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Reading Reviews for Too Good To Be True
17 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Gabbie (I would log in so I could review but I can't seem to Couldn't Possibly Be

30th August 2014:
I love this one-shot! Sirius/Marlene is one of my favorite potential pairings that could have happened. I know there are so many arguments about why it couldn't have happened, but I like to think that Rowling kept things from us about characters like Sirius. Anyway I loved this one-shot that you created! Great job! Btw, you should consider going into writing professionally. Have a great day and I hope to see more from you on the site! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!!! Yes I totally agree!! Sirius/Marlene is amazing!! Wow that last comment!! Thank you so much!!! made my day!!

-Curie!! xx

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Review #2, by tribble Couldn't Possibly Be

18th June 2014:
Heey review swap time!

This was really good and yet really upsetting at the same time ugh how could you do something like that to me?The characterization of both Marlene and Sirius were perfectly done and I think you captured them both. When Sirius proposed I did squee a little to myself I must admit because that was just adorable.

I can't really fault anything about this one-shot. I think you got everything spot on and this was a really nice read and not a subject I have really read before as well so that was a nice change. Nice job on this!

- Charlie

Author's Response: THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEW!!!

I'm glad you were sad about this ;) But I'M SORRY!!!


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Review #3, by anon Couldn't Possibly Be

13th March 2014:

Aw this was such a Beautiful, Sad, Tragic (note the Taylor Swift reference) fanfic. I must say, even though I am not a huge Marlene and Sirius fan, I must say, this is an amazing fanfic. It was so sad, yet so well written, and I have never read such a sad fanfic that touched me so deeply, and trust me, I have read a lot, a lot of Sirius fanfics, and most of them are pretty depressing...

Please write more Marauder era fan fiction! I beg of you, seriously, you portray the characters with such depth and interest that one could not but help to read your addicting fanfics. Honestly, I thought, once again, this was an amazing fanfic, the romance was so cute and adorable, yet at the same time you can tell that they really love each other. I loved the fluffy parts. Seriously, please, please, please write more Marauder-esque fanfics. Please.

It was such a spine-chilling, dark fanfic, and I loved it! It was incredible. The scene was set amazingly, but I thought you could've worked more on the mood of Sirius.

From your newest and biggest fan,


Author's Response: GLORIA

You're too sweet :) Though i did ask u not to read my work ;) But thanks anyway :D Like I said, you're too nice! And honestly, i thought of the song immediately w/o the reference in the brackets ;) Awh! You're WAY too sweet to me!

Hahahahaha, lol, really? Ily Gloria but laying it on a bit too thick there ;) But thanks anyway :) And I will, just for you :P

Hahahaha, of course ;) newest and biggest fan, i thank you for your review ;)

Thanks again Gloria :)

-Curie :)

BTW- dude, you don't sound like yourself- way too serious ;)

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Review #4, by Courtney Dark Couldn't Possibly Be

16th February 2014:
Hey there! Thank you so much for entering the Uncomfortable Challenge!

Wow, this was an amazing, spine-chilling one-shot. I think you covered the prompt, Horror/Dark, extremely well - there were so many emotions in this piece and I felt every single one of them.

I absolutely love reading about this time period, especially when centered on very minor canon characters, such as Marlene, so I was very excited to start reading this. I think the way you introduced both Marlene and Sirius was excellent, and the scene in the restaurant was so adorable and perfect - but the whole time I had this feeling of foreboding, because I knew that something horrible was going to happen by the end of this chapter, and I had a feeling I knew what it was.

The scene when Sirius apparated Marlene home was eerie. Shivers were seriously running up and down my spine when Marlene said the line: ďI know, Sirius, please, hurry up.Ē I could just picture the scene perfectly in my head, feel my own heart drumming inside my chest!

And then you have the huge contrast with the light, fluffy scene at the Potter's house. I loved your characterization of both James and Lily - this one-shot has really made me want to read more about all of these characters!

Wow, the scene where Marlene finds her parents bodies and her sister was incredibly written. I found myself tearing up, shivering in horror as she cradled her sisters limp body. I also really loved the way you wrote her death. Your portrayals of the Death Eaters was fantastic, and all the thoughts and emotions running through Marlene's head...just wow.

I was going to say that you could have ended this one-shot after Marlene's last section, but the very last scene was so incredible that I think you ended in exactly the right place. The way you showed all those emotions, especially of Sirius and Lily...you almost had me in tears!

