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Review #1, by KT Butterfly of Doom

2nd May 2015:
Hi! I loved this, and I can honestly say that "They looked like the educated artists who would really understand what it meant on a deeper level, and sure enough, they applauded her." was the best part of the story xD

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :)

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Review #2, by DracoFerret11 Butterfly of Doom

8th July 2014:
I can almost never resist a parody fic, so here I am once again!

I don't even know if I can actually comment on this in a serious and productive-sounding way, to be honest. I would say something like, Plot: Well, there wasn't one. Or, Characterization: Oh dear. But for the sake of trying to have useful comments, I'll just tell you that this was very funny, and I chuckled multiple times. The worst part is that I've definitely read stories that actually try to follow this layout to a degree of seriousness, and it's horrifying. The best are when the perfect exchange-student girl learns how to do something crazy and should-be-impossible thing like fly or read minds without any training or change the future with her special dragon powers or something. I absolutely loved that you parodied that. I'm glad I gave this a read, despite the fact that I can't think of a single useful thing to say about it. Good job? I think so. :) Let's go with that: good job!

'Claws for the Cup!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! And yeahhh, when it comes to parody fics that are trying to be bad, there's not much to say, is there? :P I'm glad you enjoyed it, though!

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Review #3, by IceCubism Butterfly of Doom

6th October 2012:
I love this story! Amazing! I would never be able to write a better story within so little words. :) One of the best one-shots I've ever read.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :)

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Review #4, by George Whitman Butterfly of Doom

24th September 2012:
Hey Branwen! I've been enjoying chatting with you about footy and I thought I'd check out some of your fanfic work. This story caught my eye because I do enjoy humor more than anything.

The self aware narrative that is prevalent in your comedy comes across well because it is honest and cuts to the chase. The topical approach of cliches in Harry Potter fan fiction is spot on and delivers amusement to the reader effectively. The strength in the piece is the reader's forced acknowledgement that not only do they recognize these cliches but they are guilty of having sought out these cliches well enough to know them, whether for amusement or guilty pleasure.

I personally enjoyed the name Partridge as it reminds me of the campy yet talented David Cassidy and his Partridge Family. I also didn't recognize that Apolline was canon until you mentioned it in the notes, though I did recognize the name as something unusual and Rowling like. I love Fleur (major crush) so I appreciate the connection even if this is just a parody. Well done!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! :) There are just so many ridiculous cliches that I couldn't resist poking fun at them, especially since, since as you pointed out, most readers have at some point or another sought out certain cliches. (Even I have. I'll admit it.) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the review! :)

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Review #5, by Elenia Butterfly of Doom

18th July 2012:
Oh, this is so amazing!

Everything is so perfect and shiny and - well, more perfect. I'm so in love with Willow, she's like the most amazing person ever!

I love it that you covered so many cliches with this! Especially the things about Peter, I hate when that happens. Oh and Remus, he's always missing unless needed! Spot on!

It's so funny that everything is so terrible and cliched, but your writing makes it so amazing and funny. I love it.

Great work once again!


Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) I was definitely going for as many ridiculous cliches as possible, haha. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #6, by PetrificusTotalus Butterfly of Doom

26th June 2012:
hahaha def made me laugh :) great job :D

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad. Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #7, by Allison Butterfly of Doom

13th June 2012:
I nearly died laughing while reading this. Seriously, every single line was hysterical. My favorite was probably, “It’s okay,” she said. “Really, that sort of hatred can only lead to marriage.” That line sums up an incredibly number of fanfic stories. As do the lines about Remus never being around, Peter being forgotten, and Sirius being a player. Oh goodness, anyone who calls themselves a player is just so ridiculous...

I don't know why some people write stories with characters like these and expect anyone to take them seriously. MarySues as the OC main character...ugh! This parodied all of those awful stories perfectly. Well done!

Best Hp fanfic parody story I've ever seen! The level of hilarity and snark was perfect. Also, the title is fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, particularly the "Really, that sort of hatred can only lead to marriage" line. That's one of my biggest pet peeves in fanfiction, to the extent that in my review thread on the forums, I refuse to read stories in which Lily treats James - well, like this. Come on, guys - she didn't like him all that much early on, but don't go overboard. :P

Also, agreed completely about calling oneself a player. :P

Thank you so much for the review, and I'm glad you liked the story! :)

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Review #8, by maskedmuggle Butterfly of Doom

10th June 2012:
Hahaha I loved this! It was quite funny and I loved how you wrote it :) The way you characterised Willow, and her thoughts were just so ridiculous that it was really entertaining to read.
There was no point in having a talent if you didn’t show it off at all times., The girls even had mustaches., getting rid of Peter, becoming instant best friends with Sirius and James.. I'm quite amazed at how many absurd but amusing things you managed to put in this story!
A very enjoyable story, nicely written :D

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I really tried to work in as many ridiculous cliches as possible, and I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #9, by UnluckyStar57 Butterfly of Doom

10th June 2012:
I expected this to be a serious story, but then... It wasn't.
It was too funny. :)
I love stories like this that kind of mock all of the very cliche things about fanfiction.
The only thing that confused me was when you were talking about the Slytherins having unibrows... I thought you were talking about James and Sirius at first, but I figured it out later on. No big deal.
This was definitely good for a laugh. :)

Author's Response: Sorry for the lateness of this response - I've been away on holiday.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) I've had it sitting on my hard drive for awhile from a time when I bumped into five or six really cliched fics in about a day and was inspired to poke fun at fanfic cliches in general, and I decided to post it on the off-chance someone enjoyed it. :P

Thank you for the review, and I'm glad it made you laugh!

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