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Reading Reviews for Solace
17 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Shadowkat Comfort

11th June 2015:
Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015! We totally got this!

I don't think I've seen a Oliver/Katie fanfiction before, but I think you now have me hooked on this paring, it just seems fitting somehow. I really love the creative way you incorporated the Niffler into this, and how not all treasure is physical. I think that, along with love, was a reoccurring theme throughout the books, and I enjoyed seeing it here.

I also enjoy how mundane Oliver's death was. After the horrors of war, something so normal would almost become even more of a shock.

I love this, go Ravenclaw!

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Review #2, by milominderbinder Comfort

30th September 2014:
QTR story search round three! oh, god, this just about broke my heart D: i rarely read about these characters so i wasn't sure how much this would affect me going in, but, wow, it was a LOT. the scene in the hospital, Wood was so hopeless but adorable and the incredible depth of his caring for her shone through so much, i kind of forgot that you had set up his death in the beginning and then it hit me doubly hard in the last section D: the line about her not needing mascara at the funeral, so she could be the woman he had loved, was incredible and hard-hitting. well done ♥

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Review #3, by Leonore Comfort

12th July 2014:
'm all sad now. Poor Oliver, poor Katie. Absolutely beautiful descriptions, natural-sounding dialogue. And the first section is too sad.

Gorgeous characterisations - they're such normal people, Oliver all awkward asking her out, the nurses not superheroes knowing exactly what to do but scared of anything new. I love how Oliver just talks about Quidditch, not knowing what else he can mention. He doesn't know what else to talk about so he just falls back on Quidditch as a safe option. And she reminds him that she wants to know about other things too, like how her friends are.

I WANT A NIFFLER. It's so cute! All fluffy and calm and snuffling around.

Sad and beautiful and sweet and 10/10.

~ Leo xx

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Leo!

Yeah, I always try to make my characters as normal as possible. I read back my dialogue and see if I can picture it coming out of the character's mouth or if it flows naturally, the way normal speech would.

Glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks!


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Review #4, by zealousVisionary Comfort

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

This was a lovely fic indeed- it made me remember how much I love the Katie/Oliver pairing!

From the start, with that flawless description of Katie, I was hooked on this story. Your writing was wonderful throughout the entire piece, too. Katie losing Oliver just made me so sad! You wrote her emotions so well, and I could really feel her pain.

The scene with the niffler was totally adorable, though! I love nifflers, and that was a perfect way to tie this story to the prompt, for sure!

My favorite part had to be the ending. It was short, but powerful, and really gave a hopeful sort of vibe, which was the perfect way to end the story!

Great job on this fic- it really was awesome!

Author's Response: I definitely wanted to balance out the moments of joy and love with those darker moments that were dominated by grief. I'm really happy that you enjoyed the story, and thanks for your sweet review!


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Review #5, by ginnypotter242 Comfort

12th July 2014:
Aww! Katie/Oliver is an under appreciated ship, it really is. I love how you wrote them. The scene in the hospital was so sweet! Oliver was as Quidditch obsessed as always, not even thinking that Katie was talking about how people were doing in life. It was really sweet.

Okay, the rest of the fic was heartbreaking! Losing a spouse is horrible. Hearing ow he died, and reading Katie's initial reactions actually made me tear up quite a bit. It was very well written and flowed perfectly from one scene to another.

the part with the niffer is sweet and unique. I really liked the sentiment behind it, and that they've kept it all these years even though niffers don't typically make good pets. Great job writing this! It was a beautiful (if not horribly sad) one-shot!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: This story was sad, but I loved exploring the relationship between Oliver and Katie and pondering the idea of him still being a comfort to her even after his death. I thought it was interesting to consider that a Niffler might be a perfect pet for Katie, even though most people would likely make another choice :)


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Review #6, by kenpo Comfort

8th July 2014:

So, this completely hooked me, right from the first paragraph. I wasn't sure what was going on - should I be worried about Katie? Has she been crying, is she ill, is she getting into weird make-up? Why exactly are her eyes red-rimmed?

Then the memories of things people have said to try to comfort her made me worry. What's going on?

I loved the way you explained/described his death. It was simple, to the point, yet full of power and emotion. The line "surrounded by concerned strangers instead of his wife" really got to me. Even though those strangers were probably supportive and felt saddened by his loss, they were still strangers and it's too bad that he wasn't with his loved ones.

