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Reading Reviews for Never Forgive, Never Forget
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by The Basilisk Never Forgive, Never Forget

6th January 2015:
AH man, this story was particularly hard to read (for me) because I am one of the people who has sympathies towards Snape. I can't help it. I am fascinated by the way he led his life and the real reasons behind his every action. Maybe the fact that I'm training in human behavior makes me want to go further than the appearances?

Neville. Oh Neville, even if every word of this story hurt me, I can understand his feelings. Truly I do. There is not much we really know about what happened during Deathly Hallows at Hogwarts and what Neville and the others had to endure, so I think that his rage and hatred is justified even if it pains me. I can only hope that in time he will learn to forgive even if not forget, because you know, there is an immense relief when you let go of your negative emotions towards someone. I am the type that can't forget either, but I can forgive because I try and find the best in people and think that the only reason they did what they did was because they had a good intention behind it (good intention for them, which is not always good for others).

A very emotional piece you got here!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Never Forgive, Never Forget

4th June 2014:
Oh wow, that was utterly amazing! Superbly fantastic.

Throughout reading that chapter, I kept wanting to punch the air and go "YES NEVILLE! YOU TELL IT LIKE IT IS! SNAPE WAS A SWINE!"

Gah, I feel so bad for Neville having received that letter, but I loved his reaction. Of course he was going to react like that, who wouldn't? Harry didn't really take into consideration all of the horrible things that Snape done, to not only Neville, but those around him.

Oh Harry, why did you send that letter? I hope he feels bad for Nevilles silence.

Overall this was so fantastic, I loved it so much!

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Never Forgive, Never Forget

13th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


Poor Neville. I love Neville and I don't blame him for his thoughts, after everything he really does deserve to hate Snape no matter what the man did for the Order. It's justified after seven years of torture. But I still find it so very sad that he burnt the picture of him, Harry and Seamus - does he regret that later?

I also understand why he'd disagree with Harry and why he'd consider it wrong, but - and maybe this is just my love for Harry coming through - I'm even more sad that Neville considers it a betrayal. I dare not wonder what Neville thought when he found out Al Potter's middle name and why...

This offered a very interesting insight into Neville's mind and made me wonder exactly what he might thought about any of this if JKR had written it. But, as sad as I find it, I love your version.

I enjoyed reading this.


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Review #4, by Akussa Never Forgive, Never Forget

13th February 2014:
This is probably the story that best reflects my feelings toward Severus Snape.

I side with Neville 100% on this matter. This man doesn't deserve the forgiveness that Harry and the wizarding world have offered him. No matter how "good" is intentions were, the means he took to reach them were bad and hurtfull. The way he treated the students is unforgivable to me. I work with children and teenagers that go through the kind of treatment that Neville received at the hands of Snape and you never get over it. It forms your character, your reactions; everything you are is tainted with the pain someone like Snape inflictited on Neville.

Reading this, it made me wonder how Harry would have reacted had someone told him that they wanted to celebrate Vernon Dursley for his actions because he'd protected Harry by treating him the way he did. Would Harry really have forgiven him because his intentions were nobles? I don't think so and that's something that always bothered me greatly.

I really loved this story, as you can see! The descriptions were very clear and precise, the vocabulary used was also really perfect. It's strange to say but all through my read I kept thinking "wow, that is the perfect word to describe the emotion or the scene".

You've really stired a flame inside me with this! Also, I really like the ending; I find it really believable that Neville wouldn't voice his thoughts to Harry because it would be too painful for him to admit outloud all of those things and, anyway, he'd never confront Harry. The respect he has for his friend means he puts him on a pedestal. When you see yourself as inferior, you don't go and confront the people you imagine are better than you, no matter how distorded your vision is.

Great, great job!

Author's Response: Hey Akussa!

Thank you! I feel like the issue between Neville and Snape is a bit of a grey area and that most people assume Neville was completely okay with it and entirely well-adjusted after the war. I very much doubt that. I like to think the healing process took at least a few year for Neville, with all these different emotions involved in that process. So, I'm really pleased you agree!

