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Review #1, by Erinnmarie97 dancing eyes

25th May 2017:
Jeffy can't end. I'm too emotionally invested in Jeffy. I love them, I love this story.

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Review #2, by Hasane the owlery

23rd May 2017:
I literally binged seventeen chapters of FA.

This story is so good, like seriously, and it's so interesting to read even what would be the most boring of scenes. Your prose is so beautiful, and the fact that you started this at fifteen, and you wrote that well, makes me jealous.

James and Effy are such addicting characters, and I love reading about them. They would make a good couple, but I feel like they're that couple that's literally a train wreck, and people are oscillating between 'oh my god they should be together foreverrr' or 'OH MY GOD WILL THEY FINALLY BREAK UP ALREADY WE'VE SEEN THIS OLD SONG AND DANCE A MILLION TIMES.' I'm kind of leaning towards the last one. I really do think that James and Effy would be good for each other, but maybe after a few years. Their personalities clash way too much right now, and if they get back together, I can only see it ending like this chapter did in terms of the couple.

So, both James and Effy should wait a while, and work on themselves, and maybe in a few years time, they'd be better for each other. Right now, their relationship is exactly what you would find with two teenagers that are figuring out themselves, and it's not good.

But mostly, I'm just shipping Effy and James with themselves. They're just better as individuals.

Literally thanking every god there is right now that there are six more (very long!) chapters to read.

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Review #3, by Jess dancing eyes

17th May 2017:
'kay, okay, where do I start on this one?

for starters, it's brilliant.
you've captured perfectly the confusion and passion and burning of teenage life. effy's development in this is astounding. you've kept her character and personality AND you can see how she changes and grows. i stand by my claim that this isn't only a romance, it's a coming-of-age fic too. romance is just a very prominent sub-plot.

speaking of which, the entire jeffy relationship is amazing. their problems and relationship don't just magically sort themselves out, they have to work for it. love isn't not doing anything, it's work and caring and not being selfish. james and effy have grown and changed and become, so, so, much and at the same time, still the same people we started off with. but i don't really get at what's the plan for future jeffy. but effy mustn't get back with mikey, but sort out her relationship with him and stay good friends. also, jeffy is probably just gonna kinda restart, in a way, after effy's out of hogwarts. but don't just skip effy's seventh year. effy can survive without james and i wanna know more about her relationship with other characters.

also, oscar is the best. and aspen. i lurve aspen. i also like how, like in so many fics with ocs in sixth or seventh year OCs, effy is not actually best besties with rose or dom or, while albus is certainly one of effy's closest friends, albus or scorpo.

definitely one of my all time favs of james ii / oc. right up there with clash. *swoon* aggy and james were lovely. or rather, are lovely seeing as clash is still around using sketchy sites like the wayback machine on a certain archive-dot-org and pasting in shenanigans authors page URL and clicking on a date when clash was still around and finding the printer friendly version.

*hem, hem* sorry 'bout that.

keep writing!


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Review #4, by Alice dancing eyes

9th May 2017:
So, I've just the past few days reading this and i've saved everything until now so that I could leave one big review. Firstly, this is brilliant brilliant brilliant!!! I love it so much and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading it! Secondly, oh my god James reminds me so much of my first love and the way you describe what that feels like... it's uncanny honestly. I cannot wait for the rest of it and I really look forward to seeing where it goes! A part of me really hopes this isn't the end for James and Effy (and I'm sure it's not) but god I really do love Mikey.
Can't wait for the next update!
Alice x

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Review #5, by becks8bsc dancing eyes

8th May 2017:
Hey greenbirds! Thanks again for another amazing chapter. Have to just mention again that i love you writing style. The dialogue between Effy and James always flows so well - its so easy to picture it all happening in my head. Your version of James is quickly becoming one of my favourite fiction boys!! He's so charming, intelligent and passionate but arrogant, smirky and over-confident. Both him and effy are such complex characters. Love how well they are developed as well as the plot. Again, keep doing what you are doing, definitely loving it! Have gone from completely new reader to FA a month or two ago to checking for updates once a week.

