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Reading Reviews for Running Wild
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Review #1, by True Author Being Risky

13th February 2014:
Hi there! Here for our review swap! :D

Well, I must confess I was going to review Sticks and Stones, but James/Lily and fluff seemed like a perfect combination for a lazy almost summer afternoon I'm enjoying, so I couldn't resist this fic. And it did turn out to be very sweet. Well done!

I am in love with your characterizations here. Both of them were just perfect! Personally, I believe that opposites do attract and all the made for each other type of couples have many differences that bind them together, so that's one of the reasons I particularly enjoyed this story. You sort of highlighted how different they were from each other and still how they were in love. :)

And overall, you did a great job in writing it. If you're really so comfortable in fluff I must really take a few tips from you. ;) My own comfort zone is mystery and angst and fluff is, well, kind of hard to write for me. But you did a lovely job.

Well done!


Author's Response: Hi! :D

Hehe, don't worry! Its you choice! In a way, I'm glad you reviewed this! :)

Aw, thank you! I absolutely love characterisations! Hehe, same! Opposites are adorable :) Thank you! I'm glad that came across clear! :)

Thanks again! Haha, definitely! But on that note, I must take notes from you in angst and mystery! Hehe, thank you! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #2, by Infinityx Being Risky

5th February 2014:
Hi! Here for the BvB review battle!

This was such a cute, fluffy story! I love how you've characterized Lily and James and the way there's that undertone of darkness lurking around, even through such a light piece.

This was so extremely adorable! It was so nice to read about what Lily felt. She's extremely insightful and caring, and I love how she was the one who initiated the kiss in the end. I knew from the very beginning that it was bound to happen but that didn't make it any less wonderful!

I think it's brilliant that you've added those little details about James' parents, the worry beneath his playful demeanor, the description of him teaching her to skip a stone.. it was all so beautifully written!

Great job ReeBee!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you! I'm glad! I figured I needed to include at least a bit of dark undertone :)

Thank you! I'm glad! I loved writing Lily! And I figured it was fair that Lily initiated the kiss! Hehe, I'm lad! I've been terrible with mystery!

Thank you! I figured I needed to give him a more 3D personality than just playful! That was the only way I could do it in a one shot :/ It was so hard to come up with the idea!

Thank you Erin! :D

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Review #3, by teh tarik Being Risky

2nd February 2014:
Hello! I'm here with a review for you! :D

Gah, this is such an incredibly fluffy and adorable piece! I love how you began the fic: while things have improved between Lily and James, at least since first year, they're still quite tentative around each other, testing waters around the other...and by the end of the fic, they're so much closer, there's a greater understanding between them. And of course, the romance is lovely. I love how Lily's "risk-taking" lessons become progressively...er...riskier! :P

Skipping stones and classes, attending strange parties, and finally, she takes that final risk, that last step and kisses James all by herself. I love that she initiates that kiss; I think it's a wonderful way to show how she's opened up and is able to trust him enough to close up that space between them. You've really done an excellent job showing how her character has developed throughout the course of the story!

There are so many small details which I really enjoyed (details are like my favourite thing ever in stories!), e.g. He leaned forward and rotated her body until her left arm was facing the lake; her body side on. He placed a smooth stone in her hand and she grasped it. With a tutting sound, he changed her grip until her thumb was on the top of the stone and her fingers spread out on the bottom. He drew back her arm and flicked her wrist, she let go of the stone.

Oops, I've just quoted back a large chunk of text to you. :P But I really enjoyed this bit, how carefully written it was, and it really felt vivid and realistic. OK, maybe squeeing a bit at the careful intimacy between the two. And this is saying a lot because *gasp* I don't like Lily/James in general.

I love how positive and optimistic the tone of your fic is, despite the occasional references to the war raging beyond the walls of Hogwarts, the tragedy that befell James' parents, the hardships both of them will go through when they leave the refuge of school. It's a really lovely moment to situate in the context of their lives, and I always love a bit of hope in stories.

This was such a pleasure to read; thank you for this! And wonderful work! ♥


Author's Response: Hi!

I'm glad! I hoped it was believable! And of course, I really wanted to explore that stage of Jily's relationship (even if it was only for like an eighth of the fic ;) )

Thank u! Lily is one of many people's favourite characters and I was scared to not write her well enough! But, I'm glad that didn't happen :D

Hehe, don't worry! Its ok! I'm glad you liked those details, especially since it took me ages of searching on random websites to finding out the process and stance to skip stones! I really want to learn now! Ah! Thank u! Especially since you're not a Jily shipper!

