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2013-07-16 1:04pm
Oh this was far too short. I just wanted to read more and more about their relationship. I wanted to see how George was going to propose or how Luna would react. I wanted to see more!

I really thought this was a lovely well written piece and I can't believe it doesn't already have more reviews as it is fantastic. The description is well immense and I loved the entire story line. It was so believable that I actually believed it to be true throughout this and that it could have actually happened. I loved seeing his thought process throughout all of this and to see how he actually fell for Luna.

I think the one thing which may have put someone off reading this story is the fact that you had spelt George wrongly through this. I actually believed it was going to be an OC with the name Gorge so that's what may have put people off.

I loved it though!

Author's Response: Hhaha thanks, I hope that even though we're not that active here anymore, you stil check in with us and read our stories.


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