That's an interesting point. I think Harry wouldn't react as harshly as Neville because of Dudley's forgiveness and the handshake before they parted ways, but I doubt he'd be entirely happy about that.

Thank you! I found this quite a challenge to write because it's such a different characterisation of Neville, but I'm pleased you thought I was up to the challenge.

You've gotten the exact message I was trying to get across here! Good to know we're on the same page.

Thanks so much for this great review!

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Review #5, by XoXo Gossip Girl Never Forgive, Never Forget

4th January 2014:
Hello there Jenny, your Secret Santa here!
I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to send you your gifts, but even santa needs a rest when he's working so hard around Christmas! :P

I have to point out your amazing use of description- I loved it! The rain, the imagery of the house and such.. Nevilles emotions.. you did great!

I can understand why Neville would be filled with anguish and well hatred really, for Snape. He was bullied relentlessly by Snape for most of his teenage years, and that would've put his hatred into perspective. I would probably be in the same place as him. So it's okay Neville, I understand! #TeamNeville

This was a great read. I'm personally a sucker for Neville, he is one of my fave not-main-but-not-minor characters I think you have done a great job with the charcaterisation of him. So well done!!

I had a lot of fun reading this, and I hope my review has given you some warm fuzzies!!

Secret Santa

Author's Response: Oooh, hello hello there! Thank you so much for these lovely reviews!

I wanted to try something a little different with Neville as a character so this story can be a bit polarising but I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm pleased you liked my description too, it always helps to set the scene :)

Completely, right? Plus add the factor of too much drink and then you get Angst!Neville, haha. Everyone has these dark thoughts and I never thought Neville got enough appreciation for what he went through with Snape as a teacher.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! I really like Neville too. I'm pleased you think I've done a good job with his character, that's the main thing!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by academica Never Forgive, Never Forget

15th September 2013:
Hey there, here with your requested review :)

Okay, this is a bit of a challenge for me because I'm a Snape fan and I don't tend to appreciate authors or stories that demonize him. BUT--I liked this. It was really nice to read this darker take on Neville, especially because I always wondered if he ever overcame or moved past his fear or hatred toward Snape. Anyway, all this is to say that I'm glad you requested this story because I liked it and I appreciate being challenged as a writer and reviewer.

You're right, Neville is definitely "different" in this story! On the one hand, I'm glad to see him truly recognizing his own strength and taking a stand, even though it seems to come at the price of feeling betrayed by his own friends. This Neville is clearly a reaction to the ridicule and doubt he suffered as a young boy, and I'm saddened to see that he went to the extreme of hatred and stubbornness in this story. While a lot of that is very believable considering all that he went through (for example, I loved the contrast where he was enraged one minute and crying the next), I can't help but feel like some of it is a little extreme--for example, the drinking. Maybe a little to calm him down, but this sort of belligerent excess reminds me more of a Death Eater than the hero of the Battle of Hogwarts. Perhaps that comparison is meant to be evoked, though. I get the sense that there is meaning under the surface that I haven't gotten here yet. I've really grown to admire Neville in recent years and I'm always happy when he's the subject of a story, because it doesn't happen often.

I liked the imagery here a lot, like the way you described Neville standing up and knocking over boxes and the way he recalled his final year at Hogwarts with Snape as Headmaster. I also liked having the storm in the backdrop as a metaphor for Neville's tumultuous and angry feelings. I also think you did a nice job with flow; I felt like it was easy to follow Neville's train of thought, and you gracefully interspersed his feelings with his actions in the present moment.

Very nice work! Like I said, this wouldn't normally be my cup of tea, but thank you for requesting it. I hope my review is helpful to you!


Author's Response: Hello!

I too am not a fan of Snape-demonising and believe he is a very complex character. However writing from Neville's perspective definitely challenged this view for me because of what he went through with Snape and the personal history there which made this piece so fun to write!

Thank you! I felt that Neville grew in many ways as a character, particularly in the final book and so would not be as much of a pushover in later life. The drinking was more of a 'one night' kind of thing, and more of just Neville in a bad mood rather than being a true reflection of his character. The fact that it challenged your perception of him is a victory I suppose!

