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Reading Reviews for Bad Blood
56 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SaraT Five

30th December 2015:
Excuse me.
I'm new to the world of fan fiction, so I'm not entirely sure how this works, and what I can ask or criticize. Can you explain to me how you can kill the mother of the hero of the whole entire series, before he is even born? How could anything exist if Lily died while still at Hogwarts?
I'm just asking.

Author's Response: Hi! What I wrote is something called alternate universe, or AU, fiction. Basically that means that this story is not related to the timeline of the original series at all. Stories that stick to the original timelines, story lines, and characters are called canon stories. So you're right -- Harry doesn't exist in the story line I've created. I've merely used the characters and settings of the series, but not the plot. Does that make sense?

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for leaving a review.

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Review #2, by beyourbest Five

24th November 2014:
Excellent story! A fascinating and suspenseful story in its own right, this is also an excellent murder mystery. Perhaps you should right an epilogue explaining what happened to James (he was brave, protective, loyal, and totally in character in this story, which I liked a lot) and the wizarding world as a whole.

Author's Response: That's not a bad idea! I've been thinking a lot about this story lately -- I'm writing a cozy murder mystery for a college course, and I'm doing planning work for a young adult murder mystery as well. I'd be interested in revisiting the James in this story, for sure. I love writing the Marauders, felt like I got to know them well in the trilogy I wrote, and this caused me to explore his character even further.

Thank you for taking the time to review, too! ♥ I'm really glad you liked the mystery, too. That means a lot in my current writing phase. Hope to hear from you again!

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Review #3, by Ribbons Two

11th August 2014:
Eeek! A story with a real, honest-to-goodness mystery plot! Could it be real? Do mine eyes decieve me?

No. No they do not.

You, my friend, have done amazing work. Bravo. Encore! Despite wanting to cry/punch/hug you right now, you're brilliant! Keep up the awesome work and try not to make me want to murder you before the end of the story.

Also: waiting on a Jily (that sounds so wrong...I'll roll with it) kiss before the end of this Agatha Christie Bonanza you've cooked up, okay?

That's settled...onward ho! To the next chaptah!

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Review #4, by MagiCrystal One

27th May 2014:
It was pretty interesting how you chose to write about James's time.

Author's Response: The Marauders' era is my favorite to write about -- I've written several one-shots and an entirely trilogy set in that era. So it was pretty natural!

Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by marlaina One

16th May 2014:
ah! I'm equally intrigued and terrified, nice work!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #6, by RoseOwl Five

16th March 2014:
You have written another fantastic story. Be proud.

I was seriously shocked by Lily's death. I fully expected that James would save her in the nick-of-time as has happened in every fix that I have read. Wonderful twist there.

I liked that Snape was the murderer and I liked his motive ("if he couldn't have her than no one should") but I wish that you would have elaborated more about what actually drove him off the deep end (am I using the metaphor right?) because it seemed a bit sudden. Why did he choose that specific day or week or whatever to kill her. What changed, what suddenly gave him the idea?

About the ending, and here I blabber more than usual so be free to toss it out, when Snape is being taken away to trial or to Azkaban or wherever, I would have totally have him be freed by Voldemort and let him grow to be one of his most loyal, psychopathic right hand, crazier than Bella herself.

Overall, this story was pure joy. Sorry for rambling on though, and for my English too, it isn't my first language. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment! I actually sort of like writing the worst possible scenario, if that makes sense -- I prefer realism over the happily-ever-after ending. I do think more elaboration could have been included, but at the same time, I wanted it to be a mystery story, not a story about Snape's mental illness. That's a good idea for a one-shot or two, though!

Your English is very good! I'm impressed. :) Thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #7, by CassiePotter Five

22nd February 2014:
I can't believe it was Snape! Even though he said the same thing he wrote in the letter, I honestly was expecting anther curveball so it wasn't him!
This chapter was really interesting to read! I loved the way you wrote Snape, and definitely agree that there's mental illness there. I really liked that you gave his character that aspect, because it made him really fascinating to read after knowing that he committed two murders in cold blood.
This story was awesome, and I hope you write another one with the same kind of suspense that this one had! It was great to get back into your work again! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: It was Snape! I'm glad you enjoyed it, even though it's clearly not the way I usually write Snape. Mental illness and Snape are actually two of my favorite topics, so there you go.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, Cassie! Sorry that it took me so long to respond to your review, but rest assured that I appreciated it all the same. Great to read a review of yours again! ♥ Thanks for it -- you're the best!