This was an incredible one-shot which I really enjoyed!


Author's Response: Hi Courtney! :D

Thank you! Its so exciting hearing that you did something well! :D

I absolutely LOVE writing Marlene! She just comes so naturally, and really, as someone once told me, 'writes herself'. Haha, well, mystery was never my strong point :P

OMG REALLY?!?! Yay, mission accomplished! Thank you! I'm glad you could, because in a way, I'm picturing the scene first, and then putting it down in words :) So, the fact that you can picture it just makes my year! :D

Haha, I'm glad you like the potter house scene! It was a miss or a hit. I personally like it because it kind of slows the plot down? haha, i am planning a prequel and they are in it! So, maybe we can do a review swap or something?

OMG REALLY?! i honestly hated the writing style in that scene! But Im glad you liked it! I cried so many times when I was writing this, so I'm glad I was able to make you feel those emotions, but i am super super sorry for making you cry! Thank you! Writing thoughts is just so hard and you complimented that! THANK YOUU!

Thank you! The last scene was the most painful to write, but I really do love it! :D Thank you for such an incredible review Courtney!

-Curie :)

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Review #5, by patronus_charm Couldn't Possibly Be

13th January 2014:
Hey Curie! Itís nice to read some more of your stuff as itís strange not talking to you since SS is over. :P Iíve always had a soft spot for Sirius and Marlene so I couldnít resist reading this.

Gah, there were so many emotions and feelings in this story I donít really know where to begin. The beginning of this one-shot was so sweet and lovely with the way Sirius proposed and they were both so excited and happy I just wanted to hug them because they were all so adorable. I really liked how you worked their backstory into that section too because I really got to learn a lot about them which was really great.

I think the second section when they were come across her parents was even more chilling because it was so unexpected as it went from fluff to death in minutes and it was horrible. I liked how you worked in the backstory about Natalia though as it really helped me get the later scene and have an emotional connection with them all. I just knew that when he turned her to stay there and donít go in it was going to be bad and the foreshadowing there was great.

Gah, the scene with all the Marauders was so sweet and happy it felt so weird to be awing over that I was just like ah Marleneís parents just died I canít be coping with all of this. I thought you wrote James and Lily really well and I really liked reading all about them. Poor old Peter being left with Harry though as the others got the action, but it was a nice nod to canon.

The ending scenes were heart-breaking. I liked how you added in a reason for them being killed with Marleneís sister being a squib as that was a nice twist, and their closing moments were so adorable and really made me want to cry. Then Marlene was a fighter until the end and I felt so proud of her and the way her last thought echoed Siriusí was just so cute. Though Siriusí pain was a little too heart-breaking.

Great one-shot Curie!


Author's Response: HI KIANA! I know right! It's been so so strange! :(

Thank u! I was scared whether or not the backstory would work! After all, it's SO hard to incorporate backstories!!! :D So, thank u for that HUGE compliment!

Thank u! That was another huge fear! It would be terrible if there wasn't enough emotional connection :/Thank u! :D

Thank u! Gah! It was so scary writing Jily! I was so scared it wasn't going to be in canon (basically I was scared of the whole story!)!

Aw, I kind of understand too! i hated writing them and was so scared that the scene at the end would be too abrupt! It actually was quite abrupt, so I had to go and add in more :)

Thanks for the super awesome review Kiana!! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #6, by LG655 Couldn't Possibly Be

9th January 2014:
Oh my- Oh my- It's all I can say. I- I'm speechless. This was amazing! It moved me so much, I was crying! I still am! This story, made the reader feel so connected, to Sirius, and to Marlene, that it was almost inevitable that they would not feel at least a ping of compassion for Marlene and Sirius. I would never be Marlene Black, was the one line that got me. How could a story that started out with such a happy beginning end so, so tragically? I just- This is phenomenal. You are truly talented.


Author's Response: Aw, thanks hun! I'm glad u felt connected, the last thing I want to do is make the characters seem unnatural! Thank u thank u thank u! ALL THE PRAISE! THANK U! :D

Oh my god! The first time anyone's ever said that to me! But, my stories aren't usually like this, this one somehow worked out! :)

Thank u for the lovely lovely review!

