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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Rose. --- The Letter.

27th April 2017:
Heyy Branwen! Ysh here for CTF!

I've become such a fan of Scorpius Malfoy that I never tire of fics featuring him. And Rose *heart*

Rose read through the letter, but when she reached Narcissa Malfoy's signature, she found that she had neither retained nor properly processed any of it. - This line. I know it's not the most eloquent or making some sort of a statement but I simply loved it. It was so simple and so real, you know. Of course we all do that when we are worked up! It's these little details that add flavor to the story. How you built up to the letter was just lovely. I feel for Rose, when you get a letter from Narcissa out of the blue, you have reason to be worked up!

Haha, the letter was so anticlimactic! But YAY! Gosh, I think I love Lucy already. Actually, scratch that. I love the whole Next Gen gang here. Rose is obviously freaking out, because I guess that's what girls do sometimes, haha.

Ooh, what are Erklings? I guess it's the part of story I missed catching up on. But I should, because it looks like there's something there with erkoings and the German Ministry which all sounds very very interesting!

I really like your writing style! And hope to be back for more!


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Review #2, by melian Rose. --- The Letter.

27th April 2017:
Hi Branwen!

I found this a really nice little chapter, though it made me think about things a bit more than I usually do. That's been happening a bit lately, but I suspect it's to do with my reading stories by Ravenclaws, hahaha.

Anyway. I loved Rose's panic about the letter from Narcissa, and how she figured it was going to throw a spanner in the works regarding her relationship with Scorpius. Throwing the pillow on it was a great touch, as well. And then Lucy offering to read it for her, and her reaction was absolutely priceless. Nicely done!

The segue into the workplace was neatly done, too. In fact, it was so neat I didn't even notice it at first and had to re-read it. Again, my fault, not yours. I wish my segues were that good. But I digress again. :) Dedworth is I assume an OC, as is Johanna, but it's interesting that Narcissa's like or dislike of someone doesn't impact whether or not she sends them thank-you notes. Of course, it wouldn't, because she is ever the lady, but still it gave Rose soemthing to think about, didn't it? Because she'd thought she had been approved of, and this meant she wasn't necessarily. More food for thought.

Also I liked the idea of Continental creatures making their way across the Channel over the past decade or so, and the alleged connection with the German Ministry in that. Are they helping them across the waters? And if so, why? AGain, thought provoking.

This was a really lovely chapter and gave good insight into the characters. Well done!

cheers Mel

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Review #3, by MuggleMaybe Scorpius. --- An Inauspicious Start.

8th April 2017:
Hello dear! I'm here to free Katie from jail for CTF. And, it's very exciting, too, because I love a good Scorpius POV :D

The truth is... I have read quite a bit of this fic but I have not yet reviewed it. *hangs head* Anyway, it works out that I can review it and save Katie now, doesn't it?

I know I've said this before, probably more than once, but I always love seeing how you write next gen. You seem to have this crystal clear vision of what each character is like, what the world around them is like, how they interact. It really feels like its own canon to me. Not like JKR wrote it, but very official and consistent, never the less.

I think Rose is being a prat to say Scorpius shouldn't work on a dangerous floor. I mean, she puts herself in plenty of danger and expects him to be okay with that! And it's really not fair for that expectation to only go one way. Besides, I agree with Scorpius - he IS a talented healer in the making and he deserves a shot at what he wants. I sort of understand why the people there don't want to deal with "babysitting" residents and stuff, but how will they ever find new talent if they treat new trainees like that all the time? Sheesh!

I think the think what works particularly well in this chapter is the tone you set and the way you weave Scorpius' emotions and attitudes into the attached third person. For example, this line:

It really captures how he feels in that moment in a showing-not-telling kind of way and helps me feel like I"m in his head.

The dialogue between Scorpius and Albus felt very natural, too. I think so much of this comes down to how well you know your characters. Which is clearly VERY well.

The pacing in this chapter was smart - you move through time quite quickly but that's for the best because nothing particularly monumental is happening. It's enjoyable to read, but I'm definitely eager to move on to more eventful times, and I appreciate that your pacing moved this quickly enough for it to be interesting. (Just to be clear, I DID enjoy it and find it interesting. But I don't think I would have if you'd dragged it out more.)

Well done - please do keep writing this fic!

xoxo Renee

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Review #4, by SunshineDaisies Scorpius. --- An Inauspicious Start.

8th April 2017:
Hi Branwen! I'm here for CTF, so I thought I'd check back in with Rose and Scorpius! I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS since the last time I left you a review here! I mean, I suppose it's been a crazy two years, but still.

Despite the time lapse on my end, I was able to remember most everything that was happening pretty quickly, which I think speaks a lot to your writing. Your stories and characters are so memorable!

I loved watching Scorpius and Albus interact, they have such an interesting dynamic. You can so tell that they've been best friends forever and that their lives are crazy intertwined. Albus totally had a point about that, by the way, Scorpius should use his friends' dangerous professions as an advantage in his own career. I mean, ethically, maybe not, but I'm sure it would help him get what he wants.