Thank u! That was the main point of this, the hope and the fact that tough and scary times are not a reason to not take risks and live life :))

Thank you so much for your review! You already know that it really brightened up and made my whole day! :D Thank u again! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #4, by Lululuna Being Risky

16th January 2014:
Review swap! :D

Aw, I just loved the first line and knew that I would enjoy this piece. I really like what you've done with James and Lily, it's just adorable.

Something I really appreciated about the story was how it took them a little while to progress from that immature stage of James asking Lily out and her rejecting him, to friends, and finally to a place where they can care properly about one another. Their friendship seemed so natural, with the flirty aspects adding a little excitement.

I'm actually really jealous of these two knowing how to skip stones! I've never been able to - then again, I never had a handsome wizard there to teach me! Skipping stones at the Black Lake is so very Hogwarts-y too. :)

As much as I liked the fluffy bits of the story, I think my favourite parts were when the darkness lurking below the surface was hinted at. The story was sweet and uplifting, but at the same time there was this terrible knowledge with all the characters that dark things were happening and that they had best seize love when they still could. James' parents disappearing was so sad, but I liked it! Not because I want him to lose his parents, but because it fits really well with canon and with the danger of the times and how nobody goes unscathed. I almost would have loved to learn more about his parents- they always fascinate me in stories. :)

Lily is funny- she reminds me a little of Hermione, being very well-behaved and following the rules but with a very compassionate and loving side. Her insistence on not missing class made me laugh! It was really lovely to see how caring she was about James, and how she knew how to make him feel better and distract him from grieving about his parents' probable fate.

The boy who she'd watched from behind a door, crying softly at the news of his parents disappearance. The boy who had somehow broken her walls and gained a special place in her heart. These were my favourite lines, I think. There was something very loving but also bittersweet there.

Great job, this was a lovely little read! :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Aw, thank u! I love stories where the first line/paragraph tells you about the rest of the story :) Thank u!

Thank u! I'm glad u liked that! I wrote with that idea of taking time to trust each other in my mind, but wasn't sure if it was properly conveyed through the writing :P Hehe, who doesn't love a flirty friendship? ;)

I know right! I don't know how to skip stones either! I had to research that! Sigh. I know, oh James, why cant you be real? ;)

I understand what u mean. I've been trying to incorporate the darkness a lot more into my marauder fics, as it is there and there's no real point in trying to hide it! Yeah, I haven't really decided what happens to his parents yet. To be truthful, in my mind, they don't return, but it's so hard to admit that to myself :/ If you are interested, there is an amazing story by Soapman333, Miracle Child (I might be wrong about the title), that characterises James' parents really well :D

Thank u! Yeah, James and Lily are definitely two of my favourite characters in the series!

Thank u! That made me so sad when I wrote them :/ The first line, of course, the second was happy :)

Thank u for the lovely review!

-Curie :)

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Review #5, by Red_headed_juliet Being Risky

14th January 2014:
I liked this! I haven't read many James/Lily ships, but this was a nice little bit of fluff! I like the idea of Lily being all books and no fun, with James trying to crack open her shell while keeping his own emotions locked inside. I think you did very well in the characterization department!

As far as CC, I think that there could be a little more variation in description. Just to use an example, in the first sentence, you used 'lake' twice. (Not bad, or anything, just was an easy example to find.) Instead of that second "beside the lake" you could use "dark waters" or something else that means the same thing, just to vary the description a bit. But like I said, the piece was still just as cute and heartwarming as ever the way it is! I just try and make a point to give tips when reviewing.

It's nice that you participated in the secret santa! I'm sure she loved it. +] Thanks for the review swap!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank u! :D I'm glad that it wasn't cliche, as I was originally scared it would be! James is one of my favourite characters! :D So, he's so dear to me and it means so much that u think I wrote him well!

Hm, thanks for the advice! I so did not pick that up! I'll change that in my next edit! :D And that's an awesome skill! I'm sure many authors will appreciate u for it!

Thank u! It was so so fun! Thank u! Loved this review swap!

-ReeBee :)

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Review #6, by Rumpelstiltskin Being Risky

14th January 2014:
Rumpel here, loving all over your Jily story!

...and love I will, because HOW CUTE IS THIS? The set-up for the plot was perfect! What's the riskiest thing you've ever done? :D While I probably should have seen it coming, I didn't, which, of course, made me squee!

James and Lily are so adorable together (which is why they are one of my favorite ships)! You did a fantastic job with the interactions and the plot arch and whathaveyou, flow and all of that literary nonsense ;).

It is the ending that I really want to go on and on about though! That. Was. Perfect!! I loved it soo much!!! Gah! Adorable!

Well, this wasn't an entirely long review, but it was a love-filled review, if that means anything ;)!