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Review #7, by shez Couldn't Possibly Be

9th January 2014:
Oh my gosh. I started reading this thinking it would be a fluffy Sirius/OC fic and it turns into this dark scary death eater thing?

Granted that I mind haha. I like dark fics and yours does not disappoint.

I like the interactions between Marlene and Sirius in the beginning; they seem very genuine, and I like that Sirius gets flustered and nervous and goes out of his messy, careless way to take her to a classy restaurant. The the background you supplied into their relationship helped me know the state of their relationship (Whoah I saw the proposal coming though haha). It's been a while since I've read a Sirius/OC anyway so I enjoyed that aspect.

Then things get dark and brutal very fast. I like how you included the whole gang into the story (A minor appearance but stil) even though the story is essentially Marlene's. Noo her sister dies (and she was a squib Nooo). But then she has to die to fit with canon--I wonder if things would've turned out the way for Sirius (I mean, Azkaban) if he had been married? Or had a wife and family? It's interesting to think about. The fact he loses his love to death eaters almost seems to fit with canon (in my head).

A very dark and spunky read. Bravo :) Thanks for the review exchange!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad it was deceiving :D And I'm also glad that u don't mind! Yay!

Thank u! It's the most annoying thing when the interactions seem fake! Urgh. Thank u! I'm glad u liked the background, as I maybe doing a prequel if I can be bothered ;) Thank u! :D

Thank u! The research and work put into finding out about the background for this story was more than I've ever done! I know, I wonder that too, and I don't think they would have. But, he'd probably have been murdered by death eaters instead of living in Azkaban.

Thank u! Thank u too for the review swap! Super fun! :D

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Review #8, by MissesWeasley123 Couldn't Possibly Be

7th January 2014:
Curie! I'm trying to hit everyone who participated in the 12 Days, so I'm here for the final day of the 12 Days of reviewing, this time for you!

I hate how it was all sweet in the beginning, and I couldn't understand why this was so fluffy, because you write fluff, that's your thing, so I knew something bad was going to happen, AND IT DID AND NOW I AM SAD. :(

I hate, hate, hate how they got engaged, but they never got married because she dies and let me go mope for a week or two. They were perfect for each other, both witty and funny -- I am positive they would have a great life -- but wow. I feel so bad for Sirius because he's alone, and this happens and he will be Azkaban and then Harry gets snatched away from him, and then he dies in the most stupidest way possible and SO MANY FEELS!

And poor Natalia!

Really, all in all there was a lot of emotions in this. For your first try, you did a really good job. I think you did wonderfully and good luck in the challenge, I'm sure you'll be fine :)

Author's Response: Thank u Nadia! Need I even say how honoured I am? 3 reviews! Ah!!

Haha, well, I'm sorry...? ;) Thanks for the compliment though! :D It was meant to be sad :)

Aw, thanks Nadia! Yeah, I might write a prequel! I love their pairing! So natural and perfect to write! Yeah, Sirius' life is really depressing0 with his childhood and then his adult life :( To one of my favourite characters So sad :(

Natalia, I'm glad u felt sad for her. I was really scared that that emotional tactic thing wouldn't work and that the readers would like her. Because, hers was quite a small part.

Thank u so much! I'm so glad u think that! AH!!! Thank u for the lovely review! :D


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Review #9, by quixotic Couldn't Possibly Be

2nd January 2014:
Hello, here with the review. Once I can wipe my tears away, that is.

Oh my, this was simply heart-wrenching. I really wasn't expecting that. It started off so nicely with the really romantic proposal at the restaurant. Then it took a turn for the worse. Sirius and Marlene couldn't even get married. *breaks down into fresh sobbing*

Okay, forcing myself to look at the story from a technical point of view. Your characterization was very interesting. Sirius is known to be more of a ladies man, knowing exactly what it takes to woo a girl. I was surprised when you declared him very unromantic, forgetting the menu and the ring. I had always imagined him as this smooth and polished guy, so I really liked this new perspective.

Now, I don't know much about Marlene from the books, other than she was part of the Order. I do like the nickname you've given her. She comes across as a really caring and cautious person. I like how you keep describing her as 'she was one of those girls.' Ir's interesting because most writers want to make their protagonist as different and unique as possible. Marlene wasn't afraid to be labelled and I feel that in itself makes her different.

