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Reading Reviews for 30 Days of You and Me
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Review #1, by lily Lake

20th February 2017:
good enjoyed a lot. will read on

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Review #2, by The Daily Prophet Together

20th January 2017:
Alright so I just need to say that I absolutely adore this story. :) I have to be up early tomorrow, and I read this instead of sleeping, and I have absolutely no regrets.

I thought the idea was really interesting, and it was carried out incredibly well. Even though the end absolutely breaks my heart, I also think that it was amazing, because the ambiguity of their future is really intriguing, if you know what I mean. I love how the pace of everything is so realistic, and how you managed to make both Rose and Scorpius so memorable as characters, but also so stunningly human.

Anyway, I'm prone to rambling when I'm tired, so I'll stop now, but just... Thank you. :)

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Review #3, by hpdude_4life Date

29th November 2016:
What the - Scorpius where the hell are you?? I'm scared.

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Review #4, by hpdude_4life Journal

28th November 2016:
So here I am, in my bed, 4:15 in the morning, with work in a few hours, and me saying, I'll sleep at the end of this chapter, I swear..
Dude, I almost fell out of my bed.
Scorpius, I love you. Don't do this to me. What have you done? Why are you gonna hurt Rose? Why, why? :(

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Review #5, by roxyroxtheworld Together

27th October 2016:
Loved this story!!! I was hoping we would at least get to read about then sitting on the train back to school together.. Since they talked about it allot.. But oh well... This was a great read!!!

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Review #6, by roxyroxtheworld Hope

27th October 2016:
Love this chapter!!! It's almost over... I do hope they find a cure and I was hoping I could read about rose and Scorpious at school but sounds like it'll be over before then :'( oh well I'll enjoy the rest of the story!!!

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Review #7, by roxyroxtheworld Positive

27th October 2016:
Love this chapter!!! The beginning more so then the end... Lol rose and all her cousins!!! Loved reading that part. So sad for Scorpious tho :( still doesn't make any sense but I'll just continue reading!

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Review #8, by inreverie89 Okay

27th September 2016:
I had a feeling from previous chapters that Scorpius is the one who's sick. Oh boy, I was right!
There's something strange about the way he talks, the way he view things, the way he treats Rose. My suspicion started when Scopius's mom walked into the room to take care of him, or have breakfast with the family.
All those closed-door discussions between his father, his mother and the healer were about him, weren't they?
But then I don't understand why the newspaper's saying it;s his mom who's sick? Or is the disease genetic?
I'm dying to know. I will read the remaining chapters tonight.
Other than that, your writing is brilliant. The scenes are lively and romantic. The relationship is pure and passionate.
Honestly, your story reminds me much of my 'close friend' in high school, who I always considered my soulmate.
We were always on the line between close friends and boyfriend-girlfriend. The way he talks about things is just simply like Scorpius's.
It took me ten years to get over that unfinished story with him. As I grow up, I figured many of his behaviors were rather selfish, but he had a reason for it. He had a troubled family. He kept it a secret and only revealed to me three years after high school.
That's why I have to stop here and shoot you a comment. You make me miss my teenage so much, and the guy who shared the goldten times with me.
I was hoping to find you in fanfiction dot net, but seems like you're not there, are you?
Anyway, best of luck to you. Please continue writing Scorose stories. I love this piece a lot!

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Review #9, by Ronald8472 Together

23rd September 2016:
Found this story today and it's awesome. Seriously. Thouh it begs for a sequel. Perhaps from Scorpius' POV? What about year 7? Do they find a cure? A treatment? If not do they risk getting pregnant with what is obviously an inherited disease? You can't leave it like that think of your poor readers.

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Review #10, by roxyroxtheworld Home

18th September 2016:
Love reading about rose and Scorpious!!!
It's still confusing that Scorpious is already getting symptoms of what his mom has tho... Unless I misunderstood how long they knew she was sick... Or I just really really don't want Scorpious to be sick... Anywho great chapter!

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Review #11, by roxyroxtheworld Awake

18th September 2016:
Scorpious is still in school... Didn't his mom start seeing the symptoms long after she had been out of school?... Oh well but I am glad he's awake! And too bad Danielle had to get disappointed... Jk
Anyways... I'm excited to read more!

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Review #12, by roxyroxtheworld Okay

18th September 2016:
So sad :( what ever happened to Scorpious? There's not supposed to be multiple ill people in the same family at the same time :(. I do hope he's gonna be ok.

