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Reading Reviews for Coming Out of the Shadows
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sugar The Consequences

9th April 2017:
Please update! I love your story! Can't wait to find out about the breakout!

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Review #2, by Sugar The Aftermath

2nd January 2017:
Ya, your story is great, keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I have been working on it intermittenly; I actually have several more recent chapters posted on ao3 which is where I will continue to update.

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Review #3, by RelentlessFire The Consequences

18th July 2015:
I'm seriously obsessed with your story!! Please update soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The next chapter is in the works, and a lot is going to go down...

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Review #4, by May The Consequences

13th July 2015:
I am enjoying your story but I do find it hard when there being mean to Scorpius

Author's Response: Poor Scorpius is getting a lot worse than he deserves, but I needed to have a catalyst for his actions in the next chapter (sneak peek: he confronts Draco!). And even Harry Potter had to deal with bullies, right?

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Review #5, by May All's Fair in Love and War?

11th July 2015:
Read the chapter again really looking forward to the next one

Author's Response: Ee!
Thank you! I just sent the next one in for validation (I was even going to post it at the beginning of the week but the site was having issues)
So glad you're enjoying it, love

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Review #6, by May All's Fair in Love and War?

4th July 2015:
Good chapter looking forward to next one

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Review #7, by May Broken Expectations

28th May 2015:
Although I would like lots of updates your school work must come first but anything good is worth waiting for

Author's Response: Argh I know it's been so long, and I'm really sorry! I decided now was a good time to completely revamp the story and eliminate an oc... And I've just been lazy. I promise the next chapter will be up sometime this month (and hopefully rapid updates over the summer)! Thanks for sticking with me!

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Review #8, by The Happy Duck Enter a Friend (or something)

13th April 2015:
i couldn't stop reading, it was awesome!

Author's Response: *screams* *blushes*
I'm so glad to hear it; thank you so much!!!

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Review #9, by May Enter a Friend (or something)

22nd February 2015:
I'm not good at reviews all I can say is I am enjoying reading your story and glad it was not just one chapter

Author's Response: Don't worry about it; it means a lot to see a review no matter how long it is! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, an thank you very much for sharing!

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Review #10, by May One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

22nd February 2015:
I find it good I will miss not being able to read another chapter after this last one

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Review #11, by May Broken Expectations

22nd February 2015:
No worries just as long as you keep writing your story it's great

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Review #12, by May The Aftermath

22nd February 2015:
Loved this chapter looking forward to the next

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Review #13, by May The Unexpected Sorting

22nd February 2015:
I like your idea to more interesting when James and albus are in different house

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Review #14, by Ohpl Enter a Friend (or something)

13th February 2015:
You have an interesting story here. I was happy to see an update. You write the different characters well. I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you think so! My life is getting kinda crazy so I won't PROMISE a quick update, but hopefully I'll have time to hammer out another chapter soon.

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Review #15, by Ohpl One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

11th January 2015:
I am enjoying your story very much. I look forward to updates.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by shez The Unexpected Sorting

10th January 2015:
Hey there! I'm on my phone right now so forgive me for not leaving a lengthier review (I'll definitely do that for the other chapters). Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I like the premise of the story. I ADORE black sheep!slytherin!AL (especially when he and Rose are friends) fics so I just had to say something. Also, Your writing is technically sound and I love that you plan on using a revolving third person narrative to write Rose-Scor-Al. It's literally my most favorite thing ever ever!

Some concrit:

-scene brackets and spacing! Make sure your scene shifts are obvious and the spacing in he whole chapter is uniform.
-don't use the sorting song as the summary. Go for something snappier and more concise. You'll get more readers this way :)

I had some more notes if you're interested, but I'll leave it as is for now. All in all, a promising start! Can't wait to see where it goes!

Author's Response: This is super helpful; I'd love to hear more! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story thus far!

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