P.S I posted a review on your last chapter, just following up by saying that a) did not even realise you wrote the first couple chapters so young! definitely did not come across that way, i am 22 and they resonated and felt mature and well-written! and b) definitely read prep! think you will enjoy and they are turning it into a gossip-girl-esque tv show soon so get in quick!

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Review #6, by The Justice League dancing eyes

6th May 2017:

But in all seriousness, this was a brilliantly written chapter! You should be so proud of how much your writing has improved! And I really, really hope this is setting up for a Jeffy reunion after seventh year, but if it's not, I will cry a little (a lot) and be thrilled with how well this break-off (could it even count as a break up?) was set up. You have such an incredible gift of characterization, and comedy, and I don't think I've ever read anything on or off this site that could match your ability to weave humor into its more serious moments, nor have I ever read something written by someone who knows the motivations of their characters so well. I mean, the way James kept repeating how 'James and Effy always work it out' was so beautifully heartbreaking and so in character that I couldn't believe I hadn't heard him say it before in Fluorescent Adolescent. Great job and I can't wait for the next update!

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Review #7, by M dancing eyes

5th May 2017:
Effy and James cannot break up. Can you do a jump to Effy's graduation and have them get back together? no drama just their life outside of Hogwarts

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Review #8, by Violet Potter 434 dancing eyes

5th May 2017:
more please?!

I need more of this story, its so good and i obvs need to find out what happens next NOW

love from me xx

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Review #9, by LyanaKate dancing eyes

5th May 2017:
No they have to stay together :'( I love how they are together! Can't handle chapters without James in them. Nice story though! Keep it up! I'm hooked

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Review #10, by Rosie_Posie dancing eyes

5th May 2017:
I am so mad at Albus right now it is not even funny! Jeffy is life, Jeffy is love and Jeffy are soulmates and he goes and tells her not to date James? And then she goes and breaks up with James in a bathroom? I am so not ok right now :(

The start of this chapter was so cute with Jeffy banter at its best and I am just not happy with how now they are saying goodbye to each other when they are so clearly so deeply and crazily in love with each other!

Despite my sadness and disappointment at this turn of events it was a wonderfully written chapter even if you're characters actions leave me so heartbroken!

Please please update soon and resolve this mess and stupid breakup that has occurred!

RP x

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Review #11, by JT4HP dancing eyes

5th May 2017:

I love them just so so so much. And their fighting end scene was just UGH. Brilliant. So them, you know? Like, they are such a hot mess. But, also, you could see how they're evolving, too. More grown up. Still a hot mess, but less than usual.

ANYWAY, I don't even know what to say. I'm still stuck on all the jeffy that I got in this chapter. It was so great.

I'm really curious how you're going to continue like are we going to skip a year? Skip to NEWTS? What's going to happen?!?!??! I don't know how I can survive four more years for her seventh year, ya know?! But, actually, I probably could and would for FA. Mainly because you're brilliant. And I'm a sucker for a good love story.

Okay, please tell me what's going to happen. Are we seeing Effy through her seventh year? Are we fast-forwarding? WHAT?! You're probably not going to tell me so it doesn't ruin the surprise so in that case I'm going to be mad about it until the next chapter then.

But, also, here's my favorite quote from the story. I don't even know why but I just love how sassy/cute/flirty/mad they are with each other. UGH.

I vote apparation.

I vote the car, and we listen to the Beatles. Im in the mood.

I vote absolutely not, youve been playing the Beatles all day-

Theyre the Beatles-

The Beatles? Sorry, who? Ive never heard of them.

You're brill. As usual.

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Review #12, by luna1306 dancing eyes

4th May 2017:
On the contrary, if push came to shove, I think I would push my older brother Jack in front of the Knight Bus for Weird Sister reunion tickets.

lol, still bit of humor in that dramatic scene.

i am so tied up!
im definitely team jeffy, but i also agree with albus. maybe after effy's NEWTs?
as long as she doesn't go back to Mickey, i do NOT like miffey!