Great job!


Author's Response: RUMPEL! hello! Thank u! You are way too good to me!

Thank u! :D Hehe, that is probably good for me! :)

Jily forever! :D Thank u! I can assure u, it was frightening to write Jily! As almost everyone likes them and it would be absolutely terrible to write them weirdly :/But, I'm glad u think I did well! Hehe, Rumpel, you've read enough of my stories to know that I know none of that literary stuff! ;)

Thank u! It was a completely last minute thing!

GAH! RUMPEL DONT BE SILLY! It was absolutely lovely! :D And I don't even care if I get two lines! The love in this review was so sweet and definitely so so lovely! :D

-Curry! :)

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Review #7, by maraudertimes Being Risky

14th January 2014:
OHMYMERLIN THIS IS ADORABLE! Somehow I knew at the start that she would end up kissing him, but all the same, it was a complete surprise! :D

I really liked the skipping stones part, especially because she only decided to do it so that he couldn't hold her not being able to skip a stone over her head. And also, how she forgot to wonder how James knew her schedule just because he stepped closer to her and grabbed her hand was A. Door. A. Bull! ADORABLE!

Ohmymerlin and the skipping class? I laughed when he told her that she had already read over the notes. And I felt really sad when I found out that James's parents had disappeared. :(


First, I love how Lily was ready earlier, but Marlene kept her back a few minutes. Then, I loved how James brought her to a party! Lily Evans went to a party! And then my my my, how they danced! Do I have to waggle my finger at them? ;)


Amazing job, this is super sweet and super cute and fluffy and romantical! I loved it! Keep up the amazing writing and I'm sure Emily loved this! :)
Lo :D

Author's Response: Thank u!! :D yeah, I'm not the best at subtlety, but as long as u didn't guess the way it ended, I'm perfectly happy :)

Thank u! That's something I've. Never learnt to do but always wanted to do. So it felt right that Lily should learn :) Aw! Thank u!!! You're way too nice!! :D

Yeah, I hoped it wasn't too cliche characterisation of Lily :) and I felt that there has to be some dark undertone with the war and all that :)

Yeah, Marlene is one of my favourite characters to write (even when she didn't even appear in this!)

Haha, u might have to do that ;) I'll accompany u with some tutting ;) I'm glad u were happy with the ending! Yay!

Thank u! This is one of my favourite pieces I've written so far :) so I'm glad u liked it :D

-ReeBee :)

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Review #8, by toomanycurls Being Risky

13th January 2014:
This is one of the cutest, fluffiest, squee-worthy stories ever.

I love that you've captured James and Lily just after they became friends. I can see their carefully constructed closeness. You've characterized their friendship very well. It feels very new and vulnerable.

Of course James is still trying to assert his feelings for her (by calling Lily love). It's rather telling that she's no longer correcting him. That was a very creative but simple way to show her growing affection for James.

Stone skipping was so innocent - I appreciated that he wasn't overtly trying to come onto her (which seems to be the standard when two people do something physically close to each other).

I can't see Lily really enjoying a loud party like that except in James' company. I love that they danced and were wild about it! I nearly died of squee when she kissed him at the end.

My favorite part of this story was the idea that dark and dangerous times were no reason to avoid risks. I thought that was a very good message considering their relationship and how much risk they took together.

Incredible piece, Curie!


Author's Response: Rose!! Amazingly fantabulous review! :D

Thank u! I'm glad! I was kind of walking on thin ice when I did, because I'm unfamiliar with writing sweet-ish scenes in third person :)

Thank u! I love giving small hints like that, but am terrified that the readers won't pick it up!

Thank u! It annoys me when there's way too much touchy feely stuff in something that's meant to be innocent and a build up if friendship, not something else.

Hehe, yeah, Lily would really enjoy something like that :)

Thank u! I felt that there had to be at least one mention if dark times :)

Thanks for the awesome review Rose!

-Curie :)

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Review #9, by LightLeviosa5443 Being Risky

13th January 2014:

You xoxo'd. I kind of loved it. Sorry, got distracted!

This. Is. Such. A. Cute. Jily. Story. And. I. Can't. Handle. It. That's how I decided to convey my love. I felt it really emphasized each word. Anyways, this was adorable. Was this the story you were struggling with? Because it was beautifully fantabulous and you can't even tell that it took an ounce of effort!

I really enjoyed how James slowly got her to break down those walls and start being riskier and riskier, and then when he asked her what the riskiest thing she's done is, she responds by kissing him! ksmofimelkwmdsiewmkls. SO CUTE!