I thought it was very interesting that the healers on the creature injury floor were so cold to the residents. I definitely wasn't expecting that. In context it makes sense, of course the healers would have to improvise if they weren't used to the creature attacking. I'm definitely interested in seeing how that plays out!

Here's hoping this is the flag story!!!

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Review #5, by Jutta Rose. --- The Best Part of Recovery.

29th January 2017:
Well, if this hasn't been a sight for sore eyes, I don't know what else.. Glad you're back!

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Review #6, by narglesarereal Rose. --- The Best Part of Recovery.

22nd January 2017:
So excited to finally see a new chapter, can't wait to see what's next!!

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Review #7, by Queen of Nerds Rose. --- The Best Part of Recovery.

16th January 2017:
It is so exciting to see the story continuing. I love James and Scorpius, and can't wait to see more of them!

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Review #8, by just.a.willow.tree Rose. --- The Best Part of Recovery.

12th January 2017:
branwen!! this is sweet and amazing and really cute, as always. :3 i was so happy when i saw this you have no idea hahaha

thank you for writing this chapter! it was well worth the wait.

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Review #9, by HPFantasticks Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

6th November 2016:
not sure where you are, but many thanks for getting the story this far, I loved both this one and Curiosity is not a sin. I hope you will keep on writing, this story in particular, but also for yourself, you have a talent!

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Review #10, by Anie Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

4th November 2016:
Alright, I just discovered this story and the one that proceeded it. I absolutely love the way you write such dynamic characters. Even your OC characters which I usually find tedious and poorly managed are so well put together. I couldn't help but notice that you hadn't updated this story for a long time. I hope hope hope that you come back to it because I truly love it. Not to mention I would love a subsequent story of them trying to have children in the future given all that's happened. I hope that your absence isn't because anything horrible is going on in your life. If it is, I hope it all resolves itself soon. I really do hope you choose to continue with this story. It is one of my favorites I've ever read.

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Review #11, by Ronald8472 Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

25th September 2016:
I am not sure what to say. I'm liking this story a lot. But seriously Scorp sure stepped on his own crank with how he distracted the in-laws.

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Review #12, by tucke004 Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

9th August 2016:
Pls add a new chapter I am in love with this story I just really want to read more of it

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Review #13, by Redlover Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

5th August 2016:
Please please please please update this story. I love it so much and need to know what happens next!!

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Review #14, by Liana Scorpius. --- The First Floor Clique.

1st August 2016:
I think Scorpius can use all the praise he can get from the Weasley/Potters who show up at Mungo's.

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Review #15, by Liana Scorpius. --- An Inauspicious Start.

20th July 2016:
It seems that people are just not listening to Scorpius. That's a common problem. Everyone would get along a lot better if they just learned to listen.

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Review #16, by Liana Rose. --- The Letter.

20th July 2016:
I think Rose was being a little overly dramatic but I suppose she wanted the lunch to go perfectly. It's just difficult to get along with your partner's family sometimes.

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Review #17, by PippaBKnox Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

17th July 2016:
You haven't updated in ages, but even if you never do, this chapter was a still great place to end the story. It is hard for parents to realize that their children will not need them forever, and I think Ron and Hermione are holding on too tightly. Great job on a great story! I liked this one even better than CINAS.

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Review #18, by Liana Scorpius. --- An Unexpected Friendship.

9th July 2016:
Actually with the way the story has been progressing I think it was the logical next step for Scorpius to be friends with James. I think it was great for them to have a drink together.

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Review #19, by Liana Rose. --- A Visit With Albus.

5th July 2016:
Poor Rose. She might need some alone thinking time. I think maybe she expected the lunch with Narcissa to go badly and when it didn't she became confused. Now she's trying to reconcile her feelings.

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Review #20, by Liana Rose. --- Lunch With Narcissa.

4th July 2016:
I wanted and expected a little more of lunch with Narcissa unless you have more in the next chapter. I would've worried about who would pay too. I can see myself ordering water.

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Review #21, by Liana Rose. --- Squad Assignments.

4th July 2016:
This was a great chapter! I wish there were dates attached to some of these things. I was trying to figure out when you were nominated for a Dobby.

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Review #22, by Liana Scorpius. --- Colliding Callings.

4th July 2016:
I don't know if this means anything but when I was reading this chapter I was thinking that it's too bad that we can't have a post-Hogwarts movie or book by JKR that shows everyone after about 20-25 years. I've read a lot of versions of Draco as he was years later and this was as good as I've read. I think it would've been weird if he didn't do a tiny bit of Gryffindor bashing.

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Review #23, by Liana Rose. --- Out On a Limb.

3rd July 2016:
I'd probably meet Lucius but make Scorpius pay for it later. He'd better get a really nice gift for me.

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Review #24, by Liana Scorpius. --- Plans for the Future.

3rd July 2016:
I'm a new reader so everything in this story is new to me. I'm really liking this story so far. I'm glad I read the one before this. I wonder if Rose will meet Lucius. It will be interesting to see how you write the senior Malfoys.

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Review #25, by Scarletwriter138 Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

20th June 2016:
hi! this is great! I have a quick question that is kinda random if you do not mind. I can not upload a banner in my summary! How do you get the link for the picture? thank you

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