Sirius and Marlene sure were a quirky couple. It looked like they had their special moments. That vanilla bit really broke my heart. You have the knack for making people cry, in the best way possible. It's rare that a writer really invokes the emotions of the reader. It isn't the same thing as getting caught up in a story. It's feeling what the characters feel. I really loved the story and am definitely going to read more of your work from now on! Once I arm myself with a box of tissues, that is. ;)

Author's Response: Aw, in sorry for the tears! But I'm glad u found it heart wrenching :) thank u! :D

Oh! I guess u didn't make that clear! He is a ladies man, but, he doesn't know how to act when he actually likes someone (as cheesy as it sounds!) in glad u liked it instead of it being weird!

Hehe thank u! I personally think that the tom boy character is becoming a cliche. I kind if put my own personality into her. And the 'that kind if girl' is my favourite type of character!

Thank u so much! Oh god. Oh god. That's so sweet! And your reviews obviously have the effect of havering authors year up! :D thank u so much!! That's so sweet! And that was the only sad, horror, dark story I've written, in glad u think I pulled it off well!

Thank u for the amazing review!! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #10, by Secret Santa Couldn't Possibly Be

25th December 2013:
Sad :(

I loved the way you wrote Marlene and Sirius's relationship. They really seemed to have a beautiful, playful love story. You wrote both of their characters really well, and I loved all the little details that you put into the story. The proposal was really well done as well. I love how he talked about her changing her soap and his amortentia scent changing. That was so sweet :*

Then it got sad :( While I really liked the little peek into James and Lily's house, I thought it kind of interrupted the flow of the story.

The scene with Marlene and her sister was especially heartbreaking, probably especially because I'm an older sister myself. I wish Marlene could have fought back more. I would have liked to see her pull out her wand and really give it her all.

That being said, I thought there was a kind of poetic-ness to her attacking them without her wand, especially since her sister was a squib.

And poor Sirius. The last line was really good, but really terribly sad. It seems like you did really well with this challenge.

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'll take that as a compliment :)

Thanks so much!! :D I quite like their relationship :) I might think of exploring it in more detail :)

Hm, I was thinking it might... I don't think I will edit it though... might be too much of a hassle :( sorry!

Aw, thanks :) I think she was so shocked that she couldn't react or do anything (there's a reason she wasn't an auror ;) ) yeah- I would like to see that too! :( and thanks! The squib idea was a last minute addition :)

Thank u so much!! :D I'm glad u liked the last line, unlike everything else, that was planned! :D thank u! I'm glad u think so!

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Review #11, by Cannons Couldn't Possibly Be

23rd December 2013:
Hey Ree, here with your requested review.

I don't know what to say to be honest because that was depressing. Depressing. Especially because it was with Sirius who is the opposite of depressing.

Your characterisation of Sirius was good, I think I can see him acting as romantic as he did and forgetting the ring was a Sirius moment most defiantly.

Another little thing I enjoyed was how they had a little crowd watching in the restaurant!

Anyway I enjoyed reading this and thought this was an improvement on your other pieces that I have read so well done!

I think your writing has defiantly improved from the previous stories of yours, your mixing up your word choices now which makes for some nice phrases and imagery.

A nice example of the improvement of your writing would be this transition line which was so well done - A middle aged couple caught Marleneís eye, they reminded her of her own parents. - It was just brilliant that you included that line, rather then just talk about her parents.

Also it was a nice touch how you mentioned them again and had them as a sort of parallel to Sirius and Marlene who we know wont grow old together like them.

There were a few typo's that you could catch if you went through, a really obvious one is in the first paragraph, I'll let you find it.

Author's Response: Cannons hello!

Hm, I'll take that as a compliment :) That was sort of my motive there :)

Thanks, the ring moment was completely by accident. I actually forgot to write the part where he puts the ring on her finger, so I just made it out like he forgot it ;) I'm glad that worked :D

Aw, thank u so much! I don't even know how. When I was writing it, everything just kind if flowed from my fingers! I think I might like dark a bit more than I should :)

Haha, yeah, the 'their' one. I tend to miss words like that. I'll go have a good read through later :)

Thanks for the sweet review!


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Review #12, by kenpo Couldn't Possibly Be

20th December 2013:
Hey! Kenpo here with your requested review.
I'm doing this review a little differently than they're usually done. Hopefully, that's okay with you.