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Review #8, by CassiePotter Four

22nd February 2014:
I have to go finish this story right now. 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: This is the kind of review I like to see! Thanks for leaving it!

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Review #9, by CassiePotter Three

22nd February 2014:
Oh my gosh. That conversation with Snape... But I don't think he sent the letter, because I think you're trying to make it seem like he did so I'm distracted and won't know who really sent it. Hmmm... I guess I'll just have to keep reading and find out! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Ha! I love pulling the wool over a person's eyes. It's fun to go back and see your thought process as you were reading this, though I know it's been a while now since you've finished the story. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

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Review #10, by CassiePotter Two

22nd February 2014:
This chapter was even better than the first! I love the dynamic between the four boys, and I think you write them brilliantly! The conversation James overheard was really suspicious, and I can't wait to find out more! Now to chapter three! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: I love writing the Marauders, and it makes me happy to hear you think I write them well! Nice to see you so intrigued by my writing, it means a lot. :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by CassiePotter One

22nd February 2014:
Hello! It's been a while, but I'm back to read some of your lovely writing! I thought I'd visit your author's page and this story jumped out as soon as I saw it!
I am so intrigued!!! I want to know who sent the letter and how on earth James is going to find them! I would have no idea where to even start looking, and he's promising to find the person within a week? Well, if anyone's going to do it, it might as well be James Potter! I'm really excited to see where you take this, especially after the end of the chapter! I'm off to read the next one now! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Well, it's been a while since you left this, so we can consider ourselves even! It's lovely to see your name here again now that I'm responding to reviews.

I'm happy this story intrigued you! The positive comments on this story mean a lot, especially now -- writing has been rough for me lately because of college, but it'll get better. Thanks for leaving your thoughts!

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Review #12, by ilovehpfanfiction Four

18th February 2014:
It was Snape. I know it. WHYD SHE HAVE TO DIE???

Author's Response: I'm sorry! It was Snape, always Snape, from the moment I started writing this story. He is actually my favorite HP character, but I'm not blind to his faults, and getting to write him with a bit of a mental illness twist was too tempting to pass up.

I hope you enjoyed the story all the same! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by Courtney Dark Five

13th November 2013:

Okay, that definitely makes sense and I really, really love how creepy and villainous you've made him in this final chapter, like he doesn't even care that he's been caught, all he feels his triumph. I was actually, for some reason, reminded of Norman Bates at the end of Psycho. AND OH MY GOD I LOVE BASTILLE. Just saying. Because I'm normal like that.

Poor James. Oh my god, I felt so sorry for him at the funeral, I wanted to rip my hair out! Well, not really, but you get the idea!

Before I completely embarrass myself with my weirdness, I'll finish this review by saying this was such an amazing, exciting story, I really enjoyed reading it!


Author's Response: It was Snape! It's weird for me to make him villainous, but I love his entire character, and he definitely has that side, so it was interesting to flip-flop from Snape/OC mode and write his dark bits.

I'm super happy you enjoyed this story! Thank you for reviewing its chapters, and sorry I'm so dreadfully late with responding!

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Review #14, by Courtney Dark Four

13th November 2013:


Oh my god, I am just so shocked and surprised and stunned right now, like I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that Lily is dead, which is something that I was definitely NOT expecting, even if this is AU and WHO IS HER KILLER?

I don't think it's Snape. It's not Rosier and Wilkes and Avery...WHO IS IT???

Okay, it could be Peter. We all know he's a rat and in this chapter he seems to hold James back quite a bit if that makes sense. And he was with Remus when Remus thought he had figured out who it was, so maybe Remus knew it was him but just didn't say anything...although that doesn't really make any sense so I'm counting it out.

Is it Sirius? That sounds stupid to even say, but this is AU so ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE! Anyone could be the big bad in this story!

Oh, and be the way, I loved the way you wrote Lily's murder scene. I mean it was horrifying and horrible but it was so haunting, almost poetic, and it sent shivers up my spine!

Time to read the last chapter!


Author's Response: I think a good mystery deserves a good twist, and I'm glad I could pull this one over on you! I like to keep you guessing, too. :)

Thanks for the compliment on the poetics, too! I appreciate your review!

