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Reading Reviews for Give It A Go
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Review #1, by Kendra Just A Date

11th February 2017:
it was weird :/ i don't like it.

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Review #2, by Pheonix Potioneer Just A Date

26th January 2015:
Yes, finally something ORIGINAL where Rose and Scorpius aren't hopelessly in love! I'm a fan of ScorRose, but it is so common that it gets annoying after a while.

I love how realistic this is. This is what actually happens in real life.

I think everyone knows someone like Violet. I have a friend who isn't quite as bad as Violet, but she can be annoying sometimes.

Ha ha, Kenway's date puked. That's kind of funny.

I'm glad Ella and Albus worked out great- I really like them. Hooray!

Great job with this!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! We like being realistic, and ScorRose pairings often bug us at least a little, so this was our way of contrasting most stories that pair or ship them. Granted both our Rose and especially our Scorpius are both quieter, reflective characters and I guess you don't see that wih Scorpius too often.

Violet was a character we saw as very... outgoing and our characters often tend to lean towards independent with a sense of humor, but we try to get a balance of personalities because that's what's realistic. ;)

Kenway's date couldn't have ended any better in my opinion (props to Georgina) which makes it fun especially with his character. Heehee! If you liked he Albus/Ella, check out the later chapters of our story The Wizarding Life of Ella Green.

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #3, by Lostmyheart Just A Date

7th August 2014:
Second chapter already done! :)

It was just as sweet as the first, and I can see it's a slow ScoRose build-up :)
I was a little confused at some points though. Rose mentions Ron talking control of the conversations at home, shouldn't she be calling him 'father'?
In the end, Rose think Scorpius took the break-up easy, which is a little odd since they never were an item/couple. But I guess it depends on what country you're from :)

It was a very sweet story, a lot of conversations, which made the reading a lot faster. It would be a lot deeper and more influenting, if you maybe wrote a little more about the characters - how they feel, what they do, what they wear and what they look like. Just to make the story seem a little longer, because it's such a great plot you've developed :)

Thank you so much for your entry! I enjoyed reading it :)

- Avi

Author's Response: Woot, you're a fast reader.

You might've been surprised that we didn't immediately show you to the double date, but Albus and Ella are too cute NOT to write about. It also gave a comparison between Albus/Ella (perfect) and Scorpius/Rose (not so perfect).

Violet saw them as a couple, so I thought Rose and Scorpius would see the date as a step into couple-dom (please pardon my butchering of words).

Yeah... we included physical descriptions in our other next gen stories, and sort of forgot to have it here. This was mostly something I whipped up in a day or so and was edited in one more, then we didn't look back as we submitted it.

Thank you so much! We're glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by Lostmyheart A Blind Double Date

7th August 2014:
Hi there!

I'm finally reviewing all these wonderful entries for my challenge. And thank you so much for writing a story for it!

In the beginning I knew immedaitely that it was Rose who was going to be on the blind date (to be honest, I clicked on the link without seeing what pairing you've written about) and I was right :)

Scorpius seems really sweet and sensitive in this story, which is somewhat refreshing. He was awfull y quiet during the potionsclass, but if my friends talked that much I'd be silent too :b
There was a lot of names to keep track on, and hopefully they're important or we'll meet the characters later, if not - then it was a little unecessary to mention so many people :/ But the chapter went on quickly, and I'm looking forward to read the rest!

- Avi

Author's Response: We had this story idea before we saw your challenge and knew it would be perfect.

Yeah, we didn't exactly try to hide who Scorpius would end up with.

Our Scorpius was a Hatstall (mentioned in our novella) and we saw him as more of a keeps-to-himself kind of person. He's the guy who can change the world in small ways without anyone noticing him. Of the Gryffindor trio, Kenway is the most talkative.

Sorry about the names, we like details. We've already created a whole next-gen universe through our other stories. We put those details in so you can see pieces of the bigger picture, which does influence the story.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by lexiatel A Blind Double Date

6th July 2014:
Oh boy, I can see where this is going! I have been noticing a lot of pairing between these two, even I subconsciously done it.

Anyway, I really liked Scorpuis' POV, I hope there's more of that.

I got confused with all the names though, not that it's bad, but it's just me, I was trying to match so many names in just a short time. That's not really a big deal though. Just gotta a little lost.

I can't wait to see their reaction, I don't know much about the characters yet to know how they will react. Surprised? Hateful? Will they love it? I am eager to find out!

"House Cup 2014 Review"

Author's Response: Yay Thanks!
We've hesitated about that pairing too, but you'll have to see next chapter to find out how it goes and whether they stay together. (It's halfway through the queue.)

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