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2012-08-19 5:13pm
Interesting. Different, definitely. I like it.
...Legilimency works a little different than I think it would, but you've given it a very nice twist and I really like how you started off the story. Nadia seems great. Al too, but why is he so very concerned with his image? I think he needs a little more Harry or something. Father to son talk, instead of James' influence.
Rose and Scorpius are great. I like how you put in Al's talent, make them think to him instead of saying the words and how you make them so comfortable with not having secrets -to the point of annoying him with it. Funny. I like it.

(Enable anonymous reviews? I don't usually bother to log in. I guess you might get more feedback...)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing, even if you had to log in. I'm not sure how to enable anonymous reviews but I will look for it...

James is kind of negatively portrayed at the beginning of this story, but there's a lot more to him and to their relationship. Al is preoccupied with his popularity because that is what he is used to and change is always hard even if it sets you free.

I love working with Legilimency in this story! It provides a great way to comment on how people work.


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