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Review #15, by Courtney Dark Three

13th November 2013:
Oh my goodness, Snape just almost completely quoted the letter to Lily in this chapter! My 'Oh my, something isn't right about this' senses were on high alert, and I think I'm just going to have to finish this story right now to find out everything! Right now it seems like Snape was the one who sent the letter, but that could just be me coming to hasty conclusions, maybe it's someone else entirely!

But who...

I feel like a couple of DUN, DUN, DUNS! are necessary here.

Anyway, I really liked the different perspectives to this chapter. It was definitely nice to hear from Remus, as he so often seems to be abandoned in marauders fanfics, just like Peter, and I love Remus to pieces! I enjoyed his conversation with Lily, too, you really made her personality stand out!

Already looking forward to the next chapter!


Author's Response: You caught that -- good for you! Yes, it's important! It does make me feel good that so many people let that clue slip by unnoticed, but it also makes me feel good to know someone saw it. I'm not (as) crazy!

I love the Marauders era -- it's one of my favorites to write -- so your compliments are very kind to me. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Courtney Dark Two

9th November 2013:
Oh, this story is just so good!

I absolutely loved the mystery in this chapter - you seriously write mystery so, so well! I am more curious than ever to find out what's going on! I've got a feeling that those Slytherins didn't have anything to do with George Asher's death, but I don't really have any theories as to who did. And is Lily somehow connected to George? Did the same person who killed him write the threatening letter?

Hey! Maybe George wrote the letter and then killed himself out of guilt! (Yeah, that's my one terrible theory.)

In this chapter I also really enjoyed the conversation between the marauders because it just felt so natural and realistic - which is saying something, considering their topic of conversation!

I can't wait to find out what's going on!


Author's Response: Thank you for saying that I wrote mystery well! I'm a huge fan of mysteries and would love to write my own someday, so that means a lot. Marauder dialogue is also one of my favorite things to write, so thanks for that, too!

Hope you enjoyed guessing! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Courtney Dark One

9th November 2013:
Here I am again! I wonder if you're getting sick of me by now?

How do you have so many amazing ideas swimming around your head? Every single chapter of every single thing I've read by you has been amazing, and this was no exception! I think I'm just going to have to go down your author's page and read every single thing that you've ever written. Because I'm cool like that.

There was something about the flow and style of this chapter that just really amazed me. I can't quite put my finger on what it was, but I just really loved it! And the brief glimpses of all the characters we saw were just perfect!

And I don't know why (this is completely random, don't judge me!) but for some reason the bit with Sirius standing up on his tiptoes struck me as so JK Rowling that I was for a moment quite bewildered.

I am now realizing that this is a really weird review, BUT THAT'S OKAY!

Anyway, to sum up, I really enjoyed this chapter!


Author's Response: I'm never sick of you! Even though it's been almost two years since you left this review, it brought a smile to my face nevertheless. Also I'm about to cry from your kind words (they're coming at a really crucial point in my life) but it means a lot to me that you enjoyed my first stab at a legit mystery!

Also: Something I wrote struck you as Rowling-ish? Compliment of the century! ♥

Thank you for reviewing -- you're very lovely!

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Review #18, by Gosia Five

22nd August 2013:
I knew it was Snape! "Worthless witch"... Mind your tongue, Sev!

Great plot, really enjoyed reading. And your Marauders were as brilliant as always!
That Rosier+Wilkes thing... Nice twist :D

Isn't it a little unfair that all your stories are so awesome?

Author's Response: Mind your tongue indeed! It was sort of sad for me to make Snape the culprit of this entire story -- but that's how it was always intended, even before I sat down to write it, when it was just a baby idea. As much as I love him, it wasn't too hard for me to make him lose his mind.

MARAUDERS. I'm in such a Marauders rut, but I just can't help myself. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this, and thank you for taking the time to review, too! You really are one of my best readers and it truly does mean so much.

(I shan't respond to your last sentence. ♥)

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Review #19, by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend One

20th July 2013:
The first part made me very curious to read on :)
It raised questions and answered very little. I love that in a story. And it worked with your mystery theme!

I also really like your description of the marauders! They are very different indeed. And you were very accurate I think. That is how I picture their morning rituals anyway. And it's good you emtnion that James is not often this pensive, since I too think it would only happen every once in a while.