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Review #13, by roxyroxtheworld Fight

22nd August 2016:
Great chapter! Lol I liked reading about Scorpious playing games with the Weasley's and it'll be interesting to read about Scorpious sitting by Rose on the train if we get to read that part!

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Review #14, by roxyroxtheworld Grounded

16th August 2016:
Lol it's strangely weird the way Mr Malfoy is in this story but I really like it! And rose walking over to see Scorpious..She could have been killed... But it was funny reading about her trying to not get caught by the Malfoy's lol and I did so love the letters! Lol and especially the end where her dad is telling her to get dressed to play games and she doesn't want to and Scorpious is all a sudden there lol awesome!!! Great story!

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Review #15, by Loony_Scorpy Together

13th August 2016:
Wow so bizarre. I barely visit HPFF anymore (unfortunately) but I come back occasionally to read my fave stories. I'd been keeping up with this story somewhat regularly but apparently there's been quite a gap since I last read it!! I only had 3 chapters left but I can't believe you posted them in 2014!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I'm so glad I managed to finish it off. I don't have a whole lot to say unfortunately, since your previous chapters are a little bit hazy in my memory! I love all of your writing though, you are a fantastic writer and I'm so glad to see you're still writing. The way you delve into your characterisation is awesome! It feels like I'm reading a proper published book (although still better than some really!) All in all I really need to read more of your stories!! (this review is probably slightly erratic sorry as I've had a little bit of vino oops...) Love your writing!

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Review #16, by HPPJOpercabethHG Journal

8th August 2016:
I had every intention of sleeping after this chapter. I'm supposed to wake up in five hours, but after that clIFFHANGER WHAT IS THE WORLD MADE OF. Love your writing style! It's not description heavy and it flows well with the dialogue :)

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Review #17, by anonymous Together

7th August 2016:

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Review #18, by roxyroxtheworld Silence

6th August 2016:
I do wonder what happened to Scorpious but rose lol not sure what Mr Malfoy is going to think about rose hanging outside his window. Anyway it's a great chapter and story!

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Review #19, by roxyroxtheworld Date

3rd August 2016:
That cliffie... You really seem to like those but it does keep readers interested and coming back for more! I loved reading about there romantic date!!! Lol and I really loved the part where Ron is questioning Scorpious about his intentions lol but dang I wonder what happened to Scorpious.. I hope he's ok...

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Review #20, by roxyroxtheworld Blunt

3rd August 2016:
Rose finally read the letter. She is seriously so very stubborn but I am so very glad that she ran to Scorpious house! And in the rain and thunder! She pretty much conquered her fears! Anyway I'm excited to finally read about rose officially meeting Scorpious parents!

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Review #21, by roxyroxtheworld Letter

2nd August 2016:
Wow rose is really stubborn. She should prolly read the letter first before she goes all judgy mad at Scorpious... But anyways great chapter! Was a bit sad when rose slapped Scorpious but oh well I'm excited to read more!

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Review #22, by roxyroxtheworld Journal

2nd August 2016:
Rose really shouldn't be snooping... I thought Scorpious was right behind her anyways... Rose reads really fast... Lol and they both are meeting the parents! And siblings! Lol it's funny how Hugo is more terrified of his parents snogging then his sister... Lol great story so far!!!

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Review #23, by roxyroxtheworld Insecure

1st August 2016:
Lol I love this chapter! And I seriously remember going shopping with my friends just to get ugly clothes to try on!!! Lol it was always hilarious!
Also Scorpious life seemed great! Up until his mom got sick then I almost cried and just thinking about it is making me cry. I don't know what I would do if my mom got sick like that.. I don't think I'd be able to handle it either.
And at the very end is Scorpious seriously telling rose to by the dress? Lol wonder what he's thinking...

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Review #24, by roxyroxtheworld Paint

1st August 2016:
I was wondering when they would finally kiss!!! And on a beach while painting each other!!! Not expecting that but I loved it! I am curious if we are going to find out why Scorpious ran off so soon after kissing rose tho...
Also I was seriously expecting ruin to go all crazy screaming when he found out the boy was Scorpious. That's how most other story's are. I like this new change in yours tho :) I'm glad he didn't go all crazy on Scorpious and then rose lol and Hugo lol I bet he just shouted that cuz someone did that to him... Jelly Hugo...

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Review #25, by roxyroxtheworld Distraction

1st August 2016:
Hugo has really bad timing. Also I'm not so sure it's a good idea for Scorpious to be in Roses bed.. Let alone her room... It really seems like her parents are going to walk in on her... Would be interesting to read :) lol jk but to bad rose didn't get to tell her parents about Scorpious herself...

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