When I saw who you wrote about in this story's title page or whatever it is called, I immediately skipped all the others and came here. Let me tell you one thing: I LOVE ELIZABETH WOODVILLE! So I was very intrigued when I saw her family name and and am very happy that I came and read this chapter.

I was wondering this whole time as to what Anne's great accomplishment was going to be. As Anne is but a whisper in history as Elizabeth is such a known name, I had no idea what was going to make her so accomplished, but now, after what she did, I can definitely see where you took this.

I loved how Elizabeth was in Slytherin and Anne, the more curious one, went to Ravenclaw to find a place where she could be so much more than in the muggle world at that time. And her beind able to use her, at least temporary, love spell on Edward makes so much sense in the history of it all that I am now convinced that is exactly what happened. I even love how Elizabeth and Jacquatta (yes, I did have to look up how to spell her name) were charged, or at least thought to be witches and here they actually are. Nice touch :P

Really loved this story! You did a great job!
Dude this story is perfect. I was going to start off by saying that we Claws are awesome and all, but I just can't because HES A LOVEGOOD AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE!! This is so imaginative and wild and a JELLYFISH and the FISH!! And the writing style is so beautiful. Like, literally gorgeous. Poor Uric, though, at least his son understood. And the way his son was his proudest achievement! The feels!

I feel like I did nothing but spam in this review, so sorry but I'm not really because HE KEPT THE BLACK DEATH OUT!! He's so cool and amazing oneshot perfect for Operibus Suis bye--


Hi there!

This was really interesting. I always enjoy reading things that parallel things that happened in the Muggle world, and see how Wizards dealt with it. The plague is a really unique choice. I like it.

I liked the little details that you added in, like Ignatius not being able to read or write. And how even if he could, he probably wouldn't because parchment is so expensive. That was another nice comparison to the Muggle world during that time period. It showed that Ignatius was definitely of the working class and makes it that much more impressive that he was eventually able to find, or begin to find, a cure for the plague.

It was sad that his parents had to die for him to become so dedicated to the cause. But, sadly, sometimes losing something or someone you love is what pushes us to achieve what we must. It was good to see that he finally achieved his goal.

This was a really interesting and well written read. Even though it was set in the Wizarding world, it definitely had an authentic feel to it. I enjoyed this. :D Thanks for sharing!

xoxo Meg ♥

Author's Response: First off, so sorry for taking so long with the response but thank you for reviewing Meg! Originally, I didn't know what I wanted to do but then when I saw the list of options, the plague stood out to me, and that was one of the things that I remembered quite vividly from my classes so I figured, I would go with what I had knowledge on.

On Ignatius being illiterate, I originally had made him literate but then it hit me that even if he was a wizard, it's not as if they would be more progressive than muggles, if anything, if anything, canon has shown that they would be more conservative, in some ways more than others, so I figured it would make the most sense for him to be just like every other labouring man of his day and for him to be illiterate (and since people were incredible when it came to memorizing thousands of things in those days, Ignatius probably had as much of a shot as anyone at figuring out the cure what with his extensive knowledge on Potions).

I really didn't want to kill Igantius's parents, I had planned on them getting better but then I realised that it would've taken more than three days for Ignatius to figure out the cure to the Black Plague (I was reminded of this fun fact when I thought of the pneumonic plague) so I was kind of like, "Welp, looks like they're dead."

I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the story, and again, thank you so much for reviewing!
2014-11-11 17:23:28

Wow this was definitely something really different - I've never read anything like this before! I was definitely intrigued from the very beginning - you have such a beautiful style of writing! The opening two paragraphs were especially so wonderful - the imagery was delightful, as was your use of personification - it really made the flowers and stars come alive and start off the chapter with such a magical tone.

Agatha is definitely a really unique character, and I thought it was brilliant how you managed to convey her personality and perspective so strongly in this one chapter. It's such a shame that Agatha ended up dying, and I feel quite sad for her, actually. Adding in William was a brilliant touch as well - it made the story even more believable as one set back in 1066. The historical tone was also really well set out, and made more realistic by your mentions of hatred towards witchery and magic.

I thought the the plot line here was really interesting, and really well thought out. I also loved the Ravenclaw references, as it made this chapter tie together even more with the opening chapter, and add onto giving this collab a real Ravenclaw-y feel, hehe. All in all, I definitely really enjoyed reading this, and I was hooked from the beginning the end. You did such a fabulous job with this chapter!
~ Charlotte

This was such a great opening chapter to the Ravenclaw collab! As a lot of people tend to say, Founders isn't their favourite genre, but it's always refreshing to read as it's such a different style and perspective. I thought it was fantastic how well the story was committed to the Hogwarts values, and how you portrayed what each house stands for.

Characterisation wise, I definitely think you did a good job writing Rowena here. She definitely exuded a sense of wiseness. The way you wrote Helga, Rowena and Godric was also well done, and all the dialogue in this was also written well.