I can't stop gushing, because all I can focus on is the amazing amounts of cuteness in this. Like, I even went back through to read it to make sure there was no real CC I could give you, and got so distracted by the cuteness I had to read through a THIRD time.

Yup. That happened.

Brilliant job, love!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Hi!

Hehe, I usually xoxo in my chapters :)

THANK U! I received the love :) Yeah, it was :) Yay! Thank i!

Thank u! That was a last minute addition :) Eep! Thank u! GAH! 3 TIMES? Yay! Thank u! :D :D

Thanks Sarah!
Curie :D

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Review #10, by 800 words of heaven Being Risky

13th January 2014:
FLUFF AND JILY!!! What more could one ask for on a hot summer day like today?

It's been simply ages since I read a fluffy Jily one-shot, and I'm so glad that I stumbled across your update whilst stalking - I mean, browsing the forums. It's totally put a smile on my face and I'm now super happy :)

Lily and James... I really have nothing to say that you've totally done justice to my first official OTP! James was just swoon-worthy with all his risk-taking shenanigans, and I had a good laugh at Lily's noob-ness at skipping stones - not that I can skip stones either, but still.

This was so lovely, and I'm sure Emily will adore her Secret Santa present! It definitely made my afternoon!

Author's Response: YAY! I'm glad u liked it!! That day was super hot for me too! Urgh.

Thank u! :D I'm glad it put a smile on your face! What more could I ask for?

EEP!! I'm glad I did justice to your OTP! MADE MY DAY! Hehe, I can't either! I had to research how to skip stones! ;)

Thank u! EEP! YOU ARE TOO SWEET! This made your day? Gah! Thanks for a super lovely review and sorry for the late response! :/

-Curie :)

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Review #11, by BookDinosaur Being Risky

13th January 2014:
I'M EXCITED. Ah Curie, you're too good to me! Just the summary has me blushing. :P

Ah, it's so nice to read about James and Lily just hanging out together, of course Lily's doing an essay. I really like how they're just hanging out together right now, I love reading about little things like that.

I never learnt how to skip stones, all my attempts have kind of ended up like Lily's first one. :P But I'm glad that she learnt from the capable hands of her boyfriend...I mean, friend? NOT FOR LONG THOUGH hehehe.

I think Lily was so in character not wanting to do anything really risky, especially with how things outside Hogwarts are going. Most stories kind of gloss over that aspect of James and Lily's last year, but I'm glad you took it into account and mentioned it.

James is absolutely adorable in this little oneshot. He reminds me of a little kid, haha. Although of course, there is something more to him than there would be to a little kid. I think it's just Lily who makes him giddy, which is an adorable thought.

Hehe, Lily's letting everything go and pretending to herself that she'll only let it go 'this once'. Don't lie Lily, we all know James is going to wheedle you into letting it go again and again and again.

I loved Marlene's little cameo as well! Lily don't go down yet, you're going to look desparate. xD Bahaha I already like her and she's only said one line!

Ah, and then James took her to a party! I bet if she hadn't been friends with him she would have stormed out then and there, haha. But nope, she's staying. Although her view of a party is probably what I'd feel if I was standing at the door, haha! And she and James are going to dance together!

Yep, now they're dancing. Daw, that dancing scene is just adorable! I love this quote: Lily felt like she was flying, like shed never die. She found herself staring into her partner's warm eyes. That was just nyah, all the feels!

AND THEN THEY KISSED! Ahh, this is just too much for my Jily feels.'

I think the only thing I even noticed here was that maybe there were a little too many commas in here, which made it more clunky, for example But, just for your information, not writing your name on an essay, is not a risk. That sentence alone has three commas, and you might be able to take the first andlast one out and tht would help improve the flow.

Although the reason I didn't really notice anythign was probably because my eyes were glued to the scree, hehe.

I absolutely love it, this is an adorable oneshot and amazing Christmas gift. ^_^ Thank you so much Curie! ♥

Author's Response: EMILY! I'm glad u liked it! :D

Hehe, yep, definitely not long enough! I'm so glad! I'd hate it if Lily's characterisation was cliche :( Eugh, but I'm glad it wasn't! I love James like a little kid! Exactly how I imagine him :D

Marlene's one of my favourite marauder characters! :D And I'm glad the feels came through, this was a one shot that i found hard to write, especially in third person. So, I'm glad it worked!

Yay! I'm glad u liked the pairing! I was originally going to do a next gen, but I wasn't sure which characters you preferred to read... So, I just chose Jily, because it was listed as one of your favourite pairings and who doesn't have a tiny liking for Jily?

Yeah, I tend it use way too many commas! I'll change that when i go back and edit!

Thank u! I'm glad u liked it! :D Yay!

-Curie :D

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