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Reading Reviews for And Maybe They Will
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Review #1, by marauderfan Surprise

7th May 2014:
This fic is kind of the most adorable thing ever.

I love that you incorporated the 12 fail safe ways to charm witches, and that Ron passed it on to someone he thought could use its guidance. That's cute.

I love that Rose is a professor, too, what a great idea to add that in. I bet Hermione is proud :D

THE HAIR GEL AHAHA I really liked Rose's reaction to it most of all. Nice reference to Draco's (awful, in my opinion) hair gel in the first two movies, how he ever managed to convince his son that excessive hair gel was a good idea is a mystery. I think it's hilarious that Rose doesn't like it either. And see, she still wants to marry him even though he has terrible hair and gel-covered hands, it's a sign of true love. :D

The proposal scene was great! Not everything needs to be perfect, it just makes great stories to tell - so the fact that Scorpius dropped the ring and then it didn't go quite how he planned only kind of adds to the 'awww' factor :D I love that she said yes before he even asked, and then made him ask haha.

Gah this is just so fluffy and adorable. ♥ I died of cute.

Author's Response: THANK YOU FOR THIS REVIEW!!!

yes definitely! Hair gel is indeed the most sleazy thing ever i was sort of disgusted at Scorpius myself for wearing it before I realised that it was sort of cute ;)

Thank you!!! Personally, yes i love love love the perfect kind of proposal but the normal clumsy ones are my favourite so I'm glad that i reflected that through my writing! Thank you!!


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Review #2, by True Author Surprise

28th February 2014:
So much fluff and romance! But you know what? I LIKED IT. :D That's sort of an improvement isn't it? ;)

Anyways, this was really great one-shot. I'm in love with ScoRose recently and I simply love reading about proposals, especially the nervous ones so this was like a perfect combination to me! Really good plot for Speed Dating competition. I will make sure I read the companion one-shot too! :D

Another great thing was the characterization of course. Both of them were actually what I imagined they would be and Rose as a professor is something I've never read. Is that canon? If not, you had a pretty good idea with that!

Ooh, I always wondered what on earth was written in the How To Charm Witches book! And it's so much like Ron to hand it over to someone else. But I just thoughts the book was suddenly left out of the story or something. Maybe you can mention it in the last part? Like some proposal tips that he read in the book and he did exactly the opposite thing? But this is just a suggestion. :)

Watch out a little for small typos and small grammar mistakes. You can get it beta-ed too. Then this will be even better. :)

Oh I just hope their children will propose someone on the same spot! :D

Good job!


Author's Response: ASHWINI! You lovely lovely person! Hahahaha, defs an improvement!

Thank you!! It was super sweet! AND IKR!!! How cute are the nervous ones?!?!?! Im glad you liked mine! And ScoRose are really perfect!!

Awh! Thank you! No, that actually wasn't in canon! But LEP and I came up with it so that the generational connection would still be present ;)

Hm, true true. It did seem to disappear halfway… And ikr! same! I'm always wondering what type of 'wizarding tips' it would have!

haha yeah :) i need to do that- especially considering how grammar mistakes LOVE me! ;P

Thanks again for the fantabulous review! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #3, by Maelody Surprise

19th February 2014:
How untraditionally adorable! Ron helped Scorpius out, which is always a nice change to see, and even Ron himself had a flawless proposal! And he's the foolish one! Scor, who everyone sees as perfect a lot of the time, and more poised, drops the ring right after chickening out! Just absolutely perfect!

I thought the connection between Rose and Scorpius was absolutely adorable! The fact she could still tease him, and he could not get annoyed with her for ruining romantic cute moments makes me wish I had their relationship! Haha and the fact she asks him to ask her, even after she knows what he was intending I do, was just great. She still wants to hear the words come out of his mouth after all, right? ;)

Such an amazing job well done between the two of you! I enjoyed reading the connection of proposals between one generation and the next. Especially since Ron and Hermione were so young, and Rose and Scorpius are at least respectfully older. Her being a professor really helped that out and was perfect for explaining why they were there. It helps it from differentiating from the other story just a little bit. :)

The best of luck to you both! I loved the collaboration!


Author's Response: Hiya Mae!

Thank you! That was the hardest scene to write :P So Im glad that you liked it! I can honestly see him as both! but him being goofy and not perfect kind of suited this plot? :D wow, I'm sure its far from perfect but i am honoured that you think that!

Ikr!!! I was so so jealous of Rose when i was writing this fic! Exactly, thats a bit of myself coming in there :P After all, what girl wouldn't want to hear the words?!

Thank you! Im glad it made sense! LEP and i honestly loved coming up with ideas and writing it!!

Thank you so much!! We're super glad that you liked it! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #4, by HeyMrsPotter Surprise

18th February 2014:
Hi ReeBee!I just finished reading LEP's half of your entry and loved it!

I really like the link that you both decided to go with, a generational one rather than using the same pairing in both stories. Very clever! The proposals both taking place at the black lake was a really nice touch too.

