2014-10-12 15:53:36
This is amazing. I'm in love with the fairytale format and your writing. Most fanfics I read are just really poorly written, and you're great. Like for realsies. There's a clear voice and its lighthearted and funny and imaginative. I love it.
*races to be first review*

(No, seriously, I am frantically typing now that my boss has left the office, so my sincere apologies if this review is both sporadic and absolutely pales in comparison to this incredible story! Eep!)

OMG IZ I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TRICKED ME SO! HAD ME STALKING THE RECENTLY ADDED STORIES LIST UNDER FALSE PRETENSES!!! AND I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FELL FOR IT! AH!!! HAHAHA You are SO incredible for having written this for me! Honestly, I'm shocked, I didn't expect it in the slightest! What a beautiful surprise, and your Author's Note is just so beyond sweet, I don't even know how to properly respond!!! Gah! I am nothing more than a puddle on the floor. You have melted me. 'Thank you' doesn't even begin to cover it. *hugs*

The story... Omg. I can't. It's not only a Remus/Sirius - *melts* - but IT'S ALSO A FAIRYTALE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The narration is so phenomenal, and when I got to the end and learned that you imagined it as James II telling it as a bedtime story, it just became even more special, which I didn't think was possible! The tone, the creativity, and the (as always) incredible quality of your writing just blows me away. Gah!

LAMOLLA! HAHAHAHA! Omg, I am dead. SO. FUNNY. SO. BEYOND. EPIC. And suddenly everything makes sense, too... You and your anagrams! LOL Can we expect to be seeing Tessi or Wesley anytime soon? ;) hehehehe Side-note: I would not be at all upset if Lamolla got a little peck on the cheek from the beautiful boys in this story. ;)

I love the assignments you've given certain characters, like Lily at the Apothecary, and Vernon Dursley as the Mayor, and OMG KNIGHT PADFOOT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER TO GO UP! Seriously, this feels so authentically like a true fairytale. You are amazing.

Okay, because I want to be first, I'm shutting myself up now, but let me just wrap this up by saying that every moment, every detail, every word of this story is my favorite thing about it. The whole thing, just... phenomenal. You are so incredible, as a writer, as a person, as a friend. And that you did this to cheer me up... *blinks away tears* I'm so truly touched, and so ridiculously happy in this moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Endless thank you's. Ah!

Tanya ^.^


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