaining in her head about all the troubles of travelling the muggle way and worrying about her mother’s reaction at her missing Christmas! So much fun!

“Non tutti i mali vengono per nuocere” we say in Italy, which means that there’s always a bright side. And the delay mishap has definitely a bright side, since Roxanne got to know Alyssa!
I loved the girl, her character was just so adorable! And it amazes me how easily the two linked to each other… Just so sweet!!!

I loved all the games and chatting and in general the little amusing details as the two try to kill the time and in the meantime grow closer. And I had a good laugh in a couple of passages, when Roxanne talks and acts so un-Muggle-ish!

It’s so cute that Roxanne actually asked Alyssa out, and her enthusiasm about it. And Lily’s teasing was so much fun, too!

Loved every bit of this adorable story! Wonderful job!
Happy birthday again!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your birthday review! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the story! I thought I'd take some of my own experience of being stuck in an airport and putting it into a story.

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the relationship between Roxanne and Alyssa, some people just click together and they were two such people. Roxanne's stay could've definitely gone a lot worse if she hadn't met Alyssa.

I'm glad that the story made you laugh, that's what it's intent was so it makes me really happy that it achieved that. I had to take some time and think up what kind of muggle games Roxanne and Alyssa could play together.

Thank you so much for your lovely review!
2014-12-12 21:02:44
Hello Grace.

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I visited your page not too long ago. I was suppose to mentor you for the Hunger Games, but as you know they decided to postpone it. So I'm back because it's now time to have it again, hopefully (well, not hopefully really) they'll actually go through with it now. But you don't need a mentor, you're good - I remember seeing you amazing skills in the training room last time - so I'm mostly here because I was told by my friend - you may remember I mentioned her in my last review - that it's you birthday today. So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

My friend asked me to sing you the birthday song, so just imagine it being sung in my voice:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Grace
Happy birthday to you

Hip, Hip, hooray!!

So over to the story. I'm not very familiar with the wizarding world nor do I know a lot about the 21st century England. Panem is a little different from that, you see, so I can relate to Roxanne's confusion. I'd be very confused myself, and possibly a little worried - so many people fighting to get to the front of the line. It would be like the Hunger Games, just not as muderous, I guess. They're not trying to kill you, so you can't be as violent back. So yeah, that would worry me too, having to fight to get a hotel room.

I'm curious about how thing will go for Alyssa and Roxanne. I'm hoping there's something there - friendship, love, anything really. And that reminds me, thanks for the advice on my love triangle. I decided to listen to you, so I'm now in relationship with Peeta. Things are going as good I suppose they can go when you've been in two Hunger Games, you've been murdered and tortured, and on top of that been the symbol of the rebellation.

But it's not about me. I'm not going to repeat my advice for last time. I know you know what to do to win, and I'm sure you will win. In fact, I'll make it my goal to ensure you do - Peeta promised to help me get the sponsors to like you, although I think you'll do that well on your own. He's rooting for you too, you know. So is my friend over at the forums.

That reminds me, I was supposed to go meet her now in a secret location. She's still hiding from the Capitol - although the rebellion is over, no one seems to have forgiven her for running away. But anywa, once again, happy birthday and may the odds be ever in you favor! (I still hate to say that)

Katniss Everdeen

Author's Response: Nice to see you back on my author page again Katniss and thank you again for the birthday wishes! And thank you for stopping to leave a birthday review and for that lovely birthday song as well!

There is most definitely something going on between the two of them, which you see as you read on in the story. Thank you so much for leaving a review and good luck!
HI GRACE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know I'm a bit early but I won't have internet for the rest of the week and saw that your birthday was coming up so here's an early review. And it's already your birthday in New Zealand and Australia so really I'm not that far ahead with this, maybe Canada is just behind :p

Aaaanyway. I really liked this chapter, and I love how it's such a flip of the previous one - rather than despair at being stuck in the airport for Christmas (at which her despair is quite understandable - this almost happened to me once too) now she is really enjoying the time, with her airport family, so to speak. She's made some new friends and they're playing card games super competitively -sounds like a lot of fun, considering! I'm glad she stepped out of her comfort zone and went to introduce herself to a group of strangers as everyone involved was probably much happier with the companionship. Not to mention that game is pretty impossible with only two people :p

The discussion Roxanne and Alyssa had about their lives though, every minute I was worried she'd slip up! There's so much to watch out for talking about - even when she pretends she's a doctor, then she gets asked about surgery and isn't familiar enough with Muggles to know what that is. Her reaction made me laugh! Though poor Alyssa, she must have been so weirded out to be talking with someone who is (claiming to be) a doctor and has no concept of what surgery is. I'd be suspicious, haha.