Ron giving Scorpius his trusted book was just far too cute, it's a great way of him saying that he accepts Scorpius, even though he's a Malfoy. I'm glad Scorpius decided to use it even if he didn't think it would help. AND the fact that Ron told him to propose there at that time, he is just the cutest!

The proposal itself was really cute too, I loved that Rose answered before he'd even had the chance to ask and then told him off for not being on one knee, it really reminded me of Hermione telling Ron off. Like mother like daughter, eh?

This was a really lovely entry from both of you and I'm so pleased I got to read them!

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hi Dee!

Thank you! That was all LEP's idea! She's super clever!

thank you! it was honestly so hard to write Scorpius's and Ron's relationship as anything but hateful :P At least there weren't too many interactions ;)

Thank you! Exactly ;) Very very much like hermione!

Thank you again Dee for the super amazing review! :D It was super sweet!! ! And sorry for the late response!

-Curie :)

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Review #5, by kenpo Surprise

16th February 2014:
Hey! Swap! Before I even start... my partner and I wrote ScoRose, too! Haha.


Awww, he's going to surprise her at Hogwarts. I'm not sure if Ron would be cool with his daughter being engaged while she's still in school, but I'll go with the flow.

Ooh is she a Professor?

Yeah. Okay. Totally makes sense now. Yep. We're good.

You know, I really like the idea of her being a Professor. I think I can totally get on board with that.

Oh my gosh. This was so cute. I'm such a sucker for fluffy romances (what is happening to me?!?! I'm supposed to be all dark and twisty and kill character-y)

I liked Rose's onslaught of thoughts as she realised what was happening.

Wait, no, I need to talk more about the book and how frickin' adorable it was the Ron gave him the book. The book, the book, the book!

Wait, you should write a series of one-shots about all the Weasley men woo'ing their ladies with tips from the book. Do it. Dooo it.

Awalsdfjoaiwej. This is so cute. I'm dead. Dead. You've killed me with cute.

And then about how Ron proposed to Hermione in the same place!! MORE DEAD. MORE. DEAD. I've gone through the veil and I'm on the other side, still squeeing about cute this is.

Deep breaths. Okay.

I'm good now.

So are you. You're fantastic. I'm gonna go read the companion piece now.

Author's Response: Hi! Wow, I was dying and spitting out happiness all over the place when i FIRST READ YOUR REVIEW…BUT THIS. this is heaven. eep.

I think I'm going to respond to the review as a whole instead of bit by bit? yes, that will work.

Anyway! YAY! Im a sucker for fluffy romances too! Except of course, that I'm turning more mystery now… And I'm proud hon! Fluffy romance ftw!

Hahahaha! The book was actually Chele's (my partner's) idea! Isn't it awesome! I really loved it so i had ron give Scorp the book! Hahaha, you might have been kidding about the book thing but I really like that idea!! Just watch the space, yeah?

Hahaha! Like you can talk! Dude, Im like dead, buried and half decomposed! Your review! It made me tear up!

Hahahahahaha! I L O V E that! Dead and gone to the other side of the veil! Love it! And thank youuu!!!

Aw! tthank you! you're amazing! more than good! thank you!

And dorry for the very very late reply!

-Curie :)

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Review #6, by toomanycurls Surprise

16th February 2014:
Curie! This is adorable!

I love how nervous Scorpius is when approaching Ron (who I forgot at first is who was meant by Mr. Weasley) and his reaction to the 12 Fail Safe Ways to Charm Witches. It's super sweet that ron was trying to help him out.

The hair gel bit was hilarious. Have you see There's Something About Mary? If so, laugh, if not, um, just know that I'm laughing. Hair gel hands are gross (with or without movie references in there) and I love how she reacts. Getting bits of Rose's thoughts where she thinks the world of him and is just so happy to have him adds a nice balance to the story.

It would be hard to be a professor at Hogwarts and try to keep all personal life to a minimum while school is in session.

Their accidental then on purpose propal was just perfect! I love that she said yes before he really asked and that all of his nerves about her reaction were put to rest by the enthusiasm she showed at the idea.

I just feel all warm and fluffy after reading this! Great jo!


Author's Response: Rose! thank you so much! And so so sorry for the late reply! I never realised how much time had passed!

Thank you thank you thank you! Ikr! I was editing it before posting and i realised that i put 'Ron' instead of Mr Weasley! So it was super confusing!

No I haven't! But Im glad you found it amusing! I was hoping that some parts would actually be funny and not too cliche and boring in general :P And thank you! I missed writing about people really in love and well- like Rose, so yes, i loved writing Rose's thoughts about Scorpius!

Ikr! It was super fun writing about a professor for a change instead of a student!

Thank yoU! Im glad!! And thank you for the super amazing review and the rsorry for the really really late response!

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Review #7, by LilyEPotter Surprise

16th February 2014:

What a cute story! I really liked how Scorpius was all nervous about asking her and ended up having her accept before he even asked!


Author's Response: Awh!!! Thank you so so much!! :D it was super sweet of you to leave a review and I'm so so sorry in late at responding! Thank you so much again! :D

-Curie :)

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