You compared her emotional pain to an open wound, which is often an overused cliche, but you did it so brilliantly that I don't even care. It just fit in with the narrative and really made me feel like I was bleeding, as well.

I love how you've connectd the curse into it. I wrote a Katie story that the curse factored heavily into, and it's always intersting to see how other authors interpret the same event. I love what you've done with it. Oliver's interatction with her is sweet, and it makes me see how they ended up together. I especially liked the line about Angelina and Alicia loking for flats with three bedroom sso that they could all live together. It's nice to know that they were all friends, not just teammates.

Then the niffler is adorable, although I have a vague memory of the books saying somehwere that they make horrible pets because they make a mess everywhere, looking for treasures. I do think that it was a great way to tie the story into the prompt.

I love that ending so much!!! You have her such a small victory, but with that victory there is so much hope for her recovery. You also hinted at how great Oliver was to her, with her thinking that he'd rather she not wear the mascara.

This was a really fantastic story, but I'm not surprised at all, coming from you. Your narrative flows beautifully, and you've told a wonderful plot with well developed characters.

Awesome job!


-House Cup 2014 Review-

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Review #7, by emmacweasley Comfort

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hi Amanda! This is such a lovely one-shot, and really fit within the first prompt well. :) The line at the end, "She would be the girl he had loved" - it was such a great line! And it was so good to see that such a tiny creature could make a difference in what was bound to be a horrible day for Katie.

You version of Katie has a much different personality than my headcanon of her, but I loved her all the same. She really seemed like a full, thoughtful character. Great job with that!

Overall, it was a beautifully constructed one-shot. Thanks for writing it. :)


Author's Response: Hey there!

Thanks so much for your kind review! I actually thought this story kind of embodied all three prompts: there was obviously a magical creature, Katie overcame a time of adversity, and it was the love of her friends and her love for Oliver that got her through. I really wanted to emphasize the idea of her using the Niffler to overcome the darkness she was feeling. I'm glad you felt like it was a good fit for Prompt 1!

It was fun constructing a personality for Katie and building her relationship with Oliver. I'm pleased to hear that you liked getting to know her and enjoyed the story as a whole.


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Review #8, by nott theodore Comfort

8th July 2014:
Hi Amanda! Congratulations on being the first one to have a house cup entry finished - I still can't believe how quickly you managed to write this, especially when the writing is so good and polished as well!

This was a really cute story, even if it was quite sad in places. I loved the way that you tied the prompt in with the Niffler being something that represented Oliver to Katie, but also provided her with comfort when he was gone. A Niffler would be a cute pet to have, I think! And the little touches like the bed that it had made it more believable to read about this.

The part I enjoyed the most was the flashback to how Katie got the Niffler in the first place, and how she and Oliver got together too. It was really cute that he snuck in with the Niffler as an excuse for his visit and he really just wanted to see her, and ask her out. He was so adorable when he was blushing and stumbling over his words - I loved how embarrassed he was, because usually Oliver's portrayed as a really smooth character in fanfiction.

It was so sad that he died, especially when Katie wasn't there with him! I thought you conveyed the emotion really well, and I really enjoyed this story!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #9, by maskedmuggle Comfort

8th July 2014:

This was really well written and I loved how unique and interesting your plot was. It's not very often that I get to read about a niffler, so I love that you chose this magical creature to write about. I also don't think I've ever read an Oliver Wood/Katie Bell story, but I absolutely loved your portrayal of them here and I think I'm definitely going to need to read more of them! I thought the way you transitioned between the present and the past was done well. This was also really sad, due to Oliver's death, and you conveyed Katie's struggle to deal with it really well. I really liked that the niffler gave her some comfort, and the circumstances in which she got the niffler was really cute. I thought your characterisation of both characters were pretty perfect, such as when Oliver's instant response to "How are they doing?" was about quidditch rather than how they were actually doing. All in all, I really enjoyed this, and I think you did a wonderful with it!

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Charlotte :)

I really want to write more Katie/Oliver after completing this story, too. I'm happy to hear that you liked the characterization and enjoyed having a chance to read about an unusual magical creature. This was a blast to write. I really appreciate your review!


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Review #10, by Veritaserum27 Comfort

7th July 2014:
Hi Amanda!

