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Reading Reviews for The Founders of Hogwarts
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Aditya Gaikar Rowena's Realization

7th February 2015:
Your Story is so much awesome!!!
I cant wait to read the other chapters!!!
I love your story a lot!
Your story also gave me some inspiration to do on fb!!!

I have this Hogwarts School on fb!
But after this very long holiday.. the school became a lot inactive!
Not only holidays... our school had to face many kinda dark ppl... some which even got the groups deleted!!
We had to rebuild the whole school..
but as they say. a broken glass can never be same. ut we did do our best and it was all good again.. but i need your help and permission to do something more good.. to make my school more active.. i have a plan that was inspired by ur story!!
If you'll help me.. which i would like sooo uch.. i would be pleased...
My name is Aditya Gaikar...
www . facebook . com / profile . php ? i d =
(ud have to remove the space betn the link)

And if you dont wanna talk to me abt my plan and how ur story inspired me.. i wont get that sad..
But please I want u to continue and finish this story!

Thanks for such an awesome story!

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Review #2, by Freda_and_Georgina Rowena's Realization

8th December 2014:
Why. Must. You. Write. So. Intriguingly? I am seriously on edge, I want to see Rebekah teach! I want to know what Riddle will do! I want to see what will happen to Snape! I want to know what Helga will do with her cup! I want to stop sounding like a three-year-old child throwing a tantrum.

Love your plot line, want the next chapter. (as you can probably tell)

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Review #3, by Freda_and_Georgina Death Comes...

5th December 2014:
How did everyone find out about the prophecy? Did I miss that part? Death personified the way he is caught me off guard, though it did work for the story. Oh my gosh, Neville is so sweet, I want to pull a Helga and comfort him every time I read that. I love the founders' relationships though it seems odd that Rebekah is the only child brought back to life (excluding Helena). I assume it's because Godric and Helga never had children.

I keep saying it, every chapter you throw something new into the mix, and I'm left wondering what'll happen next.

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Review #4, by Freda_and_Georgina Sirius's Revenge

5th December 2014:
This is a nice chapter. I wish the horcrux put up more of a fight so we could see more of Sirius' fears. I really like all the information you give and absolutely love the detail of Tonks hiding behind Remus. Would Kreacher know that the locket was a horcrux? Doesn't matter, it's a minor detail anyway.

I love your story and your style of writing, though generally it is a tad choppy. When you begin writing again, look to make it flow a little more. Other than that, you're doing a great job, keep it up.

Hope to see you writing again soon.

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Review #5, by Freda_and_Georgina Looking Back

3rd December 2014:
Rebekah is such a mother (as if you needed to hear that). I wish there was a little bit more internal struggle as to revealing herself during the battle or not, but it still worked out. This is a really nice story, giving just enough description and plot line to keep the chapter understandable and exciting. One thing to note, your chapter summaries are a little bit lackluster, you might want to make them more intriguing with a quote or something (if you so wish, of course).

Can't wait to read more!

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Review #6, by Freda_and_Georgina Looking Foward

29th November 2014:
This is really interesting. It almost doesn't have to be and AU, almost. The plot line is so grabbing that I can't find a critique, I'm too busy trying to read the next paragraph. It is so cool to see Salazar as a father. One thing that did catch me off guard was all the explaining. It seemed like a lot in one sitting, just something to note.

Look forward to reading more.

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Review #7, by td Death Comes...

28th February 2014:
Woww..weird story,but nice too!!Please write more!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I have another chapter waiting to be validated so hopefully it gets posted soon. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #8, by befuddledbroomsticks Looking Back

19th February 2014:
This is really interesting, it's kind of weird but I like it!

Author's Response: Thanks! I know it's a little different but I had the idea and had to get it out. I'm so glad you like it!

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