First Impressions:
I like the title and the summary. Vague, but still eye-catching. I'm also doing the Uncomfortable Challenge.

Thoughts While Reading:
I like the writing style of the first paragraph. I can already start to see who the character is and the type of the relationship she has. One issue, "This was the place Sirius had chosen for their." ...their date?

Aww, I like that he calls her Mars. And his jovial voice, nice word choice.

Of course he knows she'll like the restaurant. Sirius is the type of guy who could absolutely plan a date to woo his lady.

When you say "He was the polar opposite of her 'ideal' other half. He was careless," I was momentarily confused because I thought she was giving a description of her 'ideal'.

I love that Lily had to convince her that Sirius was a good match! That hints at a friendship not only between Lily and Marlene, but between Lily and Sirius, which I like. I mean, he's pretty much her brother-in-law.

Aww, Sirius is all nervous. Ooo, he's gonna propose, isn't he?! He can fight dark wizards no problem, but proposing would definitely make Sirius a nervous wreck!

I'm loving this interaction between them. They seem like they have a really close friendship on top of their romantic relationship. I like the little note about how her smiles make him feel.

Haha, Sirius knew that she'd know that he'd forget their anniversary so he decided to remember so that she'd be surprised. Haha. I love it. And her reaction is perfect! Sirius, no matter how smart you may be, you'll never have a women totally figured out.

AwwÖ they can't get all the way through a nice dinner without thinking about the war. That's how war is, though. The anxiety is never far away.

HA. I WAS RIGHT! I like that he looks hopeful after he asks her! Cute! I enjoyed the little notes about the people in the restaurant, it enhances the setting.

Haha he would forget the ring! Wait no he didn't. Aww, I like that description of the ring. I like that he got it engraved. He totally knows the type of girl she is.

Nooo! Are her parents and sister dead? :( What? No, Sirius, don't leave her there! She's gonna go try to save them or something! Yes, see? You left and she heard a scream and there she goes! Gah, Sirius, I thought you were smart!

Ahhh! Harry and his toy broom. Adorable! Haha, Petunia's stupid vase.

I love that he told Lily he was proposing! She totally helped him plan it out, didn't she?

Remus, you'll find someone! Give it 16 years or so! Remus is such a heartbreaking character. He's alone and soon he'll be really alone and Sirius is gonna be all depressed because he's going to find help but Marlene is going to get herself killed and THE FEELS!

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate your use of apostrophes in the correct places. Okay, back to the story.

Her sister's still alive? Why? Don't they usually just kill everyone and go kill some Muggles to celebrate?

Aww, her sister's totally gonna die, isn't she? I'm surprised Marlene didn't go into Healer-mode when she saw the blood. I'm wondering how old her sister is. She seems very young, and Marlene's relationship with her seems borderline maternal. That could mean she's a much younger sister.

Eww, gross. Why are the Death Eaters chilling there? Hurry, Sirius!

Poor Natalia :,( Aww, she was a Squib :(.

They want Marlene to join them? What? I thought they were there to kill her. No, Marlene! Don't tell them you'd rather die, they'll kill you!!! SHUT UP TRAVERS, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU.

...she died. :( And Sirius is right there! The scene assaults his eyes. Powerful word choice.

I'm not even gonna commentary the rest because THE FEELS.

General Comments:
This was really well written. There were times that some sentences didn't flow very well, I'd go back and read through it very slowly. I like your diction. You use better words than "sad" "happy" etc, but I didn't need a dictionary. Overall, good story. I liked how the perspective sort of shifted to Remus at the end, and how Lily's relationship with Marlene was apparent throughout. I enjoyed reading this! Except for the feels.

Author's Response: Oh wow!!! So sweet!!! :D I loved the way this was done!!

I don't know what to say! The review was super super sweet! :D so, I just want u to know that I love this review!! Now into the end section :)

Thanks so much :) yeah- I hate using a dictionary when reading stories... -_- haha, I'll take the feels as a positive thing ;)

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Review #13, by smitlikesllamas Couldn't Possibly Be

20th December 2013:
Hey! I'm pretty darn proud of myself for getting to this tonight. :) I feel a lot better than I did last night, so I wanted to get this done while it lasted. :P

The first thing I noticed was the second-to-last sentence in the first paragraph. It just kind of... ends. Without an ending. It says " yes, this was the place that Sirius had chosen for their." this was the place that Sirius had chosen for their... what? Date? Wedding? Safari? I don't know, the sentence didn't say. :P

I won't lie, I read so much next gen (in fact, that's almost all I read) that when it said "Lily convinced her that Sirius was, in fact the perfect guy for her" I thought you meant Lily the second and I was confused. And then I remembered. :P

Speaking of that sentence, the comma is in the wrong place. It should read "Lily convinced her that Sirius was, in face, the perfect guy for her."

