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Reading Reviews for Beauty
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Review #1, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Beauty

1st September 2014:
ReViEw SwAp

This is one of the best Ted/Toires I've ever read. Teddy's not perfect, Toire's not perfect, they don't have sexual tension nor butterflies in the stomach and it's just so real and gah, marauderfan, if you make me cry I'll kill you.

Anyways. Beautiful. The ending was perfect, and the way it was told from Toire's perspective and yet you could see (correct me if I'm wrong) Ted wanting her to shed her vanity was amazing. I like the approach you took to all of this: simple, no fancy flowery nonense (hypocrite alert, considering you've read my Sing Your Aria), and just true emotions shining through. My favorite line:
"Really," he answered. He didn't kiss her, but the smile he gave her was more than anything she could have imagined.

Maybe it's just me, but after this all I want is to be smiled at by T. Lupin.

I'm a very greedy person, marauderfan. Very, very greedy. You see, I want more of this deliciousness. My new mission in life: pester pester pester until you write a thousand sequels to this.

Anyways. Until next time!


Author's Response: My second review on this story and both want more. I wonder if there's a pattern here... In all seriousness, I am considering turning this story into a novel. I just need to finish some other projects first and find the time.

I liked imperfection in my romance stories and they're both very flawed here, though I didn't have as much time as I'd like to go into how they change and adapt.

There's a place for flowery language. Trust me, I've written my share and your Sing Your Aria was lovely. I did want this a little more simplistic. Just Vic and Teddy and their beginning.

If I do ever wind up getting around to the novel, I'll try to let you know. :) Thanks so much for the review swap! It was really fun!

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Review #2, by Ribbons Beauty

11th August 2014:
well, well, well. If Teddy Lupin isn't surprising me more everyday! And VICTOIRE? You just went crazy busting stereotypes like a man woman. If you're a man...I'm sorry. Deal.

This must have been a difficult fic to write because it seemed kind of like enough drama/awkwardness/hatred/sadness/sexual tension to last through a novel. luvinpadfoot I WOULD READ THIS NOVEL!

Okay, so maybe you weren't going for subtlety, who knows? But I have to say that there was little subtlety in this particular one-shot. Teddy was opinionated and in control of the situation.

I appreciated her comment 'I like my makeup' but I wanted a little more from her, because I thought she should fight back against this dude who's always like wear this, do this, don't do this, you're stupid, you're ugly. Like, why does she put up with it?

So, I guess I was just looking for some more fire, maybe if you wrote the novel you could make a fiery Victoire? (HINT HINT HINT)just saying.

Teddy really surprised me because he was almost unlikable. Not quite, but almost. I wanted just a little more of a slower relationship, something that a novel or even novella would allow. One-shots don't really do full love stories (hate to love) very well, because they just don't have enough room.

Loved Victoire's friends, what little I saw of them. Really impressive, likable, warm, grumpy, defensive people. Really well done.

So, now that you're thinking I'm a mean, nit-picking machine, relax. I really liked this fic. IT WAS GREAT! In fact, what you might have taken for disliking it was actually me wishing that it was a novel. As I have already mentioned.

This almost felt like a seed, idea, blueprint for a bigger story and character arc.

Ten thumbs up and a few toes, you're on the way to stardom ;)

Author's Response: Ah thank you! This review made me so happy! I've been staring at it for two weeks wondering how to respond. I still have no idea, but I felt terrible leaving it any longer.

I don't read much Teddy/Vic (dunno why now that I think about it), so I don't really know what's expected of them. I always kind of imagine Victoire as trapped by her beauty.

Teddy...well yeah, he was supposed to be a little unlikeable, almost. Not entirely so, but enough to be slightly off putting. Not all romances are perfect and sometimes people are a little irritating.

I do want to make this a novel so much, but I don't really have the time right now. If I do wind up writing the novel, it would probably have two parts. The Vic/Teddy romance as the first part and then Victoire coming into her own and finding her voice in the second. Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes, subtlety is not my strong suit. I've sort of given up and just write things how they are.

I'm definitely considering the novel and I have been since about halfway through writing this one-shot. I just need to find the time in between my other projects and school.

Thank you again so so much for everything you said here! It made me smile so much. :D If I do turn this into a novel, I'll try to let you know. :)

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