2014-06-01 03:35:10
Aww, this was equal parts cute and serious. Strange combination, but I like it!

I say that it was cute because of Ginny's love for her baby and her interaction with Harry. They make such a nice couple. :) He seems to have gained more confidence and know-how as an Auror, and his reassurances to Ginny were not out-of-place or condescending. (Which is good, because condescending!characters are not very nice.) I like that they are talking about the future together, being realistic about what Ginny can and can't do, and yet still coming up with a good compromise. Ginny will not hate her baby, I'm sure. I think he'll grow up to be a mama's boy. :)

I say that it was serious because Ginny is obviously worried about the future. She agreed to give up playing Quidditch, but she knows that she isn't exactly like her mother, she can't just sit at home and tend to seven children all day. She wants to do things, to see people and places, to be the firecracker!Ginny that we all know and love. Just because she's temporarily out of commission, doesn't mean she's forever resigned to stay at home. And the part about hating the baby was serious, too. It's a conflict of interest to hate your own child, but it happens sometimes, to awful effect. I think that it's very realistic of her to worry about that.

Great one-shot! I'm interested to see what Ron's defining moment is. (Especially since I thought that this one was about Ginny meeting Aragog because of the title.) :)

~For the August BvB Review Battle~

2014-06-01 03:35:10

This was an incredible story, and I loved the way in which you expressed Ginny's strong personality and courage as well as warmth. I can understand how she is scared of ending up a bit like her mother, without a career, and you really show how much she loves what she does, Quidditch. The conflicting feelings that she has really seem to fit into her character.

The attention to detail, I think, is what made this story really come alive, and I could practically see the whole scene being played out in my head! There were a few very minor typos, but apart from that this was an incredibly thoughtful story with a lot of idea behind it.

Thanks for sharing!
snufflesthedog xx

P.S. This was for the BvB Review Battle

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review. I don't write Ginny very much, so I'm glad it worked.

Thanks again!
2014-06-01 03:35:10
Hey there!

Wow, so this title of this chapter really caught my attention from the beginning. Ginny meeting Aragog; I honestly don't know what to expect from a story with this title... but I guess that's what actually reading the story is for, right? Right. HERE WE GO!

Hmmm, see! This is the unexpectedness I am talking about! I totally thought this was gonna be set during CoS. I mean, 'Harry and Ginny's cottage', being the first words of this story, clearly indicate that this story is set post-Hogwarts, when Aragog isn't even alive. I will now again emphasize the fact that I have no idea what to expect. Is this an AU? Once again, I must remind myself to just keep reading so all my questions may be answered.

Okay, so I can already tell that this is really well written. Also, I should really stop being so in awe of this every time I read one of your stories, but I honestly can't help it, so I guess I'll just keep telling you. You're awesome, I can already tell this story's awesome, you write amazingly (I'm jealous), keep up the good work!

Unless I'm mixing up my stories, the mention of Angelina's ended career due to injury was a nice tie-in with the shared universe of your stories; I love it!

Quick correction: In the line starting with "That's sweet", I think you meant to say "jealous of (a or his) 168 hour workweek". Also, another one: in the line starting with "to be Ginny." I think you meant to say "You and Ron are (not and) rising in the Auror office".

I love what you did with the quick little miscommunication. As sad as it also is, it was sweet to see Harry's frantic reaction when he thought Ginny wanted a divorce.

Upon reaching the end of this story, I am now just haunted with figuring out the title (a very, very good type of haunted). Is it the equivalent of Ginny being forced to face her greatest fear - choosing between her family and Quidditch - as Aragog was for Ron? Interesting... I have no final answer at the moment, but have no doubt that this will be picking away at the back of my mind for quite some time...

Anyways, I really did love this story. In fact, Im seriously considering favouriting it! Thanks so much for adding this to the HPFF world and I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much for reviewing!!

The reason for the summary... the story was inspired by the song Meeting Aragog from the CoS soundtrack. All of the chapters of this will be a one-shot about each of the Weasley children inspired by a song from the movies.

You're so nice!!! I love your reviews!!

With what happened to Angelina... not all of my stories take place in the same universe, but that's headcanon for me that I included. There will be other things in this story that might not jive with my other stories.

The next chapters (Ron's. It's inspired by A Window to the Past) should be up sometime next week. Hopefully. It'll be in the queue by a week from tomorrow. I can commit to that.

Thank you so much for such a nice review!! It means a lot to me!

2014-06-01 03:35:10
Hi hon!

I'm reviewing all of the stories before I post the results of the challenge, yours is first! I should probably do it in order of submission, oh well!

I really liked this, I liked the tone of doubt the whole time and I thought that the chapter went really well with the song. I liked the unique-ness of the whole thing. I wasn't really sure how you were going to pair them, especially since I knew the outline of the rest of the story. This was really great though.

I loved the way that Harry was able to calm Ginny down and he was able to smooth her out and just basically give her the reassurances she needed that she wasn't JUST Mrs. Harry Potter. It was cute and genuine and SO believable. Like I can concievably SEE Ginny worrying about just being Harry's wife and nothing more. I think my favourite part of this whole chapter was when he panicked when she said she didn't want to be his wife. I laughed out loud. I can see how she worded it wrong and I can only imagine the look of panic on his face.

I know you said you knew there were some typos, so I didn't bother pointing them out here, because that's just silly.

Anywho, I really liked this. It was great. Good luck and thanks for participating!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hey! You probably won't even see this response because it's so late.. but oh well! I'll try better next time.

I'm really glad that you liked this, and I definitely need to go edit this...

Thanks so much!!



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