I've just realized that I have never reviewed anything of yours. Praise be to the new Ravenclaw Master Author List in the common room! This was really, really sweet and sad at the same time. It would have been easy to just write the scene between Katie and Oliver in the hospital, but you brought it to another level! First off, I need to comment on your characterization of Oliver. This is very different than what we know of him from the books. I rather like this softer side of him and I think it is entirely fitting that Oliver didn't come into his own gentle personality until the girl he had a crush on was nearly cursed into oblivion. Katie changed him. The little touches you add - her smoothing her dress, the mascara smeared across her face, just add to the deepness of their love for each other. Great job with the prompt!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey there!

I love the way you talk about Oliver's relationship with Katie creating a shift in his personality. I tried to retain some classic elements, like his obsession with Quidditch, but you're right that I wanted to show a slightly softer side of him here. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the story!


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Review #11, by anythingcouldhappen Comfort

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 review!


I mean seriously this was so exquisitely painful! The bit in the hospital was so cute between Katie and Oliver, but knowing he was dead made it so tough to read. I really loved the description at the beginning, about her dress and bleeding heart. They made the grief feel very real.

Oliver is so endearing, and I love the little details that make him so true to his character. Of course he thinks she's asking about how their season is going! And his thoughtfulness in why he bought the niffler for her is so precious. The way you've written their interaction really makes me want a whole story centering around their romance!

The end to this was lovely and heartbreaking as well, but somehow very hopeful. The last line is perfect and draws the story to a close so well. Awesome job!


Author's Response: Haha, if I had a nickel for every time someone has said that in a review...

I do really like this pairing, and I'd love it if you wrote something longer about them! I tried to keep Oliver true to his canon self with his mind always going automatically to Quidditch, and it was fun to explore Katie's characterization.

I do like to think of the ending as hopeful, because Oliver's gift helped Katie in ways that he didn't even anticipate. He may be gone, but she can still feel his love.

Thanks for your lovely review :)


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Review #12, by Beeezie Comfort

6th July 2014:
Yay - an excuse to review! I'm here to review for Ravenclaw for the 2014 House Cup. :)

I loved this. What you managed to fit into less than 1,500 words was really quite remarkable. My heart went out to Katie - the anguish she felt was clear and actually started to make me tear up. Losing people is so hard, and the nature of her losing him felt painfully realistic.

That really resonated with me because I actually lost a friend fairly recently in a similar sort of situation - I mean, obviously he wasn't playing Quidditch, but it was just an accident that was nobody's fault and if the situation had been a little different, he might have survived.
I think in a lot of fics, people dying tends to involve a war or dark wizards or something like that - which is totally plausible in the wizarding world, of course, so there's nothing wrong with it, but I do think that sometimes this sort of thing gets short shrift. Often, this is what death looks like - there's no overarching purpose or reason, and there's not even necessarily someone to blame. It's just a moment in time that you wish you could change.

The only thing that seemed a little odd to me was that Katie hadn't seen her mother or brothers yet - it seems like if they hadn't even been able to speak with her yet or be sure that she was okay, they likely wouldn't have really left her bedside. Otherwise, though, this was excellent, and I loved seeing a glimpse of the beginning of their relationship, especially since in that context I can see why she smiled, even if she didn't quite want to.

(That also resonated with me. At the funeral, I saw that my friend's family had put a jersey from his favorite sports team (who I also love - it was one of the first things we bonded over) in his casket. It really did make me smile, even though I was at his funeral and I was about to break down and my boyfriend was breaking down.)

So yeah. This was a great story in general, but especially given some of my recent experiences, I just really appreciated it a lot.

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Review #13, by UnluckyStar57 Comfort

6th July 2014:
I am just starting to review the Event Three entries for the House Cup, and I'm starting with you! :)

It's interesting to see how everyone interpreted each prompt; there are so many different ways to go! Yours is multi-faceted--a tragedy, a love story, a cute little Niffler. The variety of emotions that you managed to display was incredible!

First of all, awww, Oliver and Katie! I never pictured them as a couple, but the hospital scene was /so/ cute. Since it was a flashback, the scene could've taken place in any time--after all, Katie might've been a professional Quidditch player (at first, I thought it might've been a relapse of her pain from the curse)--but I like how you established that it was in Harry's fifth year by talking about the specific members of the team. Also, the fact that Oliver came to visit her is just really, really adorable. :)

But the sad part... That was awful! :( Why did Oliver have to die?! Your words were so powerful and evocative that I could almost feel Katie's heartache as I read.

