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So I've been trying to ignore this, but I can't any longer. This story does not even have true facts to the story. Like Oliver is at least a year or two older than George and Fred. Girls from different years don't share the same room. Also Professor Lupin only taught in Harry's third, so the twins were in their fifth year. I know your probably just changing it around a bit to fit the story, but at least stay with the original plot line as much a possible. Anyways cool chapter!
OH MY GOD THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN! That is like so so crazy, I just can't believe it happened. Like I don't even know what to say. I'm just really speechless. Well anyways I enjoyed the last chapter and can't wait for more.
Aw I love it! Their love for each other is so strong and it's been building for seven year. This story is incredible and I can't wait to read more!
2013-01-20 8:01am
I love this book please carry on! It wasn't her fault Fred! :O xx
2012-10-25 6:16pm
Oh snap, here comes the gossip! Aw, I like Fred! He's sweet! He wanted to ask her to the dance! Personally, I'm team Fred! :) Can't wait for the next installment, love.
2012-10-25 6:09pm
Aw, looks like Freddie has a crush! lol And Oliver, coming to her rescue! Awww! Great set up!


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