△⃒⃘ luna

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Review #13, by beka_wotter dancing eyes

4th May 2017:
I loved this chapter so much!!
The whole section between Effy and James: the rain, the tea, the kiss, the chats, the car ALL of it was perfect and possibly my favourite part of the story so far.
Ngl I was pretty devastated that in the same chapter they broke up, I do see to an extent why because a relationship where one is at boarding school and one is famous and living in the real world would be extremely difficult. But still I was sad about that.
I really hope their separate paths won't mean a complete lack of Jeffy moments because they are my absolute faves!
I can't wait for the next chapter and please update soon!
Such an incredible chapter x

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Review #14, by Irishseeker dancing eyes

4th May 2017:
oh my. oh my. babeee. stop! how do you do this!? how. Firstly, as always, this chapter was worth the wait and may have destroyed my life with all the feelings?
It was so nice to see them like were when they were together and pre-relationship flirting stage, especially since how hostile and mad they've been recently. It's especially nice to see just their dynamic together. They're such a good duo. I love them so much. Plz let them be happy.
But the chemistry is impeccable and the brutal and beautiful reality of their relationship in relation to real life scenarios is so good. Especially Albus too, because being in that position or being between two friends even is not a fun one and it's good to see that point being made and shown how relationships affect everyone. Also, the poppy x albus relationship is so hilarious I freaking love it, can't wait to see more about them in the next part of the story!
I'm just super excited to see how this all pans out because if you can't tell, I'm a super fan and embarrass myself with these reviews. I've been reading and leaving reviews for FA for nearly two years? or maybe a bit more and it's so great to read such an amazing story and see how far it's come and how much the characters and plots have developed and your admirable dedication. Finally got back into my old account, lol, been leaving reviews under the name FA Lover because I'm such a nerd and lack creativity but this story is such gold.
These chapters are definitely worth the wait and with Mikey and Effy's relationship and also what happens with the rest of the gang, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens during 7th year. I can see a whole lot of drama and much more and that makes me super happy.

Also, the character development is so evident in this chapter with both of them. The maturity and how far they've come, it's remarkable. It's so good to see that in a novel and how far characters and friendships, relationships develop. Especially with James. How can you not love him though, he's such a sweetie.

I've been super stressed with exams and all and seeing and reading this beautiful update made my day so thank you so much xx and sorry if this review is a bit wild haha
Hope everything is going well with you and good luck if you have any exams and can't wait to read more as always! xxx

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Review #15, by Lizard dancing eyes

4th May 2017:
While I absolutely adore this fic and your writing - huge congratulations on your Dobbys!! - I feel like I have a hard time to really see what Effy's about... And James too, for a certain extent. But you're making me think about their actions and their choices, which I think is super awesome!

Anyway, let me explain what I mean-- James comes to Effy voluntarily to apologize and own up his mistakes and to try to make amends which is great, both that he's realized that he did mistakes and that Effy deserves an apology. But during his speech he calls out Effy's faulty behavior, says that she too made mistakes, he even calls her a b*tch, but Effy never reacts to this. I know Effy believes in the importance of herself and she doesn't really see her own faults, but I would've expected her to kind of say "what do you mean mistakes? I wasn't the one who effed things up" which I feel would fit her character at this stage (defending herself but not really seeing that James is absolutely right too).

Maybe this is something that's going to come up later, when she's away from him in Hogwarts and has time to reflect on what it really was James said. Because James deserves an apology too, but of course Effy needs to realize it and she's not at the same maturity level as James right now at least, she's still in her school-phase which is totally understandable since she's still in school. Or maybe she needs one of her friends to call out her behavior, since she'd probably be more susceptible to one of them over James (maybe Al since he seems to have a lot of influence over her?).

