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Review #1, by Aerialla Epilogue

5th March 2017:
I absolutely loved this from beginning to end. The only last part I was hoping for was a full conclusion with the magical mural appearing in the Manor and a full conclusion to the prophesy.

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Review #2, by I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good The Proposal

13th February 2017:
This is the second time I've read this story but there's one big problem; Lucius Malfoy is supposed to be a coward; unworthy of being the leader of the Death Eaters because of that. Other than that, I absolutely love your story!

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Review #3, by Bellalalala Leaving You

10th January 2017:

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Review #4, by I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Wedding Day II

25th December 2016:
I love this fanfic! I know its not a long review, but i don't really have any critisism for this story... thats how good it is!

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Review #5, by I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good The Proposal

24th December 2016:
At first, I wasn't so sure about this story, because I like the stories in the Marauders era, but this one is actually pretty good!

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Review #6, by Aastha K Epilogue

30th November 2016:
Hey! this is the review for your whole story. I LOVED IT A LOT! It is amazing!
i do not usually like dramione stories as i thought they rent made for each other. but this one made me love them. i donot like romione as well.. this is amazing you know! i loved it! thank you so much for such a amazing story..
I would love to give you a 10/10 but i wished a bit more of narcissa...this is amazing
I hope you go on with such amazing stories... looking forward to it...
I recently discovered this page and yours is the first i read.. literally this is nice!!
i can assure you i will reread it a lot of times again in future..
Please write more amazing stuff.
Lots of love!
- Aastha!

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Review #7, by Jordan Leaving You

17th November 2016:
I don't even.. I literally just skipped this whole character after you said Hermione was gonna go after Blaise, Why you gotta make my heart break from the actions of this story, my god D:

Good story though, been reading for the last four hours

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Review #8, by GeekMom13 Epilogue

12th November 2016:
Great job. I loved the entire thing.

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Review #9, by Dinthemidwest Wedding Day II

25th October 2016:
Very emotional... what a wonderful chapter! I really enjoyed the look back that Hermione had. Draco & Hermione really did deserve each other; clever, ambitious, and crazy about the other!

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Review #10, by Dinthemidwest Honeymoon

25th October 2016:
This is such a romantic chapter!! I am really enjoying the Dramione stories, & yours is very interesting! These 2 are a match for each other...

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Review #11, by tallyberens Epilogue

20th August 2016:
This is honestly the best fan fiction I have read! I loved reading it! If I'm honest, on several occasions I wanted to scream because of the plot(but I knew it would end with a happy one) and I cried at one point (x3). Thank you so much for writing this but I have one complaint: this was the first fanfic I read on this page and now I have extremely high expectations! I don't think I'll be able to find a fanfic quite as good as this one! Well Done!!!

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Review #12, by LadyMalfoy10141920 Epilogue

15th August 2016:
This is by far one of the best that I have read

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Review #13, by Emmee Leaving You

15th August 2016:
Oh my goodness! I just can't seem to put your story down! I know it's been a while since you finished working on this story but I still hope you see this. This is amazing, and I love how you took the progression of their affection slowly. You do have some trouble with grammar, but it's such a compelling story that I don't really notice it now that I'm this far into the story. I'm so glad that I picked this up

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Review #14, by bobbynmiazmom Kitten's Play

9th August 2016:
I know you've gotten comments about proofreading, but I have to add one more. One of the other reviewers suggested reading the chapters out loud to yourself, which is an excellent idea. I'd also suggest having a friend proofread as well. Preferably a "grammar-nazi" if you know any - I think everyone has at least one friend like that. I know my friends do. ;-)

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Review #15, by akanechiax Epilogue

22nd July 2016:
UTTERLY loved it. It was beautifully composed, amazingly violent and breathtakingly perfect. Well done on this beautiful story. 10/10 most definately will read again. Highly recommend!

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Review #16, by weselette96 Epilogue

16th June 2016:
This is probably the best fanfic i ever read
I especially love the happy ending and it shouldnt finish in any other way !!
I really like your style of writing, and overall the story was AMAZING!! Keep up the great work

Author's Response: WOW! Thank you so much! It feels so great to read reviews like this years later. Thanks! =D

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Review #17, by ms simone Epilogue

9th June 2016:
sad the story is over!! overall amazing story!!!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! And thank you for the review!

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Review #18, by TaylorAnnMitchell92 Epilogue

7th June 2016:
So it took me a day to read this. This was freaking amazing!! I loved loved loved it. It was happy, sad, suspenseful! Just amazing!! Please keep writing. Don't listen to the haters! Just keep doing what you are doing! I literally laughed and cried while reading this. Thank you for giving me something wonderful to read. I can only hope that I could be half the writer that you are. Beautiful!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I means a lot to read this especially since it has been a couple of years since writing this. I just wanted to edit the best of my horrible abilities. Glad you found this piece!

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Review #19, by evanlyn Messages

7th June 2016:
So that romantic kiss happened when his death were all big and hexed? I think if you rewrite this you should have Cherry deliver the antidotes before the kiss, then have Hermione try to steal the picture.

Author's Response: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely look into it when I do my edits.

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Review #20, by Evenlyn Kitten's Play

5th June 2016:
I like the 'Pretty Woman' aspect of this chapter haha. Let's give Hermione a makeover!

Author's Response: I always believe a part of growing up for most women is growing into your physical beauty. Although I am sure, Hermione will never be superficial, she would get a makeover one day, permanently. Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #21, by Kdix Draco's Flashbacks

16th April 2016:
Please proof read. Love the story so far

Author's Response: Thanks. Yes, I had a lot of problems with grammar and had others volunteer to help, but evenutally became busy with their own lives and dropped off. Since it's been a couple of years. I might go back and do it myself. Thanks though!

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Review #22, by Roxy Itís Not a Game

15th December 2015:
That scene with Lucius was very unrealistic. Hermione, despite her current circumstances, would be furious at being degraded like that. Draco is also very unbelievable. I'll give it another chapter or two though.

Author's Response: Well, if you do not like it, hope you find something you enjoy more. Thanks for stopping by though.

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Review #23, by Bluewolf80 Epilogue

27th October 2015:
Loved it! Very nicely done.

Author's Response: Aw thanks!

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Review #24, by Minnu The Proposal

10th September 2015:
Why would someone fiddle with the keys when they have their wand?

Author's Response: I do mean to come off rude, but if you read carefully, it should explain it. I take all those things into account. I think you should reread to get more details... Thanks

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Review #25, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 The Proposal

19th August 2015:
Ok so this was totally not what I was expecting! I promise thats a good thing though! It's an interesting take on what happened after the war and what Draco and Hermione are willing to do to survive.

Author's Response: Thanks. I know this is like a year later to replying, but I hoped you were able to finish it and liked it. If not, let me know anything so I can get better in the future. Thanks!

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