Aw! This is just too lovely!

First off, the song goes SO WELL with the story here - you picked the perfect song, and you wrote the perfect one-shot based off of it!

I really love how protective Teddy is over little Lily, and it makes me so sad to hear that he has been bullied - but it's so great of him that he is determined that she will never feel that pain.

I got a little worried when Teddy hesitated to talk about Victoire, I thought maybe they had broken up or something, but I was glad to see that it appears he's just planning on proposing and didn't want her to know.

This is such a sweet, tender little moment between these two and I really like to think this is how things really are when they grew up!

Another lovely piece, dear! well done!

Author's Response: Aww! I'm glad!

It was for a challenge, so I got given the song, I had it on a loop as I was writing!

Teddy is so so strong! As I said earlier... I can't help but put Teddy in bad, feel-provoking situations! I just can't help it! I feel awful about it, but he is strong, brave, forgiving, kind and adorable!

Teddy and Vic are definitely made for each other! I simply cannot ship either with anyone else!

Aww, thank you, you lovely human being!

You have been so very kind with your reviews! It means the absolute world! I'm grinning my face off, getting all the warm and squishy feels, as well as feeling very happy with my writing. The reassurance feels amazing!

Thank you so so much! I just want to give you such hugs and squishes!

*huge hugs*
Emz xxx
2014-10-19 10:55:58
Mrs. Claus here for the last day in my Christmas in July gift giving spree!

This was lovely, and a wonderful song choice. I love how Teddy stops trying to sugarcoat things for her, sometimes it's best to come out and say the truth. Being different is hard, but at the same time it's part of who you are, and others try and take that away. Teddy's learned this, and it really says something about him that he learned that, and is there for Lily even if it means sticking his neck out and risking being hurt again.

Lily seems so innocent here, but at the same time so observant and thoughtful. I feel like she'll grow a lot at Hogwarts, and with all her family there for her, I doubt anyone will go after her for long. That is, not unless they're looking to be hexed.

A lovely story, and one I'm happy to have read. However, I must be off! Still much to do in the few hours I have left, watch the forums for news of my...friend.

Author's Response: Why hello, Mrs. Claus.

You know, I was just thinking about how I was missing Christmas! I just cannot wait for that time of the year to come back around!

Thank you very much for choosing me to give a little Christmas gift to in July, it's very thoughtful!

Unfortunately, I feel that the next generation of our favourite characters would have a pretty tough time growing up. It cannot be easy living in the spotlight. But very fortunately, I feel that they would be such a tight-knit group of people that it would be okay. Everything would work out because they'd have each other to lean on if need be. Everyone else would learn fast that these guys aren't people to mess with, that's for sure!

Thank you very much again, I do love a review! (Doesn't everyone!).
I will watch out. Make it clear who you are! You deserve many hugs and squishes for this!

Emz xxx
OMG. I feel so emotional right now. This was so beautiful and full of feels and I loved it so very much.. :D I actually very nearly cried and I am not ashamed to admit it. After all, I am at home so it's okay... But even if I had been with people I didn't know, I would have still been willing to feel the emotions in this fic... There's just something so warm and amazing about Teddy... He's really the 'big brother' and I can just imagine the comfort and love he has down PAT (imagine, really, all the young people who probably went to Teddy for help and it's not such a big surprise. ahahaha). Anyway, I love the warm feelings of family pride and love that I got from this fic. It made me remember my own family and how I totally and completely trust them and how I would not survive if I lost any of them. You really managed to get that through which is why.. OMG FEELS. SO MANY FEELS. Thank you for sharing.

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hello Carla!

Oh MY goodness! I can't believe something that I'VE written has caused this much emotion in someone! I literally cannot believe it!

You've captured everything I wanted you (and all my other readers) to feel, everything I wanted you take away from this! I'm so so happy right now!

I know what you mean, my family are the most important people to me, I'm not sure what I'd do without any of them. I really don't.

No, thank you for leaving such a wonderful review! You've made my day!

Emz xxx
Hey Emz!

Happy Belated Hot Seat Review Day!

This story is the cutest I have ever read! It's so adorable the way you have Teddy being so wonderful and looking out for Lily. I love it. It's just so sweet and innocent and marvelous and I'd love to see more of this story. Maybe a sequel. I may have to head over to your stories offered thread (you do have on right? If not you MUST get one so I can bug you for more lovely stories) where I can request a sequel.

Brilliant work Emz. Seriously smashing stuff. Loved it and I want more.


Author's Response: Hey Ellie!