Despite the more vague start of the story, you took your time getting the story going by the time you went to James' point of view. This was good thing. The tone was very different because of it, but a well established story just works better.

I'm glad you made Lily believe James rather quickly. He was a bit on the nutty side, but he really liked her. That could not have gone right past her. He wouldn't do this. Although I sometimes wonder if I romanticize the boys a little too much. It was said in the books that they could be cruel.
Still, I doubt he would be cruel to Lily.
But I could not imagine who would be...so I liked figuring that out. And I wonder if the writer of the letter is speaking of Asher or not.

To make a long story short: this chapter really set a tone. It created an atmosphere that is just right for a mystery story. It gave a little information and raised more questions. Always a good thing!
I am curious!

What you could perhaps do, to enhance the fact that the first part of the story is separate from the second part, is using italics. It would make a more clear separation. However this is only a suggestion, as the * works as a separation as well! So doing this would make it double.

There was a typo in the description for Peter. "He might get burn his nose..." I'm assuming 'get' wasn't really part of the sentence.

Author's Response: I'm very glad the beginning of the story read so mysteriously to you! In a mystery, that certainly is a good thing. ;) I've done a lot of Marauders writing (as in over 300k over three novels, in addition to various one-shots), and so I've got a lot of headcanon where they're concerned... which is probably why it took so long to establish the rest of the chapter. Once I start writing them, it's just really hard to stop!

I think I see Lily different from a lot of other Marauders writers -- and I kind of feel like she liked him long before she agreed to date him (dating, falling in love with, and getting engaged to someone in a year seems really implausible to me).

I've already fixed that typo, but thank you for pointing it out! :) I love astute readers. And thank you for being willing to review this for me, too -- I really do appreciate it! ♥

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Review #20, by The spider in your vacuum hose. Five

17th July 2013:

And I knew it because I guessed absolutely everyone so that I could be sure that at least one of them was the culprit. Seriously, self, how could you not have guessed him from the start?! THIS IS RACHEL WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. Of course you couldn't resist lifting the mask and revealing it to be Snape. He is basically your signature character. You and Snape are synonymous. Someone with that darkness, that elegance, the sinister sophistication and purposefulness and arrogance from the very beginning who wrote that letter - I could just slap myself. That scene has 'billowing black robes' written all over it. IT WAS STARING ME IN THE FACE THIS WHOLE TIME AND I WAS IN DENIAL. I refused to believe you would make him the killer purely because I'm used to seeing him through the rosy glow of Beth Bridger. DARN YOU, BETH BRIDGER. YOUR LOVE FOR THIS CHARACTER TOTALLY AFFECTED MY PERCEPTIONS.

I am very satisfied about it being Snape, especially since you went out of your comfort zone a little and depicted him as an absolute psychopath. He has no conscience, and he's so mechanical, with no remorse or regret or anything - and after it all, he's still arrogant about it. Sitting there in that cell with a smirk on his face, congratulating himself. He doesn't care that the rest of his life is down the toilet. He just likes knowing there will undoubtedly be credit given to him from behind closed doors. He doesn't even need to be there to enjoy that credit. Just the assumed recognition is enough for him, and there is such emptiness and evilness in that that it gives me chills. I will never stop saying this, but no one writes the crazies like you write the crazies. ♥ Please keep writing crazies. P.S. I know it's bothered you a bit before that you're so good at writing these sort of characters, so keep in mind something I heard Rob Thomas, a singer for Matchbox Twenty, say: Someone asked him why everything he writes is so damn sad, and he responded that writing depressing songs is what purges all of that out of him so that he can be happy in all the other areas of his life.

It's not just an outlet for the writers, but for the readers, and all around pretty damn good entertainment. ♥

I am going to miss bugging you about this. You must write another mystery so that I can bother you to pieces about what is going on. One of the best things about this story is that your talent made the playing field for 'who is the murderer?' incredibly, incredibly broad. It was anyone's game. Guessing was very enjoyable.

I am still suspicious of everyone.

Author's Response: THAT IS WHY I SAID YOU HAD THE BEST CHANCE OF GUESSING. Between the fact that it was Snape and mental instability, I was sure you'd guess from day one! And that beginning section, with the elegance and the darkness... I am just laughing my butt off, all over again. I love you so much for all your theories. ♥ This is Snape in a world without Beth Bridger, my friends. It is a gloomy place, and that is why they should be together forever and ever.