Thank you! The storm was definitely a big part in setting the scene here. I'm glad you thought the description and flow was good too.

Thanks for taking the time to do this request Amanda! :)

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Review #7, by MissesWeasley123 Never Forgive, Never Forget

13th September 2013:
I bet you're thinking, "How has she read and nominated this, but not reviewed?" Ah well, now I'm here to gush on why I thought this was so epic :)

Neville! Man, I find it so hard to write him. I think it's the whole he's a war hero thing, but also that he used to be this dork at Hogwarts. His character is just so difficult to fully grasp and you did it so naturally and just mwuah! So good!

I am actually grinning just thinking that you put Hannah into this. Like - YES. I don't mind Neville/Luna but I liked how you were going for canon and stuck with Hannah for this one.

I found that you showed his dilemma so well, that it was believable - his anger. I could feel his hatred towards Snape, and you managed to pass on his feelings to me and in that moment I hated Snape too and remembered what a cruel, cruel man he was to Neville. He was a bully and Neville didn't deserve that, not with the life he got.

I loved the use of never forgive, never forget. In mere words you made such a powerful impact Jenny that this just took my breath away.

Keep on generating stories like this!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! And thank you again for nominating it! *hugs*

So far the comments on Neville have been varying so I'm glad you like him here. The Neville I've painted here is a more grown-up and angsty version, reflecting on his treatment from Snape as a child. I'm really pleased you thought it was natural too!

I really like Hannah and don't think she gets enough credit in stories, haha. Hence why I wrote her into my George story! Yay for Hannah!

Thank you - that was definitely the main aim of this story. I think people forget just how cruel Snape was to Neville and how that would have affected him during his school years. I love that last line so I'm so glad you think it's awesome!

Thanks for all the amazing reviews you have left me recently lovely :)

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Review #8, by BLONDEbehaviour Never Forgive, Never Forget

12th September 2013:
Hi! BLONDEbehaviour here with your requested review :)

I really enjoyed reading this! I mean really! I like how for once Neville has a chance to brood about the fact that he did go through hell in school, because we do usually see him as above it all. But, he is human, and if there is something that affects us, it is going to have an everlasting effect, and in Neville's case, the pain and suffering he received from Snape justifies his actions and hatred towards the man.

So in that case, I do believe that your characterization is done well! It is still Neviile, but we see a side of him that is not going to be shown all the time because we know that's not the type of person he is. And it works!

Your use of description is good. I like how you use enough to explain his surroundings and situation, but it is mostly focused on his thoughts and inner monologue. In a story like this, that is important. The flow is good as well. I like how it works in with the storm, because, like the storm, his brooding time will blow over once the power/anger has dwindled.

I also couldn't see any spelling or grammar mistakes! Yay!

Great one-shot! You've written it really well :)

Please respond to this review, thanks :)


Author's Response: Hi Grace! Thanks for doing this so quickly! :O

Thank you, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! You've really gotten what I was trying to get across - everyone has their bad days and this is just my interpretation of Neville brooding about the past and his more unhappy times. I'm so glad you think it works!

It's amazing how everyone has interpreted the storm different and is really interesting to see as a writer! The storm is supposed to act as pathetic fallacy for the setting and the rest is up to the reader with how they want to read into it, haha. I like your interpretation!

Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #9, by tubicans Never Forgive, Never Forget

6th September 2013:
Neville is a gryffindor. He stands up for his friends, and knows he is wrong. Is it griffindor to act like this? Is this brave neville? No. I don't think the ending was correct.

It was very well written though.

Author's Response: As Sirius said, we all have light and dark in us, so this is my interpretation of Neville's feelings on Snape. Each to their own!

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Review #10, by nott theodore Never Forgive, Never Forget

6th September 2013:
Hi Jenny! I remembered you posting about having written this one-shot and as a fan of your writing I've been looking forward to it!