The only constructive criticism that I can give you is that I wish there could be more encounters with the Niffler and more scenes with Oliver and Katie in them. Alas, that would require more words than were allowed for Event Three!

Lovely story. 10/10. Go Ravenclaw!

House Cup 2014 Review


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Review #14, by evil little devil Comfort

6th July 2014:
This is a very sad, beautiful piece. The structure works very well, I love how you drew us directly into Katie's mind, how Oliver's name isn't mentioned in her thoughts, because it isn't necessary, which creates a short little mystery for the reader and straight away immerses you in Katie's world.
The niffler idea is very cute, I love it! Oliver giving it to her to protect her from jewellery, that was really sweet. I love the line near the end about shrouding herself in memories, it's very poignant and really hits home.
This is a really lovely one-shot, it was such a delight to read!

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm glad you liked how I left Oliver's name out initially, to create a little bit of mystery as to whom Katie was thinking about. We know that Nifflers traditionally make terrible pets, so I thought it was cute that Katie was able to make something good out of it and appreciate having a Niffler more than most others would.

Glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for your review!


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Review #15, by momotwins Comfort

28th June 2014:
This is so very sad, but also so romantic, and I really enjoyed reading it. Even though it made me sad. I think the idea of Oliver bringing her a niffler so she never touches enchanted jewelry again is just genius, that was very clever of you. I keep thinking of it over the past few days since I first read this story, and it's just so great, I love it. I am not normally a big Oliver fangirl, but he's so adorable here, I just love him. Great story!

Author's Response: Hey, glad you could stop by! It was a bit tough for me to incorporate the magical creature idea, because I already had the skeleton of this plot floating around in my mind, but I'm glad it worked well!

I'm definitely pro-Oliver appreciation, so I'm happy to hear that he stuck with you!

Thanks again!


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Review #16, by HarrietHopkirk Comfort

27th June 2014:
Hello! Thought I'd show some house solidarity and pop over to review! Go Ravenclaw!

Reblog if you cry every time, am I right? THIS IS SAD! You hit us hard from the beginning:But he'd fallen suddenly, broken his back, had died on the field surrounded by concerned strangers instead of his wife. No! The thought of . alone is sad enough, let alone him dying without Katie :( ALSO THE BABY CLOTHES

Just be careful: some lines (e.g. concealing the open, slow bleeding of her heart.) are more sweeping statements don't have the emotional punch that her actions do (in fact, they distract from her grief even as they describe it) - the descriptions of her and her conversation with her mother and the make up and everything add more, I think - they seem more real.

AAAH THE NIFFLER THAT IS SO CUTE THEY ARE SO CUTE I LOVE IT. Sorry for caps. But then, again, you punch us in the face with the grief and the sadness - THE BIGGEST TREASURE IN HER LIFE OMG - stop.

I love it!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the lovely review!

Yeah, I really like to hammer home the emotion with sad details, like the bit about the baby clothes. Those are the things you notice in difficult times like these.

I see what you mean about lines like that. I try to strike a balance between emotional and behavioral descriptions, but maybe it didn't work as well in some places here. It's good food for thought.

Thanks again!


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Review #17, by patronus_charm Comfort

23rd June 2014:
Hi again Amanda!

I really loved the first section it was so haunting with the way you had an inkling about who it was and what happened but then there was a random Niffler there which just confuses it a little so you have all these pieces youíre just not quite sure how to put them together. Thatís why I loved the structure of this whole piece so much as it just piece things together so well.

The second section is what got to me because thatís what confirmed it was Oliver in a way as I had been secretly hoping it would be someone else. I really loved the little bit of romance going on there as this ship has always been a favourite of mine and it was interesting to see her reminisce about Hogwarts and everything else back from those days. It was so cute to see how awkward Oliver got when he gave her the Niffler, but you tied it in so well it didnít feel as if it was a prompt at all.

The sign of hope and inner peace at the end was really lovely as it showed that she did have her Gryffindor courage and that she could overcome this current obstacle. I really loved this one-shot, Amanda and it worked so well with the prompt so great job!


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