Why thank you! I'm so behind on the hot seat *bows head in shame*, I'll make sure you're on my list to review 'first' (there are quite a few on this list...).

Oh! Thank you! That's so sweet! It was for challenge so I only really adapted the song and prompt to make the story!

I have a thread now! Request away, but to help me out, if you could express where you want it to go... that would be great!

Thank you again!

Emz xxx
Hi! Here for your Hot Seat day, I hope you're enjoying it!

First of all, major props for doing a songfic. I've always sort of wanted to attempt one but never have, and I think you did a great job with this one! The lyrics were so perfect for Teddy's situation and fit the story so well. And I do love The Script, so I will have to give that song a listen soon :)

I just found this really heartwarming all the way around. I love that the Potters and Weasleys are still so focused on family, and that Teddy has sort of been welcomed in as one of their own. He makes a great big brother figure for Lily, who is adorable :) And I also love the backstory you gave Teddy. We tend to think that everything will be perfect for the next generation, because that's part of the "happy ending" we want for our beloved HP characters. But it makes total sense that Teddy would have a rocky start at Hogwarts because he is so different. And his childhood and family life have been so far from the "normal" situation. I could see that those memories were still painful for Teddy even after he'd overcome that period of his life. But at the same time, it was a great thing to see him using that situation to help Lily.

I loved reading this! You did an awesome job with Teddy, like I said--and side note, I love the way you incorporated his Metamorphmagus abilities at the beginning. Tonks' physical transformations were so connected to her emotions, and I love that you carried that on to Teddy as well :) Keep up the great work! I'm so glad the Hot Seat brought me to this sweet story :)

Hi, Emz! I am super behind on the review hot seat, so please excuse my lateness!

I love the story idea you've got here. It goes without saying that the Potters/Weasleys plus Teddy would be a close family and I love the idea that they would support each other throught starting and attending Hogwarts. Teddy is really sweet here, I enjoyed his thoughts throughout and I think you did a good job of his character.

The song worked well in the story, I think it's difficult to get the lyrics in the right places without disrupting the flow of the sotry but you managed it well.

There were a few errors in terms of grammar, mostly missed punctuation at the end of your dialogue, it might be worth running this by a beta reader who can fix those up for you :)

Overall though, a really cute and enjoyable story!

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hey Dee!

That's okay! I am too to be honest!

Thank you! I really love Teddy, he's such a cutie in my mind so I really hoped that would come through!

This was my first ever Song-Fic so I was really nervous about how that would go but I'm really glad it worked!

I got a beta, so we should be sorted once it goes back through the queue! :)

Thank you again!

Emz xxx
Hello, Emz, and HAPPY (super duper belated) HOT SEAT DAY!!! :-D

This was so sweet! I absolutely adore the bullying theme you wrote about, and how Lily is nervous because of Teddy's experiences with bullying in the past. Instead of allowing those hard times to turn him bitter or resentful, however, Teddy uses his troubled past to remind Lily that no matter what, he'll be there for her and things will be okay.

I also love the song choice you used. It fit the story perfectly. And the way you divided up the parts was really well done; the placements of each song snippet was clearly thought out and made a real impact.

It made me so sad when it came out that Teddy once believed his parents had abandoned him, rather than they had died fighting a battle to save his and others lives and futures. Thank goodness he understands the truth now! And good on Lily for making sure he knew better! *high fives Lily* ^.^

"It sometimes changes due to mood, (either period or semi-colon here, not comma) I still haven't quite got a handle on it's (its, not it's) change when I get into" - This sentence/paragraph ends very oddly here, and so I think you're missing a whole section of this, maybe? It feels very much like an incomplete thought, and there's no punctuation either, so I'm assuming something accidentally got deleted when you posted.

Also, I noticed a lot of little technical errors - most specifically in regards to grammar and punctuation. It ends up disrupting the flow of the story and making it read a bit choppier than it otherwise would. You have such a touching story on your hands, but it's a bit compromised by the lack of finesse, so I would consider a nit-picky edit or even a beta, if you feel those things aren't your strong suit. I think the quality of the story would exponentially increase with just a small comb over of the fine details!

Otherwise, this was super enjoyable! Again, I love the topic you tackled and I love your version of Teddy and Lily and how sweet they are; how willing to protect the other they are and keep one another from hurting. Well done, Emz!

That was so cute! I can't think of much more to say, except how adorable and closely-knit the whole Weasly family is.

Love it. Excellent work.

Author's Response: Hey Georgina!

Thank you so much!
I kinda love them all. They're super cute!

Thanks again! Reviews mean the world no matter how big or small!

*Big Hugs*
Emz xxx


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