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Reading Reviews for The Year You and I Fell Apart
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Molly Rae Fifth Year, May 25th

8th May 2017:
Third part please! I need the resolution haha Love it!

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Review #2, by iatevoldysnose Fifth Year, May 25th

19th May 2013:
James is annoying me! The way you wrote it actually made me feel what Vanessa was feeling, its really good!

I hope James was only pushing her away because he liked/loved her and was afraid of rejection or whatever...

Wonderful work again!

iatevoldysnose xox

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Review #3, by Haley Fifth Year, May 25th

8th April 2013:
I love the way this story is turning out! I do feel Vanessa should stand up for herself more, though. Roxy is a good friend :)
When is part 3 coming out?

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Review #4, by lunnylovegood Fifth Year, May 25th

2nd April 2013:
its really good! please put up part 3

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Review #5, by Harry and Ginny Fifth Year, May 25th

11th March 2013:
I read both stories and I loved them! is James acting like this because he's in love with Vanessa? can't wait to read the next fic!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'll be updating soon, I promise. Sixth year is being written and would be done in a short amount of time.

I'm not so sure it's love, but we'll have to wait and see! Vanessa and James have a few rocky encounters left before we get to the happy ending!

Keep reading and reviewing, they make me so happy!

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Review #6, by jamessiriuspotter2 Fifth Year, May 25th

10th March 2013:
Awesome story! When are you going to make the next one??

Author's Response: Thanks! And soon, I promise! I'm in the process is writing it right now.


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Review #7, by ines0803 Fifth Year, May 25th

10th March 2013:
So I was really happy when I finished the first one-shot. Now, I read this one and I'm not happy anymore :(
Obviously, James likes Vanessa and he's trying hard to avoid those feelings! He probably realized that over the summer.
You did say on the author's note that it would be in the seventh year that the kiss really comes into play. I just forgot that they were just in the 4th...
I really hope you take this idea and make it a longer story, like a novella or something. I would love to read it :)
Keep posting, please!

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I know it was kind of a sad end, but don't worry, sixth year is going to come soon for them and hopefully it'll make things better! Of course, like I said, seventh year will be when the kiss comes up, but sixth year will have a better ending than this one.

Cookies for you for figuring out James' weirdness! I made it kinda obvious, didn't I? Oh well, I'm happy you like my story, aside from the bitter end at the moment.

My next update is coming soon! I'll think about making a little short story about their after years and I'm planning to do a one-shot about their early years when they first became friends.

Thanks for reviewing, they're the icing to my cake!


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