I definitely really enjoyed reading this, and I think you've set a really high standard for the rest of this collab!
~ Charlotte
Whoo hey Sarah and congrats on being the first entry, it's so exciting :D

Ooh ooh I loved the opening paragraph and how she was reflecting on all the other houses, because though this is obviously a very Ravenclaw-centric story it was nice see to how the other houses played a role too and how they all fitted together to make the best out of Hogwarts.

The subtle appearance of an eagle was great too, and I'm so glad it was there as it's one of the most beautiful aspects of Ravenclaw as the bird just symbolises all things Ravenclaw in my opinion so yay for that. Plus, it's a great way of rooting out true Claws as our animal is the eagle of course and not the raven as many think.

I really loved Rowena's character as she seemed so measured and composed and so her that it was great. I think the part which really did make me all feelsy and emotional was the ending section and how Rowena's pride just shone through her. She really did seem to love her house and all that it stood for and I'm so glad that you chose this to be her proudest moment. ♥

One final thing I have to say is that even though I described her as measured and composed you allowed glints of her character to come through when she was talking to Helga and how Salazar had made her all flustered. We can still see this young and fresh woman here and it was so nice to see her like that as it made her much more human which is something quite hard to do with a character like that so kudos to you.

A great start to the collab :D ♥


Author's Response: Hey Kiana! I personally would go for terrifying, but exciting works too!

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked the way I added in the other houses, I wanted it to feel really unified because I think that's a major trait of Hogwarts - unity - and something the founders themselves would probably take pride in. I had a hard time choosing my solitary detail to include, and the Eagle just seemed to fall into place, especially as it's the house animal. I'm so glad that you liked my characterization and the chapter as a whole and I really appreciate this lovely review, thanks so much, love!

xoxo Sarah ♥
Hiya Sarah, my dear. Carla here for the Claw November BvB Review battle.

Anyway, I honestly love this because you've managed to write about Rowena so perfectly! She's smart, she's quirky but she's mortal with normal human emotions and reactions(which just sums up a Claw, I think, so go us!)

So, I love the little things that you included even though, there weren't that many words -- the little encounter with Salazar (I'm now totally shipping them, omg), Helga's disapproval (who'd have thought she'd have so much common sense? Then again, that she does, makes sense. lol, I confuse myself). And, of course, that eagle at the end. Yay for Claws! I mean, it really gave that moment great meaning and you can basically see and feel how proud Rowena was to have founded Hogwarts and her house for Ravenclaws.

So, yes, long story short, it's a gorgeous start to this collab. WELL DONE! :) I totally loved it. Thank you for making NaNo avoidance absolutely worth it.


Author's Response: Hi Carla! Thanks for that massive compliment! Writing Rowena was terrifying for me, but the collab seemed like a great opportunity to give it a try! I'm really glad that you liked all of the minor details I included in the story, and I really couldn't help myself by throwing that encounter with Salazar in. Thanks again, darling, glad I could make NaNo avoidance enjoyable!

xoxo Sarah ♥
Hi Sarah! :D

I'm here for the November BvB Review Battle, and also because I am super determined to be the first one to review this lovely collab, so here we go..! :)

I read this last night, and I thought it was such a brilliant way to start things off. After all, you're supposed to begin at the beginning, and in this case, the beginning of the Ravenclaw story starts with our dear Founder herself. I love how you've portrayed her, ever the academic, thinking about how each of her colleagues will teach according to their respective credos. It really works to set up the whole Ravenclaw theme of "we're smart, sometimes a little zany, and mostly super awesome, oh yeah!".

And that Rowenzar, though! I'm quite a shipper of Rowena and Salazar, so even though this instance that you wrote about was just a little one-off thing that might not amount to anything, I really loved it. Helga's disapproval made it even better, though--she's apparently the one with some sense in her noggin! :D But seriously, if Rowena and Salazar DO end up having a relationship-type-thing later on in the course of their history, I would be super happy about that. :)

The ending was really great--the cry of the eagle wrapped everything up nicely. It's awesome to think that founding Hogwarts was Rowena's proudest accomplishment, even above the magical innovations and advances that she no doubt created/discovered in her lifetime, because that tells me that she's all about the love of learning, and helping to pass that on to future generations. (If I'm making any sense.) Gah, at any rate, this was absolutely amazing, and good for you for starting the collab off! :)


Author's Response: Hi Mallory! Well, I'm glad that it didn't disappoint! Starting it off was terrifying, but I was also kind of excited to write about this partic ular moment. I'm glad my chapter set up that super awesome theme! Rowenzar. I'm going to start using that ship name, i'm glad you approved!! I had a lot of fun writing this and I'm so glad that you liked it. Thank you for your lovely lovely compliments.

xoxo Sarah ♥


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