And now for James: after he decides to try to get Effy back and does get her back, I'd think that he'd put up a bit more of a fight over her turning around and deciding that no, they should not be together because Al says he can't take it. I get Effy's reasoning, I really do, because they're not a stable couple and they're not going to see each other so much for an entire year (where everything can happen really) so I kind of agree that them being together isn't the best choice-- but! James put himself out there, revealed some pretty dark things about himself that I'm sure not many know of and got her back and things were looking up but then Effy, after a short talk with his brother, breaks things off and he just accepts it? Sure, he didn't like it at first, but eventually he's like "oh, such a great idea".

I'd reckon he'd be more hurt, not only that Effy did that but also that Albus was able to influence Effy so much. But of course, this is still from Effy's point of view so who knows what James was really thinking and did after she left. What I am hoping is that James might come to be a little bit suspicious if Effy tries to see him or write him when she's in school, if you know what I mean? Not that I think she'd to it maliciously, but like he's starting to think that she's kind of stringing him along? She's now twice broken up with him so I don't think he'd just shrug it off and say "great, let's start up again" if Effy were to change her mind /again/. I'd be more cautious, and I hope James would be too.

All in all, I think James and Effy could be good together if they'd just grew up and let go of some of their ego. James is on his way there and I'm guessing with him going out into the adult world he already knows he's not all that special, really. Effy on the other hand isn't quite there yet, but I'm hoping for her to start thinking more about her actions, like Mikey for example, she still doesn't really understand why James is so insecure when it comes to him, even though she knows he is (her saying that she kissed Mikey fully knowing James was there is not a good look for her and I'm pretty sure if Mikey were to find out he was used their friendship would be over).

Anyway, if you've come out of this other side of the wall of text, I just want to say again that this story is wonderful and you're really evolving as a writer! I really liked that we got to see some of James' past that might have shaped him into the person he is today, and to see some of his interests. I have a great interest in history so the fact that James likes it just warms my heart, lol. I hope your next update won't take as long, but you're probably busy with other things too, so just remember that were looking forward to it whenever you have the time! :-*

Author's Response: this really, truly is a dream of a review. i am so touched and so honoured that you spent so much time reflecting on and discussing the motives and interactions of my characters! i'm genuinely so humbled and appreciative- thank you so, so much. like- omg? that is all i can think about this review. i think it's my favourite one yet.

i think effy, whilst never vocalising her realisation and ownership of her mistakes, can definitely secretly acknowledge that she made some, as she proves as she admits it was wrong of her to kiss mikey just to spite james that one night. i also think she was so surprised by this display of open communication and raw emotion from a suddenly grown up james- a james beyond, but not entirely seperated from, the james she kind of fell in love with. she knows him to be impulsive, spontaneous, witty and intelligent, brave and opinionated, but not humble and open. so yeah, i definitely think this was all going through her head.

yeah, albus will definitely act as some form of morals indicator for her in the upcoming chapters (although not as much as one individual...) and she probably respects his opinion above anyone else. aspen is too loyal and too similarly crazy, oscar is that x100, mikey is too removed from the situation; albus is definitely the necessary, level-headed voice in her consciousness.

as for james accepting the break up? i think he knows its the right idea too. and he's so protective over his little brother- especially now he's grown up a bit- he definitely wants to consider his feelings above his own. moreover, i think he definitely doesn't think this is the end of him & effy. i also think he reckons it was a bad idea reuniting in the first place; that night of euphoric bliss is over, and he's intelligent enough- by now- to know what reality truly is.

thanks so, so much for this absolutely stunning, breath taking review. i truly don't know what i've done to deserve it- and i really cannot thank you enough. you've made me pause and really reflect on my characters, and you've only strengthened me as a writer. you ROCK. i really- ahhh! i'm speechless. thank you endlessly. ♥

(and i like history too! it's my degree at university! hehe)

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Review #16, by RavenHairedGirl of stars & constellations