I've always said that, for all the love I bear Snape (and that is quite a lot), I am not blind to his shortcomings. He was a pretty awful person in school, and even out of it, through all his double-crossing bravery... he kind of sucked. It's important to weigh both sides when you're examining him. And at the end of this story, he has certifiably cracked, no doubt about it. He absolutely does not feel guilt for what he's done, because he's so far into the mindset that he's working for a good and noble cause -- two good and noble causes, being both revenge and the furthering of the blood purity cause. What's the rest of his life, when he's already accomplished that? To him, the fact that he's essentially dead now is akin to him dying in wartime. He's fully convinced he'll go out looking like the hero.

That quote. ♥ I'll have you know I've come back and looked at this review probably fifteen times since you left it, just for that quote. You know why, and we'll leave it at that, but I am forever in your debt for that.

I definitely want to do another mystery! Please don't let me do it. Or do. I can't decide. I have lots of feels now. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME AND READING /EVERYTHING/. I am still in awe that you do.

~suspicious 5ever~

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Review #21, by ValWitch21 Five

17th July 2013:
*insert jaw dropping, swearing in French, and a scream so loud you can probably hear it where you are*

This is one of the many reasons I love your writing: though I've read the story before, I'm still shocked every time, as if you might've edited while I was away.

That beginning scene made me (almost) cry. Like I said, I've had too many Marauder feels these days, so James without Lily breaks my heart.

Then there's the insight into Snape's head and I am at loss for words. I'm really disturbed by the way he sees Muggleborns and Lily in particular, especially if you draw the parallel between this and canon. A while ago I read Athene Goodstrength's Creep (go and read it if you haven't) and this leaves me just as uneasy as that one.

On a side note though, the itching has stopped. I suppose that's a redeeming factor.

Author's Response: *the sound of a distant Val-scream floats through the window* ♥

I definitely did not edit this story in your absence -- mostly because I'm the absolute laziest person in the world about editing -- but I am absolutely flattered that you can be shocked by my stories even on re-reading them. With an ending like this one, that's definitely part of what I'm striving for. I'm grinning like an idiot right now! It's just very surreal, having these hopes for your stories, and sitting back and watching people essentially tell you EXACTLY what you'd hoped. If that makes any sense at all.

Man, if you ever need to talk to someone about Marauders feels, hit me up, because I am WAY too inundated with them on a daily basis.

Snape's bit of the story, the only bit he gets by name (though he gets the start of chapter 1 too) -- it disturbs ME. One of the things I love writing most is mental illness, and sometimes that's alarming, but I don't know where I'm going with that. It's definitely supposed to make you unsettled, I will say that. He makes essentially no sense; he's not supposed to. (I have read Athene Goodstrength's story, by the way!)

You are fab. ♥ I have nothing else to say about that except THANK YOU FOR THESE REVIEWS. And all your reviews. And just being you.

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Review #22, by ValWitch21 Four

17th July 2013:

I'm going to start at the end because it deserves the most shouting.


She just nooo. And James. *sobs* At least now you're prepared to how I will react when Lily and James die in BE. Though for that, I sort of know what to expect, I suppose?

Okay. Rosier and Wilkes is probably the most horrifyingly anti-climactic moment ever. Stealing tests, really? PSHF.

I'm going to go cry on chapter five now...

Author's Response: The end deserves a LOT of shouting -- something you probably know by now, reading as much of my writing as you have, but maybe it's not so surprising anymore? I think I've smashed a lot of hearts over the years; I sort of hope so, because I do want my sad things to be... sad. But I apologize for it all the same!

Ooh, you think you know what to expect in the end of BE, do you? :3 (Cryptic review response is cryptic. I will say no more on that subject.)

Rosier and Wilkes were faking it all along! It was hard to write those conversations, but if you do go back and read through them, you'll find that they never mention anything specific; all those conclusions were drawn by James alone.

Don't cry! If nothing else, all your reviews have made me so happy, and that should make you happy, too. :) Thank you for them, and for being so supportive!

