Haha I love your Victoire! She's awesome!

Oh Teddy! That was mean of you back then! No wonder they don't get on anymore. I would have been mad at him too!

Aw they kissed! And it was totally all that sexual tension between them that caused them to act that way towards each other. :D

HAhaha oh James! I have a feeling he'll be the one who always catches them together.

I really loved this one shot! It was so brilliant, hun! Keep up the amazingly brilliant work!

Author's Response: Hey!!

I see so many versions of Victoire, but I really love this one too, haha.

Teddy's loveable, but still I think anyone would be mad at him, he was a bad boy.

It was perfect right! I always think of this now whenever I hear the song :p

JAMES!! It was inevitable that he would catch them, out of everyone he was the most perfect!!

Thank you Tammi *squishes tightly*

Hey, I'm here because you requested a review on my thread! :)

1. Flow/pacing
Excellent! The placing of lyrics really breaks up the different sections well and allows you to seamlessly change from one para to another. For a short amount of words, this is excellently written! Not too fast, not too slow. It's in that nice, happy medium :)

2. Characterisation/does the summary fit this
Ooh, I really love how you made them both big flirts. You usually only get one or the other so yeah, nice alternative! I loved reading both characters as they both seem very flirty and fun. But yes, the way you've written them definitely matches with the summary!!

Quick itty-bitty fix, but in the summary I think you meant Asia ;) haha. Other than that, I really loved this oneshot!! Well-written and enticing -- I've added to my faves :)


Author's Response: Hi

Thank you!

I was a bit unsure because between the second lot of lyrics and the chorus there is another two lines but they didn't really fit, so I cut them. So I'm glad they work/flow together.

I mean Vic is part Veela and Teddy is a metamophmagus, it was inevitable in my eyes. They both have their special traits, hence being popular with the opposite sex.

Ha, oops. I've changed it now, thanks for pointing that out :D

Thank you so much!

Hey, crestwood from the forums here for your requested review!

The characterization in this is really good, especially with Vic. I love her sarcasm and she comes off so confident and self assured. The flow is great. It transitions between the current events and flashbacks when Teddy nearly ruined their friendship forever very well. (I'm glad that Teddy seems to have gotten over himself in the years since.)

I did find one mistake (just a typo) in the sentence "She hadn't hoped for this thought, although she wasn't complaining," where thought should be though, I believe. Other than that small thing, wonderful writing here. Thank you for your request!

Author's Response: Hi

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.

With them both being popular with the opposite sex I was worried but I'm glad Vic comes off liek that, because she definitely is! He was stupid back then that's for sure, but he's more mature and has made up for his mistakes now.

Thank you, I've fixed now. Thanks again for the help!

HIYA! ^__^ Dez aka marauderslover15 is here for the requested review! Okay, lets’ start =D

First off, I love you summary. It is really well-written and interesting. It captured me. Secondly, the flow of this one-shot was unbelievably great. You had such a strong introduction that emphasis their relationship and how others thought of their relationship. There was a little part that threw me off was when you wrote, “It wasn’t like he didn’t have looks…. He hated the way certain boys…” I felt that between those two sentences there should be a transition from talking about HIS looks to HER looks. Because it kind of shifts abruptly. I understand he is still the one thinking in both sentences, but the topics are slightly different.

Characterization was DONE REALLY WELL! Although we don’t know how, they both are in the canon, I imagine them like this! It is done beautifully!

Other than that, your story is perfect! It is really well written! I never had a real interest in this ship, but because of this one-shot I do! So, thank you for that. I actually wish there was a full novel behind the two written by you. Anyway, really great and would 100% recommend.


Author's Response: Hi!!

I actually wasn't sure of it at first, because I thought it didn't fit with the characterisation of them but things changed and I kept it :p

Oooh yes, it doesn't sound quite right thank you! I shall work some magic and get around to changing it.

Aww thank you so much!! :D I am partial to Teddy/Tori but until now I yet to write them. I'm glad that I've converted you, lol. Apart from Rose/Scorpius thye are my second favourite Next-gen ship! Who knows, I have a whole summer to write now so there could be haha :)

Thank you once again.


This was so cute. Your build up to the moment where they kiss and then share their feelings and kiss again was perfect. And James' interruption was hilarious. This was a very well written story and I really enjoyed reading it.


Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you! I got a love for the song and well it got me inspired.

Well James interrupted them in the epilogue so I thought it was fitting for him to do it again, even though this is set before that.

Thanks for reading and reviewing



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