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2014-08-07 12:30am
the typos are just too severe. i love the story though.

Author's Response: I didn't think the typos would be a problem for people. When I finish the story I'm gonna work my way through and update it. thanks :)
Wow, I really like this story, and when it's done, it'll for sure be added to my favorites. :)

Author's Response: wow that's a real honour :) I'll be sure to try and keep my future chapters up to scratch !
2014-07-09 12:56pm
Great plot… keep writing… can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: it's coming :) I've been so busy recently and still perfecting it! please stay faithful i promise it will come x
2014-07-09 7:02am
Hey! I just stumbled across your fan fiction when I was looking for the new short story thing J.K. Rowlings wrote, and I can't stop reading! I've just eaten up the last few chapters and its like 11 pm but I can't sleep cause I just want to read more! Talented, I love your work. Keep it up xx Siennaben

Author's Response: :D I am like that with fanfics so often and that has actually made my day that i can make other people feel like it :) the new chapter should be here soon x
2014-07-08 8:17pm
Just read everything, absolutely loved it! I like the way you write, and the way you described Draco! Probably one of my favoritesxx

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! With Harry Potter beinig written with almost always Harry's point of view we never really got a description of how Draco looked from the point of someone who might be attracted to him. Even without Tom Felton's portrayal of him I've always thought as he was tall, blonde, slender he could be quite sexy :) plus the amount of fan fiction i read has contributed towards this idea, keep reading I'm so glad this is one of your favorites as there's so many talented authors out there!
2014-06-23 11:02pm
I'm really excited for this story! Keep going!!!

Author's Response: I plan to :) thanks for the review x
2014-06-16 9:20pm
I like this! Please continue! :D

Author's Response: Yay :D, I know you guys don't think its much but it really makes my day even if i get a quick positive review, thanks - be sure to let me know what you think of the future chapters too. x
Welcome to publishing your own stories! Okay story so far. I'm interested in where you take Draco in this.

I see others have already mentioned the grammar mistakes so I won't harp on that. Though you should take care in what you post. Don't let your eagerness to post a chapter override the need to fix mistakes. Write it up as quickly as you want, but then let it sit overnight and read through it again the next day. You'll be surprised how much that helps. Less mistakes result in better responses and reduced dwelling on your need to fix bad grammar. Hint: keep past chapters on file and use the validation period to reread multi-times and fix as you go. Once you're a trusted author and can skip past validation, it's an easy copy/paste to replace old mistake-filled chapters. Benefit: people shut up about grammar and talk more about your actual story.

Hope that helps you.

Will be back for more!

Author's Response: I always do, I actually always have a few chapters at a time ready and check them a few times but like i said i am a bad typist - i have triple checked my next chapter so hope their are less mistakes in the future :)
Pretty good!
I'm glad to see Christine is meeting the trio and seems like she'll be friends with Hermione. The fact she can stand up to Malfoy will definitely win Ron and Harry's approval!
Some more typos,such as "Seamus Finnigan" typed like "Shamus" or "barely" is spelled like "barley."
It seems as if Dumbledore has not died and the trio has stayed at Hogwarts for their seventh years. Does this mean that Voldemort doesn't exist? Or is he already dead? If you were planning on revealing that, do it, but leaving that info out could be wise by making the reader make his or her own assumptions!
I think the password is new beginnings in Latin, like Christine is having a new beginning at Hogwarts? Brownie points for me?
Keep up the good work

Author's Response: I had realized some of the grammar mistakes after I had published the chapter but to edit it would mean restarting the validation time and I think I was a bit to eager to hear what you guys thought :), this story is and AU but Lord Voldemort is still around (kind of) I promise I will explain soon, thanks for the review xx

P.S yeah brownie points for you- I took a leaf out of Jo's book and used some of my Latin knowledge for the passwords x
A very creative story!
First, there are some grammatical errors, such as missing commas. Always put a comma before the word "too" and put commas before the closing quotations when someone is talking. For example, "Of course," Christine promised.
Other than that, this is good for your first chapter. I like this idea a lot of a transfer coming in their sixth year! It should be very interesting. In the story bio it says she will have some romance with Draco, but Christine being in Gryffindor AND muggle-born should be interesting!
Keep up the good work, I'm interested to see how this story turns out.

Author's Response: This is actually their seventh year but i have explained more about that in the authors note of the next chapter. I apologize if I am changing too much of the original HP story but I am making it work for mine :). I will try and keep on top of my grammar mistakes it's often caused by me being to eager and typing away and concentrating more on the story line but I'll check it over more in the future chapters, thanks for the reveiw.
I also did the competition for the title to the chapter on my tumblr blog, an anon chose a private sorting I liked it :)

Author's Response: i wrote this on a friends account as I realized when i read the authors note that I had already chosen a chapter title :)
- hannah x


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