A lovely chapter! Great job and hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow :)

Author's Response: OH MY GOODNESS HELLO THANK YOU! I'm so glad to hear that you liked the chapter! I'm sure if Dom hadn't had her airport family there to keep her company it would've been a very sad stay for her. It all depends on who you're spending time with really. Card games are especially fun to play at airports, especially when you're friends with super competitive people because then things get interesting.

I had the most fun writing their discussion because I knew how confused Roxanne must've been with all of the muggle stuff that Alyssa was talking about and the amount of quick-thinking that she would've had to do during the conversation to not slip up.

2015-01-07 21:24:59
I got a little bored waiting for Santa to come back and resume our training, so I've hacked into his wifi. Thankfully the password was easy to guess - mince pie. I simply love Christmas themed stories, so I couldn't resist a peek at your fantastic little story.

All three chapters were adorable. It made me laugh so much, with Roxanne being very clueless about the muggle world. I liked the way you introduced them, and I am definitely hoping for a sequel (hint hint) of Alyssa meeting the Weasley clan.

Lily was very entertaining at the end there. I can picture her being so sassy and cheeky, winding up Roxanne as they make their way out the airport.

Your characterisation was really well done, and I love that you included Dr Who in your story. I met him once, when he came to the North Pole.

Oops, that's Santa back. Thank you for letting me read this fabulous piece of work. Got to go!

- Blitzen

Author's Response: Wow it's been a while since you left me this review but I'm finally answering it!

First off, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the story. I'm especially happy to hear that it made you laugh! I was hoping that it would be a little bit funny.

You are not the first person to hint at a sequel but at the moment there is currently nothing in the works for Alyssa and Roxanne but there might be something there in the future eventually if I ever find the time. But I can tell you that it will be more than eye opening when she does meet the Weasley's.

(And I have no doubt that the Doctor dropped by the North Pole, weird things seem to happen around the Doctor during Christmas).

Thank you for the lovely review!
So I just finished reading up to here.

I'm not sure whether you have more planned or not, but I loved the interactions between Alyssa and Roxanne, it felt really flowing and natural. I'd definitely be interested in reading more about the pair of them, especially with Alyssa being a Muggle and Roxy a Wizard it would be interesting to see Roxy cope with muggle stuff, and eventually dealing with Alyssa possibly finding out about magic.

I guess I'd say I would come back for more if you wrote it! Great story overall!

Author's Response: Hello there!

I do not have more planned out for this story, this was pretty much it for Alyssa and Roxanne. I'm so glad to hear that the conversation between Roxanne and Alyssa flowed well, I was worried that some of it would appear abrupt or random. I actually thought about Roxanne dealing with all the muggle stuff while writing this, which amused me greatly because she would struggle but for now, this is all for Alyssa and Roxanne.

Thank you so much for your lovely review.
2014-12-12 21:02:44
The Crumple-Horned Snorkack continues to celebrate the holidays for at least a month after they're technically over, so I have come to drop a review on this Christmas themed story!

I like that Roxanne calls a television a 'telefusion'. Like a combination of television and confusion, because it's confusing.

Poor Roxanne, that's terrible to be stuck there and having to miss Christmas. Having a flight delayed due to a blizzard is the worst. Once I tried to visit my friend the Yeti in the Himalayas, but there was a blizzard so I couldn't.

You wrote her feelings of loneliness really well, both in how she was lonely in this crowd away from her family and confused by all the technology, as well as when she was actually alone once people had left to find hotels. Poor Roxanne :(

Aw, at least she made a new friend and won't be spending a lot of time waiting in an airport alone.

I wonder if/how she'll manage to get home before Christmas! But alas, the Lovegoods have come to search for me so now I must hide away alone in the forest again.

Author's Response: The Crumple Horned Snorkack is a very special creature then I see (I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree whoops).

I actually didn't think of telefusion that way, I was just trying to make her seem as clueless as possible but I like your suggestion of it being a combination of television and confusion.

I'm so sorry to here that you couldn't visit your dear the Yeti due to the snow storm, I'm sure he understood why you couldn't make it. (On a different note, I got the idea from the time I got stuck in an airport myself and had to spend the night there.)

I'm so glad that you think I wrote the feelings well (and it wasn't that hard to take that from personal experience. I'm sure everyone has felt that way more than once in their life). It sucks being in a crowd of people and feeling alone.

I hope I see you again Crumple Horned Snorkack! Thank you for your lovely review!


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