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Review #23, by ValWitch21 Three

17th July 2013:
The only coherent sentence I can come up with is 'RUN LILY RUN OR EVEN BETTER STAY INSIDE'

This will probably have a lot of caps as well because K was visciously attacked by mosquitoes and my legs itch like there's no tomorrow. This should hopefully take me mind off the matter.

So as I told you earlier today, Snape definitely quoted the letter. If I hadn't read chapter 5, however, I'm not sure I'd think it's home, though as also mentioned before, I keep forgetting this is AU because it could actually be canon.

Because, as always, your characterisations are perfect.

Author's Response: Poor Lily! If she'd heard your coherent sentence, it might have done her good... but then, she's a bit stubborn, so she probably would have ignored it anyway. There are advantages and disadvantages to having that sort of fiery spirit, I suppose.

You did catch that he quoted the letter! :) I thought it would be very obvious, but I was actually pleased to see that in general I was able to keep up the air of mystery straight to the end. I try and write my AU to be as canon as possible -- which I suppose sounds a bit oxymoronic -- but I do appreciate your saying that. ♥

You are too good to me. Thank you for all your reviews, Val!

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Review #24, by soufflegirl99 Five

17th July 2013:
Each new chapter of this never ceases to amaze me, and this story is just so riveting and original!! I had my suspicions about Snape, though I didn't think it would be him in the end. The way it all ties up perfectly though, like Rowling's writing herself!

The last paragraph is quite biting, and the whole chapter had me on edge. The tension is built really well throughout this chapter, and I found James' reaction so moving. The description of how his fingers are taunt, and the way he's speechless, is even worse than if he said anything, and that really helped me empathise with him. It was so touching!

The way Snape rejoices in his 'success' is written brilliantly - it's quite sickening the way he says "what luck!" and is pleased with himself for killing! I liked the way to just really illustrate how sick minded and disgusting Snape is, he liked the way a boy the same age as him was genuinely terrified of him. That struck me quite hard, just like the last few lines of the story.

I can't believe you let Snape (kind of) get away with it, and leave James in such a desperate place! Snape kind of won really, and the way you describe that accomplishment drives the punching resolution in to your head.

Thank you so much for such a fantastic and gripping story - the diverse ways in which you portray Snape is truly fascinating!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: Sophie! Gah, I'm so happy you enjoyed this story! AU is such fun; I can't believe I've explored it so little. Writing canon is like a puzzle, and writing AU while attempting to keep the characters and settings canon is even more so. As a logically-motivated thinker who happens to adore puzzles, it's a field day! I am unbelievably flattered you compared this to Rowling's writing; I can't tell you how motivating and inspiring that is. ♥

I think it's difficult, as the author and as someone who knew what was going to happen from start to finish, to gauge things like tension and suspense -- and I'm so grateful to reviewers like you who make me think I got it right. :) Snape's definitely certifiably crazy, and peeking into his head is supposed to be a bit nonsensical and jumbled and, yes, sickening. I adore his character, something I'm sure you know, but I love him because of his complexities and the immense shades of gray in his person. He is capable of truly awful things, but also truly heroic things. Here... he went with the former.

Snape COMPLETELY won, which is so sad for James and Lily and basically everyone. He doesn't care about death; he's probably looking forward to it, morbid as it sounds. He killed Lily, and what else is left to him?

Thank YOU for such a lovely and wonderful review! ♥ I enjoyed hearing from you so much, and am totally floored you enjoyed "Bad Blood." You're amazing!

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Review #25, by ValWitch21 Two

17th July 2013:
Piece of broccoli here to review!

Heavens, I've been having way too many Marauder feels these days... Between this and rereading the Beth Bridger trilogy (insomnia struck again, woe is me, though at least I get a chance to read more of what you write), I really need to find some Next Gen for a change.



(Okay so I know what they're really up to, but still. If I didn't I'd be blaming them. Also, the capslock spree from last night hasn't worn off, I'm so sorry.)

Author's Response: Call me a tease, but you're going to be having loads more Marauder feels -- don't worry! ♥ I clearly have been having loads of them, which is why I wrote this story in the first place. It was too hard to quit writing them cold turkey, so what better way than an AU murder mystery to continue on?

James is playing the hero! And unfortunately, I do think it clouded his judgement a few times in this story... but you know that, having finished it. ;) Capslock is always acceptable in these cases, and often the Marauders need it. Yell away, Val dear!

Thanks for the review!

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