There are a couple other places with missing or misplaced commas. If you would like to, you can message me on the forums and I'll go over this and proof-read it. :)

Oh, man, that started out so cute and happy and fluffy and I was so happy but I just knew something bad was going to happen. And I just knew it was going to be Marlene's parents and sister. Oh man, that was rough lol.

I think you did a pretty good job, especially with this being your first dark story. This was a pretty serious story, so, as a reader, I didn't get to see much of the Marauder's fun loving personalities. That being said, I think you characterized them rather well, considering the circumstances. It was kind of weird that Pettigrew didn't say anything other than to ask where Sirius was. But I can't really say I mind too much, because I absolutely abhor him, sooo. :P

You mentioned that you were concerned with the flow. You did a pretty good job of that, even with the story jumping around to follow both Sirius and Marlene at the same time. I think it was pretty impressive, honestly.

I hope you place in the challenge! That'd be pretty cool. :)

Thanks for requesting, and I hope you don't mind reading a review that's approximately the same length as your story. :P


Author's Response: Haha, congrats! Sorry it took me so long to respond! RL has been crazy lately!

Yeah- that must have been just a weird typo. I'll definitely change it once the queue reopens :) and the commas...I use them quite a lot, so I'll go back and recheck those. Thank so much for the offer, but I have a friend who's offered. Sorry!

Thanks so much! Yeah, peter's meant to be guilty and kind if ashamed of being a traitor. But, I'll go back and edit that too :)

Thanks so much! That would make my year! Nah, I love long reviews! Thanks again!

-ReeBee :)

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Review #14, by toomanycurls Couldn't Possibly Be

20th December 2013:

You had me at Sirius being listed at one of the MCs.

I've been on that kind of date where it's all "uh, did we get lost on our way?" then that's the place and life gets all !!! with squee. ...if that made sense we might have the same issues. :P

Love the casual affection that comes through in their dialogue.

I'm doing some quick math on the years you threw out there, is this after the 4 years of Healer school? That would make Sirius 21 and the Potter's death is probably close at hand. Yes? No? Can I add?

I like Sirius' nervousness about the nice dinner. I feel an engagement is in order soon. Though, her anger at him remembering and insistance that he apologize for remembering something she forgot seemed a bit too young for them.

Marlene's preoccupation with her parent's safety is perfect. It reminds the reader that the war is going on and there's RL shenanigans going on and that life isn't all fancy dates and romantic moments for the couple.

Whoo!! I called it!! haha, he forgot the right.

DUDE! Is he running off and going to get arrested!?!? oooh, it's when they took that photo Lily sent to Sirius.

I like that you show the other Marauders with Lily and James. I thought Peter would seem more subdued. I'm not sure Remus would be there - he said at some point that he was in the north during the part of the war where he wasn't trusted.

Oh jeez, seeing Marlene discover her family is worse than her heart being broken over Sirius. :( YOU CAN'T KILL HER!!! Ack, I'm all emotions right now. :'( You did a good job drawing out her death in a suspenseful way.

Thank you for breaking my heart tonight. :( :( :( You've really captured Sirius' grief and deep loss in a realistic way. The only CC I have is that it doesn't 100% line up with the information we have about who was where during the first wizarding war. The main thing is that I don't think the marauders saw each other much or that all of them were together this close to the Potter's death. Though, I don't think that will catch many people's eye. ^_^

Incredible story. You did such a great job branching out while writing this.


Author's Response: Haha, I love Sirius too!!!

Thank u for all the praise! And yes, they were 21. Yes, the addition problem is correct ;) It was meant to be spring...I think, god, I can't remember what was going through my head then... But, I'm pretty sure it was the spring before James and Lily's deaths.