This was a really interesting read! I was surprised by how much I liked your characterisation of Neville. Throughout most of the series he was always so nervous and timid that I couldn't really imagine him holding a grudge; later on when we find out what happened to his parents, there is a more vengeful side to his personality that comes to light. To be honest I don't think I've ever thought it would extend past Bellatrix, especially since he was so scared of Snape, but you made the idea completely believable here.

The description that you used was, once again, lovely. I liked the mention of the storm at the beginning - a sort of foreshadowing of the storm that was going to come with Neville's mood. The contrasts between his happy life with Hannah and Neville's anger were really effective. The moment when he found the picture helped to build up the picture as well, conveying how angry he really is. He's prepared to throw away happy memories because of how furious he is about Snape being forgiven by everyone.

I found myself feeling quite sorry for Neville here. He did suffer so much at the hands of Snape and just because someone did fight on the side of good doesn't make them a good person, and he feels like he's the only person who realises that. To me his anger is totally understandable. The last line was perfect; it felt like you brought the story to a satisfying end and it really reflected Neville's mood and thoughts.

Another great story Jenny!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian, you just wait until I surprise attack you with reviews. The date has been set. Be on the lookout! ;)

That is so sweet of you! I'm so glad you were actually looking forward to it and liked it too. I definitely took a risk with this characterisation of Neville, and it definitely draws inspiration from the stronger version of him that we see in the books and films. Essentially this fic is focusing on a particularly bad night for Neville on just one evening, which I'm sure everyone has!

Thank you! The storm does set the scene, doesn't it? And yes, so true. I came up with the picture idea as I was writing it and I'm really glad I included it now because it displays the depth of resentment Neville feels about Snape.

Good! I think Neville genuinely deserves feeling sorry for, having been quite hard done by in the series. Bad things happen to good people and he is a prime example of that.

I'm really glad you liked it Sian, thank you for taking the time to review! *hugs*

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Review #11, by CambAngst Never Forgive, Never Forget

6th September 2013:
Hi, Jen!

I really liked your take on Neville in this story. I don't typically think of him as a vengeful person, but his thoughts seemed very natural and believable in the way that you framed them here. I'm sure that life under Snape and the Carrows was pure torment during the year they ran the school, and Neville's personal history with Snape tends to get forgotten a bit in the broader conversation. Snape was a brutal bully to him long before the Dark Lord toppled the Ministry. Even after Neville found out about Snape's true loyalties, I could easily see why it would have been very hard for him to accept.

I really liked the imagery you created with the storm and Neville and Hannah's dingy little flat. It complimented his mood very well. I'm not sure whether this was on purpose, but the fact that they were packing to move seemed almost metaphorical to me. Here they are, about to transition to a new phase in their lives and Neville is stuck in the past. When he knocks the box over and finds the picture, that added to the effect. Everyone else, it seems, has moved past their hatred of Snape but Neville can't let go.

Your writing was lovely. Nothing seemed awkward or out of place. The story flowed really well and the pacing was just right. It wasn't a long read, but it didn't feel rushed, either. I couldn't find a single typo or grammatical problem, so kudos for great editing!

I think this is the first story of yours that I've read in a really long time. I forgot how talented you are. Nice job!

Author's Response: Hi Dan!

Thank you! I was a little unsure as to how people would receive this, but so far the response has been mostly good. My point with this story is that not everyone is perfect, and this is just one night in Neville's life where he is thinking badly about the past. It happens to everyone.

I'm so glad that you've understood what I was going for with this fic! I've always enjoyed writing from other forgotten perspectives during the HP timeline and the Neville/Snape drama really appealed to me as an untapped source of inspiration. I too agree that Neville would initially have had a hard time accepting that the man who belittled and bullied him since the age of 11 was actually on the 'good' side.

Thank you! It was indeed intentional. The storm created the pathetic fallacy for the setting, and the transition point in their lives contrasted with Neville's looking back on the past. I'm really glad you picked up on that!

You sweetie! I definitely don't do long reads so I'm pleased you thought it wasn't too short. And considering such a compliment is coming from you Dan I feel very honoured!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review :)

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