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Reading Reviews for Newly Awakened
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Review #1, by theblacksisters The Announcement

14th January 2014:
The last few lines are quite dramatic (in a good way, of course). But I see no evidence anywhere in canon for Lucius Malfoy to be like that. In DH, he does ask Voldemort to go and find Harry himself, because if that happened, Draco wouldn't be in the fighting anymore. In DH as well, Lucius was looking for Draco at the end of the book, and essentially switched sides. Also, if Draco thought this way about his father, he wouldn't have been so mad at Harry for putting Lucius in Azkaban. Lucius does listen to Narcissa, because she insisted that Draco go to Hogwarts and not Durmstrang, which was where Draco's father wanted him to go. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that Lucius Malfoy would be as you portray him in this chapter. Is there a reason why you did his character like you did?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. And I do have a reason for his character being portrayed this way initially. This is Draco's point of view of course and I will emphasize more that Draco has mixed feelings for his father. I suppose that I didn't think about the readers not being able to read my mind. I'm new to fanfic writing so I'm still learning. I see Narcissa as having both fear and respect for her husband, and I also see Lucius as cold and hard. In the next chapters I plan to show Lucius in a slightly better light however through a conversation that he will have with Draco. In this chapter and in only showing one side of Draco's feelings for his father, I'm trying to set up the divide that will come between Draco and his father throughout the rest of the story! I will definitely think more about what the reader does NOT know is going through my mind as I write this. Thank you so much for reviewing! It means alot and feel free to keep reviewing and critiquing me! :)

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