Thank u :) Yeah, with Marlene, it might be too young. I haven't really met many people that age (except on the forums), so I'm not really sure how they'd act :)

Thank u :) Yeah, it was meant to be when they took that photo :) The reference from the vase was also from the letter :) I'm glad you noticed the letter references

Ah...Remus. Thanks so much :) I might go edit that sometime and maybe switch him for another character. But, I think that might change some the more sentimental thoughts... I'll have to see.

Ooh, I've never thought about it that way- that she would be heartbroken over Sirius' capture... Thats really clever! And an awesome idea for another one shot...

Aw, Im sorry?? I think... Thank u, I was scared about capturing the emotion realistically. That's one of main reasons why I didn't write from first person (imagine trying to write the thought process of someone who saw(heard?) their fianc√ɬÉ√ā¬© die, *shudders*)

Yeah, I might go back and edit it so that it was a surprise that Remus and Peter came to visit. To make it so that they didn't see each other that often.

Thanks again for the praise! I'm kind of starting to like writing horror/dark... ;)

-Curie :)

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Review #15, by Rumpelstiltskin Couldn't Possibly Be

19th December 2013:

I'm hopping over to your Marauder story!

Talk about an emotional roller coaster. I was all kinds of happy and squeeing with the proposal, despite the dark undertones of the war. Then, my panic sensors went off when I realized that Marlene's family had been under attack and shouted at Marlene not to go into the house.

Because I love Jily, I was right back to happy when the next section started. (I wouldn't have fixed Petunia's ugly present either.) Then felt for Remus during his brief thoughts about never finding love (how dare you make Remus sad :p says the overprotective hypocritical reviewer).

Then I read the rest of the story, had to go and get some ice cream before I came back because I was sobbing by the end and couldn't manage to write a sensible review.

I think that I started crying when Tahlia said, "It hurts, Mars," and began sobbing when Marlene thought, "I'll never be Marlene Black." (I told her not to go into that house.) I panicked again and tried to compromise with the Death Eaters, but they would have none of it.

And, oh gods, with Sirius crying...I lost it...then the last line.

There is not enough therapeutic ice cream in the world to make me happy right now.

This was fantastic...and beautiful...and it made me cry.

Great job Curry!


Author's Response: Rumpel! That takes the cake. Best review ever! God, I've said this about way too many stories... But anyway, it seriously made me grin! As ironic as that is- with the crying and all that...

Well, I'm happy. Not that you're crying, but that the story caused those emotions (guess that leads back to the crying...). Like I said, I was crying so much when writing it. I think its because I planned their reunion after Mars comes back from France, and that was playing in my head when I was writing her death...

Hm, I agree, ice cream is awesome!! Thanks so much for the many many compliments!! :D Hm, I might be writing a prequel sometime in the future... But, a lot more fluffy :)

Thanks again for the awesome review Rumpel!!

-Curry :)

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Review #16, by Fonzzx Couldn't Possibly Be

19th December 2013:
All the feels. ALL THE FEELS.

Author's Response: Aw! That was exactly my point ;)

Thanks for the very pleasing review :)


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Review #17, by BitterSweetFlames Couldn't Possibly Be

19th December 2013:
Hiya Curie! :D You have a new story, wooo! :D I actually quite liked this one even while agree with you that Dark/Horror is just so hard.

Just to point out though.. At the start you put down, "Sirius had chosen for their." It seems you forgot a word there. Apart from that there were no other things that stood out grammatically.

So, the proposal was gorgeous! Sirius, arrogant and cocky Sirius, proposing like that? Precious... He was so nervous, and there were just so many things he did wrong and that's what made it so RIGHT.

When she was killed was just so sad... I knew it was going to be a sad ending but I didn't prepare myself.. I'm all, oh my god, why?! You feel sorry for Marlene; you feel sorry for Sirius. I wish it had been an happier ending since I love happy endings, normally but as it is, it's gorgeous. Well done, Curie! :D


Author's Response: Thanks Carla! I guess I had to keep my name up in some way! I enjoy being type cast as a fluff writer!

Ah, okay! I can't bear editing this one! I literally just typed it out and sent it to my beta, poor Grace :( She had a real rough piece to work with...

Thanks so much! Haha, yeah, I wanted to make sure his personality actually could be seen in his actions than just me stating it and I guess it worked :)

Same! I normally want to kill authors who write sad endings... Anyway, thanks Carla! You are WAY too good to me! :D

Thanks again for the super amazing review! You never fail to make my day! :)

-Curie :)

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