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Reading Reviews for Out of Reach
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Review #1, by alex ryans Her...

1st May 2012:
Anna I will ask you nicely once
please start writing your arse off
now i will ask you meanly
get your lazy arse up and right.:D

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Review #2, by Prongs05JP Why him?

11th August 2011:
Aww, this was nice! Quite sweet, and I really enjoyed it! Haha, you probably won't even get this review, but I've been checking out a whole load of old fics on this site, and this was a really nice one-shot! I particularly enjoyed the fact that Lily was quiet and shy, rather than being loud and short-tempered. It was refreshing!

Where constructive criticism is concerned, the only thing I really picked up on was speech - whilst the dialogue was lovely, a lot of the time after they spoke you'd do something like this: "...presence in here." Ending with a full stop, I mean. I find writing always flows easier if you put a comma, and I think some grammar-watsit rules... but I dunno. XD

All in all though, a fantastic read, thank you for sharing and letting us read it!

--Nick xx

End of an Era Review Extravaganza: House Cup 2011
Forum Name: Prongs05JP
House: Hufflepuff

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Review #3, by Brianna Her...

4th May 2009:
I like it! Sufficiently fluffy, and a good representation of Jamesie! I feel like you probably could have done a little more variation on the text between the dialogue that was the same...but that's up to you. All in all, bravo! :^D

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Review #4, by elly264 Her...

21st April 2009:
i really like it please continue

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Review #5, by poTTer_cris Why him?

9th December 2006:
oh right.tnx.

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Review #6, by hogwarts-ice Why him?

9th December 2006:
to potter_cris:
potter was not yet headboy because he wasn't seventh year yet...so amos diggory was the headboy in this story..got it?
sorry got carried away..i love this story.

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Review #7, by poTTer_cris Why him?

9th December 2006:
i thought potter was headboy?? well other than that your story was great .nice..keep it up...( now, i'm being creepy..-crap-)

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Review #8, by SadForSirius Her...

24th September 2006:
So sweet. I love how you portray both Lily and James. They're perfectly shy and innocent. Great job. : )

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Review #9, by SadForSirius Why him?

24th September 2006:
Wonderful! It was brilliant and sweet. I really liked it.

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Review #10, by Katy Potter_007 Her...

10th December 2005:
awwwwww it was just getting good too!! Please write more!!!

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Review #11, by alpal53 Her...

4th August 2005:
keep writing!!

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Review #12, by AppleBz Her...

17th February 2005:
NOOO! YOU KILLED IT! Why did you stop writing!?!? You do know it's been like 2 years for you to come up with an idea?!?! ME NEED UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you ever become interesed to see if you have reviews and you see my one here <-- then please pitty me and update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PWEESE?!?!?!?

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Review #13, by Don Raphiel Her...

27th March 2004:
HELLO! pls tell me u r goin 2 contin, if not i might b forced to, wait 4 it, 2.. read sumthin else, that wuld b a terrible shame. bye Raphiel

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Review #14, by Moony15 Her...

3rd December 2003:
i feel the same as hotPotfan! plz update soon.

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Review #15, by hotPotfan Her...

7th September 2003:
everytime i see this at the top of the list i hope for it to be updated. WHY ISN'T IT?!?!?!?!? great story! :)

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Review #16, by KaOtIcAnGeL Why him?

7th September 2003:
I love the story it's soooooo cute. it would be great if u wrote more but i like it like this i think it would be better

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Review #17, by liz Why him?

8th August 2003:
I really like your story you have to keep writeing

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Review #18, by Kristina Why him?

2nd July 2003:
Interesting, to say the least. It was good. Please continue.

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Review #19, by Rad Why him?

26th June 2003:
I love it! Keep writing

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Review #20, by Professor McGonagall Why him?

11th June 2003:
Very interesting, writing from both perspectives. I hope you continue.

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Review #21, by sarahriverhill Why him?

24th April 2003:
I really liked this! Post more soon!

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Review #22, by BlueStones Why him?

19th April 2003:
Hey I luv lily and James fics! They\'re my favorite! I loved how you made it 2 points of views! If you have a chance would you read my story \"Unexpected Darkness?\" Thanks! Loved it! ~Jen

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Review #23, by Nancy Why him?

2nd April 2003:
Oh pleaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssse keep writing! Don\'t stop writing cause i luv it!

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Review #24, by chickdude Why him?

25th March 2003:
if u don\'t post the next chap. soon, i\'ll kill myself, and in my will, i\'ll note that u are responsible for it! This is the best chap. i\'ve heard yet! post post post posst post post post post post post post post post post post post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #25, by Magnolia Why him?

25th March 2003:

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