1st May 2017:
Ngl, having literally followed this story for the exact time you've been writing its so bittersweet that you've actually finished. I've loved this story for these last four years, and now I'm in my first year of uni as well, I just want to say best of luck, and keep writing either on here, or the next level. Love you and your work

Author's Response: hi hi hi !!!
ok so first how crazy - you're in your first year of uni too! how weird that we're not only the exact same age but at the exact same point of our lives hahaha. like, best of luck to you in everything too ♥ so, so cool.

but FA totally isn't finished !! i still have 10ish chapters to go and the next one should be up in a few days !! so hopefully you'll still stick around for that ;) but thank you again for such a lovely, lovely review + of COURSE your ongoing support. it genuinely means so, so much and i couldn't be more thankful. all my love xoxox

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Review #17, by Taamra of stars & constellations

25th April 2017:
when can we expect an update? 🌸

Author's Response: next week!!

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Review #18, by PLUM of stars & constellations

2nd April 2017:
Congrats on the Dobby! It literally is the best romance and the most addicting story and I absolutely loved this chapter. Can't wait for the next one! xx

Author's Response: ahh - thank you so, so much! i still can't get over it haha- and in even more excited that you liked this chapter! hopefullly the next one should be up by the end of the week ;) xoxox

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Review #19, by Rebecca of stars & constellations

2nd April 2017:
ahh i am so obsessed with FA! Read it all in a couple of hours i was so keen to find out what happens with James, Effy and Mikey. You are a terrific writer - have you ever read Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld? I feel like the tone of Effy is just like the tone of the main character in Prep. Really nuanced and real and full of genuine feeling. Can't wait until the next installment, keep doing what you are doing!

Author's Response: oh my god what a lovely review!! i'm so SO glad you like FA, especially hearing that you've started from the beginning as a new reader- i feel like i should apologise for the earlier chapters of my fifteen year old self's gossip girl inspired angst !!

and no, i haven't read prep but just did a quick google of it- it looks really good! i'm just finishing up the book i'm reading now, would you recommend it? thanks again for such a gorgeous review xxx

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Review #20, by Alena communism in mermish

26th March 2017:
OH MY GOD I am so jealous of your characterization. Seriously, they just seem to pop off the page and come alive in my head as I'm reading about them. I love how quickly you can sketch out a character - sometimes with just a few descriptive words and some dialogue - until they are already so memorable.

Most of all your dialogue is incredible. I'm basically crying with envy right now. It's so natural, so zippy, so bright and has so much realistic rythm. You just are so brilliantly able to capture the vagueness, the speed, the redundancy, the idiosyncracies and the pure ridiculousness of most human conversation. Instead of feeling like outlets for exposition, your dialogue moves the plot forward while also revealing character and being funny.

Also, side note, I love how much mention there is of school work so far. I hate it when fanfics just completely ignore the fact that students have classes, to the point where homework, teachers, etc. are never even brought up. Also, since they're Ravenclaws I feel like this makes even more sense and is even more important for the characters.

Anyway, I can't wait to read more and I definitely think you deserved those Dobbys!

Author's Response: thank you, thank you, thank you! what an overwhelmingly lovely review- you're waaay too kind & ironically your description within this review totally outshines mine in the story itself! do you write?

anyway, i've found myself speechless. you've picked out everything i wanted to achieve when writing FA- realistic teen dialogue, realistic teen life- including (especially) an abundance of work- and its relation to the characters as ravenclaws. thank you SO much!

you're the absolute best. thank you infinitely. xoxox

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Review #21, by Cook2016 of stars & constellations

25th March 2017:
Dead. I think I'm dead. That last line killed me!

I am in love with this story! I think I reread it every week or so! You've managed to show natural teenage character growth and development that is rarely seen in fanfictions. You manage to do it without having characters go through some unrealistic dramatic plot twist. I am in awe of your ability.

I am horrible at reviewing and I'm trying to be better! Looking forward to the next AMAZING update!

