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Review #1, by Aoife Chapter 11

25th April 2014:
you have not updated in so long!! please don't abandon this story its really good.

Author's Response: I am going to be putting up a new chapter very soon! I promise! I need to work out where I want it to go, because a lot has changed for me in the past year, and plot ideas have become jumbled (: So thank you so much for your review, it really helps motivate me to get it going again (:

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Review #2, by Amy Chapter 11

20th April 2014:
Please update, I've been waiting for ages!! I love your story so much. I love James/Laure, although I do miss the dark scenes with voldemort and the training centre was so interesting!

Author's Response: Hey I am doing my best to get the story going again. My life has been really hectic this past year, and now with school being out, I am finally at liberty to write when I want! Whoo! Thanks for sticking with this story for so long, you are such a faithful reader and it means the world to me (:

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Review #3, by Amy Chapter 10

4th July 2013:
Yay, Im so happy the Laure/James is coming along! Heehee;D

Author's Response: hehe me too! I'm just kind of worried that i'm jumping into it a bit too quickly. please let me know if I need to slow it down a bit. I feel like that will be their last coupley interaction for a little while. I want to give them time to realize what they are to eachother. I mean they both grew up with different backgrounds but neither of them have really experienced anything like this before because of the isolation from other people for James, and the fact that Laure used to be a Junior Death Eater.

Clover xoxo

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Review #4, by Amy Chapter 9

4th July 2013:
Aww, thank you so much for the dedication of this chapter! I absolutely love this book, so I am so glad you have chosen not to abandon it. I'll recommend it to a few friends, so hopefully more people will get to read it! I'm so excited to keep reading, thank you again, Amy xoxox

Author's Response: lol I'm glad that you like my story :) I always smile when i see that you've given my story a review and it means to much to me when someone stops and takes the time to leave a little message for the writer :)

Clover xoxo

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Review #5, by ChocChipFreak Chapter 4

22nd June 2013:
You story plot is really good. I'm looking forward to reading the other chapters. :D Keep it up!! ;)

I have one itsy bitsy correction to make, though. In this Chapter you talk about Harry's family and at one point you say that their children are pureblooded.

That is not excatly right because pureblooded children would have to have pureblooded parents to be pureblood (A lot of pureblood in this sentence :/). ANYWAYS, since Harry isn't pureblood but a halfblood (since his dad is pureblood and his mother is muggle-born), his children can't be either, even if Ginny is a pureblood. So basically, even if you have the tiniest bit of ''impurity'' in your bloodline, you're not a pureblood anymore

I hope that this somehow made ANY sense, haha :D

And I am sorry if my little remark offended you in anyway! I just wanted to help you out and set things straight before someone else did in a mean way. Because trust me I have dealt with people like that (''You have to change that!'' ; ''If you were a true fan then you wouldn't have made this mistake''...). And it's not the end of the world if you get something wrong because no body is perfect and I had to look up a lot of stuff myself just to be sure that the things I write are somewhat correct.

Anyways, GOOD story. I would love to see more :]


Author's Response: haha thanks, I have a bit of an editing problem so when I write stuff it all just goes down on the computer and I don't look over it before it goes on here. :/ but thank you so much for catching my mistake!
I will definitely go back and fix it now that it's been pointed out. I actually totally forgot about how Harry could only ever be a half blood if his mom was a muggleborn! What would that make his kids then??
I will have to do a bit more reading up. It sure has been a long time since I read the actual books.
Thank you for the review and the constructive criticism... My writing will definitely be better for it :)

Thanks again

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Review #6, by Amy Chapter 8

8th June 2013:
Please don't abandon this story! It is one of my favourites as the plot is so different, I love how Voldemort treasures her, and I don't think I would want her to be thought of as dead to him. I think it would be more interesting if she went of to school with James but was also a spy for Harry. I love the James/Laure I really want them to be together!

Please, please don't abandon it! It is one of my absolute favourites! I actually quite like when she was bad, it was quite interesting and I thought it was cool how powerful she is.

Anyways, amazing story! Hope to read another chapter soon!:) x


Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to review my little story. I can't even begin to believe that this could be one of your favorite stories. I never really thought this story would ammount to anything. The only problem with being a spy for Harry is that now Voldemort things her dead. I know that it's hard for her to be dead to him because he really did treasure her. I have a plan for that in the future though. I believe that everything will work out ;) James and Laure will most likely end up together if I have anything to do with it, but alas it's not up to me :(

I don't really know if I plan on abandoning this story yet or not. I do know that I have some big plans that I have yet to work out the kinks in. It's just easy to get discouraged when you see very few reviews on your multiple chapter story, and then you see like a hundred on someone else's even smaller story.

I love her when she is bad. I am starting to wish maybe I had drawn it out a little more, or perhaps had it be a slow conversion. She is very powerful and I think that the darkness may tempt her again. Until then I cannot say.

Thank you again! :)


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Review #7, by the everlasting song Chapter 5

14th April 2013:
I really would love a sequel but I want another chapter even more than that :P keep me in the loop and please update soon x

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) Yeah, I don't know if I will have the patience to update another story on the same topic. I'm different like that. I will have another chapter up or at least submitted to the cue hopefully by Sunday this weekend. It's been really hectic lately with dance competitions and the big tests in school. Haha :) Thank you for taking the time to read my story and review, you have no idea how much this really does mean to me because I was beginning to think that maybe this story wasn't that great after all. This is new for me so I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement :)

You are awesome :)

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Review #8, by hailee Chapter 4

10th March 2013:
It's a really good story so far I just wish the chapters were longer

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you have no idea just how happy this review has made me. I struggle with writting longer chapters but i promise that i will update every weekend as many times as i can to make up for the small chapters :)

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