Author's Response: AHHH my god !! i had to read this review four times over to clarify it was for me. i think i'm blushing- you're so kind & i am so, so grateful for your overwhelmingly lovely words!

i'm even worse at replying to reviews and we can try to be better together. next update up soon! xxx

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Review #22, by purplerain of stars & constellations

10th March 2017:
"The whole relationship, I worried about you and Lancaster, and the second we break up-
I'm so glad that James is being open about how he feels for once because this I didn't pick up on at all apart from when he seemed unsettled by seeing a picture of mikey and effy in her room before they went on their date. Did effy know he was insecure about this or is this the first time she's hearing it too?
I'm so excited for the next chapter I wonder how James and effy will interact with not being at school together now!
I must say your writing has progressed and improved so much you sound like such a professional writer now giving the loveliest details in the loveliest ways
Can't wait for more

Author's Response: yeah for sure! and i'm so glad you appreciated that! its difficult to show his persepective, his side of things, his take on the whole relationship- effy isn't a bad person, of course not, but it is /her/ narrative, /her/ first person show & it often falls short on james because obviously the whole story's going to revolve around her take on things, no one likes- or even thinks- to admit they're wrong...

but james isn't a villain either? and effy can be- is- very problematic, which also isn't expressed. so yeah, was a PLEASURE sticking it to effy a bit and letting james explain his side!

gosh, my writing was AWFUL in 2013 so i can only hope its improved but professional writer?! you're too kind- and this review has totally gotten my heart soaring. you rock, thank you so so much !!! xx

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Review #23, by gobbetspotter of stars & constellations

10th March 2017:
The scene where effy is under Louis is so funny and when James comes along and sees it that was perfectly constructed you just know he was a little jealous! I love effy' banter with Louis and I hope that they will get along better eventually and that she resolves her differences with Freddie too
The star of this chapter tho was albus for me I feel like if he had not fallen over jeffy wouldn't have reunited! I was wondering tho what happened between the few weeks of the match where they kissed and when James found effy again at her house? Did they kiss and just leave each other at the quidditch game, if they did they are just so stubborn😂 Brilliant chapter so excited to read more, how many chapters roughly do you think are left?

Author's Response: hahaha omg i'm so glad you liked that scene because i just LOVE writing louis & ruddy- i'm torn between a one-shot comedy of the two of them or one of poppy & albus- and their chemistry with effy beyond the greenhouses was so natural, so easy, so FUN to write! got me totally reminiscing on my own secondary school class clown/ jock types.

and to answer your question- they just kissed and left it. totally stubborn, you nailed it ;)

thanks for such a lovely review! hopefully 6/7 chapters left? maybe 8... who knows! and thanks again!

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Review #24, by Danielle Felton of stars & constellations

8th March 2017:
Okay so hi! I just started reading your story and I'm done really was incredibly addicting! I got sucked into your world and it felt like I actually knew these characters. Effy is an incredible character an I just love how you created her. Quick question though..when you referred to Trinidad...was it the island? Don't know if I read it properly but I was curious to know how it ended up in that part of the story. Also I live there so if it is the island you're talking about then that was such a cool part to me! Looking forward to reading more stuff soon! 😁

Author's Response: hi hi hi !

god- thank you so, SO much. that is honestly the loveliest thing to read and i'm genuinely smiling at my laptop as i type out my response!

and YES. a reference to trinidad the caribbean island! as i'm a 21st century teenager in britain i feel almost indignant in my pursuit to portray hogwarts like modern day britain- vibrant in its multiculturalism, thriving in its diversity. so glad it meant something to you!

and thanks again for reviewing! xx

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Review #25, by couldyoureallyknow of stars & constellations

7th March 2017:
Congrats on the Dobby's. This has been such a well written story and I've loved following the journey of Effy and James. It has the right flow and mix of angst and humour which makes it such an enjoyable read.

Author's Response: thanks so, so much! that's exactly what i was going for with this fic, so i couldn't be happier you think its worked. all my love xox

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